America, you’ve been pwned

Russia is escalating a response to America signing a deal with Poland for our defense missiles to be placed there. Among possible Russian responses? Arming Iran. New installations in Cuba. Alliances with Venezuela.

Frankly, it’s our own fault. Our administration seriously underestimated Vladimir Putin. George W. Bush’s legacy regarding Iraq could well be usurped because he led us to vulnerability as Russia reasserted their dominance over Europe.

The news out of Russia could change the direction of the presidential election. If Russia stays in the headlines, expect McCain to win.

I wish like heck that I didn’t feel as though we’re slipping into WWIII.


  1. I think GWB’s legacy regarding Iraq is safe.

  2. I sort of have the same feeling. Iran attacks Israel. Iran has Russian support. Fighting spills over into Iraq. Oil supplies cut off. B.O. invites participants to a barbeque.

  3. If we’re blaming GWB for causing the rise of the new Russian power and influence, then why the heck would we endorse GWB Jr, aka John McCain?

    It just doesn’t make sense.

  4. Greg, you only wish the W, Jr. label would stick. It hasn’t for months. New argument, please.

  5. On the plus side, 1)Russia appears to be behind in military technology; their invasion of Georgia is being termed old style and out-dated, 2)our missile defense system probably doesn’t work either, and doesn’t have to be a facts-on-the-ground escalation unless everyone wants it so, and 3)nothing is expected to be completed for several years; this could be a bargaining chip–we won’t do the thing you dislike if you won’t do something we dislike.