Blooming all over Brookfield…

…are these “no camping” signs. A member of the Park and Rec department confirmed today that the signs are being place in anticipation of Harley’s 105th Anniversary bash. He promised they’ll be removed shortly after the celebratory weekend. The department used the same process during the 100th Anniversary.


A big thanks to reader Craig Ochs for sending the photo.


  1. I noticed the new sign but wasn’t able to read what it said as I drove by. Even if I could have read it, I would not have thought of potential Harley campers as being the cause. Thanks for posting and explaining.

    A friend who lives in Denver said some of her neighbors are renting out their homes for the convention.

    Brookfield’s park signs make me wonder if some enterprising area residents will allow camping in their yards for Harley-fest? Renting out a campsite in your backyard would be a less invasive variation of house rental venture! 🙂

  2. Kyle, only a slumlord would do that… and we don’t have any of those in Brookfield.

    Ha ha ha!