Debra B. goes nation wide

This Wisconsin delegate made news by switching her loyalty. The Wisconsin Democrats removed her. Now she’s airing her opinion in key states.


  1. There’s a shocker!

    Quite frankly, I expected McCain’s camp to pluck her and exploit her a lot sooner than now.

    Although I have to admit, putting up an ad about a Dem delegate “traitor” on the week of the DNC makes sense…

  2. I think the McCain camp unwittingly just threw Hillary an opportunity to be a closer on the unity issue.

    Come convention, Hillary has an opportunity to now condemn his ad and say, “this is what is at risk” and unite the party.

    Thanks, John.

  3. Dream on, Shawn.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    She wouldn’t be having her name put into nomination if she wanted to be the ‘closer’ on unity.

  5. Yes she does…don’t you guys get it?

    Clinton wants to be recognized, to stay relevant. But she also knows that if Obama loses this fall it’s going to be her fault.

    So what does she do? She plays her cards–waiting for McCain to start trying to harpoon her voters and “mischaracterizing” her on Obama.

    Then she is able to say, “Woah, John, my supporters should be supporting Obama..not you!”

    This gives her a reason to leverage her supporters–the red alert that says look if we don’t get behind this guy we’re gonna lose and then we’re screwed.

    That’s a pretty compelling argument, and I think that this is another situation riddled with conventional wisdom. Clinton’s playing her cards right on this one.

    She’s making McCain the villain, instead of Obama. Brilliant (if that’s whats actually happening).

    And Cindy, thanks for your analysis haha.

  6. BrkfldDad says:

    Normally I might agree with you Shawn, but I’ve seen a number of vocal Hillary supporters being interviewed in Denver and other places today, and last week. They sure don’t look to be going, or will go quietly into the night. I think it might end up being a mess.

  7. I think they need Hillary’s “guidance” (aka kneecapping).

  8. I hope you are right, Shawn. I don’t see Hil being a team player for any team other than Clinton. This business of giving her “due respect” is being over done.

    Frankly, one concern I have about McCain is that he won’t last more than one term (health) and we will be faced with Hillary again in four years. (Obama in four years would be a little passe.) If Obama blows it in one term (the Carter scenario), chances are the next pres. will be a Republican.

  9. Kathryn, read this and tell me if one term of Obama is survivable.

  10. Grant, if we can put up with the carnival at WND we can survive Senator Obama.

  11. cha-ching, grumps.

  12. Hillary will go into the night very quietly. She will be on her best behavior because she needs B.O. to help with her campaign debt.

  13. Lucky Lady says:

    Grant’s link to WND is disturbing. We should interpret Obama’s resume listing “Community activist” as voter fraud activist and illegal alien enabler. He’s a socialist. Who knows, if it weren’t for ACORN workers in Wisconsin, we would probably be a Red State! Hillary hints at a lot of unknowns in Obama’s closet. I wonder if she will spill the beans at the Convention?

  14. LL, bet the rent on “No.”

  15. BrkfldDad says:

    Interesting developments this morning. Clinton’s advisors are leaving town before Obama’s speech. Obama campaign is attempting to hold the convention roll call at breakfast tomorrow, so that it is not done in public on the convention floor. President Clinton is said to be very upset at the speech topic chosen for him and is balking. Boy, if everyone is going to place nice the next three days, they sure aren’t trying to be very private about it!

  16. My gut says fireworks, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  17. LL, every time you pull out the socialist label you lose credibility. I learned that in high school civics. If i’m a socialist that makes you, what, a fascist?

    Those labels are really stupid and useless.

  18. Shawn Matson, you are absolutely wrong here. The Democratic party has moved away from their goal of social justice and with Obama embraces socialism. What else do you call his plan for taking more than 50% of a worker’s income and redistributing it to those who won’t work?

    The labels are important. And they stick.

  19. 50%? Show me. Prove it.

    Socialism is an anti-democracy movement, and Obama is the most democratic (small d) candidate in history.

  20. The forefathers had a tea party when King George was taking 3% !

  21. Shawn displays his lack of knowledge here. Socialism is an economic system and democracy is a political system. The reality is that most socialistic systems have been employed in countries with a dictatorial political system. Obama is definitely a socialist while our government is creeping towards a less democratic form of rule. To say that Obama is the “most democratic candidate in history” is the most disingenuous statement you could ever make! You are either 1)uninformed, 2)stupid, or 3)a liar. I don’t know which.

  22. Shawn, I’ll be glad to. Working on a new post today in fact.

  23. Hearts and minds, Grant. Breathe.

  24. I might be one of those three things, Grant, but I get the feeling that you might be all three. There is an interesting Freudian tendency you have to jump on people’s intelligence whenever possible and to berate people as uninformed and stupid.

    Could it be that you have low self-esteem about yours? Every source you’ve ever provided has been from something that one might classify as fringe.

    Believe it or not, Grant, economic and political systems often go hand-in-hand. In fact, Socialism encompasses economic AND political institutions. wah wah wee wah!!

    Furthermore, when you reference state involvement as evidence of Socialism in our nation, you are speaking to the governmental forces i.e. political in nature that are working to control the economic system.

    Grant, I am a student of comparative governments and social systems. I am not uninformed. Muster your way through one AP test (I did 10) or college course and I will pay attention to your ad hominem attacks.

    As for Obama being the most democratic…he has the widest network of small donors in the history of this nation, the most grassroots campaign of any nominee, and an accessibility that we haven’t seen before. Name a more democratic candidate and I will concede defeat, El Granto.

    I hate getting all worked up–but honestly, Grant, you’re not the big kahuna.

  25. Lucky Lady says:

    S.M., every time you pull out the “Middle East bombing” comment, you show your immaturity. We are approaching seven years since 9/11. We have not been attacked on our own soil since. We are in the Middle East to fight the cancer of terrorism that is spreading across the world.

    Are you a taxpayer yet? Are you willing to cough up 50% to cover people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives? Keep in mind that as a student of comparative governments and social systems, you’re being indoctrinated, I mean taught, by professors that buy into Socialism. I hope you’re learning about Marxism, it might come in handy.

  26. terrorism is a tactic, not something tangible. there’s no way to defeat an invisible enemy unless you control the entire world and institute martial law.

    I am a taxpayer. For sure I am. The figure isn’t anywhere near 50%. We pay more than European countries who have better benefits.

    And LL, i’m also self-taught. You might believe that I am being taught to buy into it but i’m not.

    I love how Cindy, Granto and now you, LL, pretend to have any idea about my life–that i’m a taxpayer–a communist–whatever your next false gambit might be.

  27. Name the taxes you pay, Shawn. Then prove that we pay MORE than European countries.

  28. How “immature” is this, Lucky Lady?

    I bet you’re lad you’re not one of the “Lucky Children” who were blown to smithereens.

  29. And Grant, spare us the “United Nations is corrupt” talking point meme.

  30. Did you notice I asked what taxes you paid, Shawn?

  31. Shawn, you are demonstrating your immaturity and insecurities!

  32. I pay Income Tax, Sales tax, Stadium Tax, and taxes on investments…Hotel Tax…Telecommunications tax…the whole shebang.

    Same taxes you pay. I don’t own property so I don’t pay those.

    And I never claimed that I personally pay more than I would in Europe. I was referencing and average bang-for-your-buck that I read about. I’m trying to find it again.

    Still waiting for you to prove that Obama’s plan is a 50% tax.

  33. BrkfldDad says:

    Well, I have to admit Hillary was ‘on’ last night. But three things I think are rathering interesting post-speech feedback.

    1. She never praised Obama, but did Biden.
    2. She never indicated Obama was ready to lead.
    3. Overnight opinion polls show less than 50% of Hillary supporters will vote for Obama, numbers at, or slightly lower than before the speech.

    She had the chance to hit the home run, it looks like she just bunted.

  34. I didn’t watch the speech, but reports are Hillary pitched for the team. Score one for you, Shawn!

  35. It’s coming later today, Shawn.

    Don’t you get all of your income tax returned to you? (And you left out FICA, but you may not consider that a tax.)

  36. Not sure if i’ll get over the bubble or not this year. I still pay taxes…and using that against me is small.

  37. Not small at all Shawn, just perspective. You still do not give your money to the government through income taxes. Everything that is withheld from your check is eventually returned. Perhaps I will consider your grand plans when you are spending your own money.

  38. Sorry Cindy, but while Shawn might get his income taxes returned due to the amount of annual income made, the sales taxes, stadium tax, hotel tax, and God-knows-what-other-commercial tax doesn’t get returned to us.

  39. So, Greg, I can assume you don’t pay income taxes or property taxes yet either?

  40. Just looked it up, I will pay a net income tax this year.

  41. And Cindy, do you pay income taxes?

  42. Yes, our family’s income is taxed, Shawn. Married filing jointly lumps us both together and figures the percentage based on the total.

  43. Fair enough. Since I am still a student, my parents claim me as a dependent.

    But that’s really besides the point because I do pay income tax.

    Let’s get this straight, you personally do not pay income taxes. But you think that you have an authority to speak on how our taxes are collected and spent.

    On the other hand, I have a job. I work full-time. I pay income taxes. My taxes are arguably a larger percentage of my disposable income (if I have any at the end of the month) than your “joint income,” but I don’t have that authority?

  44. Shawn, you are assuming that I don’t have income. I don’t think that’s a very smart assumption on your part. I’m not compelled to scan and e-mail my w-2s.

    Regardless, congratulations on making the break and paying 10% of you income to the government. They won’t spend yours any more wisely than they spend mine, so that makes us comrades, of sorts. Which is exactly where we’re heading, so best get used to it now.

  45. Speaking of assumptions, I think this entire conversation was a debate predicated on your assumption that I don’t pay taxes.

    I guess you and I should both take your advice.

  46. Yep. And you had to go look it up because you didn’t know that you did. Like I said, welcome to the club. When you’re no longer someone’s dependent we’ll have this discussion again.

  47. I looked it up to make sure…last year I was on the bubble but ended up paying taxes. Notice I referenced “this year” in my previous post. This year I’m well over. That’s what happens when you’re 19 years old and supporting yourself.

    I’ve gotten into this pesky habit of checking to make certain that what I believed was indeed True. Sorry about that.

    And being a dependent really has nothing to do with it…I’m certain you’re more financially dependent than I am. I pay for every single expense without the help from anyone…without the help from my parents.

    Are you convinced I’m legitimate yet, or will the witch hunt and snide remarks continue?

    I know that I seem silly, but the fact that i am struggling to survive–and pay taxes, I think entitles me to an opinion not to be maligned.

  48. “I’m certain you’re more financially dependent than I am.” Well that’s a little hateful. It’s also not true, but I have no need to explain that to you.

    If you are paying for everything yourself including your own rent then your parents shouldn’t be claiming you.

    I’m sure you are a perfectly wonderful person, Shawn, but I’m afraid because of your attitudes and flippant ways it will be a long, long time before I consider you legitimate in the discussion of government spending of tax dollars. Sorry.

    Hmmm. You’re entitled? Uh-uh.

  49. Obama Mama says:

    Well Cindy, judging by your frugal vacationing habits and 40 hr/week hobby, I have no idea as to why Shawn would assume you to be so financially independent.

  50. Shawn assumed I was financially DEpendent. It’s the assuming part that’s a bad idea.

  51. just fighting assumptions with assumptions.

  52. Shawn, I didn’t make an assumption. I’m fully aware of your employment history. And don’t forget, to date, you’re not officially an income taxpayer, but you expect to be this year.

  53. I was last year. As I stated before:

    “last year I was on the bubble but ended up paying taxes.”

    You, like me, assumed (first, might I add).

  54. Ah, then I misread. Like I said, I hope they spent your part wisely. And don’t assume (couldn’t help it) that your taxpaying status really matters when it comes to my considering your opinion. Like I said before, your attitudes and flippant behavior have pretty much done it for me. Maybe someday you’ll think for yourself again and all will be well.