Anyone see McCain with Leno last night?

Here are some thoughts I typed while watching:

I thought it interesting the band chose Sly and the Family Stone for an opening.

McCain had fun cracking jokes about his age. He used the one about “the British are coming.” He also proclaimed “my social security number is 8.”

McCain was also amused by Biden as a VP choice for Obama. He’s particularly please with Biden’s statement that Mccain could run for either party and be great for America.

Then McCain proclaimed himself the underdog. I hate the underdog crap Republicans use. It’s disingenuous and stupid, but that’s just one girl’s opinion.

I thought one of McCain’s funnier – and compelling – moments was when he called Congress’ 9% approval rating “blood relatives and paid staffers.” I’d never thought of it like that, but darn if it doesn’t fit. He agrees much needs to be done to change that.

McCain questioned why America sends so much money to countries that don’t like us very much.

Do you remember anything else?