Have you seen this?


  1. Nope, I haven’t seen it here yet. Wish that I did. Says a lot about Obama. Sounds like Carter Redux has a Billy Carter on his hands.

  2. that’s…a horrible advertisement. I thought George said he wanted to stay in Kenya.

  3. Did you read Obama’s first book, Shawn. The one where Obama complains that his African family always has a hand in his pocket?

  4. Yea, i guess if he had 7 homes perhaps he’d lend one to George!

  5. Think twice before you go down this path, Shawn. From what I understand his brother lives on less than $1 a day. I think it’s completely valid to call attention to Obama’s desire to “fix” the country with others’ money while he doesn’t share his own with family.

  6. If Obama said, “I’m going to give every African American $1 million dollars for kidnapping them from their native lands and making them work for nothing.”, I believe Shawn would be behind him 100%…as long as he doesn’t have to pay!

  7. thats the stupidest thing you’ve said all day…no not at all.

  8. Lucky Lady says:

    From what I heard, an elderly aunt lives in one of Mrs. McCain’s homes. Others are occupied by other family members. Charity begins at home. How many homes does John Kerry own? From recent news coverage, it looks like Joe Biden’s mother lives on the Biden “compound.” So what? These aren’t issues that will determine the future of the United States. Redistribution of wealth, the economy and terrorism are the issues to debate. Or, we could talk about Obama’s grooming in Saul Alinsky’s radical organizations. That is important background information. I’ve read that Obama’s African relatives are expecting him to rebuild their villages when he’s elected(using our tax money).

  9. Instead of blowing up villages in the Middle East, i’d be ok with that.

  10. Cindy McCain won’t even admit she has sisters, just to keep the fortune she inherited.

    And the McCain clan sued his ex-wife for a pair of earings, although they say that they can’t remember”> it.

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  12. You beat me to it Capper.