Can’t get enough of Kevin Fischer?

Well now you can read his blog before anyone else. A flaw in the NOW site software posts post-timed blog entries in this list. (Click refresh when you get there.) You’ll have to update frequently to catch him blogging on state time.

Which of course he is, we’ve always known that. Hey! It’s your money.

Funny Update! – Fischer has posted this:

TEST….this is only a test
from This Just In… by Kevin Fischer

This probably means nothing to you readers but the NOW site is having some technical problems with my blog. Some entries I wrote earlier today didn’t post and/or had inaccurate times posted.

The IT people at NOW are aware, have been and continue looking into it.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to blog tonight, and I hope the problems are fixed soon.

Funny, no other NOW blogger seems to be having trouble!


  1. What the heck? Fischer just posted:

    “One Franklin blogger, Greg Kowalski, has decided to use his usual MO and try to make hay out of this by suggesting I blogged when I shouldn’t have.”

    I replied:

    “But you are lying again! Greg writes:

    ‘Now I’ll go on the record saying that I strongly believe these entries were done during his lunch break or prior to starting his work, and not during working hours for the State of Wisconsin.’

    Kevin, how unkind of you.”

    Will he let it stand?

  2. What else is amazing is the same post with two different times, but the problem was fixed in a half hour. Then he repeats it, like that will make us believe him.

    Gaw, and he plagiarizes the same stuff on two sites now. How does anyone take him seriously is beyond me.