Obama the Great

The blogosphere is all a twitter with the news that the stage at Invesco field mimics a Greek temple (which also holds a solid resemblance to the White House he’s hoping for in a few weeks.)

Look at a sneak peek of Invesco Field:

Here’s what some are making of it.


  1. It looks more like an amphitheater than a temple, but either way, oh dear.

  2. Colosseum? Yep, I can buy that.

    I guess someone in McCain’s camp sent out a dress guide – how to toga at the DNC. If I get a copy of it I’ll post it.

  3. No, the circus was Roman and in the round. It’s an amphitheater.

    I suppose this could be an homage to ancient Greek democracy. It’s creepy though.

  4. Obama Mama says:

    1. The stage construction isn’t finished yet, so for all we know it could end up looking nothing like a Greek temple.

    2. I can’t wait for my “niggaz, bitchez and motherf*****s” to get up and tear the place down!!! http://fairlyconservative.com/obama/my-niggaz-bitches-and-and-motherfers-to-attend-dnc-convention/

  5. I was just gonna say the same thing, Kathryn. Thanks.

  6. Obama Mama says:

    1. Let’s keep assuming things about the stage, Cindy.

    2. Is this where the Niggaz, Bitches, and MotherF****s will be performing as well???

  7. Ah, so it’s a circus INSIDE a colleseum. I get it. And stand corrected.


    O’mama, I hadn’t thought of that. I guess he didn’t make the cut. 🙁

  8. Folks, O’Mama isn’t losing it. Her first comment was stuck in the spam filter. Sorry about that, Obama Mama.

  9. Oh, the hubris of it all. Whoever would accept the nomination in front of columns.

  10. Obama Mama says:

    No worries Cindy…I appreciate you clearing it up!

  11. No, capper, the question is, who would accept a nomination in a circus inside a colleseum!

  12. Does anyone know if lions and bears will be released for entertainment?

  13. Well, it’s blue now, and dare I say “conventional.”