McCain: Convention Night

I honestly don’t remember seeing anything like this, but I could have missed it before. Watch and tell me what you think. I think it’s darn classy.


  1. Very gentlemanly.

  2. Obama Mama says:

    I agree Cindy and Kathryn. I think it is great that despite their race, he took the time out to realize the historic importance of this moment for our country… rather than getting hung up on insignificant lighting displays.

  3. And thereby highlighted race as a campaign issue without ever saying the word.

  4. I think McCain being “Mr. Nice” is a wrong tactic. That’s what Bush tried to do for eight years with the people who hate him and it got him exactly nowhere. People like a “fighter”. McCain can stand to have some “balls” without being vicious about it. He needs to call a spade a spade…no pun intended.

  5. I disagree, Grant. The McCain that represents statesmanship rather than partisanship is the one that appeals to moderates. He is going to need a good number of those people to win. As he pointed out himself, there’s plenty of fight remaining.