Man, if the Republicans spend that much on a spectacle I’m gonna be ticked. I’m beginning to think Obama can’t give a speech without a rockstar or two preceding him. Now I worry he’ll demand fireworks after every major speech.

Much said? No. Nothing new. Don’t expect much new from McCain, either.

But the fireworks really ticked me off. So much for being the party that cares for the poor. That blatant display of spending was really stupid on Obama’s part if you ask me.

PS I think McCain’s “job well done” advertisement really, really has impact after Obama spent the night McCain bashing.


  1. Oh give me a rootin tootin break, Cindy. History was made tonight. McCain even sent his congratulations! Now apparently no one can celebrate it. This is the Democrats’ big moment that only happens once every four years.

    Maybe for Harley’s 110th Anniversary they should eliminate Kid Rock & the gang, and just have speakers talk to the bikers nonstop. All of that because, you know, paying money for some extra “sparks” is just too wasteful.

    I can’t believe that you have negative feelings even on positive moments.

  2. PS: Cindy, if you truly don’t think McCain expected Obama to criticize him tonight, you’re dreaming. It’s perfectly logical and reasonable for a candidate to criticize the other during their convention.

    I fully expect McCain to go after Obama during his speech multiple times.

  3. Obama Mama says:

    Cindy the more you bitch, the more credibility you loose.

    When you write legitimate posts about things such as Obama’s tax plans, that’s fine. It serves a purpose, provides a topic for academic debate, and poses questions for someone to strongly consider.

    BS posts about fireworks because you’re angered Obama made national history tonight against your candidate is ridiculous. Even your boy Johnny McCain would read your post, roll his eyes, and shake his head at your bitterness.

    Coming from a spend thrift like yourself, I can’t take your post seriously.

  4. I’m simply hoping that America sees the disconnect between a party’s talk and a party’s walk. Fireworks and a multimillion dollar stage do not match the words spoken tonight.

    Calling me a “spendthrift” is way off the mark. I’ve worked pretty hard to be able to enjoy things like travel, but I compromise a lot to do so. I also maintain a steady commitment to those without the opportunities I have. Prove you know me and then you can criticize. Otherwise I fear you are the one losing credibility here. Given your anonymity, you’re not starting with a lot as it is.

    But anonymity is a comfortable place for you, isn’t it?

  5. Greg, your maturity really shows when you compare a Harley gathering with choosing a president.

    Yes Obama made history. And guess what – that history is based on RACE. So, if this presidential contest isn’t about RACE, why should I be hootin’ and hollerin’ about Obama making history when the history he made is based on the fact that he’s half black?

  6. Apparently being “half” of anything isn’t enough for you.

    As for the Harley comparison, I do feel it’s 100% valid. When you hold big events – – whether it be political conventions to major rallies – – you make sure you put on a great program with the best you can do. For Obama, who did make history last night, the Democrats had a celebration. That shouldn’t be frowned upon! Republicans will do similar celebrating this coming week…if the weather permits.

    I find it sad that you jumped to my age as your focal point for your defense. That has been noted for the future.

  7. Obama Mama says:

    Cindy, had Obama came out to speak in front of a cardboard cut out of the White House in the basement of a church you still wouldn’t be happy. Stick to the important issues. Actual issues.

    Of course the election is going to be about race. There is a black man running for president. Within the last 100 years have African Americans have come all the way from being considered less than human, to potentially the leader of a country that once condemned them.

    However race isn’t what Obama’s campaign is about. You know that. His campaign is about uniting our country by making it a place where everyone can succeed with the help of others, even if they haven’t been granted equal opportunities upon birth.

    You may not like Obama as a person, but you must like his message. It is what makes us all American.

    Cindy, I have been anything but polite to you lately and I must apologize for that. I can assure you my behavior from here on out will be cordial. My only request is that you too think before you post. Is what you’re going to say really important, educational, & thought provoking? Or is it (as several of my posts have been) a cheap slap in the face that is nothing but degrading and desperate for attention?

    Your blog is great, when you raise strong points and open them for argument. And I don’t think anyone will disagree with me on that.

  8. I would embrace a celebration Greg, except that the man spent a half hour before the fireworks telling Americans they were miserable. You don’t get it both ways.

    Obama Mama, thanks for the brief apology. But believe it or not, I don’t like Obama’s message. I really love my country warts and all. While we can improve upon a few things, I’m not chanting change. We get more right in America than wrong, and I haven’t seen that message at all from Mr. Obama.

  9. Lucky Lady says:

    In listening to Obama’s speech last night, the message of “change” sounded like the change was to the Republican view. He’s talking a different talk from what he started with.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for Gov. Palin, too.

  10. I found an interesting part of the speech was the phrase “responsible” withdrawal from Iraq. I guess the party of retreat and defeat came to the conclusion that they were irresponsible.

  11. Tee hee. That’s funny.

  12. Greg – Last night was an important night not just for Democrats but for the whole country.

    Obama Mama – “boy” Johnny McCain… it would be front page news if someone (besides Jimmy Carter) called Obama “boy.”

    Whether you like it or not, especially the Obama masses of Gen X, Y , Gen whatever… YOU DO HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF!

  13. Lucky Lady says:

    Fox News says that McCain will announce GOV. PALIN SOON!!! Yippee! Bob Beckel looked sick all morning as Fox talked about the prospects of Palin…something about not being experienced or something. Talk about not being in the DC inner circle.

  14. Lucky Lady says:

    To clarify, that’s Bob Beckel ripping on Gov. Palin.

    And Leapin, that’s what I meant about Obama changing his tune. He’s “refining” his stance to the right.