Come hither, white-suburban-politically-moderate-female voters

You understand what’s at stake with McCain’s decision on Palin, right? She’s the right age to capture Bill Clinton’s fabled soccer moms – the hard working, double duty, well educated women that may or may not still be pursuing their own career, but carefully orchestrate the activities for hundreds of thousands of America’s suburban children.

Many of this crop of soccer moms are voting for the first time with this election, just now aware of the importance of voting at all. They are politically moderate and easily swayed. These voters top a base to create a majority.

It was a smart decision on McCain’s part. Judging by the whimpering taking place on the blog comments tonight by the regular left-of-liberal suspects, it was very smart.


  1. Guess you haven’t succeeded in completely destroying America yet, so you want four more years to finish the job. Yup, McCain and Palin are just perfect for the job.

  2. Like I said…

  3. Cindy, another whining liberal appears from out of the bushes to complain on a conservative’s blog. I guess their own sites are so boring and uninhabited that they have to come to where the action is. The joke is that it is the actions of the liberal Democrats across the country that are hurting us, yet they persist is trying to blame Bush. Sadly, there are ever more people without the knowledge to understand what is going on.

    I see that California has a bill that will allow the euthanize depressed people by their doctors without their knowledge. It passed with 42 Dem votes for and 30 Republicans and 2 Dems. against. Hard to believe? It’s AB 2747 and I’m hoping California gets the “big one” soon before they destroy us all!