“I’ve got a very sick feeling in my stomach.”

That’s a quote from a Democrat friend of mine that follows this stuff.


  1. I actually got the feeling we were looking at a future Presidential contender.

  2. Can you imagine Palin vs. H. Clinton in a few years? You go girls.

  3. Well Cindy…I don’t blame that friend of yours for having one. However, taking note that there really isn’t any “glass ceilings” broken yet, I hope that friend has calmed down. 🙂

    It’s almost like Geraldine Ferraro never existed with the media coverage.

  4. I don’t know. We were laughing our butts off. Tis only a desperation move showing that McCain’s interest is in winning, not in what is best for the country.

  5. Then you’d be surprised indeed to learn where that comment originated…