Please let it be Palin; please let it be Palin.

It’s being reported that she flew in last night for the big Republican announcement. (Update: Check out Fun with FlightAware.)

Talk about balancing your walk and talk. This woman is a wonderful prospect.

Remember this?

There aren’t going to be any recorded statements from a woman who was not in the running for President a few months ago. No debate banter or disgruntled former campaign employees. Obama has that problem with Biden, and there’s still all that Hillary stuff out there.

Also, Palin has executive experience. She’d be the ONLY one with that experience on the two tickets. On experience? Palin’s time in the hotseat certainly matches the guy at the top of the Democratic ticket.

And reportedly, 24% of the women polled are undecided. Women are a majority of voters in the United States.

It’s gonna be a fun morning!