Brookfield, it’s 3 a.m.

(Ok. Actually it’s about 2:20 a.m., but you get the idea.) Who do you want answering your request for police help?

I had the opportunity to call Waukesha’s County’s combined dispatch last night. Some of Brookfield’s finest young men TP’d the house, doing a great deal of damage to the newly seeded front yard. After I was asked to repeat the spelling of my name, the operator proclaimed, “I’m sorry; I’m tired.”

Combined dispatch is a problem. Mayor Jeff Speaker would rather build multi-million dollar fire stations than improve the quality of response time through first-rate dispatch. Local dispatch would save fire response time, plus help with police response. His way erects new buildings where he can put a plaque with his name.

Here’s where we’ve discussed the subject.

I’m reluctant to even bring this up, because Mr. Happy Pants is surely to strike back for insulting his fire station efforts. It’s important, though, because the issue has been summarily dismissed by Speaker and Mayor Dean Marquardt, and it’s not getting any better. Expect someone connected with city hall to do an open records request of my conversation and plaster it somewhere soon.

My willingness to tackle tough issues is what makes me very different from the lackluster leadership you have in the corner office right now.


  1. I was out of town last night, just for the record.

  2. Uh-huh.

    Actually, we know who did it. Now I’m trying to decide if I should ask the parents to hold the youngsters accountable.

  3. I’m not one to get bent out of shape over a little toilet paper–or even a lot of it–but destruction is something else. If my child wrecked your lawn, I’d want to know about it, and s/he would be up bright and early to apologize and to start repairs.

  4. Yes, me, too. We’ve made a family decision to keep quiet, though. From experience I’ve learned that a lot of Brookfield isn’t like us, and probably wouldn’t take the news as gracefully.

    The middle child had a few active years. I learned to adopt the line, “well, I haven’t heard that yet, but I’ll certainly get to the bottom of it” as my response to news of his surprises. (Nothing horrible, but certainly aggravating!) And I usually did.

  5. Have the youngest tell the young fellows to “watch their step!”

  6. You actually called the police for boys and toilet paper? Stupid, stupid, stupid. You have no judgment, do you?

  7. Dear ha – I called because the new yard we’d put in was damaged. That’s called vandalism.

    But then you didn’t exactly care at the time, did you?

  8. If you know who did it, I’d definitely ask the police to throw the book at them.

  9. In the event that you reseed, sheep manure serves two practical purposes.

  10. Oh, do tell…

  11. Back in the day–before my time–a certain agricultural university brought on-campus demonstrations and subsequent off-campus riots to a halt by fertilizing the commons with sheep dip. It offends in a way that no cow can approximate, and no one will tread on your lawn by mistake or otherwise. Only the dog will love it.

  12. So what would my neighbors think? Or is it only if you step in it?

  13. I honestly don’t know. It could be a good time for a little trip….