“Welcoming Comittee” had plans for RNC

I don’t remember seeing anything like this for the DNC, did you? A group of 35 were busted for holding a variety of materials with plans to disrupt the upcoming GOP convention. Included:

# Materials to create “sleeping dragons” (PVC pipe, chicken wire, duct tape), which is when protesters lock themselves together
# Large amounts of urine, including three to five gallon buckets of urine
# Wrist rockets (high-powered
# A machete, hatchet and several throwing knives
# a gas mask and filter
# Empty glass bottles
# Rags
# Flammable liquids
# Homemade caltrops (devises used to disable buses in roads)
# Metal pipes
# Axes
# Bolt cutters
# Sledge hammers
# Rapelling equipment
# Kryptonite locks
# Empty plastic buckets cut and made into shields
# Material for protective padding
# An Army helmet.

Congratulations to the Ramsey County sheriff’s department for making the bust.

H/T: The Ol’ Broad.


  1. The whole thing is very disturbing, both what the ‘welcoming committee’ appeared to be preparing and what the police may have done–which is none too clear either. CNN has a rather different version of events and a very different building in their picture.


  2. Maybe there was more than one raid?

  3. Yes, could be that, or maybe the larger building is a municipal building of some sort….