A chat with Anne Kilkenny from Alaska

I said there would be truth somewhere in this one. (See the previous entry.) I did a little detective work (update: this means I had a few e-mails back and forth with Anne and she sent the text below) and confirmed the original version Anne e-mailed to friends. You’ll note that she asked her e-mail not be used, so I won’t. Others haven’t been so respectful. The version posted on the Washington Independent Web site is the original, but was not posted by Anne.

From the moose’s mouth, so to speak:

So many people have asked me about what I know about Sarah Palin in the last 2 days that I decided to write something up . . .

You may distribute it to your friends/email list with my name and email address attached, but I’m NOT willing to have it posted on a webpage with my name and email address attached (there’s too many kooks out there!)

Bottomline: the only thing Sarah Palin has in common with Hillary Clinton is her gender and good looks. 🙂



I am a resident of Wasilla, Alaska. I have known Sarah since 1992. Everyone here knows Sarah, so it is nothing special to say we are on a first-name basis. Our children have attended the same schools. Her father was my child’s favorite substitute teacher. I also am on a first name basis with her parents and mother-in-law. I attended more City Council meetings during her administration than about 99% of the residents of the city.

She is enormously popular; in every way she’s like the most popular girl in middle school. Even men who think she is a poor choice and won’t vote for her can’t quit smiling when talking about her because she is a “babe”.

It is astonishing and almost scary how well she can keep a secret. She kept her most recent pregnancy a secret from her children and parents for seven months.

She is “pro-life”. She recently gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome . There is no cover-up involved, here; Trig is her baby.

She is energetic and hardworking. She regularly worked out at the gym.

She is savvy. She doesn’t take positions; she just “puts things out there” and if they prove to be popular, then she takes credit.

Her husband works a union job on the North Slope for BP and is a champion snowmobile racer. Todd Palin’s kind of job is highly sought-after because of the schedule and high pay. He arranges his work schedule so he can fish for salmon in Bristol Bay for a month or so in summer, but by no stretch of the imagination is fishing their major source of income. Nor has her life-style ever been anything like that of native Alaskans.

Sarah and her whole family are avid hunters.

She’s smart.

Her experience is as mayor of a city with a population of about 5,000 (at the time), and less than 2 years as governor of a state with about 670,000 residents.

During her mayoral administration most of the actual work of running this small city was turned over to an administrator. She had been pushed to hire this administrator by party power-brokers after she had gotten herself into some trouble over precipitous firings which had given rise to a recall campaign.

Sarah campaigned in Wasilla as a “fiscal conservative”. During her 6 years as Mayor, she increased general government expenditures by over 33%. During those same 6 years the amount of taxes collected by the City increased by 38%. This was during a period of low inflation (1996-2002). She reduced progressive property taxes and increased a regressive sales tax which taxed even food. The tax cuts that she promoted benefited large corporate property owners way more than they benefited residents.

The huge increases in tax revenues during her mayoral administration weren’t enough to fund everything on her wish list though, borrowed money was needed, too. She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with indebtedness of over $22 million. What did Mayor Palin encourage the voters to borrow money for? Was it the infrastructure that she said she supported? The sewage treatment plant that the city lacked? or a new library? No. $1m for a park. $15m-plus for construction of a multi-use sports complex which she rushed through to build on a piece of property that the City didn’t even have clear title to, that was still in litigation 7 yrs later–to the delight of the lawyers involved! The sports complex itself is a nice addition to the community but a huge money pit, not the profit-generator she claimed it would be. She also supported bonds for $5.5m for road projects that could have been done in 5-7 yrs without any borrowing.

While Mayor, City Hall was extensively remodeled and her office redecorated more than once.

These are small numbers, but Wasilla is a very small city.

As an oil producer, the high price of oil has created a budget surplus in Alaska. Rather than invest this surplus in technology that will make us energy independent and increase efficiency, as Governor she proposed distribution of this surplus to every individual in the state.

In this time of record state revenues and budget surpluses, she recommended that the state borrow/bond for road projects, even while she proposed distribution of surplus state revenues: spend today’s surplus, borrow for needs.

She’s not very tolerant of divergent opinions or open to outside ideas or compromise. As Mayor, she fought ideas that weren’t generated by her or her staff. Ideas weren’t evaluated on their merits, but on the basis of who proposed them.

While Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla she tried to fire our highly respected City Librarian because the Librarian refused to consider removing from the library some books that Sarah wanted removed. City residents rallied to the defense of the City Librarian and against Palin’s attempt at out-and-out censorship, so Palin backed down and withdrew her termination letter. People who fought her attempt to oust the Librarian are on her enemies list to this day.

Sarah complained about the “old boy’s club” when she first ran for Mayor, so what did she bring Wasilla? A new set of “old boys”. Palin fired most of the experienced staff she inherited. At the City and as Governor she hired or elevated new, inexperienced, obscure people, creating a staff totally dependent on her for their jobs and eternally grateful and fiercely loyal–loyal to the point of abusing their power to further her personal agenda, as she has acknowledged happened in the case of pressuring the State’s top cop (see below).

As Mayor, Sarah fired Wasilla’s Police Chief because he “intimidated” her, she told the press. As Governor, her recent firing of Alaska’s top cop has the ring of familiarity about it. He served at her pleasure and she had every legal right to fire him, but it’s pretty clear that an important factor in her decision to fire him was because he wouldn’t fire her sister’s ex-husband, a State Trooper. Under investigation for abuse of power, she has had to admit that more than 2 dozen contacts were made between her staff and family to the person that she later fired, pressuring him to fire her ex-brother-in-law. She tried to replace the man she fired with a man who she knew had been reprimanded for sexual harassment; when this caused a public furor, she withdrew her support.

She has bitten the hand of every person who extended theirs to her in help. The City Council person who personally escorted her around town introducing her to voters when she first ran for Wasilla City Council became one of her first targets when she was later elected Mayor. She abruptly fired her loyal City Administrator; even people who didn’t like the guy were stunned by this ruthlessness.

Fear of retribution has kept all of these people from saying anything publicly about her.

When then-Governor Murkowski was handing out political plums, Sarah got the best, Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission: one of the few jobs not in Juneau and one of the best paid. She had no background in oil & gas issues. Within months of scoring this great job which paid $122,400/yr, she was criticizing her pay as too high in the press . I was told that she hated that job: the commute, the structured hours, the work. Sarah became aware that a member of this Commission (who was also the State Chair of the Republican Party) engaged in unethical behavior on the job. In a gutsy move which some undoubtedly cautioned her could be political suicide, Sarah solved all her problems in one fell swoop: got out of the job she hated and garnered gobs of media attention as the patron saint of ethics and as a gutsy fighter against the “old boys’ club” when she dramatically quit, exposing this man’s ethics violations (for which he was fined).

As Mayor, she had her hand stuck out as far as anyone for pork from Senator Ted Stevens. Lately, she has castigated his pork-barrel politics and publicly humiliated him. She only opposed the “bridge to nowhere” after it became clear that it would be unwise not to.

As Governor, she gave the Legislature no direction and budget guidelines, then made a big grandstand display of line-item vetoing projects, calling them pork. Public outcry and further legislative action restored most of these projects–which had been vetoed simply because she was not aware of their importance–but with the unobservant she had gained a reputation as “anti-pork”.

She is solidly Republican: no political maverick. The State party leaders hate her because she has bit them in the back and humiliated them. Other members of the party object to her self-description as a fiscal conservative.

Around Wasilla there are people who went to high school with Sarah. They call her “Sarah Barracuda” because of her unbridled ambition and predatory ruthlessness. Before she became so powerful, very ugly stories circulated around town about shenanigans she pulled to be made point guard on the high school basketball team. When Sarah’s mother-in-law, a highly respected member of the community and experienced manager, ran for Mayor, Sarah refused to endorse her.

As Governor, she stepped outside of the box and put together of package of legislation known as “AGIA” that forced the oil companies to march to the beat of her drum.

Like most Alaskans, she favors drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She has questioned if the loss of sea ice is linked to global warming. She campaigned “as a private citizen” against a state initiative that would have either a) protected salmon streams from pollution from mines, or b) tied up in the courts all mining in the state (depending on who you listen to). She has pushed the State’s lawsuit against the Dept. of the Interior’s decision to list polar bears as threatened species.

McCain is the oldest person to ever run for President; Sarah will be a heartbeat away from being President.

There has to be literally millions of Americans who are more knowledgeable and experienced than she.

However, there’s a lot of people who have underestimated her and are regretting it.

•“Hockey mom”: true for a few years
•“PTA mom”: true years ago when her first-born was in elementary school, not since •“NRA supporter”: absolutely true •social conservative: mixed. Opposes gay marriage, BUT vetoed a bill that would have denied benefits to employees in same-sex relationships (said she did this because it was unconstitutional).
•pro-creationism: mixed. Supports it, BUT did nothing as Governor to promote it.
•“Pro-life”: mixed. Knowingly gave birth to a Down’s syndrome baby BUT declined to call a special legislative session on some pro-life legislation
•“Experienced”: Some high schools have more students than Wasilla has residents. Many cities have more residents than the state of Alaska. No legislative experience other than City Council. Little hands-on supervisory or managerial experience; needed help of a city administrator to run town of about 5,000.
•political maverick: not at all
•gutsy: absolutely!
•open & transparent: ??? Good at keeping secrets. Not good at explaining actions.
•has a developed philosophy of public policy: no •”a Greenie”: no. Turned Wasilla into a wasteland of big box stores and disconnected parking lots. Is pro-drilling off-shore and in ANWR.
•fiscal conservative: not by my definition!
•pro-infrastructure: No. Promoted a sports complex and park in a city without a sewage treatment plant or storm drainage system. Built streets to early 20th century standards.
•pro-tax relief: Lowered taxes for businesses, increased tax burden on residents •pro-small government: No. Oversaw greatest expansion of city government in Wasilla’s history.
•pro-labor/pro-union. No. Just because her husband works union doesn’t make her pro-labor. I have seen nothing to support any claim that she is pro-labor/pro-union.


First, I have long believed in the importance of being an informed voter. I am a voter registrar. For 10 years I put on student voting programs in the schools. If you google my name (Anne Kilkenny + Alaska), you will find references to my participation in local government, education, and PTA/parent organizations.

Secondly, I’ve always operated in the belief that “Bad things happen when good people stay silent”. Few people know as much as I do because few have gone to as many City Council meetings.

Third, I am just a housewife. I don’t have a job she can bump me out of. I don’t belong to any organization that she can hurt. But, I am no fool; she is immensely popular here, and it is likely that this will cost me somehow in the future: that’s life.

Fourth, she has hated me since back in 1996, when I was one of the 100 or so people who rallied to support the City Librarian against Sarah’s attempt at censorship.

Fifth, I looked around and realized that everybody else was afraid to say anything because they were somehow vulnerable.

I am not a statistician. I developed the numbers for the increase in spending & taxation 2 years ago (when Palin was running for Governor) from information supplied to me by the Finance Director of the City of Wasilla, and I can’t recall exactly what I adjusted for: did I adjust for inflation? for population increases? Right now, it is impossible for a private person to get any info out of City Hall–they are swamped. So I can’t verify my numbers.

You may have noticed that there are various numbers circulating for the population of Wasilla, ranging from my “about 5,000”, up to 9,000. The day Palin’s selection was announced a city official told me that the current population is about 7,000. The official 2000 census count was 5,460. I have used about 5,000 because Palin was Mayor from 1996 to 2002, and the city was growing rapidly in the mid-90’s.

Anne Kilkenny
August 31, 2008

I’ll rebut a little here – Anne says taxes went up and population has close to doubled, but she doesn’t correlate the two. I think those of us that lived in Brookfield in the 90’s can confirm that development costs you money. We’ve seen similar increases in our own hometown.

PTA politics are the most painful politics of all. Most men don’t have a clue what it’s like to survive a mommy network. I worked on St. Dominic’s Home and School (PTA equivalent) for a year. Scott Berg is a piece of cake compared to a room full of women protecting their children.

Now you have the rest of the story.


  1. You say you rebut and tell the rest of the story, but you did neither.

  2. She did rebut though, Joe. She had the guts to rebut her own blog. Thank you for posting these, Cindy. You represent what the Republican Party used to…honesty, fairness, and a willingness to admit when it’s time to step back, look at something clearly, do some research, and change.

  3. If Senator McCain wanted to devert attention from himself, the war, the economy, etc., he has succeeded.

  4. I was a PTA president for a wealthy school and everyone had a hidden agenda. That is not the experience needed to be vice-president but it can give you the experience to be a vindictive witch – which I do believe I see she learned well.

  5. Anne Kilkenny seems to have accomplished the witch training indeed. Why else would she write such a thing?

  6. Oh I dunno…to show us what a vituperative vindicative, small-minded, hypocritical witch is trying to be foisted off on America as Mom & Apple Pie & a GOP Hillary?

  7. Very informational… I appreciate the honesty she writes with, and I certainly appreciate that you posted this Cindy.

    Without much known on Palin, it was certainly interesting to see somewhat of an insiders perspective. I feel that the information above is much more helpful than what either party has thrown out when it comes to learning of this new candidate.

  8. Nope, Jay, I disagree. Why are successful women labeled bitches?

  9. Because they’ve somehow had to stand up against and beat out the bastards that preceded them??? Who knows!

  10. Go Repub Girl!!

    I am as leftie as they come, raised by a fiscall conservative, WWII vet Republican -who is now for Obama.

    The values Repub Girl speaks of regarding the republican party are those with which I was raised, and also those which I have not seen in a long, long time.

    I miss the old Republicans, who really made me think twice about my political positions. Now it’s easy.

    Palin is being used to pander to a voting block, which does not garner my respect.
    I don’t need to consider her personnally, however, because her positions are so right of anything that makes sense to me.

    On the other hand, after receiving so many lying, hateful and racist e-mails about Obama, this internet frenzy seems like payback. I’m not above enjoying that. Sorry.

  11. Truth is the Enemy of the Modern GOP says:

    There is no Truth or Vision in the modern GOP. There is only marketing. But when the central product is lacking, even the best marketing fails after a while. That’s where we are now. I’m a former Republican. I’m ashamed of what we’ve become. Shame. Shame.

  12. Ahtar Ajurbiyess says:

    Her hotmail address is all over the internet already, FWIW.

  13. McCain/Palin are the Lunaticket. They make Obama/Biden look like the Establishment.

  14. We did talk to Anne Kilkenny, and she checks out.

  15. None of what she said is accurate however. She has ZERO qualifications as a journalist and seems to have done nothing professional in her life. Who cares what someone says who has no experience in anything other than being an ‘education advocate’.

  16. Jon, aren’t you being an elitist here? Like the republicans say they hate? Somebody who puts academic credentials above lived experience?

    That said, I find it quite worrysome that somebody who has been touted as having the “executive experience” of being a mayor of a small town and then a governor of a small state doesn’t seem to have a clue what a democracy is. Our democratic society is held together by laws that LIMIT executive power. We are talking original intent of our founders here people! And Palin appears to not understand that simple bit – and yet she could become president.

  17. Strong opinion, Ms. Kate. By the way, Alaska wasn’t very small the last time I looked on a map. As far as population, Mr. Biden’s home of Delaware compares nicely.

    My goodness, if Ms. Palin is as bad as all that, someone should have beheaded her long ago – or at least quit electing her!

  18. Something smacks of insincerity about this “email” piece. I spent three months working on a friend’s statewide campaign at one point, and I’d swear that the language and tone used in this email is among the most calculating I’ve ever come across. Who is this “woman” (Anne Kilkenny)? What, exactly, are the REAL facts that supposedly “support” her piece, versus the innnuendo and supposition that she interjects as “fact”? My job (for the past 20 years, as a law clerk to a federal judge) is to ferret out fact versus fantasy, and I can categorically state that much of what I read in this piece smacks of mere conclusory allegations that appear to be agenda-driven (by the author). There is far too much stated as “fact” that even a close insider would know to be true.

  19. DH, Normally I would agree. Except the way I found Anne (and the header information in the e-mail she sent) verified that it had to be her.

    I suspect Anne is a pretty smart cookie in her own right, and she obviously has a grudge. She spent enough time on this to make it worth her while. It’s a small town where she’s connected, so it doesn’t surprise me that she has details. Similar details would be pretty easy to find where I live, too.

    (By the way, she’s quoted in a recent article of the NYTimes on the library incident.)

  20. Cindy, Are you really Ann Coulter?

  21. Understood (and that is an interesting choice of words … “make it worth her while”). I saw the quote in the NYTimes article and I thought “okay, so there exists someone named Anne Kilkenny; so how do I know that the author of that email is the same person?” Ms. Kilkenny may be real enough, as a person, but there’s still too much of this piece that appears to be mere conjecture and opinion, in my opinion (if that is not too ironic). At this point, I (or anyone else for that matter) have no way of verifying these claims, and I am loathe to merely take someone else’s word for it before making up my on mind on this. And this type of information is obviously of critical importance to forming an opinion on what type of person Govenor Palin is, and whether she might make a good (Vice) President. Having witnessed the machinations of state politics firsthand, I do not put much stock in the import of what Ms. reveals (the old-boy politics in Alaska being quite entrenched is not much of a secret), but Ms. Kilkenny’s allegations (or spin?) regarding Governor Palin’s character go to the heart of the U.S. Vice-Presidency (and potential Presidency), and I do not take such allegations lightly on matters of such importance.

  22. DH, thanks for the understanding. Those words were chosen especially 🙂

    I’m a perpetual skeptic, but I really checked this one out. It doesn’t surprise me that a PTA mom would say such things against a woman upon whom she bears a grudge. It’s one thing women need to get better at quickly. We tend to discount successful women because they make us feel unsuccessful.

    Men don’t do that so much. They tend to look for heroes.

  23. Re: PTA politics are the most painful politics of all. Most men don’t have a clue what it’s like to survive a mommy network. I worked on St. Dominic’s Home and School (PTA equivalent) for a year. Scott Berg is a piece of cake compared to a room full of women protecting their children.

    ROFL! I shudder to consider the IQ of anyone who would believe that.

  24. I have to agree with DH. This is far too important to take at face value. I too have not found anything substantive on who “Anne
    Kilkenny” really is….In this era of all internet communication being suspect until hard proof is offered, I will be interested to see how this letter holds up in a few days….little in the letter is verifiable beyond it just being opinion at this point, and it is just the type of thing that has been attempted about both McCain and Obama; write something that seems logical and from a seemingly factual source, and it gets spread like wildfire…then the truth comes out, but the damage is done.
    Exactly the intent of the writer, whomever that might really be….so let’s see some research on Anne Kilkenny, not just that her name is on the internet, and if she is real and can verify these claims, since her(?) obvious intent was to influence onpinion, then let’s have her come out of the closet and expand on her claims. If she is real, then she obviously has strong opinions that if validated could help all of us make a major decision. Don’t hide out Anne…follow up with more info if you are real and truly feel the way you write.

  25. L.H. Good point – verifying the content is different that verifying the originality. I proved (enough for myself anyway) that Anne Kilkenny wrote that letter.

    It doesn’t mean I like it. I think she’s (1) getting back at Sarah for an old grudge, and (2) spinning the “facts” to make her point.

    Anne – you’re welcome here if you’d like to expand your arguments.

  26. When I first read this, my instincts told me that this is a political hatchet job. I have to agree that this as a definite “grudge” piece. As Sarah is know as a politician who made enemies as a reformer, it wonder how Anne Kilkenny fit into that picture.

    Unfortunately for Sarah, this piece of garbage is being spread around, and the gullible are eating it up. In my opinion, Anne should be ashamed of herself. Facts are one thing. Substituting opinion as fact is an entirely different matter.

  27. So Jen, have you met Scott Berg or the St. Dom Moms? (Sorry, you got caught in spam…)

    The point – local politics are messier than the big time. The further you are from your constituents, the easier it is to placate one or two. When it’s local, you’re neck is on the line all the time.

  28. To add to what I’ve already said, how about we hear from some other locals in Wasilla?
    One person’s opinion and particularly an opinion that leaves so much room for spin, is just that…one person’s opinion. So….if any of you out there in Wasilla are reading this, how about your point of view? Until I hear a chorus that agrees with the letter in question, a chorus with verifiable facts,
    then I have to agree that this is just another hit piece, albeit one that took a lot of effort. But then with the size of the stakes, what’s a little time, eh?

  29. “We tend to discount successful women because they make us feel unsuccessful.”
    So true and so sad. Very well put.

  30. It’s no more slanted and ridiculous of this woman to write this email than it is for you to suggest that the sole reason she would be doing so is because she is a “PTA Mom.”

    That’s some nice work you’re doing on behalf of your fellow woman. Suggesting someone is being unduly hateful against their fellow woman just because they are some “PTA Mom” with a grudge.

    I’d hold a grudge and take the time to write up an informative email about anyone, male or female, who I knew to be bad for the position they would be in.

    It wouldn’t take much more than a good, old-fashioned display of ignorance like book banning to make me feel that way, either.

  31. Against palin says:

    Viper palin?
    Vitriolic palin?

    Which one suits her the best?

  32. Please note that just because there is a real person named Anne Kilkenny, and a hotmail account with the same name, does NOT mean that the person in control of the email account has anything to do with the real person.

    So unless someone has looked up Anne Kilkenny’s phone number, called her and verified the email as authentic, I’m still a bit hesitant to accept it as authentic.

  33. I’m sure someone like Keith Olbermann is tracking her down now.

  34. Not to be sarcastic, but doing show would be in his interest.

  35. Cindy, Re:Why are successful women labeled bitches?

    I’m not sure what you define as “successful,” but I know plenty of men that might be defined as such, and carry (deservedly so) the lovely label of “A-hole”. I don’t know that gender is the qualifying variable here. Pushing your agenda ahead without regard or care for others seems to fit my definition for a bitch/A-hole, and that appears to be some of the descriptions that Anne is trying to describe in her letter.

    Does her article drip of contempt? Yes. But that just gets to my second point. I’m a little concerned that someone so close to a Vice Presidency can be such an unknown that a fairly personal letter like this can stir up the pot and actually be considered plausible. Especially when her running mate’s age and health pose some serious concerns about who will be running the White House at the end of the Presidential Term.

    I couldn’t care less if a Republican or Democrat runs the White House, but this letter makes me seriously concerned about who will be behind the most powerful desk in the country.

  36. *so. sorry

  37. Section306 says:

    Someone named Anne Kilkenny, residing in Wasilla AK, appears to be real (you can find her by searching for her on http://www.anywho.com). It remains to be seen how accurate her letter is, or whether she actually even wrote it.

    What is not real however is the disingenuous use of her letter by ‘reposting-posers’ who imply they are themselves ‘Anne’ and who have reposted Anne’s letter across the blogosphere…. see an example in Post #29 at http://www.boston.com/news/politics/politicalintelligence/2008/09/palin_tells_her.html#comments

    What a pity that we have become a country full of partisans determined to game the system by spreading information we have commandeered, not invented, all to advance an agenda, no matter the cost to your integrity.

    Don’t investigate Anne and her letter unless you’re also ready to investigate all the posers recycling her pap and letting you think they are Anne…

    my $.02

  38. She was obviously not hated as much as this woman hates on her, or else she wouldn’t be where she is today, not to mention a 3 term stint as mayor, then 80% approval rating as a governor.

  39. Randy in Richmond says:

    I happened on this site while trying to vet Anne Kilkenny. In my basking after Gov. Palin’s speech I came across “the Kilkenny email” and I am internet savvy enough to sense something too pat. Below is a letter to the editor from Kilkenny in an Alaskan newspaper and much of it is same as “the” email. She endorses Tony Knowles, Democratic Governor of Alaska from 1994-02 and running again in 06 (against Palin).I find it suspicious that someone would have these facts so handy and no one knows if they are true-yet. It also reads like someone on a mission or with a grudge. I find the last sentence very revealing. More to come.
    Letter to the Editor
    Web posted Friday, October 6, 2006

    Writer not a Palin fan

    As a 25 year resident of Wasilla, I think we can do a lot better than
    elect the former mayor of Alaska’s ninth largest city as governor.
    Let me tell you about the Sarah Palin I know.
    For the last four years I’ve been the president of the parent
    organizations at the schools one of Sarah’s kids has attended. I’ve
    never seen her at a PTA meeting. She isn’t even a member of the
    high school PTSA this year.
    Not once in the last decade has Sarah shown up at the LIO to
    advocate for funding for schools. Until recently she hasn’t even had
    a clue about how schools are funded.
    While Sarah was mayor of Wasilla she tried to fire our city
    librarian because the librarian refused to consider removing from
    the library some books that Sarah didn’t like.
    Sarah complained about the “old boy’s club,” but she brought
    Wasilla its worst-ever public works director, the wife of a powerful
    person in politics. Sarah fired Wasilla’s police chief because he
    “intimidated” her. Whoa. Who’d she appoint if elected: political
    buddies and “yes” men?
    During her six years as mayor, she increased general government
    expenditures by over 33 percent. During those same years the
    amount of taxes collected by the city increased by 38 percent. The
    tax cuts that she brags about benefited large corporate property
    owners way more than they benefited residents.
    The huge increases in tax revenues during her administration
    weren’t enough to fund everything on her wish list though,
    borrowed money was needed, too.
    She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with indebtedness of
    over $22 million, including $15 million-plus for construction of a
    multiuse sports complex, which was built on a piece of property
    that the city didn’t even have clear title to, that is still in litigation.
    Sarah’s fiscal style is “borrow and spend on frills.”
    We need as governor someone we know well and who’s going to go
    to bat for all Alaskans in negotiations with corporate interests; we
    need Tony Knowles. Don’t fall for a pretty face, elect experience.

    Anne Kilkenny

  40. Way to go, Anne K!

  41. marcuserroneous says:

    Instead of calling Anne Kilkenny names and accusing her of lying, how about checking her story? Just because Palin is popular doesn’t mean she alone is right and anyone who disagrees with or opposes her is wrong. There are many examples in history where extremely popular and charismatic leaders led their people to disaster (AH comes readily to mind). I’d venture to guess that Ms. Kilkenny’s motives (please reread her letter again) probably are much more altruistic than Ms. Palin’s!

  42. I’m not American and I don’t know enough about the system there to do much except be sceptical. I should say, also, that I’m normally 100% in support of successful go get ‘m women, but this is scary stuff, since what happens in the US tends to affect the rest of the world and there is a REAL chance that Palin could one day be President. However, wouldn’t it be relatively easy for someone who understands the system (such as yourself?) to check on the “facts” contained in the letter? For instance, it should be a matter of public record with regard to the spending and tax increases, what that money was spent on, what was proposed/needed and ignored and maybe why. A more rounded view of the librarian thing would be interesting too. I have an abhorrence of personal censorship extended to the wider public, if that’s what she really was effectively trying to practice, and I think it is absolutely heinous. It is a TOTALLY subjective thing that is based solely on an individual’s personal preferences, or bigotry, or self interest. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but NO ONE should try to FORCE other adults to accept that opinion whether they want to or not.

  43. For those of you just getting here, I’ll mention again that I’m not related to Anne Kilkenny.

    I did a pretty good job of getting to her without using the hotmail account that’s on the internet. I contacted her through a third party, and she did reply by e-mail through a local internet provider account listed in a man’s (I’d presume her husband’s) name. I’m a skeptic, and I’m convinced it was she who e-mailed the version I posted.

    Thanks to the commenter that posted an earlier version of the same material. It did have a polished I’ve-done-this-before kind of feeling.

    I was a local politician in our community of nearly 40,000. I ran for mayor. I can tell you wholeheartedly that a couple of people would definitely come up with something very similar if I were to be the VP pick. Sometimes hate runs to your toes. I think this is what we’re seeing.

    Line by line the letter isn’t so bad. Once again, consider how the population grew and then track the tax burden. Development and growth always cost a community, regardless of the spin being put on that new shopping center in town.

  44. If you take the time to ponder on each sentence Anne writes you can get a detailed view of Anne’s position. In fact you don’t have to go that far. Anne is by far quite jealous of Palin and resents her popularity. I actually wonder what Anne looks like since she mentions Palin’s beauty and popularity. My guess is Anne is an average female and this bothers Anne. Also, since Anne and Sarah have opposing views Anne finds it necessary to demonize the very person she fears and is jealous of. If Sarah were not so attractive, smart and able bodied would she be so “Patriotic”? I am not saying Anne may not have some points, I think she is exaggerating because of her personal angst with Sarah.

  45. How Bout That says:

    HMMMM – here come all the jealous losers who ‘knew her when’. If she was and is soooo unqualified why weren’t you and your vindicative ilk (who were in her hometown) out there running against her or at least voting her out of office.? This is like asking your boyfriends ex-wife if you should marry him. She’s getting in – Get over it.

  46. My mind and heart tells me that abortion is wrong. How can you believe anything from anyone that thinks that it is right or OK to eliminate the life of an unborn baby? Check out Obama’s record on voting on this issue. Anyone that is not smart enough to figure out that abortion is killing a human being is not smart enough to get my vote. The politics will change from right to left and back again and again. If JFK were alive today and believed what he said in his speeches in the 60’s; he would have to be a republican. I have never seen so much partisan politics in my life and having been a democrat for most of my 60+ years, I have to say that I did not leave the democrat party; it left me. I will support John S McCain and Sarah Palin this year. God Bless America!

  47. Lin,

    Not everyone has those type of “Christian” values and nor do they recognize that the fetus is made of human DNA and has no rights or representation.

  48. Let’s see – Palin makes a speech in which she spews mis-statements and half truths and lots of gut level hate with a good dash of malice for spice, but never actually addresses ISSUES. Sarah was as good as any of us at listing off problems, but aside from vague allusions to “we will do something about it” she offered no specifics.

    There may be some personal animosity in Kilkenny’s letter, but it sounds to me from many sorces that Ms. Palin is one nasty piece of work who is interested in herself above all else.

  49. Lin,
    If you were to actually READ the Bible and study it, you would realize that a baby wasn’t considered to be having a soul until 7 days after the birth when the child would then be named and (if male) circumcised. It makes me sad to think that everyone who touts the belief that the fetus is considered alive at the point of conception and uses the Bible as a reference doesn’t even know what the Bible states in that regard.

  50. Referring to thecoltblog’s comment:

    Palin did not serve three terms as mayor due to term limits – she only served two.

  51. Thank you for being brave enough to post this information and standing up for what must be an uncomfortable situation for you in your hometown!!!!


    All the facts are out there to be verified, if one cares to look. Case in point: The firing of the librarian and police chief


    Read for yourself and dig some more. The librarian and police chief both supported Palin’s opponent, and when elected Palin questioned their support and wanted their resignations.

    Reason given: Palin “You know in your heart when someone is supportive of you.”

    Governing by one’s heart – that is definite change!

    All with threats of a recall petition against Palin at the time and a police chiefs’ contract that prohibits the city from firing him without cause.

  53. What are your many sorces? Geez, talk about Palin not offering anything on a speech designed to say who she is and to give a pep rally for McCain to a commenter that offers nothing. What next an ad hominem attack?

    If Anne, a Democrat, would leave out the personal aspects of the issues and actually recall what she adjusts for I would give her credence. I do not discount what she states, only her motive.

    For most Anne can mis-state facts or slant them and they’ll run with it as gospel instead of recognizing it for what it is. If I were to believe everything stated about Obama or Biden, I would think Obama is a Muslim waiting to take Christian and atheist rights away and install a Muslim state. Wake up. People have agendas when they personally attack like Annie is doing. She doesn’t care about right or wrong, facts or falsehoods. It’s easy to see what her goal is.

  54. Cindy,
    I posted last night. But I just am amazed at how many blogs you are receiving, and the comments are basically good, whether they be for or against, bring out some good points.
    While the one who said Anne is jealous; well, as a woman, I know we are certainly more guilty of those things than men. But I have a different spin on that. If I knew these things that Anne has listed and did not share them when Palin was running for such an important office; then I personally think I would be copping out, I would not be doing my duty. If we know the truth in a case like this and we do not voice it, I think it is terribly wrong. That is exactly why some people have gotten into positions where they later reaked havoc because someone said, well I did not want to get invovled. It took a lot of nerve for someone from a small town like this to speak up. There are probably many more that feel like Anne, but just cannot bring themselves to speak, and I can understand that to a point.
    Great blog you have here, thank you Cindy.

  55. Taking a step back. If you take a good look, you will see that neither Obama nor McCain will be in control of the Government. They are both party hacks, and will do what the party officials want.

    McCain would have had my vote, until he buckled on the torture bill, and did what the Republican Establishment wanted.

    Obama buckled under on FISA, which was a disgusting display of flip-flopping in my opinion.

    Anyone who thinks that Palin is going to have any effect on the balance of power in Washington is having delusions. She will be told what to do, and when to do it. Already the Republican establishment has tightened the reigns on her and McCain having them cancel bunch of appearances.

    The people who are really in power, are not going to allow “The Straight Talk Express” or the “Change Wagon” to loosen their grip on Congress or the Executive Branch.

    Where is the campaign reform? Where are term limits? How many politicians have promised to deliver on these items and have not?

    Both parties spend all their time keeping their respective constituencies busy fighting each other over non-issues like out of wedlock pregnancies and links to people under indictment, meanwhile they provide no substance.

    If Palin were that big of a reformer, why didn’t she spell out what she’s going to reform in washington during her speech last night?

    Watch McCain tonight, it will be all “marketing” and no actual substance?

    Neither of them can, because they’re not being allowed to. The Straight Talk Express has come off the rails.

  56. Matt in MN says:

    I read this editorial, or email, or what ever you would like to call it, and was horrified. Untill I read it again. It really had less fact and more narative. As a verry strong fiscal republican and voting based on that and character, I was pretty worried and wanted to look into Anne. What I see from the reporting here is it’s a small town grudge, to have been so publicly against someone there must have been some nasty something or another. Again I live by never scorning anywoman. It will ALWAYS come back in spades. I hope the defamation is looked into with more facts presented when the vote comes up and I hope we find out more about Palin and her real motives.

  57. Randy in Richmond says:

    Here’s another small piece to the puzzle that is Anne Kilkenny. I found this on page 97 of my Dogpile search engine. It’s a posting objecting to a proposed Walmart. Here’s Anne’s letter:

    Congrats on opposing Wal-Mart!
    As you know, I oppose
    ALL “Big Box” stores. They destroy the local economy, do not proivide living wage jobs and homogonize the retail environment.
    For those of you out there in ‘blog land’ check out http://www.wakeupwalmart.com to find out all about what this organization does to communities, local economies and their employees.
    In the state of Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart, 1/2 of all the people on the state’s welfare are Wal-Mart employees.
    YES! it is true.
    Anne Kilkenny

    Posted by: Anne Kilkenny | Jun 17, 2005 12:42:11 PM
    There’s one problem. It’s not true-not even close to being true even though she goes out of her way to tell us” it is true.” The actual percentage is 8.9%–quite a stretch from 50%. Here is a copy from “The Morning News” of NW Arkansas: (notice the dates are close)
    Wal-Mart Heads State Agency’s List Of Employees On Welfare
    Last updated Wednesday, March 16, 2005 10:00 PM CST in Business
    By Anita French
    The Morning News
    (Email this story Print this story Comment on this story) A state survey shows Wal-Mart heads the list of the top 10 employers in Arkansas whose workers are receiving state aid.

    The Department of Human Services in Little Rock released figures Wednesday showing that, out of Bentonville-based Wal-Mart’s 44,368 employees in Arkansas, 3,971 — or 8.9 percent of its work force — receive public assistance of some kind.

    What does this mean? It’s been my experience if someone exaggerates the truth to make a point in one instance, they will not hesitate to do so in another. More later.

  58. The more one digs, the more facts that are revealed:


    Forced resignations, edicts where no city employee was to talk to the news media without her permission, censorship, has no problem bringing in 27 million to a town of 6,000 while cities of 119,000 only get 6 million.

    Anne may have an ax to grind, but she is certainly doing so with facts….

  59. State populations:

    Delaware: 864,764
    Alaska: 683,478

  60. phylosopher says:


    Another not so nice bit of info on Palin. Looks like she took a nice, friendly place to live and used it to further her own agenda leaving lots of hurt people behind – and not caring that she did. Being a successful womanwho works to make teh world a better place and to take care of herself and her family is good and deserving of respect. Conniving, nasty vindictive, lying witches, like Sarah, reap what they sow, however.

  61. Hey Patrick, I don’t have time today. Could you do some digging on a guy named Rezco?

  62. Leapin,

    Done. What specifically do you want verified?

  63. Why is everyone so jazzed about finding out if this Anne Kilkenny is real or not? I don’t care one way or another if she’s real or if someone else is behind the name. And I don’t care what her agenda is. What I care about is finding out if her observations and allegations are true.

  64. I only thought John had his head up his Ass now he has proved it. I know he is not for the Vets that serve this country. I know he will try to cut all people off S.S. like Ragane did. But to put a women in office that would lie to her kids about having a baby make s you wounder what the next lie will be and to who. Poor Obomba I would like to see him in I just feel it is the wrong time to ask a Black man to walk around with a glass domefor the next four years. I fear the south boys aren’t ready for him yet. I don’t think he has the time in yet. I want you all to see the YETS i am putting in here. I think if he was running as Vis PRESADEENT HE MIGHT MAKE IT LONG ENOUGH TO RUN FOUR YEARS FROM NOW. WE NEED SOMEONE THAT WILL SIT DOWN AND FIX THE MESS THAT GEORGE MADE .Must be white and know the cost of War, and not only in money but in life also. I am for ending it and bringing our men and women home John that would meen our POW/MIA’s too. A weak man would bring a women in to this year to show the fact that he is a half wit. If the people were ready for a women in the second seat they would have voted for Hillery As I don’t soport her I can’t spell her name In the next four years Ii would vote for her. We need a wommen in the top seat just to let everyone in the world that we are as good as eveery other Nation that has had a women in the top office of there Country. In the Bible you will find and I put it this way so you wil pick it up and read it till you find it that to every seson there is a reson. I pray for and Love this Country May God bless you all. Because this next four years are going to be tuff ones.

  65. OMG! I hoped people like William didn’t exist any longer, but I see there really are racist and sexist %$# out there still…..

  66. I didn’t see that in my statments I am sorry you see it that way.

  67. hourglassing says:

    For those inclined to the right, this recital of greivances means nothing, as they would vote for anybody-but-obama anyway. For those on the left, it matters not, as they weren’t going to vote for McCain regardless. For those in the middle, it probably swings them toward McCain-Palin. After all, it reads like someone who has a personal grudge wrote it, and it describes a sharp politician who is not afraid to step on toes. If you were reading closely, the whole article is summed up by the author’s revealing statement:

    “Fourth, she has hated me since back in 1996, when I was one of the 100 or so people who rallied to support the City Librarian against Sarah’s attempt at censorship”

    Catty more than anything else.

  68. Patrick – I want to know if the general public can get as good a deal on real estate as B.O.

  69. Book Censorship & Librarian Being Fired Article:


  70. It’s irrelevant if she has a grudge or not. I’m an independent, and I care about the facts. If what Ms Kilkinny says is true, who cares if she has a grudge? If she’s lying, that’s one thing, but if what she says is true, doesn’t that say something about how Palin would govern?

  71. Leapin – Sorry those deals are a little hard to come by from a court room… and soon prison.

  72. Catty, maybe. Ax to grind, possibly. Jealous, hard to say.

    But her fourth statement:
    “Fourth, she has hated me since back in 1996, when I was one of the 100 or so people who rallied to support the City Librarian against Sarah’s attempt at censorship”

    can be taken the other way also. If you oppose me then you are on my hate list.
    I am sure if you had an agenda and 100 or so people stood up to oppose you and forced you to back down, you would hate them also.

    Welcome to My Way or the Highway Politics

  73. I went through a vetting process at work when a new VP arrived. He too was a loyalist. He started by asking opinions and then measuring them against his own and making his termination list. He would ask a question similar to the book banning question. If you read between the lines, it means “will you support my objectives even though they go against your principles”.

    Someone joked at Salon, what difference does it make, the only books kids read are Harry Potter. Well, Harry Potter made at least one list of books to ban because of the sorcery and magic, the devil’s ways.

    Palin seems to do things for a reason, was there book banning at the church she attended?

  74. We now know of at least three situations in which Sarah Palin has used intimidation tactics and threats of termination as a basis for taking action. There are the two in Wasilla, the librarian and the chief of police, and the Alaskan head of security who would not fire her brother-in-law. We clearly have an emerging pattern.

  75. Wow. This is small town politics at its best. First of all anyone who is governing and making tough decisions is going to make enemies and it sounds like this woman has been trying to bring her down for a long time. If you are going after corruption and wasteful spending you are going to have to hire new people. It’s called reforming government.

    Anyone who is familiar with government knows that the appointees of the executive serve at the pleasure of the executive. I am not suprised that this democrat is still holding a grudge but I must ask, if she was so bad and so many share the opinion of Ms. Kilkenney, why was she re-elected Mayor, then elected governor with a 80 – 90% approval rating. That’s a very high rating for any governor but especially for one that implements reform.

    “I can’t recall exactly what I adjusted for: did I adjust for inflation? for population increases? ”

    Then why report it if you don’t know?

    ” I am just a housewife. I don’t have a job she can bump me out of. I don’t belong to any organization ”

    Well maybe you need to get involved in some other activities instead of making a career of smearing someone you have a grudge against.

    By the way, exactly what accomplishments does Barack Obama have aside from writing 2 books about himself? At least she has a record of serving the public, not just herself.

    Dems are scared. By the way I am a longtime dem but disgusted with the party.

  76. Leapin wrote:
    Patrick – I want to know if the general public can get as good a deal on real estate as B.O.

    Obama’s land purchase was remarkably unspectacular in its price and has already been vetted and found without any special benefit. Check FactCheck.org for the simple facts.


    Even the partial piece of land he bought from the Rezko’s was purchased at standard market value.

  77. Gee, a fact check run by a group of academics. I wonder in what direction they lean in the wind.

    P.S. A very nice group of operatives favors this blog with their presence.

  78. Thanks Bill, gotta love them facts!!

  79. @Leapin:

    Academics are used to dealing with FACTS. Scientists are part of the Academic Community and know a lot about things like Evolution, etc.

    Maybe you should try it some time.

  80. Leapin:

    1. Factcheck.org (from UPenn’s respected Annenberg Public Policy Center) has been trusted by many people across the political spectrum. Dick Cheney attempted to direct a huge chunk of America to visit the site during one of his 2004 Vice-Presidential debates.

    2. Part of our great American lifestyle is a result of the “academics” who have studied, researched, and created so much for all of us. Because an ever-expanding understanding of reality is important if we are to thrive in it. You can keep “academics” on your cult’s red-flag list at your own peril while propping up Palin. (Suddenly having a bachelor’s degree is OK for her, as are the other degrees held by your other favorite politicians, but academia is a problem? You are what’s wrong with America. Deal with it.)

  81. This kind of detail from AnneKilkenny is exactly the kind of scrutiny My Obama squashed, denied or avoided altogether in the 1.5 yrs of campaigning. Why did Obama get Mayor Daley to not allow the public access to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge papers? How come none of the paperwork supplied by Obama about his home describes anywhere the sources of the money that paid for the house, the million dollar home neither nor his wife could afford, but bought under market price from Tony Rezko, an indicted (federally) criminal? How come Mr. Obama fails to acknowledge his work on the Woods Fund, which supporter the AAAN, a Palestinian group set up by former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi, and his wife? How come no one cares that BHO outright Lied in Iowa about passing nuclear waste management legislation –that infact died in the committee and a very watered down version passed–regarding Excelon, a company that also donated to his campaign? In other words, the American opinion has fortified its belief in Obama, a person of zero integrity or experienced over the past 1.5 yrs, sufficiently enough to want to find only the very worst in BHO’s opponents. Had all of Obama’s scandals been probed in depth, had he been treated like Gary Heart before him, Clinton/s, he would not be the democratic candidate for president. And BTW, when someone uses his community organizing experience as qualification for prez, it is legitimate to attack it. The GOP stands for fiscal responsibility, energy independence and security. The Dems stand for creating a 50% tax burden on middle and upper class people in order to provide relief for the working poor.

  82. What did this woman do to you? Talk about backstabbing. If this is true than I think you should reflect upon yourself…one of the most unethical posts I have ever read. Why do women treat each other like this? I commercial fished in Alaska for several years and cannot imagine a fellow Alaskan would stoop so low.

  83. My dad was a Goldwater Republican, but by 1980 he voted for John Anderson, and today, he sent me the AK email. It is a lovely thing to watch a parent continue to evolve, even in their 80s.

    It is interesting to listen (read) all the views in here who want so badly to discount AK because of PTA association, or because women are jealous, or similar gender-discounting stereotypes. In all these attempts to discount AK, no one mentions her role as a voter registrar, or her providing voting education programs for high schools for 10 years. Why is that important?

    One can see in the pattern of dismissal how readers read to find what they want. Maybe she is jealous. Maybe she does have a grudge. Maybe. But those are hypotheses of origin of her writing, not facts. Obviously, she’s been involved in her community for some time, at level of involvement that suggests she knows a lot, is committed a lot, and is an activist, not a passive voter waiting to be done unto.

    We are all humans, with our little shortcomings (or large) and our struggles to be, and to become. Someone else noted that her PTA affiliations and jealousy are not the issue in assessing Palin – the facts, the truth, the real actions of Palin are the issue. The distracting into AK’s motivations in no way illumines the Palin path – it is simply one more way in which we say ‘look over there’ to quit having someone peer too closely at what we are doing. Similar to comparing Obama to Palin when the question is…who is this Palin, and what do we need to know? The question isn’t…Has what Palin done been so bad compared to Obama? Isn’t his stuff worse or at least as bad??

    Politics is the struggle over who controls the surplus, and in that control, awards favors to one’s group. To see politicians be politicians, hiring and firing because they want ‘yes’ people and loyalists and groupthink, there is no surprise in that. There is no surprise in a politician who speaks of cutting, and bloats instead (aka Reagan & Bush).

    But I grew up in a community that banned ‘Of Mice and Men’ at one time in our schools. I worked with a couple people who belonged to a church who collected records (1970) from kids in their church community, to burn, inviting people across the community to do so similarly. Being an educator now, a student then, such fear-filled behavior is deeply concerning.

    Luckily, that dark period of the rule of religious fear is passed, and now even Kansas rejected Creationism as an alternative ‘scientific theory’ to be taught in its schools. But if Palin was a part of an effort to take us back to the 14th century, such thinking cannot be contained with regards to books. Once one thinks the world needs controlled in thought and imagination, then one will also think there are many other scary threatening things (flag burning?) that should be banned and controlled. The reach of that fear into the community, and the nation, leaves people in certain pews feeling smug, and delusionally secure. Such a mindset running for VP would garner my attention and energy to help insure she cannot be a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the world. But its still a question as to whether it is a fact, and that is for me to find out for myself.

  84. I am puzzled about John McCain.
    Has anyone given thought to his war record? How can you have a war “record” if you get shot down on one of your first missions and subsequently get immediately captured?
    In some circles he would be considered a war criminal because he was flying a plane loaded with very lethal weapons toward a city full of civilians. The history of the Viet Nam conflict, in which American forces were defeated, need not be retold here; but it is common knowledge that homes and civilian institutions were targets. Women and children, schools, not just military, industrial or war effort sites were targeted . Cities like Hanoi, which was his target, were bombed, hit by missles and napalm, and were strafed.
    How does somone become a hero by being in prison? Did he attempt escape or try to sabotage his captors? I don’t know. But I do know that he sang in the glee club.
    I find the McCain scenario interesting. He was born to privilge, to the officer class, and he was supported by the government from birth through university and then for many years in the military. He then spends another 20 or so years once again in government employ, with all of the benefits enjoyed. and he is known as a “maverick” conservative fighting corruption and big governement, however big may be defined; but he also has been on the government payroll or benefited from the governnment, all of his life.
    It’s astounding, as astounding as Mitt Romney, who spent quite a few many millions trying to push his ego across the line, standing on the stage in Minnesota, denigrating the “eastern elites”.
    Facts are undeniable. John McCain was priviliged. He was educated by and served the military. He was imprisoned. He was hurt , most likely by the ejection procedure as well as by his captors. He was in prison for 6 years.
    Is that the stuff of a hero? does that make him a leader?

  85. Exactly Donna!

    Lou, the problem is Anne is bringing up silly issues such as a supposed highschool nickname and basketball. Not only that, she seems to have a problem with Sarah’s beauty. Why does Anne need to mention that Sarah is a “babe”. It has nothing to do with her unqualified argument. “I can’t recall exactly what I adjusted for” What else doesn’t recall or adjust for? Why wasn’t she making a big issue earlier?

  86. Pepino… you’re an idiot.

  87. Randy @ richmond- links please. would be helpful. Thanks.

  88. well said Mark!

  89. Mike L – Your greater understanding of reality will eventually help you realize that B.O. cannot possibly deliver his promises without taking away your freedoms (economic and otherwise).

  90. Mark,
    Nice logic but it is how she describes Sarah that is important. So she is a voter registrar and has provided voting education programs. How does this change anything? I have previously stated that I do not discount what she says about Sarah; mainly being that I do not have the facts. Anne does not provide any way of me obtaining the information and she admits she can not recall some. Should she not be able to provide links to back this up? Instead she talks about men calling Sarah babe. She discusses highschool. She spends a lot of time discussing Sarah’s personal life. Why bother if you have something on this person.
    I stand by what I say and that is this woman is jealous of Sarah. It is a personal attack on Sarah and if this information is correct about Sarah then Anne will feel much better in life now that she hurt the person she is jealous of.
    If this was a problem during the early part of Sarah being governor then why wasn’t she sending emails then? Why start after Sarah is nominated for VP? Anne being a Democrat does indeed show additional motive.

  91. Marguerite Ward says:

    She is a mother of a precious special needs baby. She is a mother of a teenage unmarried daughter. She is NOT superwoman. She can’t do it all! I think she has let ambition take over where common sense should have stepped in. The next few years of her little one’s life is going to require lots of love and patience. Will she have the time to do that while helping run a country. Yes men do it all the time but in the process they too lose track of what is really important in life…and that is family!!

    I lost my beloved husband at age 48 and my beloved daughter at the age of 25. What I wouldn’t give to have those days I was trying to “be somebody” back. It was precious time spent away from what was really important…time with my husband and daughter that can never be reclaimed.

    She may be very qualified, she may be very driven, she may have all the qualities to make a good VP. I really don’t know that but my heart breaks for her children because I feel she has put her career first before them. She won’t have my vote in November. I may have to just check “None of the above”!

  92. William,
    Read Post 39, a very similar letter written by the AK in Oct. 06. She clearly did not start this since Sarah Palin was nominated for VP.

    The real question is whether or not the facts support the statements. I am guessing that anyone with an openmind who pays attention over the next 60 days will gain all the informaton they need to make that decision. Those with a closed mind will never be satisified.

  93. Well – for all you wondering if Anne is real. I can address this – hopefully once and for all. I went to whitepages.com. Got her number and called her myself. Took an hour – because she has been deluged with calls non-stop. But, I got through, we spoke for 3-5 minutes before she had to take others. The fact is – she wrote the piece. She said some portions of it appear to be getting edited as its gone viral, but I asked her to tell me the basics, as she wrote them. The core factual elements in the viral email are hers. These include numerous items that don’t paint Palin in a positive light -but are verifiable via independent sources. Examples include:

    1. Trying to fire the librarian – who refused to consider book banning.
    2. Firing the entire staff and bringing in her own
    3. Going from no debt to $22 million – and what it was spent on
    4. The change from higher property tax to high sales tax
    5. The flip flop on the bridge to no-where (btw – she did ultimately accept over 1/2 of the pork appropriation connected to the bridge – is verifiable as well).
    6. The firing of the state head public safety – etc.

    Anyway – this is no urban legend. This is a real woman who’s life has become very interesting over the past 4 days.

    I thanked her for her perspective and the guts to put herself out there.

    So – I’ll leave others to comment about Sarah Palin further. But, this will be a very interesting few weeks ahead. The facts are the facts, and not all support the pretty picture Palin has painted of herself or her record of reform, smaller government, etc.

    Two things that strike me though about last nights speeches are these:

    1. I’m sure others love her, but Sarah gives me the creeps like Dick Cheney gives me the creeps.

    2. There was a moment where, after Romney got the crowed whipped up with the cookie cutter interactive “liberal” chants, and Sarah began espousing the benefits of immediate and massive off shore drilling (I support limited drilling, but as part of a comprehensive energy plan) – where the crowd started chanting “drill, drill, drill, drill” to the point where they had to be calmed back down.

    I couldn’t help but think it must have sounded scarier in the original German.

  94. Marguerite, who are you (we) to say whether a person can or can not take of their family with a full-time job? I personally know women that handle both and their children are fine. What you think and what her children think may be very different. Should men not work because they need to take care of their children?

  95. Thank you AOL, I take back that part of the statement. Your second paragraph is nice.

  96. Thank you OAL, I retract that part of my statement.

    Well said with your second paragraph.

  97. Marguerite Ward says:

    Guess you could say I am someone who learned the hard way about priorites. Plus the fact I work with special needs children and know the time and involvement needed to make them prosper.

    You are right though….it is not my place to judge. Nor is it your place to judge yet you seem to be quite good at it.

    I just know that this country has really got its priorties all out of wack. Men and women must work to provide for their families. I do not dispute that. I do, however, question why someone would take on such a high stress job when dealing with so many family issues. Something is going to give and I am afraid it will be her family.

    It really isn’t for us to discuss though because as you said her family is backing her and she has already made th edecision to be a VP nominee.

    Senator McCain has my upmost respect for the sacrifices he has made for our country. He is a true patriot and I salute him for that. I cannot, however, support his nominee for VP because I just feel as a mom she has put her children on the back burner to her ambition. And as a widow and a mother of a angel that is a sad thing.

    Well enough said….Don’t bother to reprimand me anymore William. I am too old and too tired to argue with you. I just pray that our next President can bring peace and prosperity back to the US.

  98. I stumbled upon this page after receiving the email purportedly from Anne Kilkenny. As it appears to me “Cindy Kilkenny” has stated that she validated (to her own comfort) that Anne exists and did author the email.

    That said. I don’t know where everyone else lives but I live in S.E. Alaska and my own personal observations are that Mrs. Palin’s approval rating are lower in the S.E. portion of the state than that of the Northern portion. Also, I would purport that the State coffer surplus is a great portion of that approval percentage. Money always talks.

  99. DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!! I also know Sarah P. This lady forgot that when you are mayor or governor you dont get to do what ever you want always. The people vote on it! So I would say the only lesson here is to make sure you know what the hell you are talking about. I would have to say that Palin has more experience than Obama does. She may not know the system up and down but she WILL learn in this position and thats why she is vice not pres! So vote for the pres that you agree with on views and you will have no problem. The worst thing about all of this is it is ALL here say and not factual!

  100. Omars wifey says:

    Palin’s 83% approval rating as governor and she has Anne running scared. Anne is a hateful democrat and means to get even. This is her view and very few others share it. Get over it Anne. You are busted!

  101. I note that none of Palin’s defenders here, while to a person vilifying Anne Kilkenny in one form or another, have actually been able to refute any of the claims of fact Ms. Kilenny made.

    That pretty much says all there needs to be said about both these defenders and the facts.

    about m and

  102. William – You only further support the point of ‘readers read to find what they want.’ There are approximately 250 lines of email text here, with maybe 18 lines of personal – i.e., the person AK knows as a person – and much the rest is about her job. Of the 18 lines, 3 are about her popularity, including her remark about ‘babe.’ So 6-7% about her person (of which 6 lines are AK’s perspective and relationship to SP’s family) and 1% about her popularity…

    And from that…a webizen sees jealousy. This because a writer calls a woman ‘babe’, a woman who once won a local beauty contest. No mention of how AK sees SP as smart…just ‘babe.’

    And so why is being voter registrar important? Why is doing voter education presentations with high schoolers important? It’s simply a reference to AK’s work and possible insights that don’t devolve into dismissing her because PTA is some denizen of crazy whacked out moms. It’s also a reference to someone who is involved politically, at a local level, committed to people being involved, and to people (students) learning how to be effective voters. It’s about someone who went to most city council meetings, and is thus…a witness to SP’s work.

    Judgments like ‘jealous woman’ made from such a distance with so little information, and such selected information, point most to the judge, and not the judged. Why make such a judgment with so little information? Because behind it is a desire to dismiss and discredit the information. Otherwise, what is the drive to make such a non-informed judgment?

    What is the drive to make any judgment other than here is a person with lots of experience of the Palin world relating her experience of that world and her interpretations. I understand people’s desire to not do the work needed to cross-reference her claims, but her claims are made as a witness of some duration of experience and as someone who obviously doesn’t think much of Palin. Beyond not liking her (people who like one another don’t usually spread the dirty laundry out for public viewing except when angry), that’s all we know. The rest is about commenter motives…not AK’s.

    I am not suggesting believe what she says at face value. Do the work. Don’t expect witnesses to do your work you need to make up your mind. Be easier for us if she gave links, but just because we are large mammals who want to eat more than we need, lay in the lawn and sleep, doesn’t mean she has to do all that work for us. The facts are either checkable or not. We’ve got sources affirming she is real. Now its our shot to see what else might be real…if we want to know.

  103. I’m a bit puzzled. I don’t understand the comments above that say Anne K is trying to present her opinion as fact. There are many facts in the letter, and it should be easy enough to verify whether or not they are true. The account of the attempted library ban was in the New York Times this week. The Alaska budget information isn’t top secret. Who cares if there is or isn’t a person named Anne K? What we should all be checking are the facts that Anne K presented!

  104. Did someone up thread actually say they thought that Anne Kilkenny wrote this because Sarah Palin was “more popular?” And possibly Ms. Kilkenny was more homely?!

    I don’t know if I am more aghast at the upthread writer saying this, or the bunch of zealots following who didn’t acknowledge it.

    Sarah Palin is bad news, and unlike most candidates, she didn’t dream of this day, and she didn’t do a good job of burying the bodies.

    The amount of information that is rolling out will show the whole country what she is, and more importantly what poor judgment the GOP nominees has.

    When did educated, informed, passionate and compassionate become a bad thing to some of you people?

    (and I was born and raised down the road from Palin and know from were I speak.)

  105. Kudos to all for a discussion involving differences that is (generally) *not* falling into a mud-sling fest. That says a lot — and those who have participated (no matter what side they fall on) have my respect.

    That being said, I find it hypocritical to dismiss Anne’s letter as being “personal vendetta”, when Ms. Palin’s platform as VP running mate to McCain seems to be based largely on her ability to smear Obama on personal opinion, for the most part. Talk about a personal vendetta… If Palin is going to base her speeches on tearing down her opponents rather than working to sway public opinion her way by speaking to her own strengths and “experience” and policy proposals, then she better be expecting a lot more letters like Anne’s… and not whine and villanize “the Democrats” for digging up dirt on her. (I am sooooo very tired of this red/blue, republican/democrat polarization and finger-pointing… I have voted both ways in my lifetime, as probably the majority of Americans can say. To hear any candidate speak to “those good Republican Americans, and those evil bad nasty Democrats” (or vice versa) really turns my stomach and, quite honestly, causes me to not vote for them… or if both candidates/parties are engaging in this mud-slinging (as they often do on both sides) I tend to sway toward the candidate that is doing the LEAST mud-slinging)

  106. Johnny Bangs says:

    First, I am not a conspiracy theorist. In many sound proof rooms with no digital or analog recorders of any kind, however, very powerful people are talking about very large amounts of money out on the political table. They are talking about the implications of the new presidential election and how it will affect their pocketbooks, their families; essentially their quality of life. Some of these people worked very hard for what they have, others inherited it, most would do anything to keep it.

    So what brings people like you and I to chat rooms and blogs to vehemently lash out at each other and defend our position? Let’s face it, most lobbyists do not spend millions of dollars on political campaigns to further their own ‘ethical’ agendas: gay rights, abortion/anti-abortion laws, right to bear arms. It all makes for a good cause to rally us though. In other words, those of us on these websites probably ARE arguing about gay rights/lack thereof, gun ownership, and a women’s right to choose birth or not because these things affect us much more than the $10-$15 a pay-check that the next government will either give or take.

    But Big Business (on both party-sides) does not make investments without return…it’s why they’re so effing BIG! The billions of dollars put into campaigns by Big Business are expected to return to them through new legislation allowing once-protected land to become drilling sites, lowered taxes on out-sourcing jobs, and/or lowered tariffs on importing goods!

    So, some of you are blogging that the ‘American people’ are electing each and every public official, right? Let’s just make sure to really know what we’re really getting emotional about and not forget that your elected official might not be getting emotional about the same things. After all, when was the last time one of them shared with you to the 7 course dinner that they received from ABC Company last week? Or the golfing trip at Pebble Beach? These are just ‘friendly’ gestures right?

    Also, let’s not be naive about the computer balloting system. Some company is getting paid good $$ to service and tally those votes. Ask yourself is it worth looking into who runs those companies and how their contracts were chosen to by the local and state governments?

    Again, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I just know that if I had to fight to keep my house, cars, and education for my daughter; I would not go quitely into the night!


  107. All you republicans out there crack me up! You are so threatened by the Obama/Biden ticket that a letter from Anne has you ranting and raving!
    Family first my a*s.

  108. Conservative Mom says:

    I stumbled upon this website in my search results while I was researching Sarah Palin. I read the whole thing, comments included, mostly because I was too disgusted to stop. Kind of like watching something horrific and not being able to look away…This Anne woman is obviously holding a grudge because Sarah Palin doesn’t share her views, got high paying jobs and is a “babe” to boot (her word). Nothing is sharper than a jealous woman’s tongue. Anne has succeeded in getting herself in the spotlight, something she obviously thinks she deserves. According to the internet her phone is ringing off the hook for TV and newspaper interviews. Sounds a little like the scumbags that sell photos to gossip magazines. Anything to feel momentarily important and make a quick buck. Her intentions seem pretty obvious to me and her letter is something I would think would be dismissed rather quickly with all of the venom and whining it contains. Yet for quite some time now thousands of people are blogging about it. This is how vicious rumors get started and innocent people end up getting hurt (Sarah’s children don’t deserve to read things like this all over the internet). This type of thing is why the Enquirer and Star magazines are in business. The world is full of gossiping I’m-better-than-that people whom I’m assuming are either sad, angry, lonely, bored or something. Some just feel better about their imperfections when they can drag someone else through the dirt. The Kilkenny email is nothing more than a very deep grudge of a very jealous woman. Another thought: saying use my name and email but not on websites is like a woman that says she doesn’t really need anything for her birthday from her husband. Words say one thing and the mind is hoping like crazy for something else.

    To the woman that made the comments about a baby getting a soul when it is a week old – I’d love to read some quoted scripture on that. I am not aware of such a statement and as far as I know it is absolutely not true. Visit http://www.gotquestions.org and research it. The general consensus is that a person has a soul at conception. Period. Telling yourself something else to help you feel better about the Holocaust in this country will not save your soul.

  109. I don’t consider this mudslinging. Mudslinging would be claiming she had a threesome with a moose and a polar bear.

    The motive is not relevant. What matters is whether it’s true or not. If Palin and the Repubs tout that she is qualified for the position of VP and possibly President because of her executive experience, then her record needs to be examined. If it’s true, food for thought; if not – circular file.

    Jealousy or not, if the allegations are true, the American voter has a right to the information. I like knowing who I am voting for or against.

  110. Kudos to Kristen for cogent observations. Other than some student in Colorado pushing a web movement to elect Palin for President or Vice President, I don’t think anybody thought of SP as a viable candidate, including herself. It’s not so much about not getting a chance for “burying the bodies” as not being able to bullshit the people who knew you when – for good or ill. I can so very glibly lie to people who just met me and have my relatives and grade school freinds thinking that I’ve gotten early dementia when I tell them the outrageous lies that I tell the gullible. Whoever first suggested SP to McCain didn’t do all the required legwork or in his/her arrogance never believed that the ’06 letter would be expanded to ’08. If you live past the age of two you’re going to start pissing people off for one reason or another. AK’s motivations are moot. The real question centers around how much of her observations define who Palin is as a human at 5 am when nobody’s looking. Unfortunately, that will only be answered in hindsight. I see the writers of the upthreads as modern “Cassandras” – half of whom will be able to say “I told you so”.

  111. I grew up in a small town of about 800 people and know from personal experience that it is easier in that environment for someone to bully their way around. So, to me, this view of Palin seems at least plausible. I checked out the link provided by an earlier poster, Patrick, to an article in an Anchorage paper that verifies the firing issues. I disagree with him on seeing her firing them because “they didn’t support her” as a good thing. What if a Democratic becomes president and just starts firing federal judges because they “don’t agree” with his or her liberal ideas? She needs to have a more detailed reason otherwise, I think it is plausible that she did it to install “yes” men.

    Also, I’d like to caution against just dismissing this as the ramblings of a woman with a grudge. Isn’t it just as possible (since we really don’t know all that much about Palin) that she has seen Palin up close and feels like she needs to tell people about what she’s seen because she’s appalled? Clearly, she has an ax to grind, but that doesn’t mean she’s being ingenuous or simply making things up. Until these claims can be backed up or refuted, I’ll reserve judgement.

    As far as the %80 approval rating goes, Obama is pretty popular too . . . so is she more style than substance?

  112. To Lucas – For the record, I did not imply that Palin’s firing them because “they didn’t support her” was a good thing. Just the opposite and mor in line with what you said about installing yes men and women.

    Sorry if I may have implied that is was a good thing.

  113. Sharon McGregor says:

    I really could care less – sounds a little like jealousy – too personal for my taste. I also read the newspaper article – doesn’t say anything about attempting to fire the librarian because of books she wanted to get ride of, only mentions they were talking about consolidating the library and museum. And last but not least – I really don’t care. Anyone with an 80% approval rate in their state can’t be all bad. She and John McCain are my ticket for change. After all, she may be a heartbeat away from the presidency without the experience everyone thinks she needs but if Obama wins he will be the president guided by someone who has been in Washington for 30 years. So much for change!

  114. This has reminded me of a question a high school teacher once asked my class, which would be worse, to send an innocent man to jail or to let a killer go free??

  115. One look at Sarah Palin from her first appearance into this political circus a little less than a week ago and I knew something was wrong…very wrong. I immediately saw something was not real here. Republican pundits on talk shows were so quick to come to her defense, insisting she was the “most popular governor in the country” (which rhetorical they should have stated “the governor with the highest approval rating in his/her own state”) and that she was the right choice . Yet they seemed to have a bit of a quiver in their voice, and a bit of perspiration in their brow. Perhaps they are really are nervous?

    So we have had a week to explore her truths or lies…and I believe the AK letters is only the tip of the iceberg. Reporters are going to dig for more, and somehow I know there is going to be damaging evidence about her political aspirations and intentions, and things in her past that will completely negate her so called “hockey mom” image putting her family values and country first.

    In my estimation, plain and simple, this woman is out for herself… and she is truly a good actress and can delivery a handy prewritten speech. But what scares me is that she is out to implement her small town ideas of what women should do with their bodies, what books people should read, who should and shouldn’t get married to the rest of the country. And her obvious selfishness in considering to take this job with a 4 month old down syndrome baby in tow is completely unacceptable. Even Dr. Laura Schlessinger, whom I loathe and despise even shared her disapproval for the Republicans choosing SP because of the probable stress it will put on her family:


    Family values my ass. As I looked into the faces of her kids (and her daughter’s baby daddy as they say), I saw “moose in the headlights” stares into the cameras as day 2 and 3 of the convention continued. Something instinctively tells me they secretly regret their mom’s decision to do this. But seemingly, like the politicians who have not served at her highness’ pleasure, they probably got bullied into it.

    Really I blame the McBush…McCain clan for even considering offering this role to her…wtf was he thinking? Let’s get someone young, with 5 kids, one who is a special needs child and another who is a pregnant teen and take them 3500 miles out of their fairly low profile life as a political family in the 4th smallest state in the union (that is really a bit removed from the majority of the country geographically) and thrust them into the national spotlight of Washington politics! What a great idea!

    The man is delusional. I have no doubt in my mind this never would have happened had Hilary made her way to the ballot on the Democratic ticket as I had truly hoped for (I was not on the Obamawagon initially). Isn’t that showing sexism, as the republican pundits have accused the media and democratic pundits of showing? So, I question many things about McCain’s judgment….there is a lot to be said for the places mind probably goes after being a held prisoner in a VietNam prison.I can imagine as many of them are my homeless crazy neighbors here on the streets of New York. McCain has a rep for being a little hotheaded…makes you think..

    It saddens me to see so many seemingly reasonable and what I would presume to be smart Republicans out there who have been driven by fear for 8 years from the Texas jokers, and can’t rise above the reality that their party had control of congress for 6 of the last 8 years…are you just gluttons for punishments? You party has been broken for years, and this ticket is not the ticket to change it.

    And to you sycophants and who are so mesmerized by SP and think she is cat’s ass for the party I have only one thing to say (and I believe this comes from the Bible): Wolf in sheep’s clothing, kids….

    Anyone familiar with the musical Evita? Here is a lyric that seems to fit (some bloggers have made this comparison to SP and the famous first lady from Argentina, and with good reason):

    There again I’ve more to do
    Than simply get the message through
    I haven’t started
    Let’s get this show on the road
    Let’s make it obvious
    Peron (McCain?) is off and rolling
    I came from the people, they need to adore me
    So Christian Dior me from my head to my toes
    I need to be dazzling, I want to be Rainbow High
    They must have excitement, and so must I

    [Eva’s dressers:]
    Eyes, hair, mouth, figure
    Dress, voice, style, image

    I’m their product, it’s vital you sell me
    So Machiavell me, make an Argentine Rose
    I need to be thrilling, I want to be Rainbow High
    They need their escape, and so do I


    All my descamisados expect me to outshine the enemy
    I won’t disappoint them
    I’m their savior, that’s what they call me
    So Lauren Bacall me, anything goes
    To make me fantastic, I have to be Rainbow High
    In magical colors
    You’re not decorating a girl for a night on the town
    And I’m not a second-rate queen getting kicks with a crown

    Next stop will be Europe
    The Rainbow’s gonna tour, dressed up, somewhere to go
    We’ll put on a show

    Look out, mighty Europe
    Because you oughta know whatcha gonna get in me
    Just a little touch of
    Just a little touch of
    Argentina’s brand of star quality

  116. Some truths are not facts. To paraphrase Lincoln, this country can not survive half red and half blue. Another, those who soe discord in their own house shell inherit the wind (a great, and timley movie). What does this have to do with Mrs. Palin or truth?

  117. I was brought up with the morality that it is immoral to send an innocent man to jail — and is a sin to put an innocent man to death — and that our justice system was designed by our founding fathers to assure that this would not happen even if it meant that occasionally a guilty person might go free. It was what separated the U.S. from most of the rest of the world back then. Ironic that so many conservatives do not conserve the true heritage of our American society and morality.

  118. To William who in post 87 was troubled by what he perceived Anne “seems to have a problem with Sarah’s beauty. Why does Anne need to mention that Sarah is a ‘babe’.” Anne did not bring it up to say that *she* thinks that Sarah is a babe, she brought it up to state that “Even men who think she is a poor choice and won’t vote for her can’t quit smiling when talking about her because she is a ‘babe’.” It is the men who thinks that Sarah is a babe, and that this is a factor whenever she is being discussed. Is this sexist? Some of the Republicans on the convention floor wore buttons and carried signs that said things like their VP is a babe. In the hands of a Democrat, those slogans of theirs would be condemned as being sexist by the Republican spokespeople. They have blamed the “liberal” media for being sexist, when actually it is their own Dr. Laura who has been the most sexist and condemning of Palen for not being at home for her children. Most of the accusations have been inaccurate in who to blame, or have hypocritical. For example, Bill O’Reilly condemned the Spears parents for their under-aged pregnant daughter, but he will not do so in the case of the Palens.
    Getting back to William and Anne, he also was upset that “Anne is bringing up silly issues such as a supposed highschool nickname and basketball.” She did that partially to prove how well she personally knows Palen.

  119. Johnny Mac says:

    Sarah Palin is the best politician in the world! She is pretty much perfect, and anything bad that people say about her are LIES, LIES, LIES. People who criticize her are just jealous. She can do no wrong! Anyone who thinks otherwise is a sexist hockey-mom hater.

  120. We are getting caught up in killing the messenger, people. If we question how these towns did under Palin… how Alaska has done under Palin, let’s just investigate it ourselves. We can’t complain that we are being force-fed information; question every point of information and then not take the initiative to investigate it ourselves.

    Now, having said all this: Palin is not experienced enough; period end of story. McCain could have chosen several other GOP women who could have been wiser choices. Personally, the fact Palin hired a lobbyist; got 27 million in federal money for a town of 5 – 9k; supported the bridge/road/whatever and yet has one of the worst educational systems… Those are issues that are red flags to me.

    I honestly cannot figure out what the hell the GOP is doing. Rove says Tom Kaine is not experienced enough because he was only the mayor of Richmond (105k)… but Palin is? I can’t decide if they are all self-destructing or they really think we are this stupid.

    I must say that McCain lost my vote with this selection and that has nothing to do with the Ann’s elaboration. I must also say that, having lived in a small town, the nuances… the behavior patterns listed in the email do fit the micro-political world of small-town USA.

  121. For Sharon – One does not have to openly state that a librarian was fired because she would not censor books in the library at the request of Miss Palin. It is pretty much implied from the article:

    In December 1996, Emmons (the librarian) told her hometown newspaper, the Frontiersman, that Palin three times asked her — starting before she was sworn in — about possibly removing objectionable books from the library if the need arose.

    Emmons told the Frontiersman she flatly refused to consider any kind of censorship.

    When the matter came up for the second time in October 1996, during a City Council meeting,

    “Sarah said to Mary Ellen (Miss Emmons), ‘What would your response be if I asked you to remove some books from the collection?”

    “I was shocked. Mary Ellen sat up straight and said something along the line of, ‘The books in the Wasilla Library collection were selected on the basis of national selection criteria for libraries of this size, and I would absolutely resist all efforts to ban books.'”

    Four days before the exchange at the City Council, (but after Pailin had asked three times about censoring) Emmons got a letter from Palin asking for her resignation. Similar letters went to police chief Irl Stambaugh, public works director Jack Felton and finance director Duane Dvorak. John Cooper, a fifth director, resigned after Palin eliminated his job overseeing the city museum.

    Palin told the Daily News back then the letters were just a test of loyalty as she took on the mayor’s job. Emmons survived the loyalty test and a second one a few months later.

    Since when do letters asking for ones resignation pass as a loyalty test? I have never heard of newly elected officials giving out “loyalty tests” to people, especially a librarian.

    They mention consolidating the library with museum later in the aricle. The part of possible book censorship by Miss Palin is right there in the first paragraph.

    And as far as the 80% approval rating. It has been stated by other sources (and some residents of Wasilla) that Miss Palin is myuch more popoular in the northern parts of the state. Her approval rating is much lower in the southern part.

    Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression of Sarah Palin?

    From 7/08:
    Very favorable 179/404 44.3%
    Somewhat favorable 144/404 35.6%
    Somewhat unfavorable 44/404 10.9%
    Very unfavorable 21/404 5.2%
    No Opinion 12/404 3.0%
    Never heard of 4/404 1.0%

    And now with Troopergate:
    After extensive news coverage about all this nasty behind-the-scenes scandal, which is definitely NOT squeaky clean, Palin’s approval ratings fell to 67%, still high, but a far cry from the 90% number that’s being thrown around so glibly by the Republicans today. Alaskans are quickly becoming disillusioned once again.

    Gotta love the facts that Republicans hate…… Next up…… Dairygate. Haven’t heard of it?

  122. as promised…. Dairygate!


    In brief: “The Alaska’s Board of Agriculture and Conservation (BAC) used its authority over the state-owned dairy to turn down the failing company’s request for a $600,000 grant to keep it afloat. Incensed, Palin fired the entire BAC. The new BAC, composed of the relatives and friends of Wasila-area dairy farmers, took the powers of the Creamery Board to itself – a confict of interest that would have appointees in most states in jail or at least paying hefty fines. Dairy experience wasn’t required of the new board members. The board resurrected Mat Maid and handed over the $600,000. It raised the price of milk paid to the local dairy farms, in a transfer of wealth from non-farming taxpayers to those who had found favor in Palin’s eyes. Despite Palin’s efforts, in December Mat Maid’s directors shut it down. The state’s $600,000 grant, the grant the previous board had denied it, went down the drain – or, more likely, into the pockets of Palin’s family and neighbors.”

    Hmmm….. another instance of when Miss Palin does not get her way – fire ’em all and put in yes men/women.

    Those in doubt can read for themselves.
    Those still in doubt are in a state of denial.
    Those that care to refute, bring your facts.

  123. Patrick – Your’e quite the operative with a lot of time for research. Are you unemployed? If so B.O. will be taking care of your every need.

  124. Leapin – I have the luxury of telecommuting and three computers – one for work, one for games and one for personal use. Having been a hacker in the early days of the internet I guess operative is a fair description. I am very good at information mining as it is part of my job, and can certainly use these talents in other fields. I am just sorry I have found this site a litle late in the game. Palin is currently in my sites (yeah, she gives me the creeps too) but don’t worry, McCain, Obama and Biden will get the digging they all deserve.

  125. Bleumangue says:

    To Johnny Mac: Tongue planted firmly in cheek, you may have inadvertently ommitted “rascist”, “ageist”,”anti-semetic”, “marxist”, and “xenophobic” – all cute little adjectives guaranteed to not confuse the issue with facts.

  126. Can I just point out that nearly everyone responding to this is making assumptions based on what they prefer to believe?

    Those of you who already planned to vote for McCain before this came up have taken as fact that Anne is just some jealous woman with a grudge. I’m guessing you were the same people who railed about how unknown Obama was, pointing out that it’s stupid to support someone before you know their entire background. Why does Palin then deserve the benefit of the doubt?

    And then a lot on the other side are taking this letter at face value without a second thought. I’m no fan of Palin either, but God knows what range of opinions there are on her from people who know her well. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone could write an e-mail, supported by facts and figures, that comes to the opposite conclusion Anne did.

    My problem with the Palin pick has very little to with her and everything to do with what it says about McCain. You can’t tell me he thought Palin was the single most qualified Republican to be his vice president. Especially since it’s well documented he wanted Lieberman or Ridge as his first choice.

    A blatant and cynical pandering gesture — for both the Republican base and Hillary supporters — that goes against your own choice is not the action of a “maverick”. Lately, McCain reminds me more of John Kerry than anyone else.

  127. Republicans'Use of Paliniscondescensionofallwomen says:

    Anchorage Daily News confirms authenticity of the email and Anne Kilkenny:


  128. MomsforPalin says:

    The wind blows hardest at the top of the flag pole.

  129. sixty sixer says:

    To Patrick:

    Thanks for your research. I had not decided to vote for McCain, but because of your and AK’s email, I have definitely decided to vote for McCain.


    I like how Palin works. She’s my kind of leader. You cast what she has done as negatives, I cast them as positives. To do otherwise would be to elect in office a limp-wristed meally-mouth get-along with everyone President that couldn’t get anything done, but wanted to make sure they were politically correct. Please note the experiences of Pelosi and Reid.

    Sarah’s not that kind of animal. Good for her.

    While I don’t agree with her on banning books, just about everything else seems like good governance to me.

    So, because of that, I’m contributing the max I can, and proudly putting on a bumber sticker: McCain/Palin.

    I know that I will be blasted by the Left, but I’m voting for issues that I believe in, and not on the personality of Obama.

  130. To Randy in Richmond:

    You’re reading the statistics incorrectly.

    You quote Anne as saying: “In the state of Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart, 1/2 of all the people on the state’s welfare are Wal-Mart employees. ”

    Then you say: “There’s one problem. It’s not true-not even close to being true even though she goes out of her way to tell us” it is true.” The actual percentage is 8.9%–quite a stretch from 50%. Here is a copy from “The Morning News” of NW Arkansas: (notice the dates are close)
    Wal-Mart Heads State Agency’s List Of Employees On Welfare
    Last updated Wednesday, March 16, 2005 10:00 PM CST in Business
    By Anita French
    The Morning News
    A state survey shows Wal-Mart heads the list of the top 10 employers in Arkansas whose workers are receiving state aid. The Department of Human Services in Little Rock released figures Wednesday showing that, out of Bentonville-based Wal-Mart’s 44,368 employees in Arkansas, 3,971 — or 8.9 percent of its work force — receive public assistance of some kind.”

    Anne says that 50% of all people receiving public assistance in Arkansas work for Wal-Mart. The articles says that 8.9% of all Arkansas Wal-Mart employees receive public assistance. Those are two different populations–all assistance-receiving Arkansans vs. all Arkansas Wal-Mart employees.

    I cannot verify Anne’s claim, but your rebuttal does not refute her point. If you dig up any stats on ALL the people in AR who receive public assistance and how many of them work for Wal-Mart, please let us know.

    In any case, to have nearly 9% of people on your payroll receiving public assistance is to me an indicator that something’s wrong.

    And to Blair–great post! I appreciate your presentation of the claims we can verify, and your humor as well!

    As a working mother, I’m personally insulted that Palin is being held up as the flag we should all rally around. She absolutely does not represent me because she does not represent my values in SO many ways. Period.

  131. All I can say is that this Sarah Palin person is not what she seems. If Anne’s information is even partly true which I am sure it is as some of it has been said by more than just her….why on earth od we want this woman in the White House? She is vicious and vindictive…being a “Barracuda” doesnt mean being a good statesperson or good VP. McCain and his cronies roled out basically a “fnunctional Uterus” for all to see. The men at the RNC had “HOT CHICK” badges on….my god…talk about good ‘old boy network. She talks about pro life and abstinence…maybe shge didnt have that tlk with her 17 year old unwed pregnant daughter. I am happy they will have the baby….no reaason to abor tjust because her daughter and hocky pl;ayer BF were foolsih…but again she is a hypocrite. I could go on and on( and almost have!!)
    She is wrong for this country..send her back to alaska and her wild west life and let her continue her hunting and lying there….

  132. my apologies for my last email’s “UN SPELL CHECKED” content!!! I was in too big of a hurry to get it posted…lol

  133. Sixty-Sixer – Glad I could help!

    In one views the FACTS in a positive manner and they are comfortable with that, more power to you. If you take the FACTS as negative, more power to you also. There are always two sides to every coin (and many sides to every issue, unfortunately) It is everyone choice to decide.

    If forcing out those that do not agree with you inorder to get things done your way shows determination, forward thinking, shaking things up, etc. BRAVO to you!
    But in the same light, if one is appalled by such disgreguard for others’ opinions and ‘my way or the highway’ thinking, etc. BRAVO also!

    I am perfectly within my rights to cast what Miss Palin has done has negative, just as you can cast her as positive. I commend you on your honestly, and decision and if you are blasted here, it won’t be from me. Contribute what you can as I will be doing the same. If anything, we have cancelled out each other’s vote! LOL

    We both just happen to take opposite views…. kinda gives credence to freedom of speech and democracy, etc.

    BUT have ANYONE try and deny us those freedoms (book banning), I guess we are both in agreement that they will be burned at the stake, party not withstanding.

    An informed voter is the worst-case scenario any candidate could face.

  134. As a devout liberal, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Palin’s personality, it’s her Ultra-Conservative-Republican Values that I despise.
    I saw a video of a press conference of the Hillary Supporters for John McCain contingent at the RNC. They must have been voting for Hil just because she’s a woman because if they can agree with McCain/Palin platform, they couldn’t have been even Clilnton-era liberals. ( http://uptake-minnesota.groups.theuptake.org/en/videogalleryView/id/710/ )
    I go along with the folks who say this is “pay back for the lies about Barack that made the rounds.” Or are we supposed to treat her more gently “because she’s a woman”? This is a signed letter of one woman’s opinion, unlike all that “50 reasons Obama will see this country to the Muslims crap”.

  135. Oooo Chris F… U da women hater

  136. Anne sounds very mean and bitter. Perhaps she has not achieved the success like Governor Palin. Governor Palin is smart, pretty, conservative with taxpayers money and other women who are not as successful are trying to smear her good name. I would imagine that Anne who wrote this is not very attractive and this letter may make her feel better about herself.

    McCain/Palin ’08

  137. A Vice President needs to have the experience and judgement to be able to “step into the President’s shoes” at any moment. The idea that Americans may vote Sarah Palin into that office makes me shake in my shoes.

    If she doesn’t believe that people are partially responsible for global warming, we will continue to ignore alternative energy development while the rest of the world shakes its head in disbelief. If she is controlling enough to ask that certain books are removed from the town library, what might she do to suppress the opinions people who do not agree with her? If she does not believe in abortion, even in case of rape, what does that say about the future of women’s self-determination.

    I wish that John McCain would have the good sense to dump her!

  138. ….I’m from Alaska and all I have to say is, eeww it scares me to think that our Governor may one day run our Country.. I hope to God that you all read the facts and think about it before voting. A “pretty face” is not what your voting for. Her knowledge is what we are looking at and from what I’ve been hearing from the McCain-Palin ticket is the same speech over and over–They better come up with a better strategy if they want the Country to get them elected. Same speech different day, is all I’ve been hearing…

  139. sixty sixer says:

    To Peachy:

    “…They better come up with a better strategy if they want the Country to get them elected. Same speech different day, is all I’ve been hearing…”

    The same could be said for the Obama/Biden ticket, right? They want to change things, but I haven’t read or heard anything specific except tax the rich, give to the poor.

    Have you looked at your tax return lately? Do you see what the “poor” get in terms of credits? Do you see what the “rich” have to pay? And it gets worse the more you make. EX: they take away your exemptions, then your credits, then your deductions, etc. Then to top it off, they install this AMT. The “poor” don’t have to worry about that because they get EIC, education credits, child credits, numerous child care deductions, etc. Of course it’s not fair. After the VAST majority of us “rich” folks have taken years to get degrees and worked years to gain experience, we get rewarded by being taxed to the hilt. What’s Obama going to do for us achievers? Nada. Zilch. And I should vote for this guy who wants to tax me even more? Uh, excuse me, I won’t, and neither will anyone who has worked hard to achieve any kind of wealth. It’s plain old redistribution of wealth–socialist style.

  140. I’ve lived in Alaska 41 years and had 33 years of service with the State of Ak. I’ve never heard of Anne or Cindy Kilkenny. Who are you and what’s your beef? I do know that corruption in government et al., has been here for a long time. While Sarah held different public service positions things started to change. Her actions got the ball rolling. We have state legislator, lobbist and oil service personnel in jail. Shamefully, we have a US Senator under indictment and and Congressman under investigation. I’m so proud to be an Alaskan woman because of Sarah Palin. I’m not pro-life nor do I support her reglious beliefs but I believe in her integrity, honestly and hard work. She’s incredibly smart and a fast study. She is just what our federal system in Washington needs. She’s a beauty clear through.

  141. Kilkenny was a crony of the Democratic Governor Palin took down. She has a Social Science BA from the University of California, Berkeley. Ultraliberal working Obama.

  142. sixty sixer – Imagine the country even further into the future when the contibutors of taxes are retiring and dying. The non-contributors will be growing in numbers. Who gets the burden then? It sounds like the collapse of a civilization to me.

  143. On the reality of Anne Kilkenny from the
    Wasilla, Alaska phone book white pages:
    Anne Kilkenny
    Century Dr
    Wasilla, AK 99654


  144. I appreciate you posting this, regardless of whether you agree with it, and the subsequent discussion. I will say that I have a friend who has lived in Alaska, mostly suburban Anchorage and also knows people who know Palin the same way Kilkenny does who have vouched for the veracity of much of what she says here. I wouldn’t discredit her simply because she’s this or that, or went to school in Berkeley (heaven forbid!) or whatever, she felt she had to say something and she did. Again it’s up to everyone else to decide how they feel about it or how they feel about Palin’s qualifications, but there’s a lot of truth to what she wrote. And there was a lot of truth missing from Palin’s speech the other night, “babe” or not. It’s good to put these things out there for discussion at any rate, however you feel about it. Thank you. My only plea in this election is that people try to treat each other with kindness and respect in their discussions and arguments, it’s healthy for America to have debate. Best wishes.

  145. I find it comical that you question the content of her speech by adding the “babe” or not at the end. Goes right to the heart of the argument that the left is judging and commenting on her differently solely on gender. This from the party of gender equality, apparently only if a woman is a Democrat.

  146. Here is a link to Wasilla’s 2002 budget. This email from Kilkenny is starting to fall apart…


  147. To Sixty sixer: For details about Obama’s proposals, you can go to barackobama.com — there is a tremendous amount of detail there. Since the public (us?) only seems to want sound bites, that is what is reported, therefore that is what the candidates talk about. But the details *are* definitely available.

    And regarding providing larger tax cuts for lower-income earners: I prefer to consider that “compassion” rather than “socialism”.

  148. I bet a lot of people who are complaining about this letter are the same people who believe the Obama letters that go around.

  149. Anonymous;

    Your attached link shows the 2008 reports?

  150. And now a few words from Sarah Palin herself….

    “A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because of our location. I’m not one though who would attribute [global warming] to being man-made.”

    “I beg to disagree with any candidate who would say we can’t drill our way out of our problem or that more supply won’t ultimately affect prices. Of course it will affect prices.”

    “I get frustrated with folks from outside Alaska who come up and say, ‘You shouldn’t develop your resources.”

    “When I look every day, the big oil company’s building is right out there next to me, and it’s quite a reminder that we should have mutually beneficial relationships with the oil industry.”

    “What is it exactly that the vice president does every day?”

    “I am pro-life and I believe that marriage should only be between and man and a woman.”

    “I’m pro-life. I’ll do all I can to see every baby is created with a future and potential. The legislature should do all it can to protect human life.”

    “I believe that honoring the family structure is that important,”

    “I believe spousal benefits are reserved for married citizens as defined in our constitution.”

    “We believe that the Service’s decision to list the polar bear was not based on the best scientific and commercial data available,”

    “listing the polar bear as threatened is the wrong way to get to the right answer.”

    and finally….
    “I want to make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S. I am happy to and very honored to be asked to do this. I know it’s going to be great for Alaska.”

    and here I thought the VP is working for the best interests on the country. Country First, indeed….

  151. The Media have fallen love with Anne Kilkenny, but either they don’t know anything about her or don’t want us to know anything about her.

    I gather she is a Democrat and likely doctrinaire liberal. When she writes that Sarah Palin has hated her for years, is it possible she has it backwards.

    She faults Mayor Palin for shifting the tax burden from property to sales tax in their hometown. Every time voters get the chance they support sales taxes over property taxes, so AK is faulting Governor Palin for being popular on that one.

    I heard AK on the radio today. She laughs, or rather giggles a lot.

    Why do I think of the “friends of Animals” lady in Key West who almost exterminated all the cats at the Hemingway House and tried to get it shut down for not being a licensed “z00” after she was banned from the premises?

    I don’t know, but I do.

  152. Brk. I was not literally referring to her as a “babe” – I was mocking the exact words I’ve heard used from conservative commentators and a few guys who were quoted at the RNC. Like Obama, I’m trying to both not personalize it with her nor talk about her family, I’m more interested in the substance of her speech and the facts of the matter. I’m sorry if you misunderstood the point.

  153. Btw, after years of mean-spirited attacks on Hilary Clinton (whom I’m not even that big a fan of), who was called every awful thing in the book a woman could be called from the conservative media/talk shows/pundits/ and even some politicians, I find this sudden worry that people refrain from sexist comments about Palin beyond hypocritical, almost laughable. And again, I’m not a HRC fan, either, but some of the stuff I heard her called (and Nancy Pelosi for that matter) made me more sympathetic. But I’ll try not to stoop to that level.

  154. As the grand-daughter of a small town librarian, all I had to research were the old newspaper reports about Mayor Palin’s initiative to ban books. And then her harassment of the town librarian who refused to go along with it. This woman does not value education. I do not respect her “achievements.” She scares the hell out of me.

  155. I loved your views

  156. I meant to say I love the views that you have in Alaska. Is it as lovely in person? I have only seen Alaska from televison presentations. I love your state.

  157. Anonymous. Thanks for an incisive analysis. Duh.

    Anybody who can sit through city council meetings gets my respect when it comes to advising me on the character of the political players.

    As an aside, Mark Foley would never have been in office if any of the city council’s gadflies had published observations on his abilities.

    What is important here is the evaluation of Palin’s personality. That’s what it comes down to in the end. Not whether she believes God gives people super powers or that blastulas are human beings which only proves her emotional connection to a tradition less than one hundred years old is more powerful than logic.

  158. I don’t think the “truth” of the story matters to me since I disagree with the ladies/soccer Moms/pitbulls politics and where she stands on the issues.

  159. Repubabubba says:

    I’m sure Sarah’s book banning was justified. How can one lead a moral life and teach one’s children to do the same when everywhere one turns there is liberal backed smut? She would not do it unless it was necessary. She spent five years in higher education to rec. an advanced degree in journalism. How could she be anti-education, or anti-book for that matter? Children need only read the bible to become proficient in most things. It is a wonderful book!!! This letter is a lie.

  160. If this background on Palin is accurate–what a let down. I am wondering how accurate Anne perceptions regarding the facts. I only say this because I spoke out concerining facts regarding a push-poll call I received right before a close election is our small town. It was the first time I got involved in small town politics and I could not the believe the distortions and lies that reuslted from it. It will be interesting to see if others come forward.

  161. Joe Freitag says:

    I resent all those folks that call Sarah a “Babe”. She’s not a Babe, she’s smoking HOT, in a naughty librarian soft of way.

  162. hoggernick says:

    Republicans had six years of executive + senate + congress, and where did they take us?
    – They deregulated the energy market and stuck us with huge energy prices.
    – They deregulated the banking industry, it’s now imploding upon itself.
    – They threw incentive money at us $600 per pop and told everyone to go buy a new TV.
    – They stacked all their cronies into federal agencies such as FEMA, and then thumbed their noses as NO flooded.
    – They ignored the “Bin Laden determined to attack US” memo, days later we got 9/11. Then they forged a case against unrelated Iraq, and practically bred terrorists that hate us as a result.
    – Now they’re trying to drum up a holy war with Iran, but luckily the ’06 Dem elections have put a stop to that.

    Palin is a republican. McCain is a republican. That’s all I need to know to make my decision on whether to pull a lever for them in November.

    Beyond that, Palin seems to be just another crass and selfish politician, and McCain has sold his maverick soul to the devil to get elected. He’s in bed with the same lobbyists and handlers that handled Bush 2000.

  163. Ew…she’s nasty. And not nasty because she’s successful and smart. Nasty because she sounds like a pidgeon in a blender. Nasty because she has shifty untrustworthy eyes.

    Where I’m from it takes more than a beauty peagant from 20 years ago to qualify you as hot.

    Oh, there’s also this whole Kilkenny issue as well huh? Hrmph… booooring.

  164. Ben E. Hanna says:

    Book banning is justified? Teaching her daughter to lead a “moral life?’ You go, Repubabuba. Down in the lower states having daughters boning and getting pregnant isn’t all that “moral.” And even though I couldn’t care less that she is, I laugh, nay bellow, at your idiotic moralism.

  165. Yeah, you know where book banning is justified? In your own home. Where you can talk to your children about what you think they should be reading and not reading. Banning books in public libraries (which weren’t “smut” by the way) — I can’t think of anything more un-American than that. I thought once upon a time conservatives were against the Government telling us what to do? I guess those days are over.

  166. Walt Crossley says:

    I believe you. But the voters elected Bush twice, and I’m fearful they are going to keep it going for four more years. God help us. Maybe the Mayains have it right for the year 2012.

  167. Repubabubba says:

    Thanks for your support, I believe you as well. No need to fear the pagans from early America. Our wise ancestors reformed them to the Word of the One True Lord long ago, and they are now our allies. I’m sure they will support Sarah Palin in Her Holy War to decrease our dependency on foreign energy.

  168. belgianblou says:

    My experience as a woman is that men get jealous pretty darn quickly. Jealousy? PTA? Come on! Anne Ks “revelations” about Palin were shared because she doesn’t see her as a good V.P or Commander in Chief- and as she clearly stated she does not share the same priorities as Palin. That would be incentive to write such a letter!
    I seek the answer to these questions- Who will best lead this country out of this destructive mire? Who will lead us away from the hitleresque fearmongering that plays so well to this country’s mediocrely educated citizenry (more reality shows anyone?). Who best to give people hope about the future? Who will make this country strong again without sacrificing their own morals? Which candidate actually practices their spirituality without hypocrisy in spite of being a fallible human being?

    I don’t get this- please illuminate for me how the same person who needs every conception to be born is also so eager to send young men and women to be killed and kill others? How do you justify their lives being worth less than a bundle of cells that may one day grow into a baby?

    Does a parent’s pride in their child’s courage REALLY displace their pride at having them alive and well and helping the world be a better place in a more positive and productive fashion? All the love, energy, guidance, sleepless nights, dreams… gone with the wave of a political wand…death, death, death…the beautiful young men and women just getting a start in their lives…off to be heros…dying for corporate profit, greed..for the roulette chance they might survive and the government they fought for might be there to take care of them, pshyches damaged, seeking the fine education they could not get to begin with…have a baby, welfare might be there for them if the job to support them is not…because flipping burgers or pushing paper don’t cover costs…have another baby..double the welfare check…..babies born to go to war…to support the government power brokers. I may have answered my own question there…babies born to go to war…

  169. Reading this entire thread of emails literally scares the crap out o me. Are any of you politically informed? Do any of you take the time to check out what is going on in Congress or the Federal Government in general? Or State Government for that matter. It’s not hard to get the information. Gee, you can even find out how all the Senator and Congress people voted on the floor.

    This is politics, get it? Harry Truman once said that when he was a young boy he either wanted to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. He realized that the piano player job would have been more honorable.

    Wake up! Do the research for yourself, find out if Anne Kilkenny if for real. If she is, Sarah Palin has a lot of explaining to do.

    Anyhow, the debates should be very interesting and entertaining.

  170. S. D. O’Harrow // Sep 5, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    Before I saw your post, I looked on Qwestdex and found the same thing, so it is obvious someone lives there with that name.

  171. Here are the facts about the Arkansas Wal-Mart controversy.

    Nearly 10,000 workers with Arkansas’ nine largest employers receive public welfare for themselves and their families, according to the state Department of Human Services.

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc., with 3,971 of its 45,106 employees on public assistance, topped the list. By contrast, at Triad Hospitals Inc. — the state’s seventhlargest employer — three employees are on public-assistance rolls.

    The Human Services Department hand-counted figures this week for the largest employers in the state, as well as for several other businesses, at the request of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Arkansas Times. The department does not track by employer the 350,000 Arkansans receiving public assistance who also reported an income, said spokesman Julie Munsell.

    Of the 9,698 working for the nine largest employers and receiving public assistance as of last week, the vast majority are enrolled in Medicaid — mostly for the benefit of their children — Munsell said. Medicaid is a federal- and state-funded healthcare program for the poor. —Arkansas Democrat Gazette

    So, almost 50% of those employees (of the nine largest employers) that are on public assistance are Wal-Mart employees.

  172. has anyone come across anything verifiable from any other Alaska (or Wasilla, for that matter) residents?

  173. Walt Crossley says:

    I have a thought for all of you wonderful folks.

    McCain and now Palin have said very little that might appear as substance. However, they have been free to put down their opposition. While not at all appearing to be self serving and judgemental.

    Now the Thought: One that seeks forgiveness of sin (worldly desires ) loves humility, But if one condemns another one seals thir own wickedness(desires for power, wealth and control)???

    Just an idea.

  174. Oh where, oh where can the sources be? Oh where, oh where can they be?

    Every single issue cited and position alluded to reveals the perspective of an absolute partisan. Every attack is laced with a personal vitriol that confirms the objective; vengeance! Most importantly, there are details in this letter allegedly sent to “Anne’s” friends (yeah right) that she could not have obtained.

    My intuition would conclude that this is an obvious smear-job, but I know in my heart of hearts that the Democrats would never orchestrate such an act of deception to mitigate a huge McCain bounce from a truly inspiring woman that has far less baggage than Obama.

    What baggage could Obama possibly have? Please consider the following links from the likes of CNN, NY Times, etc. (not the Fox News you so distrust):

    Ethics (winning Putin-style):


    Links to domestic terrorists:


    Fiscal Policy:


    Support of infanticide (not just abortion; infancticide):

    Not convinced of how out of whack his priorities are? Consider the following quotes from his books..

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ; ‘It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.’

    From Dreams of My Father: ‘I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa, that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, Dubois and Mandela.’

    From Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’

    There is much more than this that can also be references via reliable sources. McCain/Palin could NEVER be as bad as this man is.

    I understand that many of you believe this guy is the messiah, but, as pointed out in the above links, this reputation he has gained is incredibly off-base.

  175. Nothing truly verifiable. Everyone is believing the kooky Daily Kos BS and vague unsources nonsense as usual.

  176. Repubabubba says:

    Yes Walt. These sinners and anti-patriots will in fact be put in their place when the time is right. Clearly they lust for the power that is in Christian hands and are jealous of Sarah Palin and our true hero, John McCain.

  177. I find this article to be disgusting and probably false for the following reason: Sarah Palin is a graduate of Sandpoint, Idaho High School so could not have attended school in Alaska. She attended College at Idaho State in Boise. this is a smear article and should be investigated. Might even be some remuneration for someone here for slander.

  178. Jim, the governor’s own bio on her Alaska website states her parents moved to Alaska in 1964. She was an infant. She graduated from Wasilla HS in 1982 and from the University of Idaho in 1987.

  179. the general says:

    I’ll bet Anne Kilkenny bears a striking resemblance to Walter Matthau.

  180. For those asking about Anne K’s authenticity and if anyone has seen a photo, here is another article which includes her photo and statements during a media interview.

  181. Repubabubba– please withdraw your self righteous and condescending Christian diatribe and calling people on this blog sinners, and saying things like “put in their place when the time is right” It is people like you with your high and mighty holier than thou attitudes that are taking this country back to the dark ages. It is fine to have faith and believe in God, but to ascertain that Christianity is the one and only true religion is completely ludicrous.Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism have been around a lot longer than Christianity, and no Christian has any right to think its the one true religion. Don’t you realize that this what the Islamic extremists are doing with Islam? And regarding your earlier comments that children only need to read the Bible…well, if that’s al l they read, you might at well keep them in the cave for the rest of their lives.

    Sarah Palin and John McCain are nothing but misleading self-serving politicians under the guise of war hero and budding starlet governor who want to do the same pushing around in Washington to promote their own agendas and become the celebrities they think that Barak Obama exudes.

  182. Ben E. Hanna says:

    I’m pretty sure Repubabubba is just yanking our chain. Nobody can be as kooky as he sounds. Nice parody of a right-winger. I appreciate a good comedy, not necessarily a good kook. Thanks for your droll sense of humor!

  183. Repubabubba says:

    I am here again. Yes, John McCain IS a hero and Sarah Palin’s star is meteoric and well timed precisely because of the rise of the heathens as you mentioned. Excellent points, all of them. You will be among the saved because you are so perceptive. Have no fear, for we are all sinners to be saved by a just God. The current task is simply to get our hero John S. McCain elected. With The Brilliant Light of Sarah Palin this should not be difficult. Do not worry.

  184. Repubabubba says:

    Mr. Libby,
    As well, I believe “holier-than-thou” should be hyphenated. If you are fortunate enough to partake in John S. McCain’s re-education camps that he detailed in his speech, you may have an opportunity to verify that. Sadly, I’m gainfully employed and am not targeted for participation.

  185. i heard she was i creationist and and a book burner. also she supports the war in iraq.

  186. Found this timeline, with references:

    Rough Timeline Wednesday, Sep 3 2008
    Uncategorized librariansagainstpalin 5:54 pm

    It seems that we have enough information here to put together a rough timeline of Sarah Palin’s attempt to politicize the Wasilla Library, as well as to Ban books from the library.

    October 1996 – Newly Elected Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin asks for the resignation letter of librarian Mary Ellen Emmonds, along with other city officials, as well as her resume and letter of intentions. It seems that Palin would like Emmonds to re-apply for her job of seven years. (Source: Daily Sitka)

    December 1996 – This is when the book banning situation arose. According to the New York Times , Ann Kilkenny reported that Palin brought up the idea of banning ‘objectionable’ books at city counsel meetings. According to the Frontiersman, Palin approached Emmonds directly and asked how she would feel about banning books. Emmonds reported: “This is different than a normal book-selection procedure or a book-challenge policy. … She was asking me how I would deal with her saying a book can’t be in the library.” Emmonds refuses.

    January 1997 – Palin informs Emmonds that she will be terminated on February 13. The letter of termination was drafted. (Anchorage Daily News) During this period, there is a public outcry, as reported by Ann Kilkenny. The Anchorage Daily News article reported a councilman, Nick Carney, suggested a recall petition against Palin.

    February 1997 – Palin withdraws the written termination letter, stating that she feels that Emmonds now supports her. (Anchorage Daily News)

    1999 – Emmonds leaves the Wasilla Public Library

  187. EyeNeverSayNo says:

    When it comes to judging the totality of the contents of Anne Kilkenny’s screed, this quote from the text pretty much says it all: “Before she became so powerful, very ugly stories circulated around town about shenanigans she pulled to be made point guard on the high school basketball team.”

    That and: “So many people have asked me about what I know about Sarah Palin in the last 2 days that I decided to write something up . . ”

    Petty to the point of childishness adequately describes the former, and as to the latter, yep, it’s easy to see that if it were not for so many people twisting her arm and pleading with her to share her thoughts this almost reluctant warrior would have just kept quiet…

    Every town has a gadfly or two, and their standard M.O is to seek attention while contributing nothing tangible, all the while truly believing that so many people hang on their every word.

    Just for fun, here’s one last quote that stands on its own, no comment needed…

    “She is enormously popular; in every way she’s like the most popular girl in middle school. Even men who think she is a poor choice and won’t vote for her can’t quit smiling when talking about her because she is a “babe”. ”

    Maverick [mav-er-ik, mav-rik] -noun: …a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates. (dictionary.com)

    Taking on the state chairman of your own party on ethical issues, regardless of the motive, is about as “maverick” as you can get. It’s virtually unheard of in modern politics.

  188. To Chris:

    All of the quotes from Obama’s books that you cite are taken out of context. You’re baiting and you know it. Also, you claim that all of the links you provide are from NY Times, CNN, etc, but one takes you to the Pro-Life News page.

  189. Here’s a link to the text that Randy from Richmond posted in case you want validation:


  190. VOTE OBAMA………..

  191. Let me straighten this out for the men who are reading, when a woman is jealous or has sour-grape-syndrome she calls the object of her hatred a bitch, and demeans her character. It is what the female of the species does, and this letter is no different. As a female, reading between the lines, she is furious about Palins “b abe” status, success, large family, cute hubby, position of power, and commendable actions in the face of having a special needs child. In other words, if she was a man she would be Keith Olberman.

  192. Palin is a horrorshow, and will resign within the month, probably for “family reasons”, and she will resign because of her facist religiou beliefs and convictions. She’s been closely associated with a Dominionist Pentacostal church since she was 12 years old, that minister spoke at her inauguration, and she only stopped going to that church since she became governor two years ago. Dominionists do not believe in the U.S. Constituion, period. Old-Testament biblical law is to be the law of the land, (their words, not mine). Between this superstitious nonsense and her and her husband’s allegiance to the Alaska Independence Party, she’s toast, and rightfully so. Notice I didn’t even mention the staggering hypocrisy; next time.

  193. belgianblou says:

    THIS is an amazing human being…

    Kilkenny, a Democrat, said she does not share Palin’s political point of view. But for those who are socially conservative, she said, her e-mail should be in some ways reassuring. “I want people to know,” she said. “If they are social conservatives, they can trust that’s who she is.”

    Overall, she’s been pleased with the tone of responses.

    “The American public is not a vicious, vindictive, ugly group of people,” she concluded. “They care deeply about their country. They take their responsibility as citizens very seriously. My faith in the American people was really pumped up.”

    Another thing she has learned: The public is very distrustful of the media. “But they are very trustful of me,” she said.

    Which she finds a little alarming. Because, she said, they really don’t know who she is. She could be anyone.

  194. McCain claims to be a maverick, a lone dissenter on issues. But another definition of a maverick is a calf who strays away from its mother and becomes lost and confused.

    Hmmm, which definition better fits McCain?

  195. Who is Anne Kilkenny? Did anyone vet her? Is she a digruntled democrat who is out to discredit Palin? Sounds like she just doesn’t like Palin and is doing what she can to discredit her, and of course all the libs will jump at the chance. If Palin has done the good she has done and has cleaned out the good-ole-boy network I am sure she has created enemies who will say anything to smear her. I look for more. A lot of what has been said is made up because there aren’t real issues to attack, and when you attack the real issues motives play a big part. Why does Palin have an 80% approval rating? Isn’t that good? Many put down George Bush because of his approval rating which I believe is the result of unfounded rhetoric and policies that are great and right but not liked by a the left. It is no wonder that the left is on attack against Palin. I for one think she is great! I think John McCain is great for picking her as the next VP. I am very afraid of the dems ticket. I think they will take America to new lows as liberalism in general has.

  196. Repubabubba says:

    John S. McCain never strays and is no ‘cow’ traitor! He is a hero!! There is no straying allowed when you are in a 5’x2′ cell for 7 years with your arms broken.
    John McCain and Sarah Palin will clear their names from this slander and show how rightouse their plans are.
    Did you know that Sarah Palin is the only person on the planet who can decrease our foreign oil dependence? She knows how to build pipelines to keep our nation safe in the event of an attack from the infidelson our bases at home and abroad precisely because of her experience dealing with attacks and deployments while commanding the Alaska Guard and Troopers. Do you think Canada would have dared to not agree to the pipeline with Sarah Palin’s firm hand at the helm of these organizations?
    Think again.

  197. In post 112 Conservative mom post” This is how vicious rumors get started and innocent people end up getting hurt (Sarah’s children don’t deserve to read things like this all over the internet).”What Barack Obamas kids what about the heinous rumors posted about him or his wife their parents too or Joe Biden. This to me is the biggest sign that neocons are hypocrites. Reminds of comment I saw posted stated that Palin is the only one giving child up for the War and wrote back what Beau Biden and was answered back he does not count. If you refuse to hear bad things about Palin. Do not ever again make a disparaging comment about Obama or Biden.

  198. To those who deny that Palin can be mean spirted.
    Look at this


  199. Hear part of what was stated in he article for yourself.


  200. Repubabubba says:

    We do not deny that Sarah incurs the wrath of non believers. And we know the reason why. She stands upon the strong base of the One True Word and strikes at wrongness in the world.
    As well, the incident you site is anecdotal and proves nothing. Right minded people know that as women enter politics we will have to adjust to how women settle their differences. It is hypocritical and sexist to want women to enter politics but not create a space for them when they finally arrive. After all, who has not witnessed this type of exchange on a day-to-day basis, even among women who are from the same family or consider themselves fast friends?

  201. Randy in Richmond says:

    On your post #90 you asked for links and here they are. These are not big publications but a small local newspaper and the information page of a City Commissoner in Portland, Or. To me it’s not the carrier of the post but the writer and her message.You will need to scroll down on the first one.



  202. Repubabubba
    I take it that you did not listen to Palin laughing in that You tube clip. It is not anecdotal It happen in for real in space and time. Even the other host said hey wait a minute. He even felt that it needed to be toned down a bit. All you hear Palin laughing about a cancer survivor being called cancer and a b- word. It would be like a person calling Palin Retard and having Obama laughing. A truly, loving and caring Christian woman would never had done that.
    PS it is Carmel not Camel

  203. Confuzation says:

    Well, she looks nothing like Walter Matthau!

    Thanks for the link with pic, Barb.

    And to those who say she is a petty, vengeful person, full of hate and jealousy, I’d have to say I’ve researched her (as apparently many have) and I don’t get that feel. I think she is just like many here, one who had something to say and, quite simply and eloquently, said it.

    I, for one, am heartened that one person’s message CAN truly reach so many. So often in our political arena it is easy to get cynical and a bit tainted, but this ‘David and Goliath’ story rather brought a smile to my face. Especially after long hours of trying to determine the email’s legitimacy! 😉

  204. Repubabubba says:

    Yes absolutely. There is no doubt that Sarah Palin is neither vengeful nor petty. And she is very, very el0quent as she rallies the support of true Americans to the flag of Hope! It is unfortunate that the people who she will set free with the One Truth are so jealous of her, as if their petty squabbles matter. And it is alarming that these people have tried to redefine and co-opt hope in their own image, like a false God. Times are hard, and if we expect the economy to be able to shoulder the burden of the cost overruns caused by those who would resist justice and change, especially in Iraq, we will need to encourage American corporations here and abroad to earn more money, to once again fill our treasury so we can lead by example. To do this, it is likely that we who work must help them by expecting less, and being humble and trusting in support of our strong leadership so that True Hope can flourish the world over.

  205. Bill and Hillary were known for being pretty ruthless if you steped in their path but for some reason their faults and indescretions didn’t (and don’t) receive the same level of scruntiny. And don’t give me they are not running for office because at one point they both were and things were out there. I guarantee you there is much more material on those two than on S. P.

  206. Randy in Richmond says:

    As to the Librarian and alleged book censorship by then Mayor Palin. Even though Wasilla is a small town there are politics involved. After being elected, but several days “before” taking office, Palin asked for the resignations of several political appointees who were appointed by the previous mayor she had defeated. One was the Librarian whose name was Emmons , who had openly supported the previous mayor in the election. She had been Librarian for seven years and spread the word about her dismissal.After listening to the people Palin withdrew her resignation letter, showing what many may say was tolerance and good management. Checks with June Pinell-Stephens, Chair of the Alaska Library Association- Intellectual Freedom Committee since 1984, that would deal with any type of censorship, says there is nothing in her files during this time period concerning the Library in Wasilla.
    After considerable research into the Kelkenny Email it is my conclusion that it is an opinion piece formed over many years by a person with a personal agenda, a lot of time on her hands, a penchant to be in the public eye, and yes-a touch of female jealously and maybe envy, as demonstated by her numerous referrals to Sarah Palin’s appearence. And if you read the email carefully she constantly states a truth or half-truth and then uses her opinion to justify what she says. And it is these opinions that raise, at least to me , all the flags. Remember where she said “Sarah is no maverick” and “Sarah has hated me since 1996” over the Librarian incident. Why would she use “maverick”-just a coincidence, I think not.
    I also found references to Kilkenny donating to Democratic causes but could not confirm this. And I have yet to find a picture of her anywhere and I have no clue what that means but I find it interesting.
    I cannot close without mentioning her “by the way” I’m really not sure how I came up with some of the statistics I use to make my points and “I can’t verify my numbers”. Just more reality this is an opinion piece.
    If you’re going to write about a person that is running for the second highest elected position in the free world and it is distributed to most major newspapers, and there’s a link to it on the other candidates website, I would hope you could verify your numbers because they are totally objective whereas opinion is….. well…….totally subjective. And since Kilkenny cannot support her objective conclusions I, for one, have no reason to believe her subjective (opinions) accusations.

  207. Repubabubba – Yes we are burdened by taxes and government waste and fraud accumulated for years of congress controlled by liberals. Even though they control congress and do nothing they say just give us our messiah and things will change (good change? bad change?) As you said they have created a false god of hope and a scenario where non-contibution to the country is seen as noble and contibution as evil.








  209. Randy in Richmond says:

    I find your #72 post quite similar to a cover this week on Us Magazine.You’re sorta near the truth-almost. What specific books were censored and what Librarian was actually fired, as per your description?

  210. see http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/kilkenny.asp for verification of who she is after their verification. Seems interesting to me that the discussion here is more focused on refuting what is irrefutable than learning or believing anything negative about Sarah Palin.

    I wonder how folks will think if McCain is elected and dies….do you believe that her inexperience would stand her in good stead in confrontations with other world leaders, collaboration with members of Congress which is needed to get any legislation passed done or funded, decisions about sending our precious troops to war, dealing with security issues and confidentiality, healthcare, economy, etc. ??

    No matter, what your politics are – these are some of the issues that require knowledge, ability to surround oneself with expert advisors (not friends who agree with you), and strategies that use knowledge to make immediate and long range decisions to improve our country and serve its people.

  211. Info related to question of the librarian threatened with being fired (and the reason this was not known by the Library Association is that she wasn’t fired, but threatened to fire her because she wouldn’t agree to remove books from the library)


  212. I gather that Mrs. palin does not believe in civil service. Leadership by intimidation is great motivation for breaking rocks; not for creative thinking. Is borrow and spend better policy than tax and spend? Is there an idiology cook book to solve the countries problems? Then again it has been said that the job of powerfull people is to create problems – not solve them.

  213. what’s is the bug fuss? Im a soccer mom. I too am a professional, but Im not going to get the position of VP of my company anytime soon just because I have the job, two kids, and am a dedicated employee. There is a lot to debate on , but the bottom line is that I don’t want Palin to be anywhere near being the president of our country….she lacks the experience!!!

  214. Repubabubba says:

    Exactly Tom. You couldn’t be more right. That is why Sarah Palin draws fire from all sides due to her refusal to be defined as a Republican insider. She wants to break the rocks that are merely civil service, and smooth those now crushed rocks into the road of progress, eliminating the need for civil service entirely. You know what they say, you can’t make a big omelet without breaking all the eggs. And if you want chicken souffle you need to kill the chicken too! This change of course, is difficult for people that have become entrenched in the no-change-politcs-as-usual, and those who are not used to freedom from the requirements of civil service. You know, there are responsibilities that come with freedom that people would just as soon avoid, like defending that freedom wherever there are those that oppose the Truth. That is why John McCain, who knows more than a little bit about fighting to find the Truth and defending the freedom here and overseas is the perfect tutor to Sarah Palin. Together they will crack lots of eggs, kill the biggest chicken and feed wonderful souffle’ to their supporters! This is not merely arugula in a wimpy salad people!!

  215. Randy in Richmond says:

    Monique- Hello.
    In response to your post-

    What investigation?And
    I attended two universities and never joined any trade or professional organizations.It took me 5 years because I needed to work for some dough. And another Presidential candidate spent some time as a sportscaster-his name was Reagan.
    Actually Gov Palin attended 4 colleges and they are: Hawaii Pacific College
    North Idaho College
    Matanuska-Susitna College
    University of Idaho
    And while Sarah was a sportscaster, Barack was attending law school.It was before that, in 1984 that Sarah finished 2nd in the Miss Alaska Pagent.Yes, after she was in the Pagent she ran for Mayor, 12 years later.
    I’m curious. What are the 5 lies she told in her speech?

  216. Randy in Richmond says:

    For Mars the soccer mom. If you choose not to vote for Palin for VP, may I ask who you are going to vote for President? I must assume either Barr or Nader because Obama has less experience than Palin.

  217. The fact is that she is not qualified to be in national politics.

  218. @MArs

    Yes I don’t want Obama to be anywhere near being the president of our country….he lacks the experience!!!

  219. Randy in Richmond says:

    As compared to who?

  220. Repubabubba I have to say the way you write about Palin she comes across to me like the antichrist. Talk about people that disagree with her has being crushed That is very Nazi-ish and one world government like. For your sake stop focusing on her like that. You talk about Mccain fighting to find the Truth at same time this man cheated on his first long suffering wife several times , got a marriage license to marry the second before the first he was told that he wanted a divorce. That is not a man that follows God’s law.Really pray that you are joking.

  221. Repubabubba says:

    McCain did not find the truth until recently, and has sinned at different times in the past, that much is true. Sarah will do what it takes to make change, on that we agree, but you misinterpret this as negative. The reality is that anyone who sees this as negative needs to look inside themselves to see why they do not contribute to society when Sarah Palin’s contributions are well known, well documented and well executed. After all, she is our nominee for VP, not you (or me). Right?

  222. Confuzation says:

    I do love the giggles you give me Repubabubba… and they are most Christ-like, I assure you!

  223. Randy in Richmond says:

    John Post# 199

    Great post. Well said.

  224. Randy in Richmond says:

    To Barb S. post184
    I had not read your post that you had a picture of Anne Kilkenny and thanks for that . Actually she looks about as I expected.

  225. Repubabubba says:

    Thanks, there is enough Joy in the Truth for everyone!

  226. Repubabubba says:

    Leapin #212,
    Yes you are so right. For the last 18 months since the Liberalman has controlled the Senate with his treacherous swing vote, the progress in Iraq has slowed. Had we more John S. McCains and less concern for political hairsplitting, we could have involved more fighters from the Guard of Alaska and increased our already glorious victories in Iraq and Isreal, and expanded to other areas. Sarah Palin is doing her part, both in volunteering her son’s army AND birthing more sons for that Army. I think it is time the rest of us ask ourselves, have we been to Iraq and defended our freedom? Have we voted to send our neighbors’ children, our husbands, our fathers and our own children to war? Or are we really just weaklings who hide behind the skirts of Sarah Palin, who has the personality that allows her to do all of these things with a calm fortitude?

  227. You know, I’ve scrolled through all 229 comments here….does anyone know if this chick’s telling the truth? Cause I’d hate to vote for some crazy lady who’s used to getting her way. I’ll be checking it out…I’ll encourage you guys to check it out as well before making any judgements toward SP

  228. Repubabubba says:

    Dino, Yes do that. But really, when you are done, you will see that the reason she may be used to getting her way is because she is Righteous! Using your logic, we would conclude that the worst basketball team deserves the vote as the best, because they are unused to getting their way. Ha! That would be foolish.

  229. i can help with some answers as far as her speech

    * she lied about airplane-in the media
    * she lied about earmarks-in the media

    * she is lying about helping special needs children how could you do that when she slashed almost 60% of special education needs funding in alaska!! check out link


    *Oh did i even mention her husband was a member of the alaska independent party..thats a fact just type up Todd Palin in your search engine. oh yeah check this out:


    *It was actually more colleges she attended here you go:


    now how in the hell do you attend 6 different colleges in 6 years and only obtain a bachelors and how do you hold on to anyyy credits.. i have a masters in education…so dont take me for a idiot!

    how about searching alaska news archives and videos… you all will be very surprised of what you see!

    we do not know a damn thing about palin she is a natural liar if you ask me… its a woman gut feeling

  230. Anne Kilkenney says:

    I just want you to know that I think “Mistress” a man who just linked to this blog is a total idiot. If there’s one thing blogs can show is they are highly unreliable and anyone can post anything on them they wish. Like the Wallmart statement above, A anonymous blogger talking about something he supposedly saw on another blog, where anyone could of posted anything under any name.

    I mean really how many Anne Kilkennys are there in the world and why would one in Alsaka who has no history in blogging about Walmarts employees in Arkansas in the first place.

  231. Hey Repubabubba, I think you’re taking my comment way out of context. If I was thinking that way…then the politician who wanted it more would win, or whoever played better defense would win…but that would be just stupid….right? And the part about her being righteous…dude you’re making me think that you’re one of those bible thumpers that put faith before reason…but that can’t be right…Jesus sure as hell was righteous and even he didn’t always get his way. If that were the case…everyone would be a christian…cause who wouldn’t want to always get thier way? The only people who usually get thier way are the ones who cheat…they just deal with it later…ask Barry Bonds. What I was trying to say though, is that I would like to know as much as I can about the person who is in a prime position to lead the most powerfull nation in the world, my favorite nation. If he or she displays traits that I believe don’t coincide with my vision of a good leader…then I’d like to know, so I know who and what I’m voting for. That’s all.

  232. gary in san diego says:

    what I do know is that from current info- verified, that we seem to be hearing only half the story from Sara on her comments about her accomplishments. And I am beyond tired of the response being some type of be-littling excuse and thrown back into a omaba lap crap.
    When you tell me only the half of the story you want me to hear and use the other half against others, you are presenting a lie to me. Being in upper management for 18 years of my life, I can assure you that she pulled this crap. No way can this person- sara get into office again

  233. Randy in Richmond says:

    BWPA- thank you for your response to my previous post. You are exactly right. I could say I misread the info or something but I just flat got it wrong. Here’s the correct info: There were 28, 415 people on non-foodstamp welfare in Arkansas in 2002 and the same 3,971 Walmart employees (02 was latest info I could find). This makes the correct count about 14% , still quite a bit from 50%.
    This link shows the data provided by the USDA.

    Thank you for your kind correction.

  234. Randy in Richmond says:

    The Kilkenny story has had its’ fifteen minutes. It has rotated from Drudge and cable news. It will continue to get play on Kos and HuffPo but most reputable papers and networks now know it is opinion.

  235. I’d just like to point out that it is not uncommon for newly elected officials to “clean house” of their predecessors (sp?) cabinet and install their own.

    As VP, she may have some input into the makeup of the cabinet, but McCain will do the appointing, and I daresay that regardless of who is elected, cabinet appointments will change.

    That said, other than maybe SP being in favor of censorship (which I don’t believe would ever pass congress), exactly what are her transgressions supposed to be?

  236. Regardless of the pong of scandals /maybes/conspiracies the issue of qualifications is paramount. How can anyone with her level of experience be in the oval office?
    A mayor, an alaskan native, two years as govenor of a state smaller than most major cities?
    What is so disturbing is that the americans supporting her use the miss universe/ american idol standard, (she’s sooo nice), a ‘regular’, just like me…haha..I bet they all think they are qualified to be VP too. will the USA never cease to stop coming across like a bunch of bubba’s to the rest of the world. No wonder we have no international respect.

  237. Repubabubba says:

    Yes, correct Beth. SP is a brilliant leader, with more experience than McCain! Why, I heard that she has been busy briefing McCain on foreign policy issues all week in St. Paul, and had even created index cards for him! He appears much better off now, and his poll numbers are through the roof! If you take Sarah’s approval rating and extrapolate that out, this will be the biggest victory in the history of the USA!!
    Of course, the list of jealous vindictive sinners that have an axe to grind is long, but as Randy has pointed out, loyal patriots have already taken steps to silence them, so I do not expect there to be a vocal dissent for long.

  238. Repubabubba,

    I think you must have been responding to someone other than me. I make no comment about SP’s abilities at all. I merely asked what her transgressions were supposed to be based on this e-mail. The $$ issues are easily explained by population increase, etc. She did/didn’t support certain items is factual, but whether or not she should have is merely opinion which may or may not reflect my own. The big gusher here seems to be that she replaced members of the cabinet with her own appointees. This is going to happen regardless of who is elected. I’m wanting to know when this became “wrong”.

  239. Thanks, Ms. Kilkenny….

    Your info doesn’t mean Palin is evil. It only shows that she is a manipulative martinet, and not the hockey-mom everywoman that the Republican party is trying to shove down our throats. With so many excellent potential Republican VP candidates available, many of them women, as a long time Republican, I am insulted with this choice. I can never vote Democrat, but I am now so disgusted, I may sit this one out.

  240. [i]Randy in Richmond // Sep 4, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    [b]Here’s another small piece to the puzzle that is Anne Kilkenny.[/b] I found this on page 97 of my Dogpile search engine. It’s a posting objecting to a proposed Walmart. Here’s Anne’s letter:

    Congrats on opposing Wal-Mart!As you know, I oppose
    ALL “Big Box” stores. They destroy the local economy, do not proivide living wage jobs and homogonize the retail environment.
    For those of you out there in ‘blog land’ check out http://www.wakeupwalmart.com to find out all about what this organization does to communities, local economies and their employees.
    In the state of Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart, 1/2 of all the people on the state’s welfare are Wal-Mart employees.
    YES! it is true.
    Anne Kilkenny[/i]

    Well that’s interesting

    Unlike Randy in Richmond I took the time to find the post. It’s on a small Portland area blog run by Sam Adams a city commissioner.

    The blog posting is obviously frequented purely by locals opposed to a single Walmart in their community….

    Here’s that blog post:
    ” Last night I attended a meeting of the the Sellwood-Mooreland Improvement League Board of Directors with the developer of the site. I learned that although the proposed Wal-Mart will likely contain a grocery store, it does not constitute a Supercenter. My apologies for the misspeak; I’ve changed the title of the post to reflect this new info. I also learned that the proposed 155,000 square-foot, two-level store would feature 500 parking spaces on two levels. The protection of Johnson Creek, I was assured, would be a requirement of development. I remain opposed to the proposed Wal-Mart.”[/i]


    Anne Kilkenny’s response

    [i]Dear Sam,
    Congrats on opposing Wal-Mart!
    As you know, I oppose
    ALL “Big Box” stores. They destroy the local economy, do not proivide living wage jobs and homogonize the retail environment.
    For those of you out there in ‘blog land’ check out http://www.wakeupwalmart.com to find out all about what this organization does to communities, local economies and their employees.
    In the state of Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart, 1/2 of all the people on the state’s welfare are Wal-Mart employees.
    YES! it is true.
    Anne Kilkenny[/i]

    A few things….

    One…. The blog with the walmart post is obviously only frequented by locals from Portland. It’s not a big political website that anyone would find unless they were specifically interested in that single construction project.

    Two…. There are probably hundreds of Anne Kilkenny’s out there in the US, and there is no proof the wasilla resident Anne Kilkenney personally ever posted anything about stopping a Walmart in Portland.

    Three..Thee Alaska Anne herself says she doesn’t even know what Blogs are herin this inerveiw:
    …. plus she lives in a small town in Alaska, so why would she even care about Walmarts proposed in Portland.

    Four: Later in 2007 after the said Walmart project was shot down Anne Portland’s Anne Kilkenney responded to a different post on another local Portland Blog: Jack Bogs Blog:


    Original post by Jack…
    Ding dong, the Wal-Mart’s dead.. Always low prices… never in Portland.[/i]

    Tuesday, October 2, 2007 Posted at 10:49 PM

    First response at 7:00 am is by Anne Kilkeeny
    I think this is great news!
    The group of local residents and business owners organized and conducted a positive and reasoned campaign to save their neighborhood.
    The property owner’s contention that only a big box will work for retail is a flawed argument. Big box stores destroy local economies.
    Thank goodness that this one is stopped…for now.[/i]

    Posted by Anne Kilkenny | October 3, 2007 7:22 AM

    So there yoou have it the Anne Kilkeeny that the right is using to try and discredit Anne Killlkenney of Wasilla is obviously not even the same person.

  241. For those you that still questioning if this the real Anne Kilkenny That lives in Alaska she did a interview Thursday on NPR on the affect of her email has had on life.

  242. Repubabubba says:

    Beth, yes, I was extrapolating your question as rhetorical, when in fact you wanted an answer.
    Let me see if I can touch all the bases:
    1. Trooper gate> Being taken care of by republican operatives in an effort to silence of divert the outcome until after the election. (Source, reported in popular media)
    2. Other firings: In small towns this type of wholesale “house cleaning” of staff jobs is unusual because it often decreases services in the short term. So in that regard her action was atypical, but really just shows her willingness to stand up to the “establishment”
    4. Flip flop on earmarks and bridge issues: Just goes to experience. Of course she told people what the pollsters said was popular to consolidate power during a contested election, as all politicians do. Later, she did what was right, regardless of the outcome, and managed to use the “federal” money in the state budget, successfully turning the whole thing into a $200 million dollar windfall for AK. Now that is experience that you can count on! Think foreign policy here! There are a few “whiners” who voted for her so they could get a bridge, but by no means do they comprise a majority, so they will be drowned out. She fights for what is best for you!
    5. Social Conservative: Abortion: Duh! Palin believes that a pregnant women must recognize that she has given up the right to privacy that the satanists say is afforded by the 5th via the 14th Constitutional Amendments. All pointers indicate that Palin is willing to go to the mat to ensure that “right” to privacy for women discussed in Roe V Wade is reversed again to protect babies (and all baby precursors) in all cases, and to go a step further and ensure that science funds are diverted from biology and other sciences to the teaching of creationism (thank heavens!). As well she is anti contraceptive education and pro abstinence! As an added bonus, she appears willing to take on liberal libraries to ensure no smut is on the shelves as you have noted.
    6. Walk the Walk: She believes rightly that the war in the Persian Gulf is a Holy War, and appears glad her eldest son has enlisted, for what McCain believes will be a conflict that lasts upwards of 100 years. Many politicians in the past have given these things lip service, but her hand is steady on the trigger.
    So really, she is the perfect candidate, and in an excellent position to alter the face of our nation. Hopefully that covers it. For God Fearing Christians, the perfect candidate to take back the legacy of a Christian Nation!
    -If I missed something, please correct, as I did this review on the fly with little thoroughness.

  243. Randy in Richmond says:

    Your own article lists the 4, not 6, colleges Gov. Palin attended. Since you are so hung up on this issue please explain what difference it makes how many colleges she attended. Ya think it might have been financial reasons since her parents had 4 children in college at the same time. On the state plane ,in her speech she said ” I put it on ebay”. Is tha a lie?

    The site you list to defend your claim Gov. Palin cut the budget for special needs has the following heading “Rage Against the McCain”.
    And they left something out, something big.
    2008 budget which preceded Palin $8,265,300
    2008 budget inacted by Palin $3,156,000
    Looks like a cut at first glance except theAlaska Challange Youth Academy, included in the previous budget was moved to it’s own line item. If you add the Academy back for the purpose of this discussion Gov. Palin’s
    2008 budget becomes $8,865,000 about a 7.3% increase.
    Go here to check it out:
    And Todd Palin was a member of the Alaskan Independant Party,( guess he’s an independant guy)–they want to do in Alaska what Sen. Akaka(D) has proposed to do in Hawaii.

    I think I’ve addressed your allegations and given
    adequate links for support. Can you tell I love this American lady.

  244. I’m likely to regret this, but I can confirm that Annie is a real live human being. I know. I’ve known her over 30 years. In fact I met her about 1974 when she lived on Queen Ann Hill in Seattle, not far from the Space Needle.

    Kilkenny is her maiden name and Patrick is her husband. They have been married many years.

    Why Annie wrote the piece I don’t know. I do know she is intelligent, well educated and deliberate in her actions so none of this was by accident.

    I our notes to each other nothing has changed in her politics. She has been left of center for as long as I’ve known her. I remember her talking one evening about Berzerkley and the Viet Nam protests there when she was a student. So something is driving her. but what that is shekeep to herself.

  245. Shika-a masters in education explains a lot.

  246. Does anyone know what books Palin wanted to ban?

  247. Becky,

    No titles/authors were ever mentioned TMK.

    Palin claims the query was rhetorical. Palin or a constituent MAY have had some titles in mind (for which there is a process to have a title removed).

    Apparently it’s not an uncommon question (to a librarian and from a local political officer). It seldom goes much further than that though. This is what I have gleened from perusing a librarian site or two based on this Kilkenny letter and previous accusations.

  248. There are two lists out, but neither can be verified. I will say that I know more than one person who considers the Potter books off limits, even in my hometown. I suspect Ms. Anne made much ado about little in making this claim.

    As I’ve said before, any person can make an argument against the good work of another. That’s called OPINION and should not be construed as FACT.

  249. Cindy,

    The Potter books (and others) weren’t even published yet at the time this “incident” took place. All info I’ve been able to come up with indicates ZERO titles/authors were discussed.

    So yes, much ado about little appears to be the case…and others have taken it to the n’th degree.

    God hath no wrath like a woman scorned eh?

  250. Repubabubba,
    Now you’ve kinda got it. My question really was rhetorical, but not quite to the extent you took it initially. My point was not to flame those who truly object to points made in the e-mail, but to actually discuss those points instead of the movement off the issues, attacking AK’s credibility, etc. You have done that; however (point by point):
    1. You got it. Politics/human nature in action. Not great, but not as bad as the Kennedys, etc.
    2. Having lived for many years in a small town, the wholesale replacement is unusual not only because of the brief interruption of services, but also because the pool of qualified applicants is smaller. If there is a second qualified applicant, the replacement of the appointment is not a bad thing, especially if the new appointment is better qualified or more intuned to the needs of moving in the direction the new mayor was elected to take. Sour grapes is more common in these situations, not always because of the shake-up, but more often because “so-and-so down the street (my cousin, my best friend, fill in with whomever) now has to find a job.
    3. You misnumbered.
    4. I agree. Inexperience led her there, and when faced with knowledge that it was a bad decision, she changed to a good one. Then, she took the bad situation and used it to the state’s advantage.
    5. Only social opinions which may or may not be my own. I personally have problems with any side that refuses to look at the entire picture or compromise (far left or far right). McCain is a moderate. There are enough rabid folks on both sides that I believe they will cancel each other out. Needless to say, I don’t support her positions in that regard, but don’t believe they are disqualifying factors because while the executive branch may wield power, it doesn’t quite wield that much power, and before someone points out court appointments, there are still moderate/liberal judges on the court who can’t be fired and don’t appear to have plans to step down. I believe McCain will be more moderate in his appointments than Bush has been and than what I believe Obama will be. IMHO, these issues are better suited as qualifying/disqualifying factors for Congressional races.
    6. While I support the War in Iraq, I also support its end, just not with a quick withdrawal. All wars eventually end, and this one is no exception. Also, if this is a Holy War, as you claim, we have no business being there. There are a variety of reasons for us to be in Iraq, but religion is not one of them.

  251. This needed to be said. I if this woman ever became President, she would make Bush go from
    being the WORST President EVER to the SECOND
    worst. Thanks for your courage!

  252. In Missouri says:


    There are no facts to support the accusation that Obama is a Muslim. There are some facts to support what Anne says.

  253. Steve Hansmann says:

    Boy, this site needs some reality orientation. Repubabubba, or whatever the hell his name is, perfectly exemplifies what is wrong with this country. A belief in a whole-boatload of superstitious nonsense is allowed in our great country, but we are not under any obligation to support, or even respect it. Palin’s religious beliefs are so far to the right, even most Christians reject it, (not, apparently by many of this blog’s writers unfortunately). I weep for my country.

  254. Steve H., congratulations on not saying much. If you’d like, you can try to articulate what you think Palin’s religious beliefs are, what you think most Christians are rejecting, and what you think my beliefs are on religion.

    Bet you’d rather keep crying than make a real argument.

  255. In Missouri says:


    Obama served as a constitutional professor and a public organizer municipally, in Chicago. Chicago’s metropolitan area has over 9 million people. Many politician come from the south side of Chicago. He was elected to the Illinois Senate and then moved onto the national level as a Senator from Illinois. Gov. Palin, with all due respect, has only been on the municipal and then the state level. She has my respect but please to not cut down Senator Obama’s experience and accomplishments. Not fair!!

  256. For those of you who are questioning whether or not it’s been confirmed that Anne Kilkenny wrote this e-mail, beyond what Cindy says at the top, snopes.com, which is an urban legend myth-buster, did speak with Anne and confirmed that she did indeed write the text.

  257. Steve Hansmann et al,

    Lighten up, Repubabubba is pulling everyone’s chain. I haven’t seen a serious post out of him/her yet – can’t believe how many people get all riled up by his/her posts. And Steve, I think you meant Palin’s religious beliefs are so far to the right, even most Democrats reject it, I can tell you most Christians support her wholely. I too weep for what the left has done to demoralize our country.

  258. Steve Hansmann says:

    Unfortunately I live in a rural area of MN where there are many people who believe what Palin does. And Repubabubba may be a ringer, but I know hundreds of people, including my sister and her large pentecostal church, who believe exactly what he does. If Wright was a problem for Obama, the Dominionists, Army of Joel, and Feminists for Life should be a huge problem for Palin. I’m not surprised Cindy you know nothing of Palin’s beliefs. You portray yourself as a moderate, Palin is not. Dominionists, and she’s belonged to a pentacostal church since she was twelve that is Dominionist, do not believe in the U.S. constitution, period. No secular law, for anything. Stoning to death for homosexuality, blasphemers, witches, adulterers, and doubters; all old testament crap. Thus the perfect fit with the Alasks secessionist movement, an organization that specifically expresses hatred for the U.S., injust those words. And yes she was a member for two years, and her husband for seven years. Please Cindy research these people you apparently think are run-0f-the-mill “normal” Christians before you accuse me of baseless accusations. In particular research the record of violence from the Alaska Independence folks, it includes murder, as well as treason. It’s always amazed me that righties know everything about the left, most of which is not even true, and nothing about their own folks. Palin and everyone in her corner is an abomination, and I hope and pray this becomes common knowledge.

  259. I’ve “discovered” that the sports complex was built with a $14.7 BB general bond issue. So while Palin may have rallied for it and the accompanying debt, the voters approved it.

    I’d be interested how much the bond passed by, but it appears the facility is appreciated by the residents.


  260. Steve (who’s been to Austria) come to think of it, I do miss CNBC world news. I saw where Fannie and Freddie drove off the cliff, but haven’t caught much of the markets.

    The food is fresh. Tonight for dinner I had duck breast with diced pumpkin and ginger sauce. I would have never thought of the combination, but now I’m going to have to try to duplicate it.

  261. Oh…and the sales tax increase was to pay for the bond. At least the sales tax narrowly passed., so I would presume it was “contentious”.

    This article also explains a bit about how the land issue came about:


  262. EEks….correction above…$14.7MM.

    Hey…a billion here..and a billion there…..

  263. Steve H. – I know Pentecostal religious beliefs. I don’t stand arm in arm, but I perhaps they are more in line with mine than the Democratic nominee who would finish off a baby from a botched abortion. Palin isn’t proselytizing, she’s on a ticket as VP. I challenged you to articulate her choices, and you did, but you did not document your assertions.

    The Alaskan Independence Party reports on their web site that Sarah Palin was never a member. Her husband signed up for a time, but did not participate in much. (I checked that one out by googling three words Mr. I-do-my-research Hansmann.)

    Finding your blatant mistake on that one makes me discount your other propaganda rather completely. Before you point a finger at me, kindly make the effort to back up your efforts at displaying this candidate as terrifying.

  264. Steve (not H.) – if you want to work up what you are finding into one piece, I’ll be glad to pop you in as a guest for a regular post. (You may remain anonymous. You can still do all the work and let me take the credit if you’d rather do it that way :))

    We work a lot alike. I really appreciate the stuff you’re bringing in.

  265. Steve in the very letter Kilkenny wrote she said the sport center was nice but it is also a money pit with money still pouring into it. She also for the money it would have been better going to infrastructure such as sewage treatment plant.

  266. Carmel – Steve just said Palin may have championed the center, but the voters actually decided on the bond issue to build it. Sarah Palin didn’t do it by herself – those in her community agreed with the idea. (But not, evidently, Anne Kilkenny.)

  267. Carmel,

    I’m sure with a project of this scope, in a town the size of Wassila, there were ruffled feathers. I’m only pointing out the the complex and it’s long term debt was approved by the voters. The complex is about 1/2 paid off TMK and it only broke ground 5 years ago (after Palin’s tenure).

    “Money pit” would be open to interpretation. Indeed some aspects of the design had to be trimmed in order to meet budget. Perhaps these facility improvements is what Ms. Kilkenny is getting at. The project is not managed by Palin, so if certain costs are due to poor management, or even scope change, I’d have a hard time hanging that on Palin.

    It’s always been difficult to see if an asset such as this costs money or pays for itself. Generally, the increased revenue for a community is difficult to divide up saying “this revenue was a direct result of the infrastructure”. Local attractions are consistently billed as “drawing in money from outside areas” while in their planning/authorization phase.

    Then there’s cultural benefits, etc. which are even more difficult to measure. I know that Alaska as a whole and the Mat-Su Burough that Wasilla resides in have very high drug and alcohol addiction issues. Projects such as this sports complex COULD help stem that tide. Maybe a new hockey star will emerge from Wasilla that otherwise would have been a druggie….I don’t know and no one else does either. But that format, for extracurricular activities, is especially popular in the “Liberal” camp.

    Indeed, Ms. Kilkenny may have felt any monies should be spent on different projects. I might even agree with her. She implies she prefers pay-as-you-go…and so do I…generally. Did she have way to pay for these different projects? Did she create a ballot intiative? Was there an otherwise competing initiative? Ms. Kilkenny says she attended a horde of council meetings in ’96? What about after? Has she just been licking her wounds and pouting, or has she been out there promoting her preferred changes to Wasilla?

  268. In Missouri says:

    Regarding the sports complex–that is what politicians do–they put an idea out there, other politicians or the voters allow it to go forward and the lead politician, in this case Palin, take credit for it!! That’s how it works. Taking credit also means taking repsonsibility.

  269. Missouri,

    Has Palin tried to distance herself from the complex? I’m sure she’ll still quite proud of the complex. Can you point to some place where she’s NOT accepting responsibility? I agree with you in concept, but I’m having a hard time applying it.

    I only said, if there’s some daily mismanagement, or change in scope, resulting in increasing costs (not that it’s been charged, but it would fit Ms. Kilkenny’s charges), that I can’t hang that on Caribou Barbie.

  270. The Illinois medical association opposed the legislation Cindy mentions, as well as Obama. The bill in question included a series of anti-abortion proposals and added a section to protect a live -at-abortion baby. This was done, no doubt, to create a sound byte to attack opponents. There are/were existing laws in Illinois offering such protections. Is life at conception fully human life? This link has, I think, fair information on various thinking on the issue. see DevBio.com


  271. Where was this info during the govenor’s race?

  272. Randy in Richmond says:

    Since the advent of the cable news networks and CSPAN the Democrats have rallied around one consistant and monotonous mantra. Their pols and pundits, when challanged on a issue, politician, or candidate have always used the old standby, let’s stick to and discuss the issues-that’s what the American people want and deserve.

    We all heard it when Bill Clinton’s morals and judgement was questioned and we were told that was not important as long as he does his job. What Hillary did at the Rose Law Firm matters not as long as she is a good First Lady or Senator. John Kerry’s actions in and after the Viet Nam War are of no consequence as long as he addresses the issues of today.
    A candidates’ past associations with questionable characters should have no bearing on what he would do in higher office. A candidate’s spouses words or deeds have no bearing in an election. Let’s just discuss the issues.

    But in the last half- score days or so the mantra has changed. Can anyone name an issue that is being discussed publicly? Oh yea, there’s one. The pols and pundits have:
    Accused Sarah Palin of burning books; removing books from the shelf in 1996 that were not published until 1998 and beyond; cutting the Alaskan State Budget for special needs children by 63% when in fact she increased their allotment by 7.2%; accused of fiscal irresponsibility by a woman no one knows who admits “I can’t recall what I adjusted for” and “I can’t verify my numbers” , yet was published in major news-carriers and media as well as linked to by the opposing Presidential Website; chastised for attending 6 colleges when in fact it was 4 (who should care about this); charged that her daughter is really the mother of her 5th child; that she caused her child to develope Downs Syndrome by flying home to give birth; shown on the cover of a gossip magazine that distorted the truth and they later admit-“we really didn’t have time to check everything out”; accused of not enough experience as #2 on ticket when she has more experince then #1 on other ticket; brutally attacked for going to Washington with children when the #1 candidate on other side is doing same thing–and nothing said about him; critized as being mean because leadership requires making tough, and sometimes unpopular, decisions-unlike her #1 opponent who voted nearly 130 times as present in the Illinois Senate to keep from making decisions; there is much more…

    To quote the Democrats of old…… Can’t we just stick to the issues….

  273. IF people choose John Mccain and Gov Palin as president, the country will be lost for a very long time. Plus why would this lady put all this information up if it was not true. We do not know Sarah Palin and this would be some major info to knowing who she is as a person. John Mccain and Sarah Palin can’t be trusted. The facts are right in front of us people.

  274. <<>>

    You can’t think of any reasons?

    I think Ms. Kilkenny addresses plenty of reasons in her own letter.

    “Ambitious” , “babe”, “different political philosophy”…just to name a few. Her letter smacks of scorn, jealousy and perhaps class envy. Why must she input that Todd works on the north slope in a highly sought after high paying (to what standard) job inwhich he can adjust his schedule to fish for a month?

    Her letter mentions numbers she can’t support, avoids numbers where she could add support, avoids mention that this sports complex (and resultant sales tax hike) was voted on by the townpeople, etc.

    Sorry, her letter may raise some questions, but it doesn’t really answer any…unless you already knew what answer you wanted.

    The facts (and inflections) are right in front of you.

  275. Randy in Richmond says:

    To Sharon B
    We do not know Anne Kilkenny and yet you say we should believe her. I agree with Steve, you and many others already know what answers you want.

  276. Randy in Richmond says:

    This makes for interesting reading.

    In one of the most astonishing gaffes in American political history, in a national televised interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulus, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama referred to “my muslim faith,” confirming what researchers and political opponents have been claiming.

    While Stephanopoulus several seconds later tried to correct him, saying “Christian faith,” it was too late. The damage was done. Obama clearly did not mean his Christian faith, since he was admitting that “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.” The term “Christian faith” would not make sense in that context.


  277. Repubabubba says:

    You mean Obama is a Muslim and a liberal traitor? The Audacity!!! How could this be true? Can we be sure, Randy? If so, will he have to withdraw from the race?

  278. Randy in Richmond says:

    I just find it makes interesting reading. People can draw their own conclusions.

  279. Repubabubba says:

    Of course I think he must withdraw, but what do you think, Randy? Also, I’ve re-read your post and feel a moral obligation to ask why you think Christian Faith makes no sense in this context? Please do not abandon your Salvation over this incident, Randy! And please do not encourage others to do so! We are vry close to the rapture, where Sarah Palin will lead us to Alaska to join her One True Church while the rest of the world is destroyed !! You can still vote for Palin! You must not become discouraged.

  280. You’re a piece of work Bubba. You really oughta take that act on the road and make some $’s. Then you can give it all away and truley free yourself.

  281. Randy in Richmond says:

    When I say “reading” I meant to imply it was a quote and I was giving no opinion. Perhaps I should have used quotation marks. I used the
    link I gave because it includes a video of the interview so, again, people can come to their own conclusion.
    Quite frankly what interested me was not so much what Obama said, but the extremely quick correction by George Stephanopoulos. In almost eight years I’ve never seen a member of the MSM help George Bush out after a gaff of any sort. And you can bet I will vote for Sarah Palin, but not because of any religous belief she might have.

  282. LiberalsCaused9.11 says:

    Kilkenny is a Democrat operative from Berkeley California who transplanted to Alaska as part of a coordinated effort to undermine Republican efforts there.

    This “letter” of hers comes straight from Obama’s Dirty Tricks Squad.

  283. sniff, sniff ??

    Boy does it smell fishy here 🙂

    Anne Kilkenny has included too many traditional Democrat lines to be taken as anything more serious than a traditional partisan hack.
    ” … She reduced progressive property taxes and increased a regressive sales tax which taxed even food. The tax cuts that she promoted benefited large corporate property owners way more than they benefited residents. …”
    duh? good idea. Why should property owners carry the entire financial burden for the community. And why would shifting the tax burden from a property tax to a sales tax disqualify someone as a conservative?

    .. and how many large corporate property owners could Wasillia possibly have?
    ” During her 6 years as Mayor, she increased general government expenditures by over 33%. ”
    Hmmm?? let meee see if the population was about 5,000 in 1992 and about 9,000 in 2007, then the city grew 80% in 15 years … or about 5.3% per year. So if Sarah was mayor for 6 years then the city grew about 31.8% while she was mayor, give or take a few percentages. So if actual general government expenses increased by 32% over those years then she kept expenditures alligned with a rapid population growth and Ms Palin should be commended and praised for running a tight ship.

    So … once you take the hysteria out of her eye opening e-mail Anne Kilkenny is saying some pretty nice things about Gov Palin.

    My guess is that everything else in Anne’s e-mail can also be rationally explained and it really doesn’t say anything bad about Gov Palin. But to explain it all will take up valuable TV time and it will leave some thinking that where there is such smoke there must be fire.

    Anne’s e-mail is an obvious attempt to bogg Sarah down with having to handle negatives. I’m sure all the left wing “news reporter” questioners will ask the same questions over and over and over. I’ve already heard a few.

    But, from what I know, Sarah is smarter than most Democrats and the American people will eventually figure out that she is being smeered and they will take it out on Obama.

  284. Randy in Richmond says …

    >> Quite frankly what interested me was not so much what Obama said, but the extremely quick correction by George Stephanopoulos. <<

    I looked and that video seems to be nowhere to be found on the internet 🙂

    The media bunch is trying to hard to cover for Obama and making itself look stupid in the process.

    But everyone has Obama’s number now and he’s sinking like a rock. Everything about his campaign is too contrived … like Anne’s letter.
    Against Hillary he was saved by the bell. Even the Democrats had his number.

  285. Johnny,

    ya…like week old fish.

    As to the book thing, the fact that the Librarian publically supported Palin’s opponent would indicate Ms. Librarian doesn’t just keep her nose in the books. Hey…fine if she’s otherwise active in the community, but there’s a downside too. It sounds like the Librarian kinda tee’d off on Palin when Palin inquired including dropping the ACLU line. She overplayed her hand. Generally not advised when there’s a new Sheriff in town.

    It should be noted that the Librarian was eventually kept on and and actually became the Director(?) of a combined museum/library. Seems they buried the hatchet to at least some degree, but Ms. Kilkenny has not.

    Anne forgets to mention that the sales tax increase was voted on by the public (in order to fund the sports complex bond). So I guess all those big coporate land owners in Wasilla MUST tally up to over 1/2 the town eh?

    From what I can determine, the sports complex is now over 1/2 paid off…after breaking ground only 5 years ago. At least in my city (admittedly a large one), that’s unheard of.

    That she reduced property taxes concurrently is a GOOD thing. That she held city expenditures (increase by 33%) below revenue growth (38%) is a GOOD thing. That Wasilla now has a focal point for events and extracurricular activities, would appear to be a GOOD thing. Lord knows, a good portion of the year in Wasilla isn’t exactly conducive to outdoor events. This likely contributes to overall Alaska having high rates of alcohol and drug abuse.

    One thing some Libs will jest never figure out, is that taxes on business owners, property taxes on rentals (commercial property as well), etc. ALL get passed down to the end user/consumer. They are regressive in nature as well. The consumer/renter may not see the line item on their tax bill, but rest assured it’s calculated into the rent or cost of product.

    As this story matures, I think we’ll find that Ms. Kilkenny is another one of those town busybodies. I think most of us have been to a City Council meeting or two. It’s not difficult to spot the habitual attendees. They’re seldom there to learn or even interact positively, but rather stink up the joint. I’ve seen some posts on Alaska blogs that seem to support this.

    Anne Kilkenny is absolutely not without some disdain or even hate (her word) for Gov. Palin. Though she may feel justified, it serves no national purpose for her animosity to color our research into Gov. Palin.

  286. Randy in Richmond says:

    It’s interesting how many people are talking about Sarah Palin. Yesterday at Mosque, I mean Church, we were talking about ………

  287. Perhaps I speak for many who, like me, are saddened and concerned by the harsh and personal criticisms that are turned on people during political contests. Whether I am a supporter of Sarah Palin’s policies, or John McCain’s, or Barack Obama’s, I see only spoils and a widening partisan divide in the escalating attacks on people’s character and “patriotism”. Ms Palin may be an aggressive, ambitious and, to some voters, insensitive office holder, but only the last behavior has relevance to how she would operate as Vice-President or President. If we can separate candidates’ stands on issues, and the history of their relevant behavior when in office, from our personal reactions to “gossip” about them, then it may be possible to have a rational campaign. I’d like to hear a debate about the pros and the cons of past decisions and current policies, of what works best in our economic and fiscal strategies for stimulating the economy, about the values that are fostered by the different policies of healthcare reform, lobbying practices and the “pork barrel” projects that are often a real boon to local communities, and all of this without name calling and labels, such as “tax and spend liberal” or “corporate conservative”. And it would be refreshing for the major candidates to disown those vicious blogs that subvert our stated morality by spreading lies and innuendo, by “swiftboating” candidates, including Gov. Palin, using private funds and unaccountable sources. I’d like to live again in my country where I can feel that my neighbor, who votes differently from me, thinks differently from me, even worships differently from me, is as valued and virtuous a person as I am. The current direction of campaigns, I believe, takes away from such practices of respect and of regard. Instead, they lead to the divide between Right and Wrong, which are the mates of Good and Bad, judgements that close the door to the Constitutional rights that our country stands for. Does anyone else feel this way?

  288. Gary,

    Here’s what appears to be a balanced article on the Obama vs. McCain tax plan and their respective ramifications.

    It’s lengthy, so I’m not going to post the text.


  289. I agree with Gary. So much of what is above reminds me of the worst of junior high school. I don’t care who Anne Kilkenny is. I do care if what she says can be validated and if any of it offers reasonable insight into how Sarah Palin has governed and what her values are. I’d approach a similar letter about Obama in the same way. Where does the stereotyping, name-calling, and anger above get us? Right after 9/11, New York was filled with signs that said “United We Stand.” It was the right approach, and although it was squandered, we should try to get back to it. History may look at this time and say that we were our own worst enemies, incapable of rising above the petty and partisan to put our house in order.

  290. Ron – Excellent post. You have pointed a way out of Palin Derangement Syndrome.

  291. Ron,

    I don’t disagree with you or Gary. If my intent was viewed as to tear down Ms. Kilkenny, then it was viewed wrong. I’m trying to induce some form of “critical thinking” here. Seems some want to take Anne’s comments as gospel, complete, and objective…when surely it’s none of this is the case. Anyone that thinks so, isn’t investing in critical thinking, but rather hearing whatever they were predisposed to think.

    Anne raises some valid questions, but answers little. Since she’s not interactive here, the best we can do is cooberate or dispell her charges. If I paint a picture of some of the “characters” I’ve met through my own experiences, then I’m simply using my own experiences to forward my critical thinking process. I think we all rely on past experiences. That’s why we call it experience. It’s not something we get out of a book.

  292. Ya know…sometimes I wonder what people mean when they say “America is on the wrong path, it is broken, it needs to be fixed, where are the good ‘ol days”.

    I have to ask “when was America better?” What institutions and policies were in place? What changed? One may discover that the “good ‘ol days” weren’t so good either…or maybe we’re living the “good ‘ol days”.

    Myself, I don’t think America is broken. Now D.C. could well be broken. It’s lusted for power rather than representing it’s citizens. Left, right doesn’t matter so much. But D.C. is no longer in business of rolling up their sleeves and doing the country’s business. IMHO, gov’t is hired to protect us from foes, while providing opportunity (removing the obstacles) for us each to excell on our own merit.

  293. There have been arguments that the leadership is broken since our country’s founding. Sometimes it is, and eventually things change.

    When I hear people say the country’s broken, I think it’s odd. I tried to nail one reader down before with “what sucks so bad about your daily life that you can’t stand for it to be the same” in terms of leadership. Is it the SUV? Chasing the kids around the country for club sports? Trust me, people whine A LOT, but the ones chomping up the blogs are probably not the ones actually hurting.

    I’m always amazed that partisan politics are interpreted as misery if things don’t go a certain way. Will I live if Obama is elected? Yes. Will I like it if he increases taxes? No. But my daily life will change very little.

  294. Randy in Richmond says:

    Is debating or defending your beliefs anger? I’m certainly not angry. What is a blog but a place to come and exchange views and ideas. Isn’t the name, Anne Kilkenny, at the top of this thread and her email supposed to be the topic discussed? My guess is that some on this blog are in favor of not keeping score in athletic events.

  295. David Spencer says:

    I have read most of this string. I would just like to say that there are truths on both sides. But to believe any of this string, first I would have to see the interviews. Because you now all you read on the internet is true. I believe that Sara has done some stuff that could be questioned on intent, but also I also believe that she has done more to serve the people that elected her. Would I want her to work for me? Yes I would. I would hope that she could find ways to benefit me as a tax payer, a home owner and a Ronald Reagan Republican. George Bush has done nothing for the nation. Well forgive me he has made sure I won’t be able to retire and afford just the simple things. Just so you know I voted for Gore just to get Bush out of office. Current President I love The Father land, I mean Homeland, sound familiar.

  296. Errrr…Gore didn’t run against an incumbant Bush. I think you meant Kerry. But I undertsand your sentiment.

  297. I did not write (above) to critique Ms Kilkenny’s report as objective or not – how could I verify her claims?- or to raise questions about Ms. Palin’s suitability for Vice-President, although such questions are certainly valid, but rather to raise for your consideration the possibility that we, as voters, Republican, Democrat, Independent or undeclared, can demand a civil discourse in this campaign. That does not mean that arguments can’t be sharp, even draw blood, and that positions and proposed (or existing) policies shouldn’t be ridiculed or condemned; it means that personally attacking the people who propose those policies, and who believe in and support them, should be off-limits. The logic behind my comments on acceptable behavior is this: when we begin to see someone with whom we disagree as “stupid” or “wrong” (not the idea, the person) then it is an easy step to see ourselves as “good” and them as “bad”. ( Totalitarian governments that we have fought wars against applied these very designations to control their citizens.) And once we have minimized our opponents, and thus elevated our selves, rather than our positions, to some superior moral ground, we have set the stage for treating others who believe differently less than we would like to be treated. No one who reads the news of the past 60 years, or the recent 5, can be unaware of where such behavior leads. I believe that respect for other people, even those we disagree with vehemently, is an essential aspect of our national survival. Anyone who thinks that elections won by ridiculing the opposition or impugning their morals or integrity can be followed by coalescing behind national interests, by any kind of truly bipartisan cooperation, is blind to the power of human emotion and the memory of past injury. “Neighbors” (cf. Luke 10, 25-37), let us treat each other with respect, at the least, if not with kindness and compassion.

  298. David Spencer says:

    Steve you are correct. I am a Republican that has vote out of my party last time with Kerry and the Time before with Gore. I wish the party would have seen what the old drunk was all about. I wasn’t going to vote this time until Palin came on board. I will be there in November. Good luck to all and hope the best canidate wins.

  299. I’m at work and don’t have time to read the full string now. The media are reporting that Palin has had extremely high approval ratings among Alaska voters. In such a small population state, I don’t understand how this could be true if she has been as bad as Anne’s email says. Can anyone explain this for me?

  300. Steve Hansmann says:

    I’m disappointed that you responded as you did. You obviously did the most cursory of internet searches or you would know that Palin’s husband was a member of the Alaska Independence Party for seven years, only severing his membership in 2002. Sarah Palin spoke at their annual event, there is a transcript and photos of her there saying “I support the AIP’s goals for the great state of Alaska.” I found this a week ago in about five minutes of skipping around the internet.
    You also totally ignore her religion; many pentecostals are not radical, America-hating, birth-control denying religiously insane individuals, Sarah Palin is. That you were unable to google Dominionist, or Feminists for Life, is beyond belief. And as you should, but obviously do not, know, every Democrat who voted against the “partial-birth abortion bill” did so because there were no exceptions for the mother’s life. If being anti-abortion is the sole determinant of who you can support for public office, you are not in good company. Adolph Hitler prohibited abortion and all forms of birth-control, even mail-order condoms. He wanted to increase the pure Aryan cannon-fodder he had available to use. Would you have voted for Adolph Hitler? Please note, I am not calling Palin or Ms Cindy Kilkenny Nazi’s, but if you delineate morality as you’ve described, it’s a fair question.

  301. Randy in Richmond says:

    Your reference of the parable of the good Samaritan is a perfect example of how we should treat our fellow man. However, I disagree as to the motivation one should have toward our fellow man. I would suggest that love, agape love, was what drove the Samaritan to aid his fellow man, not respect. To use an extreme example, I have no respect for Hitler, his beliefs, or his views but I can love him as a child of God. Respect also means to honor and I honor nothing about Hitler and neither do I like him.

    If you were broke down on an isolated highway I would stop and help you, not because I respect you (I don’t know you) but because the teller of the parable said “go and do likewise”.
    Let’s be very specific. I do not respect Barack Obama because he voted against a bill to protect a baby born alive after an attempted abortion, and to allow that life to die. I’d still help him on the side of the road but I wouldn’t have to respect him. If I am impuning his morals–so be it.

  302. It sounds like “sour grapes”. If this e-mail writer is a real live person, she is probably a plant by the Obama gang. If she is or was Sarah’s friend, then Sarah probably stole her boyfriend in high school, and she just can’t get over Sarah’s success.
    Who has the time and drive to attend all those city meetings. Sounds like she’s from Atlantic City and the Callaway gang.

  303. Randy in Richmond says:

    Exactly what office is Todd Palin running for? And do you have the same feelings toward Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii who introduced a bill in the US Congress to accomplish many of the same goals as the AIP. It’s called the Akaka Bill.
    And you make the following statement:
    “You also totally ignore her religion; many pentecostals are not radical, America-hating, birth-control denying religiously insane individuals, Sarah Palin is. ” I would ask for verification, other then your opinion, of these alligations. Your Hitler thing requires no comment.

  304. Randy in Richmond says:

    Steve Hansmann-
    Exactly what office is Todd Palin running for?
    And do you have the same feelings for Sen. Daniel Akaka(D) of Hawaii who introduced a bill in the US Congress to accomplsh for Hawaii the same general goals as the AIP. It’s called the Akaka Bill.
    As for the following :
    “You also totally ignore her religion; many pentecostals are not radical, America-hating, birth-control denying religiously insane individuals, Sarah Palin is.” Other than your opinion, could you provide some proof of these allegations. And the Hitler thing sorta speaks for itself.

  305. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Hey all yor good Rup’s, don’t look you just got rich. You now own the majority of all those bad loans ( fanny and fanny). when you wake up. You’ll know what it means to be screwed. And your about to get four more year of it. good golly miss molly

  306. SirHotspur says:

    What is interesting here is that people are arguing that this couldn’t possibly be true. They are certain that there is zero way this could be true.
    But, How would you know?
    From her speech which was written before she was chosen?
    From the campaign ads?
    From the rightwing pundits spinning on the right wing networks?
    What do you really know about her?
    Nothing except the bare minimum.
    Now here is someone who actually knows this women…whether you think she has a grudge or not, she has had first-hand experience with her and has known her for 16 years.
    I think it is wise to listen. You can lookup most of this information anyway.
    But at this point I am more likely to believe this person than you naysayers who have nothing to offer but a completely unresearched opinion.

    Or talking points that you didn’t even formulate yourselves.

    open your eyes…

    There are a lot more things than are in this letter, too.

    But unfortunately you will never know because the people you respect who feed you information only give you the half of the story…that makes their point, and not the whole story that gives you truth.

    “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

  307. Mr. Hansmann,

    Exactly what has you all worked up about the AIP? And exactly what role do you believe Sarah and Todd played in it?

    Here’s their info:

    Welcome to the home of
    The Alaskan Independence Party
    UPDATE September 3, 2008 Noon ADT
    It has been brought to our attention that there is a COUNTERFEIT SITE now up on the net. This site is a FRAUD and has infringed our copyright. We are presently seeking legal recourse.

    Contrary to initial reports, Vice-President candidate Governor Sarah Palin was never a member of our party. We stand corrected. We issued a press release today. It is posted here to those members of the media who did not recieve it.

    Todd Palin was registered as a member but never participated in any party activities aside from attending a convention in Wasilla at one time.

    We had several hundred people attend that convention and nothing of noteworthy status took place outside of nominating the most conservative candidate up to that date to ever run for Governor of Alaska. That candidate was the sitting Lt. Governor, Jack Coghill. This man was one of the authors and signers of the Constitution of the State of Alaska.

    And here’s their part platform:

    Platform and Goal
    of the
    Alaskan Independence Party

    We affirm that all political power is inherent in the people; that all government originates with the people, is founded on their will only, is instituted to protect the rights of the individual; that all persons have a natural right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the enjoyment of the rewards of their own industry; that all persons are equal and entitled to equal protection under the law. We stand on a firm constitutional foundation.
    We pledge to exert our best efforts to accomplish the following:

    To effect full compliance with the constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Alaska.

    To support and defend States’ Rights, Individual Rights, Property Rights, and the Equal Footing Doctrine as guaranteed by the constitutions of the United States of America and the state of Alaska.

    To advocate the convening of a State Constitutional Convention at the constitutionally designated 10 year interval.

    To reinforce the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator to Alaska law, by eliminating the use of the word “privilege” in the Alaska statutes.

    To amend the Constitution of the State of Alaska so as to re-establish the rights of all Alaskan residents to entry upon all public lands within the state, and to acquire private property interest there in, under fair and reasonable conditions. Such property interest shall include surface and sub-surface patent.

    To foster a constitutional amendment abolishing and prohibiting all property taxes.

    To seek the complete repatriation of the public lands, held by the federal government, to the state and people of Alaska in conformance with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, of the federal constitution.

    To prohibit all bureaucratic regulations and judicial rulings purporting to have the effect of law, except that which shall be approved by the elected legislature.

    To preserve and protect the Alaska Permanent Fund, Permanent fund earnings, earnings reserve fund and individual Permanent Fund Dividends.

    To provide for the direct popular election of the attorney general, all judges, and magistrates.

    To provide for the development of unrestricted, statewide, surface transportation and utility corridors as needed by the public or any individual.

    To affirm and assert every possible right-of-way established under R.S. 2477 of July 26, 1866, before its repeal by the Federal Land Management Policy Act of October 21, 1976.

    To support the right of the individual to keep and bear arms.

    To support the complete abolition of the concept of sovereign or governmental immunity, so as to restore accountability for public servants.

    To support the rights of parents to privately or home school their children.

    To support the privatization of government services.

    To oppose the borrowing of money by government for any purposes other than for capital improvements.

    To strengthen the traditional family and support individual accountability without government interference or regulation.

    To support the right of jurors to judge the law as well as the facts, according to their conscience.

    To support “Jobs for Alaskans…First!”

    Confirmed by Statewide Convention
    Fairbanks, Alaska 2008
    All other copies are void

    I don’t see succession to be a mandate here.

    What enumerated platform positon(s) draw your ire?


  308. a lot of hores pucky says:

    SirHots[ur- Right on. I was thinking all of the intellegent folks were gone. Good work. But your takling to people, who believe Palin really talks ot God. Thanks again of the sane remarks.

  309. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Steve if you really believe what you represent in you remarks , why don’t give Alaska back to the original owners of the land before Stewart, stole if from them.

  310. SirHotSpur,

    I would contend that I’ve investigated this much deeper than you have. Just because I smelled a rat, doesn’t mean I didn’t go looking to find the body.

    More likely to believe Ms. Kilkenny than Ms. Palin? I’m fine with that. It’s also your responsibility to cooberate Ms. Kilkenny’s stories/opinion. Did you? Did you find that the voters voted for these expenditures? Did you find that the Librarian (Ms. Emmons) outwardly opposed Palin and outwardly promoted Palin’s competition? I’m not contending that Ms. Emmons wasn’t certainly within her rights to do so, but with that “activism” in her role, it certainly stands to reason that Ms. Emmons wouldn’t just accept her new boss and go on about her job.

    So…I’d suggest you do your own research. There’s plenty of articles written about the issues at the time they took place. Any “opinions” of my own, I’ve tried to support with text and links. That’s hardly parroting any right-wing radio hosts. You might start there, or wherever you wish. All I ask is that you dwelve into it further. You appear resistant to do so. I don’t understand why, when you commend others to do just that.

  311. hores pucky,

    A cogent argument or positioin from you I’ll address. Hores pucky, I won’t waste my time or bandwidth on..

  312. Mara posted a link on another thread that may dispell some of the LIES being spread (some repeated by folks here). Opinion is opinion, facts are facts and interpretation is up to the viewer. But do yourselves a favor and at least do some due diligence NOT to parrot lies. It really doesn’t help your case.


  313. I believe the original deal was called Seward’s Folly, which seems like the original buyers thought they had been taken for a ride. I assume then that the sellers were glad to be rid of it.

  314. Wholly apart from the other issues, Palin was governor (for less than two years) of a state whose population is less than 700,000 — smaller than metropolitan Kansas City. Doesn’t anyone think this is pretty weak preparation for (potentially) running a country whose population exceeds 300 million? Really?

  315. Linda,

    That’s a good arguement. But play it in reverse (Obama) and how does it sound? Where exactly has he garnered the experience to lead the free world?

    Here we have a man with a similar time in public office…and none of that time in an executive position. Furthermore, Palin isn’t runing against Obama. John McCain is. Yes, he’s long-in-the-tooth, but he also appears to have long lived genes.

    Myself, I’d rather have someone with a wealth of executive experience in either the public or private sector. But I don’t see any on the ballot. I’ve long maintained that the best person for the job of POTUS, already has a better one.

  316. Steve, my post was not directed at you.

    You are searching for information and that is a good thing.

    I think you know the type of people I am referring to.

  317. Truman, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln had about the same experience. See above.

  318. Randy in Richmond says:

    Sir Hotspur
    Actually Anne Kilkenny makes the best argument not to believe her(self). She says “I can’t recall what I adjusted for” and “I can’t verify my numbers” (scroll to top).
    It’s an opinion piece and that’s why it disappeared from the press and media. It will continue to garner action on the web.

    If I meet somene who is overweight that I’ve never seen before I can say that person is fat and it’s a true statement. What I cannot say and it be a true statement is that person is fat because he drinks too much beer. There are way too many “he drinks too much beer” in the Kilkenny email.

  319. Hotspur,

    Yes..I know the type. And they appear from both sides of the aisle. It’s human to eat up what you want to believe. It’s intelligent to investigate while utilizing critical thinking.

    To be honest though, I’ve seen few if any in support of Palin here, that have said anything resembling “this couldn’t possibly be true”. In contrast, I’ve seen numerous folks here apparently accept Ms. Kilkenny’s “charges” as axioms.

    Someone above said we’ve heard more questions than answers. Well….that’s pretty universal. One generally has a question, before an answer. When I read Ms. kilkenny’s letter, I develop questions…then I develop, through research, answers. That research can be newpapers, public records, testimonials (such as Anne’s).

    There’s a lot more chafe than wheat, yet I attempt to assemble the kernals into an overall picture. When I obtain kernals, whatever the source (presuming it’s credible), I’ll pass it on, so that others may do the same. Together we may find our own answers and indeed our assembled pictures may look different in the end. One may weight something more heavily, while I rank it lower in my overall assessment. We are all wired differently and rely on differnt experiences onwhich to rank.

  320. Randy in Richmond says:

    Do you know the population of Delaware? I’ll save you the google. It’s 864,764 . And there are two senators.

  321. Wow! Delaware has two Senators? Who’d have guessed.

  322. So can anybody name the other senator. I confess I can’t. And my memory on those things is usually good.

    Now I’m gonna have to look it up. 😐

  323. Has the thought ever crossed anyone else’s mind that Anne Kilkenny might be related to or personal friends with one (or more) of the “old boy’s club” employees who was fired by Palin? She just sounds a little too disgruntled, as though Palin had wronged her personally in some way. And, there are other viewpoints from fellow Alaskans that offer a much different perspective on Palin’s political achievements. Just a thought.

  324. I thought of that. In fact, I looked around to see if maybe her husband, Pat Johnson, had been fired by Palin. I couldn’t put the pieces together well enough to make an argument, but there were some interesting connections.

  325. Ms. Kilkenny is a died-in-the-wool Liberal. I doubt she was part of a Republican “old boys club”. That said, I suspect she has been dissed (at least her mind) by Gov. Palin.

    “Sarah “hates” me ever since…..blah blah blah

    How often does that go one-way? Isn’t it often as much or more projection?

    “Sarah is like that popular girl in school”. OK??? Is this to get those less popular in her corner…or is it more projection?

    This is not to be construed as Ms. Kilenny has no right to feel the way she does. I’m sure she feels justified. But her “coloring” of information and “storytelling” shouldn’t be very powerfull arguements for the rest of us. She actually does a disservice to her own credibility with her obvious annimosity (hmmm…new nickname…LOL?) . Of course if one goes in with the mindset of “give something to dislike about Gov. Palin”, I suppose her letter is effective.

  326. Anne E. Mossity. If the shoe fits!

  327. Hey heres Annes phone number 907-376-6225. I looked it up on anywho.com Please call her because she’s in need of attention.

  328. I don’t think you could be further away from Alaska (or the US for that matter) than here in Melbourne, Australia. I have no brief for either Republicans or Democrats and stumbled upon this blog somewhat accidentally. Interesting discussion and I’m fascinated that Cindy Kilkenny and her supporters spend all their efforts trying to find motives for the Anne Kilkenny rather than disputing the allegations she makes. Are the claims Anne Kilkenny makes true? The limited online searches I have been able to do from here seem to confirm they are correct – or at least those that are publicly available data support AK’s claims.
    Focus on the substance – not the motivation and you might have more credibility.

  329. Ahmed Abouesh says:

    Anne Kilkenny is lair like Obama and she is his surrogate.

  330. This thread is amusing. I agree with John T., from Australia. Most of the anti-Kilkenny posts in this long thread do NOT dispute the facts she says are true. They merely look for or suggest ulterior motives (of everyone who does not, or could be suspected to not, disagree with Kilkenny). I have found this to be typical ad hominem right wing rhetoric when it comes to politics, aka hot air.

    As I type this on Tuesday morning, the internet is full of information about this letter and its author, from traditional journalistic sources, which say that a) she exists and avers she wrote it, b) most of the allegations she makes are factually based, in the sense that, for instance, she did indeed attend many Wasalia city council meetings and could therefore be right about Palin’s actions, and c) are accepted by a large number of local people as true.

    This whole thing has been a fascinating thing to watch. Until the last two days the major impression I had of Sarah Palin was that she looked absolutely remarkably like a lady who does ads for eyeglasses. Really!

    Now I see her as just another backwoods politician with a angle that works, augmented in her case by good looks. That I think explains why so many men are smitten by her. Why the women are is something I do not understand.

  331. Exactly what would one expect a Democat to say about any Republican that disagreed with Sarah Palin on everything…. and lost!
    BTW… she says that Palin is very popular…. if she is doing things that people do not like, then she would be UNpopular in Alaska!
    Anne Kilkenny must a be quite a B—-!

  332. Allan C,

    I think you need to go back through the posts if you believe we haven’t attempted (and succeeded or qualified her opinion) to dispell much of what Anne K. says about Palin.

    Investigtion starts with reading the letter and applying the smell test. IMHO, Anne K doesn’t past the smell test. There’s too much missing and too much that tells us nothing.

    Next step…research the “facts”. Do they hold up to scrutiny? Is there missing information that would color the “facts” differently (such as a vote for a complex bond and resulting tax increase)?

    When the facts or qualifiers aren’t lining up with Anne, then one tries to discern a motive. Is she paid or somehow compensated to spread myths? That doesn’t appear to be the case. We re-read back through the letter and see an obvious animosity she carries for Palin. We can come up with some more-or-less difinitive and some mostly “creative” reasons as to the soure of this animosity.

    It’s a process.

    P.S. What part of Oz? I visited your east coast for 6 weeks right after 9/11. You happen to be having elections there at the time. That was a bit of an eye-opener. 😉

  333. Anne Kilkenny has a right to her opinion as does everyone else. Her email is what it is. Who is to say how or why her perspective is what it is? Or, what our own opinions would be if we were residents of Wasilla. I just do not understand the level of nastiness in the comments posted here.

  334. jeu from Alaska says:

    If Anne will not speak up for herself, than I will speak up for her. I live in the Mat-Su Valley, Alaska, as well. Yes, Anne does exist, and yes, she is a well respected member of the community. Google Anne Kilkenny + Alaska to view her credentials. These things did go on – I’ve watched, I’ve seen, too. The facts can be verified if you just care to do it.

  335. Mike, Lake Worth, FL. says:

    I live in a city where politics has gotten very personal and not the least about the issues. I have no idea who Ms. Kilkenny is and the motive for her article. But what I do know is that this election has somehow gotten away from the problems that face our country. As a registered republican I was disappointed in the lack of solutions the party offered at the RNC. Instead what we got was a smoke screen in the way of a VP selection that has me baffled. While good at one liners I have’nt a glue why McCain would pick such an inexperieced person , when he has run a campaign focused on that very issue.While I do’nt doubt Palin’s ambition, I do have serious reservations of her capabilities to lead this country in the event she would have to. Lets be reasonable, McCain is 72 years old,and it is not completely out of the realm of possililty. In the coming weeks when Palin has to face the media with tough questions that are unscripted we”ll see what the pitbull with lipstick is really made of. Either way, John McCain has traded personal attacks to issues in a time that we can least afford it.

  336. For those who are interested, there is an article on the Anchorage Daily News website about Anne Kilkenny and her letter. By the way, she only meant for this to go to a couple of friends in the beginning so this whole hoopla is a bit of surprise to her as well.

  337. jeu from Alaska says:

    Thank you writing from Alaska! I can’t believe that I’m actually seeing remarks reflecting that people feel Anne only wrote the e-mail out of vendication. So far from the truth. I live here in the Mat-Su Valley, Alaska. I’ve watched. I’ve seen. Research the facts for yourself if you don’t believe what she’s said. PLEASE – make an informed vote in November.

  338. Vive la donkey vote! I’ve an insider that says Aussie politics are indeed interesting.

    Steve – thanks again. At 7 hours ahead I have an odd range of computer time. I appreciate that you’ve taken up some slack.

    I did have to wonder if they’ve read both threads. I think I’m going to close this one and the first, and then open a second comment post. These are taking a long time to load.


  1. […] A chat with Anne Kilkenny from Alaska While Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla she tried to fire our highly respected City Librarian because the Librarian refused to consider removing from the library some books that Sarah wanted removed. City residents rallied to the defense of the City Librarian and against Palin’s attempt at out-and-out censorship, so Palin backed down and withdrew her termination letter. People who fought her attempt to oust the Librarian are on her enemies list to this day. […]

  2. […] an e-mail to her friends and then posted as a comment on a Washington Independent comment thread, this letter has been verified by at least one conservative blogger and the NY Times. A note to all by Anne […]

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