Anne Kilkenny: Are we witnessing the birth of an urban legend?

No, more than likely it’s a deliberate attempt to sway opinion. I posted this earlier today, but pulled it so I could see what developed. I’m pretty comfortable with making the claim that the “letter” is a fake now. (Update – obviously I was wrong! One version below is accurate. See A chat with Anne Kilkenny.)

This one’s from a woman named Anne Kilkenny who’s shared some time in Palin’s hometown. I became aware of the piece though hits to my site labeled “kilkenny palin.” It didn’t take long to find Anne’s perspective. (Click here and look down through the comments to find the post.) The problem is, as the day has worn on, the variations of one woman’s “opinion” have grown such that it has to be considered a plant. In addition to the version above (posted in a comment section of a Minnesota news source that’s only a few months old), there’s a “friend of a friend e-mailed” version where Anne is asked for her opinion. Then there’s the Daily Kos, who stands by their facts, I tell you!

I looked Anne up, and I called. So far no reply, but I rather suspect she’s had a busy day. As with most urban legends, there’s probably some truth to the concept of an Anne Kilkenny active in Alaska local politics who has an opinion or two. But it will take a while to unravel this one.

PS As far as I know, Anne and I aren’t related.


  1. When it turns out that Anne is a real person, and that her diary is fairly correct in its assertions regarding Palin’s “My way or the highway” staffing decisions, you will then have to agree that she is just like Bush, (maybe worse, but I don’t think that’s possible), and that McCain is an even worse adulterous, cheating, womanizer than Bill Clinton was.

    Yeah….Palin’s a revolutionary Republican politician, alright. Then again, it sounds like its not hard to be favored in a town full of old-school, white Republicans with oil $$$ on the brain and in their pockets.

    I don’t even want to see her naked anymore. Well….I still do, but then I promise I’m still not voting for her, no matter how good she looks.

    What this country needs, is much, much more than she OR McCain can provide.

  2. Sick. As in a there-must-be-perverts-everywhere kind of way.

    I have no doubt that Anne’s a real person. What I doubt is the prolific variations on a theme being attributed to her.

  3. Carolyn G. says:

    She’s real, and so is this post. She’s my husband’s cousin (I only found this thread by googling her today — I realize maybe no one will believe me, but I swear, it’s all real!)

  4. She’s real. I’ve got the original I’ll be posting soon.

  5. Repubabubba says:

    There’s no way this is real, liar Carolyn. Sarah is too nice and God fearing to fit this cynical portrayal, I feel it in my bones, in my heart of hearts. She is like an avenging angel, come down to this promised land to force the sinners to their knees with her compassionate ways.

  6. Repubabubba says:

    I know that she will hold the bridal of power gently in her ivory hands, until it is time to strike. When she strikes, it will be with the swiftest of strokes and unstoppable like a mountian of ice falling from a glacier to the sea.

  7. Hey, I have no problem with a woman that understands the use of political power. Men have used it for years.

  8. Oy! String a couple of those sentences together and I would swear it was your pal Andy there.

  9. Obviously, people are gonna try to verify what Kilkenny wrote about Palin. We’ll see who has integrity when Kilkenny got it right enough of the time to matter. Or not. Will people admit they were wrong? Probably not.

    No one really seems to care about the US of A anymore. It’s just about ‘us vs. them’. Winning is the only thing. Honesty? Integrity? Fair play? Don’t be a wimp.

    Well, we had a good run…lasted over 200 years. Too bad it’s ending in exactly the way it usually does, a country goes rotten and corrupt on the inside. If half of what Kilkenny says about Palin’s behavior as a public official, she will make things worse. If she is basically honorable but has some flaws, she can make things better, ignorant and inexperienced as she is. She told a TV interviewer earlier this year that she didn’t really know what the vice president does.

  10. Truth is the Enemy of the Modern GOP says:

    The lies and arrogance are coming home to roost at last, at last. The Internet is trumping television, so Truth is trumping the Lie Machine. Where are you now, Repubabubba? Pretty embarrassing, eh?

  11. I’m a disgruntled former Republican myself, but internet = truth? Are you kidding?

  12. Just another DNC assassin heard from. Statements are ALL opinion, NOT facts. No facts noted, but that won’t stop the main stream press from reporting these opinions as truth! But then again, that is what the have been doing for the DNC for the last 30 years. Why expect more now.

    I’m not saying Ms. Kilkinney isn’t entitled to her opinions. She is. But, personal opinions by someone with axes to grind have little validity, and ARE NOT THE SAME AS FACTS.

  13. Repubabubba says:

    I’m here Truth. And I agree with you. The Big Celebrity of TV is done for. Sarah knows how to turn her computer on and make your screen flicker with her energies. The message of the ONE TRUE HOPE that American babies are sacred and safe, and that mothers who harm them will be suffer in despair, will be delivered tonight. The JUST and TRUE war will be continued until the enemies are defeated, in the homes of those who do not see her light and the armies of the false idols overseas. Sarah knows what to do.

  14. I can back up the real part. I received the email directly from her about a week ago. She was in my wedding, I have been to her house. She’s my wife’s cousin. Of course in the Kilkenny family that includes a whole heck uva lot of people. I can’t keep the family straight much less the names. So Carolyn G, I might have met you and can’t remember. Same for you Cindy.

  15. Cindy had no idea there were Kilkennys in Alaska! I’m only related to a handful in the states. I parent about a third of them…

  16. A Loyal Democrat says:

    The bottom line is Sarah is inexperienced, far too LEFT to be RIGHT, and a would-be nightmare for this country!!

    How can people be so ignorant to the country’s problems, most of which are CAUSED and PERPETUATED by Republicans??

    Wake up, people! Barack Obama is not perfect, but he is our best best! 4 years of McCain will be like the last 8 with Bush. Horrific!

    Regardless of whether this is legit, there is no way in hell I would vote for McCain/Palin. EVER.

  17. I am Anne Kilkenny’s brother-in-law and I can tell you….she is a real person, honest, intelligent and deeply devoted to the wellbeing of her community and her country.

  18. ok, i’m confused. Is Anne Kilkenny real or not. Is her letter true about Palin. If these people who have commented are real, then why don’t they leave their email address so we can find out for sure. I am not a supporter of Pulin but I do not want to judge her on lies. I need to know the truth about her.

  19. Section306 says:


    Anne appears to be real (you can find her by searching for her on It remains to be seen how accurate her letter is, or whether she actually wrote it.

    What is not real however is the disingenuous use of her letter by ‘reposting-posers’ who imply they are themselves ‘Anne’ and who have reposted Anne’s letter across the blogosphere…. see an example in Post #29 at

    What a pity that we have become a country full of partisans determined to game the system by spreading information we have commandeered, not invented, all to advance an agenda, no matter the cost to your integrity.

    Don’t investigate Anne and her letter unless you’re also ready to investigate all the posers recycling her pap and letting you think they are Anne…

    my $.02

  20. Anne is real. I read her article yesterday, e-mailed her doubting I would hear back from her or if the story was legit. In a short time, she emailed me back and gave me some information to look up on internet. I did it and she is legit. Plug in her name and it will show things she has done there in Wasilla. I have been searching other places, and I feel all the things Anne say are true. She just puts it all together much better than anywhere else I have found. There are bits and pieces, but you have to put them together. What got me was what Anne said about barracuda. After seeing the speech tonight, I agree with Anne, this is one ruthless woman who will do anything to get her way, anything. Where did she come from all of a sudden? America, wake up. There is more behind this than John McCain. Look at Council for National Policy (CNP). If you have time, look it up on the internet, do some studying on it, you will find out why Sarah Palin is running for VP.

  21. Cindi,
    I forgot to say thank you for printing Anne’s letter. It was good of you not to leave the email. I had visited another sight and they had listed her email. I like your sight. Also, when you or someone else doubted or made light of Palin governing small area, to us here in Texas, that is terribly small. I know Alaska has vast amount of land but I read today that population for whole state is less than 700,000. Houston has far exceeded 2 million so you can see that to some of us 700,000 is really not that much. Guess it depends on what you are comparing to as someone said Delaware would be different. I live in a small town outside of Houston with around 8,000 and we have a mayor. No big deal, and I do not mean that lightly, but I laugh when I hear her say she was on PTA and she was mayor, come on. We are talking about VP. She was for the bridge to nowhere in the beginning. She was all for getting in the pork barrel with this bill earmarked in 2005 to connect a bridge from a barely populated island to the town of Ketchikan, population under 8,000 at a cost that could soar to $2 billion. The bridge would replace an existing five minute ferry ride. After Katrina, growing concern about rising budget deficit made the “bridge to nowhere” a symbol of wasteful congressional spending. Congress removed the earmark for the bridge. Even so, it allowed Alaska to keep the funds for other transportation project. (quoted from We The People – Introduction to Politics).

  22. Lou, I cannot agree with you more …

    While each side has great points and each is saying what we all want to hear, I have to weigh some of the things they don’t say. When I watched the initial speech announcing their Vice Presidental selections aired last week, I noticed the body language of all the candidates more than their words.

    When Obama and Biden address one another, they stand at a comfortable distance and look directly into one another’s faces, making eye contact. They appear to be, not only friends, but truly mature men working together to achieve a common goal. They seem clear and concise, like they truly have a plan of action.

    When McCain and Palin are around one another, there is very little eye contact nor face to face conversation. He almost leers at her with a hint of contempt. Maybe it was just me, but watching him, I felt he had an old school distain for women. They had never met before, what issues do they feel equally passionate about and how are they going to go about achieving them? I got the impression that there is more, alot more, going on behind the scenes with that campaign. He is an old school sexist (don’t kid yourself Ladies) and she is the epitomy of blind ambition. While I wholeheartedly applaud ambition in any and everyone, blind ambition equates to blind anything — greed for example. It is an uneasy feeling seeing them on the stage with one another.

    I don’t dislike McCain nor Palin, but they sure scare the H-E-double hockey sticks out of me.

  23. Independent says:

    She is real. She this article in the Anchorage Daily News.

  24. @Repubabubba;

    Bwah ha ha ha ha!!! “Bridal of Power.” LOL!! What is that, like some twisted, repubxtian romance novel where women run the country while barefoot and pregnant?

  25. The following link
    has an article written about Palin. The Anne Kilkenny comment is the 2nd or third listed. She included her email address as a means of identifying who she is.

    I’ve worked on debunking previous internet hoaxes but I’m led to believe this one is genuine.

  26. Her 86% approval rating in Alska should have been a clue that this was BS!!

  27. I am so thankful to Anne and her family for puttting forth the truth.

  28. Oh my! Hearing the Dems complaingin about a Republican with teeth. She’s been in politics for awhile now, so I wonder how her “barracuda” qualities stack up to the CLINTONS! Let’s not forget that “happy” couple and the people’s lives they ruined in their quest for power, yes, BOTH of them. Not that I think Clinton was a bad president, and believe Hilary would have been a far better choice than Obama BECAUSE of her drive.

    Given time, Mr. Pure Obama will give rise to the term “Obamanation”, and those of us who opted NOT to vote for the empty rhetoric will (should he GET elected), will be more than happy to point the “I Told You So” fingers at all the Dems who have been blinded by his “flashiness”. He has less experience leading than Palin does, and HE’S the Dems PRESIDENTIAL nominee. Palin, on the other hand, is a VP choice.

    Indeed, comments made about the country being divided by the parties is true. That ALWAYS happens around election time. I can’t remember one Presidential election where the two parties were “buddies’ and “all got along”, though I’m only 50. Politics has always been a ‘dirty business’, and in order to be an effective leader, you have to be wiling to get dirty, yourself. What separates the GOOD politicians from the bad ones, is HOW they get dirty, and/or how easily they “clean up”.

    I’m of the OPINION (yet, I admit, it’s JUST that) that this Kilkenny thing probably started out as 3-4 paragraphs and though negative, was probably not AS much so as the current versions seen circulating around the Internet. Of course, that IS must my opinion. My opinion has been wrong in the past, and will be wrong in the future, but at least I’m open-minded enough to see this through and make final judgment on who the best leader for our country WILL be, once I pull the lever in November. No matter how hard Mr. Obama tries, no matter how glorious his speeches might be, no matter how emotional and driven he can make his listeners, he just has no foundation to stand on, in respect to proven leadership. Maybe, someday, he’ll prove me wrong… On the Job Training as President, I guess.

    I can only pray that doesn’t happen.

  29. Omar Sharrif says:

    Ann Kilkenny, a Democrat

  30. Repubabubba says:

    Demogorgon, I’m here. You are such an Obamist Elitist Twittest Twister Word Satanist. You know what I meant, though you can read it whichever way you prefer.
    BTW, this is no work of fiction. Palin is plain in her approach, and as a member of the Holy Pentecostal Church, takes the Holy War seriously. She will conquer all of our non-christian enemies, and has plainly said so. After all, a boat is not meant for the harbor.

  31. Yes, Anne is real and what she says is true. I was there. I saw it. What people do with it is their own choice, but the truth needs to be told. Unfortunately, the messenger is the one who gets shot.

  32. The reality, the mere existence, of Anne Kilkenny,
    whose letter detailing in uncomplimentary terms the
    career of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is being
    challenged in a typical reactionaries’ smear
    campaign on the internet. Doing an intelligent
    Google web search on her bona fides, as Anne
    Kilkenny invited accompanying her letter, for

    Anne.Kilkenny +Alaska +-palin +-2008

    that leaves out anything from the past year or
    involving Sarah Palin, assures that Anne Kilkenny is
    as real as grass or sky. More interestingly, she has
    exactly the educational chops and the advocacy
    experience to make the comments she did.

    Here are a few examples.


    Conference of Alaskans…
    Delagates to the Conference…

    Anne Kilkenny describes herself as a 22-year
    Mat-Su resident, middle-aged housewife and
    at-home mom with a child in middle school and a
    retired, disabled spouse. She comes from a long
    line of independent-minded, public-spirited
    people and has been involved in education
    advocacy and legislative analysis for local
    PTAs. Prior to parenthood, she worked in the
    Alaska’s seafood industry. She has a Social
    Science BA from the University of California,


    [testimony before the]
    January 27, 2005
    11:03 a.m.

    Wasilla, AK
    POSITION STATEMENT: Testified in support of HB 73.

    ANNE KILKENNY stated that there are different
    needs in different districts because of the
    adjustments that are not made in the foundation
    formula. The foundation formula only makes four
    or five adjustments. She said that the
    foundation formula does not make adjustments
    where student enrollment is decreasing and so,
    the cost per student increases. The
    aforementioned is the situation in Kenai. She
    related situations in which property values rise
    and cause local required contributions to
    increase but this, in turn, decreases state
    contributions, as is the case in Anchorage.
    Therefore, certain areas have greater need than

    MS. KILKENNY discussed that schools that are
    designed for specific numbers of students cannot
    operate efficiently or cost effectively if the
    student populations rise. She provided an
    example in the Mat-Su Valley, and noted that
    even the governor’s proposal may be inadequate
    for the Mat-Su Valley. She expressed her belief
    that, “a refinement of the Anchorage school
    district budget would mean a diminishment of the
    quality of education in that district as it
    would in the Mat-Su, as it would in Kenai, as it
    would in Ketchikan, Petersburg, North Slope
    burrow, and every other district that has
    indicated that even the governor’s proposal is
    inadequate for this simple maintenance of the
    status quo.”


    [testimony before the]
    February 15, 2005
    3:05 p.m.

    Wasilla, Alaska
    POSITION STATEMENT: Testified in support of increased education

    ANNE KILKENNY, Wasilla, complimented the
    superintendent of the schools for the
    Matanuska-Susitna School District for his
    honesty in stating that the Mat-Su schools would
    maintain status quo with the governor’s proposed
    funding increase. However she expressed
    dissatisfaction with status quo both as a mother
    and as the president of the parent organization
    at the middle school. She commented that there
    would have been no No Child Left Behind
    legislation if the status quo was acceptable.
    She said:

    It’s time that we move ahead. This No Child
    Left Behind legislation demands it of us,
    that we make improvements and that we
    educate our children to rising standards.
    … This legislative mandate has so many
    requirements that it’s necessary to increase
    funding to education to enable these rising
    expectations and rising standards to be met.
    I’m asking that you amend this bill and that
    you increase [the base student allocation]
    to at least $5,086. [Based on] the
    testimony given to the [House Special
    Committee on Education], half of the
    students in the State of Alaska… are in
    districts that would be able to function at
    an improved level with $5,086. It’s not
    enough for Nikiski, it’s not enough for a
    lot of places. But it is enough for at
    least half the kids. … Our expectations
    are not wild. Juneau is only asking to
    reduce high school classes to 30, and
    kindergarten to 20. These are modest goals.



    B. Ordinance Serial No. 06-006: AN ORDINANCE
    2006, AND ENDING JUNE 30, 2007.

    The following person spoke in support of funding
    the School District: Ms. Anne Kilkenny.


    The above search provides 61 hits, I’m not going to
    go through all of them, but the above is quite
    enough to establish that the critics of Anne
    Kilkenny pretending that she does not exist are out
    of line, driven, by an agenda of presenting the US
    with inferior candidates elected to office, to
    ignore inconvenient things like facts.


  33. Dan G In Montana says:

    On top of what appear to be extreme views placing creationism on an equal footing to science and opposing a woman’s control over her reproductive functions — Palin now appears to be a vindictive, intolerant, book-banning snake who not only lies about her past support of the bridge to nowhere, but about the rest of her fiscally conservative republican credentials. Now the Republicans have a true counterpart to Hillary: dishonest and scheming, but in the name of born-again-Christianity instead of Marxism.

  34. More humorous attempts to destroy a very persuasive, brilliant woman who does not identify with the leftist, tax people to death, big brother government knows better crowd. I love those silly letters, so funny and childish. She’s scares you ha??

    Go forth and conquer Lady Palin!!!

  35. If it turns out that Palin’s big weakness is that she is ruthless, it would probably hurt McCain’s chances somewhat if it can be substantiated in a way that shows it is WAY more than what you would normally find in city government which can be pretty brutal in many cities.

    The problem is that Obama is such a weak choice and is very extreme to the left. McCain at least is not a knee-jerk rightist. McCain is probably the best pick, but then the question is: Will Palin be a plus if she is perceived as so ruthless?

    I have been laughing at the MSM thinking she is weak or not ready. She’ll get up to speed fast.

    The risk with Palin, and I’ll admit it is only IF she was President, is that she focuses too much on loyalty without an equal emphasis on professionalism. Bush made a political appointment with the FEMA position which proved very bad during Katrina which could be a similar mistake that a Palin might make.

    However, this election is between McCain and Obama, and I have to vote for McCain despite possible Palin risks that exist just as much on the other ticket.

    Now, Palin running for POTUS, maybe there is too much emphasis of her on loyalty and we know what that can lead to.

  36. I think we have to look into Ms. Kilkenny’s allegations, definitely. But here are some thoughts:

    “She was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it” After just unseating a Republican governor and pissing off the Alaskan Republican establishment I don’t think she would have had the political capital to do anything about T. Steven’s w/o outside pressure.

    For people who complain about Sarah’s pro-choice/anti-gay/anti-evolution politics Ms. Kilkenny’s letter actually should ease some of their fears. Apparently she doesn’t seem intent on pushing these values off on citizens. She 1) Vetoed a law that would have prohibited same sex couples from getting state benefits (she said it would have been unconstitutional–kudos for her on that no matter what her personal beliefs) 2) Apparently declined to call a special legislative session on some pro-life legislation 3) Said that she wouldn’t base positions on school board based on views on creationism.

    Also, the letter requesting resignation apparently came before the town meeting where she asked about banning books…so she didn’t try to get the woman to resign for defying her–if the allegation about book banning is even true (that was a long time ago).

    What I would be concerned about is Wasilla going into debt! That should raise fear in the hearts of independents/fiscal conservatives. The rest…eh…I live in Chicago, and to be honest, I don’t find anything in her past more questionable than Obamas.

  37. Oh, one other thing. I did listen to the Frank Bailey call with the Trooper Lieutenant where it seems Frank is trying to get the trooper to pass the info. to ask why Wooten is still on the force.

    If what Anne is saying is true of the ruthlessness of Palin, then it would be understandable to guess that she did want to have Wooten fired, but at the same time, she does have the right to fire her cabinet members. I do believe the Wooten thing may have been one reason why she demoted Monegan, however it is not something that will be able to be proven in the investigation.

    This info. or these characteristics of Palin, if they show while she is VP, will make her a more unattractive choice in say 2012 if she were to run in the Republican primaries.

    To Anne:

    If you think Palin is ruthless, and I think you do, expect the DailyKOS to come knocking. And boy, they are REALLY ruthless too.

    Looks like you are between a rock and hard place. 🙂

  38. I think Anne is a hero. She has the guts to stand up and tell the truth about Sarah Palin though one look at Sarah’s record and policy stances should be enough to scare most voters off anyway.

  39. Is there any country in the world that accepts refugees from the coming theocratic dictatorship? My family has fought in nearly every war the US has been in (declared or not) and I know that’s not what they fought for.

  40. “Country First”
    Whether we agree this is the right objective or not, that is the Republican National Committee tag line for this election.
    Yet, the one theme that comes out of the Ann K’s letter is a track record of Sarah putting her own interests first.

    So regardless of whether you view this as a positive or negative – it is in conflict with the platform message.
    The obvious problem for McCain is that the dichotomy is so obvious, which is likely to be interpreted as either: McCain is being disingenuous or naive (or the likely third alternative – he was coerced by other parties).

    Any and all of the above are likely to turn off the independents & moderates who are viewed as the key to winning this election. Sorry, but seems like someone didn’t do their job on vetting Sarah.

  41. Demogorgon says:

    If the Repugs really believed in “Country First,” they’d simply kill themselves.

  42. Do you “Christians” really believe your religion endorses killing “unbelievers” for their oil? What’s funny is that THEY call YOU “unbelievers”. Why don’t all you religious extremists just kiss and make up and make it easier for the rest of us?

  43. Jane – I rather kiss an atheist. Killing unbelievers” or killing the unborn. Is there a difference?

  44. First Bookgate, then Troopergate and now for your reading pleasure: Dairygate

    In brief: “The Alaska’s Board of Agriculture and Conservation (BAC) used its authority over the state-owned dairy to turn down the failing company’s request for a $600,000 grant to keep it afloat. Incensed, Palin fired the entire BAC. The new BAC, composed of the relatives and friends of Wasila-area dairy farmers, took the powers of the Creamery Board to itself – a confict of interest that would have appointees in most states in jail or at least paying hefty fines. Dairy experience wasn’t required of the new board members. The board resurrected Mat Maid and handed over the $600,000. It raised the price of milk paid to the local dairy farms, in a transfer of wealth from non-farming taxpayers to those who had found favor in Palin’s eyes. Despite Palin’s efforts, in December Mat Maid’s directors shut it down. The state’s $600,000 grant, the grant the previous board had denied it, went down the drain – or, more likely, into the pockets of Palin’s family and neighbors.”

    Hmmm….. another instance of when Miss Palin does not get her way – fire ‘em all and put in yes men/women. Are you seeing a trend yet? Abuse of power? My way or the highway? Kinda gives support to what Anne has already stated. No jealousy required!

    Those in doubt can read for themselves.
    Those still in doubt are in a state of denial.
    Those that care to refute, bring your facts

  45. Umm – YES. The unborn aren’t people until they can be removed from the womb with no technical assistance and be expected to survive on their own. The unbelievers are generally able to do that quite well by virtue of having been successfully born (and only once, I might add.) Killing an adult is called “murder.” Removing a parasite is called “medicine.”

  46. Knowing Anne, I don’t believe that she has a grudge or is jealous. She has a successful life of her own. She realizes that those who know of what she speaks might not be comfortable with speaking out. At one point, it could result in retribution, and even now, in a small community, people are reluctant to say something that might antagonize. Sarah is a very intelligent, talented woman, and perhaps as she matures on this political stage, she will leave behind some of the less endearing qualities that she presented during her 6 years as mayor. At this point, we can only hope…

  47. Demogorgon – By your definition you aren’t a person until you can be expected to survive on your own? Gee a lot of organisms can’t do that until they are 25 these days. Do you support yourself or are you still a non-person? Medicine is usually non-surgical.

  48. Repubabubba says:

    You will burn in hell with the other unbelievers once Sarah starts Her Holy War.

  49. Repubabubba says:

    Leapin, I see you are enlightened. Are you part of the True Pentecostal Faith or have you not been cleansed as Sarah has?

  50. Killing is killing.
    If a baby is born at 7 months, is it then okay to kill it? How about killing it as it comes out full term by punching it’s brains out with a sharp instrument as the Kansas doctor is fond of doing?
    A fetus will become a living, breathing person. To kill that fetus is to kill the person it would have become.
    Does life begin when someone says so or when it’s obviously a living, moving, creature in the womb?
    If it’s a living being only after birth, what was it while in the womb, sucking it’s thumb, moving around, kicking the mom? Just a figment of our imagination?

  51. By that logic, anything that could someday become a human being is somehow sacred. Why the hell aren’t you off firebombing sperm-banks to save the innocent billions of cells that will never be used, or scouring your local sewer system to save hapless ova that menstrual women have cruelly flushed down the toilet along with their godless tampax?

  52. Repubabubba says:

    Excellent point, though I’m not sure how pointing that out helps your cause.

  53. I had heard just about all of Anne Kilkenny’s allegations elsewhere. The story of Palin firing the librarian who fought censorship is well known and no doubt true, and that’s precisely what I DON’T want in a politician. I don’t want her telling me what I can read or what my wife or daughters can do with their own bodies. And this account does not touch on her religion, nor does it mention the video of her calling the invasion of Iraq “God’s plan.” She also believed that God was behind the pipeline she wanted built. Not my God, sister!

  54. I checked online in the white pages, and there is an Anne Kilkenny listed with street name and phone number. However this doesn’t make the letter verifiable. Someone could have used her name…I suppose.
    In any case, I find John McCain really growing old (not as sharp as he used to be). His age is showing. Sarah Palin is at best minimally qualified to be vice president, but certainly not president. That’s the truly scary part. Her beliefs are not what this country needs as commander-in-chief appointing supreme court justices, making decisions that affect all of our citizenry…it really isn’t a job just anyone can do. Personally, I’ve had enough of governors being elected president. Sarah should stay on as Alaska’s governor, and hopefully John McCain as an Arizona senator.

  55. @Deano

    Your wife has told me many times what I can do to her body

  56. @Reba , You go gal..We need a supreme court that mandates abortion and mandatory death for those over 70

  57. Demogorgon says:


    Just pointing out the absurdity of your position. Unless you’re telling me that you do indeed go sewer-snorkeling for used feminine hygiene products, in which case you’ve officially won the debate.

  58. @Demogorgon

    U da ghoul!!!

  59. Demogorgon says:


    That’s a GREAT idea! Mandatory abortion!! Why didn’t I think of it before? We’ll start it in the bible belt, placing a negative pressure on white people who hate their own genitals anyway, resulting in rampant recreational drug use, radical islam, and homosexuality in just a few generations! I’ll have to remember to suggest this to the liberal media…

  60. @Demogorgon

    U gay ismalic druggie?

  61. Demogorgon says:

    Dude – you’re onto me. Congratulations on being the most perceptive poster I’ve seen on this thread. Praise butt-allah-crack.

  62. It constantly amazes me that some people actually believe that the state should be able to force a woman to carry a fetus to term against her wishes. Talk about big government!

  63. Repubabubba says:

    No, I don’t snorkel . But I do believe that like most of conservative America that ideally, one man and his wife united in holy matrimony would not face these issues if they followed the One True Word as Sarah Palin does. All other forms of union, beastiality, homosexuality, masturbation, sodomy, etc have been until recently outlawed because we were a Christian nation. Conservatives and other Believers merely want to set this wrong to right, and spread the word of God. Your description of all the godless and their waste of sacred life sounds accurate, and is precisely the problem. Surely having described it you can see that?

  64. @Demogorgon

    U could go places in Obama admin. U a uniter.

  65. @Deano

    U a good candidate for said procedure

  66. Demogorgon says:


    Honestly, I think your conclusions would be acceptable if your premises were even remotely true. Sadly, they are clearly the ravings of a lunatic. This country is not now, nor was it ever, the theocracy that religious revisionists want to make it. The US government is secular now, as it has always been, right from day one.

    The good news is, I see the kernel of a logical thought process in you. Maybe someday, should you choose to pull your head out of your pastor’s rectum, you’ll actually become a rational being.

  67. Demogorgon says:

    Oh – and look where one man and one woman united in holy matrimony got Ms. Palin’s daughter!! Can you even begin to appreciate the irony?

  68. Bless you Willie. Now run along and take your medication.
    Repubabubba, I was laughing along with your stance for a while there, since you’re so extreme that you appeared to be a mockery of the conservative position. Now you’re starting to worry me.
    If we began as a Christian nation, please explain why our forefathers avoided the use of the words “Jesus,” “God” or “Christian” when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and in fact went out of their way to ensure that there will be no state-recognized religion. An oversight?

    You’re free to live as you want. Let others do the same. That’s the point of it all, Bubba.

  69. You’re my hero, Demogorgon.

  70. @Deano

    If we began as a Atheist nation, please explain why our forefathers avoided the use of the words “Satan”,” “Devil” or “Atheist” when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

  71. Demogorgon says:

    Thanks. Although, like you, I find myself wondering if I’m actually having an amusing discourse with a madman, or am being expertly out-trolled.


  72. @Demogorgon

    U and Deano an item. No wonder Deanowife lonely.

  73. Simple, Willie.
    The Framers were mostly Christians, but more liberal, tolerant and rational than folks like yourself. Having fled Europe partly in search of religious freedom, the last thing they wanted to do was to create another theocracy here, where the government tells us what we have to believe.

    Sit here on my knee, little Willie, and let explain a few things to you. You see, there are lots of religions in the world, not just fundamentalist Christianity. Why, there are Buddhists and Jews and Hindus and animists. Even among Christians there are lots of opinions about what is right and wrong (that’s why there are more than 35,000 denominations). Just because one is not a Christian, that doesn’t make him or her a devil worshipper.

    You see how simple that is? And how simple you are?

  74. hoggernick says:

    Willie C — why do you group “satan”, “devil”, and “atheist”? Do the religious seem them as the same thing? How odd…

    Regarding the omission of “atheist” from our founding documents, why would it be included in them? There’s no mention of Jefferson’s denial of elves (i.e. his a-elvism). Should the declaration of independence made a reference to everything he didn’t believe in? He didn’t believe in Zeus, and Zeus got the exact same attention Jesus got — none.

  75. @hoggernick

    U believe in man as god. Since you are a god how can I argue w/ u?

  76. Let me guess, Repubabubba is doing an imitation of Kathy Bates’ Annie from MISERY. No one can be this poetically loony:

    “She is like an avenging angel, come down to this promised land to force the sinners to their knees with her compassionate ways.”


    “Twittest Twister Word Satanist”.

    Wow! Now those lucid revelations have provoked me to question all of my political and theological shortcommings.

    Some one hobble me quick.

  77. Demogorgon says:

    And let’s not forget, Deano, that many of them weren’t Christians at all – they were in fact Deists. Men who believed in a creator, but that said entity was no longer concerned with the universe, and had never revealed itself to mankind through supernatural means.

    “He that believes in the story of Christ is an infidel to God.”
    – Thomas Paine

    “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no god.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  78. Demogorgon – I only know one other person – Shawn Matson – that would come up with those two quotes.


  79. Demogorgon says:

    I assure you that is not my name.

  80. hoggernick says:

    Willie C – I believe in what I can see, hear, smell, and feel. You can argue with me human to human.

    Although men have created gods in their own image (such as yours), as needed, men are not gods. Except to dogs. I swear I think my dog worships me. Maybe it has something to do with me always showing up with free food. Does your god put plates of food in front of you?

    Cindy — sorry about the offtopic tangent. I happened across this site googling for Anne. I’m not very good at resisting commenting when people imply that our founding fathers intended on our country having a christian mission.

    Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” pretty much started it all. In it he argued for independence, and for republicanism rather than monarchy. It’s all pretty self explanatory — “Common Sense”, the Declaration, and the Constitution. They’re conveniently written in English.

  81. Wow, the swiftness of the reply would indicate it’s no transient visitor! LOL

  82. Demogorgon says:

    If you mean me, I began as a transient brought in by googling A.K., much like hoggernick. For some reason I decided to get involved. Bored at work, I guess.

  83. Yes, Jefferson was a deist, a product of the Enlightenment, when people finally awakened from the Dark Ages, removed the blinders of organized religion, and started to see through rational eyes. We owe our freedom to Jefferson more than any other person.

    It’s profoundly sad to me that, some 250 years later, a candidate who professed the same religious beliefs as Jefferson wouldn’t have a chance at the presidency. You have to call yourself a Christian and say “God bless America” a thousand times just to have a chance.


    When I suspect an urban legend, I turn to snopes, which I’ve found to be pretty accurate.

    Snopes says it’s true.

  85. Drapersassistant says:

    Palin loves the flag

  86. Repubabubba says:

    Deamon, Demongogue

    -And the flag’s colors are not mentioned in the constitution. Nor are other details important to our country. Fortunately, our country’s other documents have the founder’s preferences scattered throughout, from dollar bills to thedeclarations on the facades of government buildings, to court proceedings, God is there. I think the founders could not have envisioned an attack on the basic moral premises of Christianity, and had they, they would have been more specific.

  87. Yes, it definitely is true, she was interviewed today on NPR All Things Considered, of course, I do realize that there are people so strongly “right” that they believe NPR plants false interviews!

  88. Repubabubba says:

    er, first founder’s =founders’ and other typos, Word Twister Satanists

  89. Joanna Temple says:

    I called her today. She picked up on the first ring. I suppose her phone number could be someone else’s. Someone could be pretending to be Ann Kilkenny. I didn’t get the feeling that someone is trying to perpetuate a hoax. I also didn’t get the feeling that she was on a mission to destroy Palin. That’s what I did today.

  90. hoggernick says:

    Repubabubba – Yes, there’s evidence abound that our ancestors worshiped the gods they created. That doesn’t mean their gods existed, and it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to evolve beyond that mythology.

    To which basic moral premises of christianity are you referring? The ones that promote compassion and were void of the supernatural, such as those that Jefferson kept in his personal bible? Or the dogmatic ones that he ripped out and threw where they belonged — his wastebasket?

  91. Repubabubba says:

    I do not believe that Jefferson was free from sin. But this really has become off topic. There is ample evidence anecdotal and otherwise that the U.S, has been overwhelmingly western in philosophy and christian in religion until recently. Regardless of the details of how or why that is, of why you do or do not embrace that, the majority of right thinking real Americans do, and wish that we would return to those principles, and that those that want to act like devils conform or go elsewhere. In addition, there has been war declared domestically and abroad in an effort to revise or reverse this history by infidels., and we must be prepared to bring the fight to them, and execute same. Sarah Palin believes this. John McCain believes this, the Bush family believes this, etc. Sarah& John S. Mcain are running on this platform and have named it “reform”, which I think says it all.

  92. I heard Anne on NPR about an hour ago. She is real and she did write it.

  93. God/religion is a tool. Nothing more. In giving us a sense of morality, it is a great tool. Using it to lead sheep to the wolves, its a very powerful with those who know how to use it. Come on. And if you “god fearing” people do not come to terms with that, then you have chosen your fate.

    P.S. –Douchebags

  94. Repubabubba says:

    – P.S. Douchebags,
    Yes. Palin and McCain know how to use that power to change the world for the better, and we should all come to terms with that. Well said.

  95. Former Republican says:

    @Repubabubba: Sort of like how GW changed the world for the better, right? You are emotionally wedded to a position, and likely believe that open-minded = liberal. Regardless of the what the facts are, you will ALWAYS vote Republican. Do you run your business with the same logic? I saw the last eight years coming, so I switched allegience from the Republicans and Bush. You supported Bush too, right?

  96. Why is it that when one disagrees with another’s point of view, they question the validity of their very existence? Anne Kilkenny IS a real person (if that hasn’t been answered sufficiently yet); I heard her interviewed on public radio today and no doubt, she’ll be on TV this weekend, if not sooner.

    All Sarah Palin proved is that she has a pretty face and can read a teleprompter. Big deal, my teenage daughter fits that profile, but I wouldn’t elect her Vice-President.

    In case you all forgot, the First Amendment is still in force. All of us, Anne included, are entitled to our say.

    PS I think both parties’ candidates aren’t qualified to run our country. How do you like THEM apples, folks?

  97. Repubabubba says:

    The voice of reform is no longer G.W. Bush. The new voice of reform is Sarah Palin. The Bush Family has suffered immensely because of the traitors that managed to infiltrate the Republican party, or were left over from prev. admins. Profits on their businesses have been directly affected, and look at the approval ratings.
    But that will change under Palin, God willing. She will not allow McCain to make the same mistakes. Traitors will be ousted immediately just as in the state and city she ruled. The media will be changed from top to bottom to stop the spilling of lies. And the Bush family should recover when McCain captures the oil in the rest of the world to better control the supply. Our industries can then as well recover from the current down turn due to the cowards of 9/11. And taxes can be cut back to near zero as McCains plan of required re-education and work camps for the “unemployed” is put into play.

  98. Demogorgon says:


    Some of the founders were indeed Christian. Many others, like Thomas Jefferson, for example, made their contempt for Christianity very, very explicit. Even the Christians were very cognizant of the notions of separation, tolerance, and pluralism. Perhaps you should check out a book other than the Bible for a change.

  99. Dear Mr. Repubububba,

    I am enjoying your gag. I don’t mean to “out” you; I’m sure you can use this comment as fodder for your ruse.
    But, I’m sure you are a clear-thinking American who understands the importance of the separation of church and state* and are making your point by masquerading as a raving, end-of-days Republican. Thank you for your efforts.

    *Turkey works very hard to maintain the separation of mosque and state. Would the right-wingers choose to put the imams in charge?

  100. Repubabubba says:

    I’m glad you are concerned about foreign policy and I’m sure that Sarah Palin can answer that question in more depth. She has the vision to put people where they need to be put, without regard to appearances. We are at war, make no mistake, and Palin/McCain will continue compassionate conservative reform wherever it is needed, even if that is Turkey.

  101. Otto:

    Snoopes just says the person who signed it is the person who wrote it, they don’t vouch the items in the letter.

  102. Demogorgon says:


    Yeah – as I said, I’m unsure whether this guy’s a loon or is out-trolling us trolls. I prefer to think the latter, but it’s really hard to tell. The pity is that whether he is or not, there are others out there who actually are this deluded, although their command of English is rarely this good, which is my only source of doubt about ‘Bubba’s insanity.

  103. Dear Mr. Repubabubba,

    It was a rhetorical question. Conservatives would NOT want the Turkish government to be a muslim theocracy like Iran.

    And, while you’re looking up the definition of a “rhetorical question, you might also look up “oxymoron,” as in compassionate war. (“We are at war, make no mistake, and Palin/McCain will continue compassionate conservative reform wherever it is needed, even if that is Turkey.” –Repubabubba)

  104. Repubabubba says:

    Obviously you are a non-believer and not very patriotic. I urge you to reconsider your position before you are damned to hell.
    Also, I find an answerable question hardly rhetorical when we differentiate on the answer so clearly.
    Demongorgon, you are a devil troll and are a master of trickery. How terrible of you to question other’s beliefs and motives with outrageous assertions! It is anti-American and unpatriotic. Please reform yourself immediately. Have I not been both patient and kind in our discourse?

  105. Repubabubba says:

    Comment stuck in moderation for strong language, so please excuse if this is doubled
    Obviously you are a non-believer and not very patriotic. I urge you to reconsider your position before you damage your salvation.
    Also, I find an answerable question hardly rhetorical when we differentiate on the answer so clearly.
    Demongorgon, you are an admitted troll and are a master of trickery. How terrible of you to question other’s beliefs and motives with outrageous assertions! It is anti-American and unpatriotic. Please reform yourself immediately. Have I not been both patient and kind in our discourse?

  106. NOTE: Cindy asked me to moderate comments over the weekend. I didn’t approve immediately because this thread and another have been so active that sometimes I don’t get to them right away.

    I left both for the time being. My apologies for the delay. There may be more. Please be patient.

  107. Drapersassistant says:

    Anne Kilkenny is not real. It’s someone else who calls herself Anne Kilkenny.

  108. Repubabubba says:

    Thank you Dean.

  109. @Bubba;

    Well, that’s just it. My experience tells me that anyone as (usually) polite and well spoken as yourself is unlikely to hold the views that you do. I apologize, but in a busy world one must sometimes resort to the shortcut of stereotyping just to remain conscious. I’ll try not to make the same mistake again in this forum, anyway.

    So – now that I’m willing to believe that you are indeed a theofascist rather than merely outfoxing me at my own game (which I take pride in, BTW – trolls serve a valuable function,) kindly explain which of my assertions you find particularly outrageous, so that I can offer you documentation as to its veracity?

  110. Drapperassistant, I believe you will find, from the beginning of this post where Cindy has actually been in contact with Ms. Kilkenny and from this page that she is indeed real and a resident of Wasilla.

    Unless you have better proof, like you know both of them and can verify it, I think we’ve established she’s a real person.

  111. Drapersassistant says:

    DM: arrgh, I hate explainin jokes. Of course she’s real. It’s like the old one about Hamlet. Shakespeare didn’t write Hamlet, it was this guy who called himself Shakespeare. Naturally he called himself Shakespeare, that was his name!

  112. Argh. My apologies Draperassistant. Tis late and the mind grows dull.

  113. This woman Anne has done a great thing
    even though she did not mean to
    the email was never to go public

    I am glad it

    Now how to get it on main stream media

  114. Sorry guys, it is actually true. Just look at Snopes that investigates these type of things:

    She just lost my vote.

  115. Michael, that’s pretty funny. One woman’s largely subjective, partially objective, autenticity confirmed, accuracy not confirmed, e-mail causes you to change your vote. Admit it, you were never voting Republican anyway. Your due diligence on Obama was probably about as detailed as your due diligence on this.

  116. Repubabubba says:

    Yes Brkfld,
    Michael does not understand what it can be to be the wind of change like Sarah Palin’s at the top of a flag pole where this wind is strongest. Like the flag of our great nation, she draws the anger of the non-believers who will absolutely lie and tell non-truths or misrepresent strength of character as weakness, all the while sucking at the base of the strong standard that IS Sarah Palin’s Divine Power with envy.
    I wonder if Anne and these other insta-fame detractors cashed their Sarah Palin Oil Dividend? Or did they throw it out in the oily burn-barrel of their own spite? I think we all know the answer to that…

  117. Paul Holderbaum says:

    I have done a brief websearch: wiki, crossreferencing etc. on Sarah Palin before having heard of or reading Anne Kilkenny’s letter and was able to come up with the same information and similar conclusions as Anne Kilkenny, independent of her letter.

  118. John Allen says:

    I was doing my own research and happened across something interesting. If you look up Anne Kilkenny’s phone number on google in quotations you find the name Patrick Johnson who lives at the same address and has the same phone number. He is the chair of district 4 Matanuska-Susitna Platting Board. Upon further searches you can find both his and hers Po Box which is also the same. It’s kind of interesting.

  119. Repubabubba says:

    Absolutely John. I think you are onto something. Keep digging, the truth is right before you.

  120. @john allen – wow! So she shacks up with a planning commissioner? One I can assume was in someway dissed by Sarah Palin…

    Is this really just sour grapes and Anne’s looking for her 15 minutes of fame since Sarah hit the big time?

  121. Hey – actually I can confirm that. The e-mail she sent was from Anne Kilkenny/Pat Johnson from a local Alaska internet provider.

    (PS – by shacks up I mean “lives with” and realize she may be married and using her maiden name.)

  122. “Barack Obama is not perfect, but he is our best best”

    BEST BET FOR WHAT> Socialism,
    a weaker economy, more government
    regulation. What has become of this
    nation’s entrepenurial spirit. Why do
    you hate corporations that provide lots of jobs. Are you a communist.
    Socialist, Marxist. You don’t know
    the Democrats have controlled congress for the last two years and
    done nothing? What are you after. Mr. Obama has no experience and very leftist ideas.
    So left that now McCain who is a
    moderate is supposedly on the far
    right. This is insane. Is it envy?

  123. Betsy Young says:

    Quick “save” there, Cindy, on your post #122. It is common for women to use their maiden names when writing something controversial so as not to involve their spouse, who may hold very different views.

  124. susan jennings says:

    See for yourself. Here is the Video:
    Sarah Palin, touts her service as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. This slide show takes you to the remote town where Palin’s political career began.

  125. LiberalsCaused9.11 says:

    Hitler was real.
    That doesn’t mean anything he said was true.

  126. Repubabubba // Sep 4, 2008 at 5:17 pm
    “She will conquer all of our non-christian enemies, and has plainly said so. ”

    Huh. I’m not Christian. Neither are my grandparents, parents, siblings, or offspring.

    Does that make my family and I the enemy?

  127. amy k- Whether or not you and your family is an enemy is defined by whether or not you want to throw me and my family into the cesspool of socialism.

  128. Since Republican presidential nominee John McCain tapped Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, information about Palin’s past has been zipping around the Internet. Several claims are not true, and other rumors are misleading.

    A few of these claims were included in a chain e-mail by a woman named Anne Kilkenny. We’ll be looking into other charges in that e-mail for a future story. For more explanation of the bullet points above, please read the Analysis.

  129. Mara,

    Thanks for that. Fact-check hadn’t posted this when I was there a couple days ago.

    Indeed, many of the accuastions against Gov. Plain check out to be exactly FALSE.

    Opinions can differ on a wealth of issues. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. I don’t expect Ms. Kilkenny to agree with Gov. Palin on a wide variety of subjects. They are from two different political spectrums. But we should ALL agree that outright LIES, should be avoided.

  130. Send the FBI to see Anne K. She sounds like she escaped from the psyco ward. It’s hard to believe a fellow Alaskan would attack a woman who is sending her son to war, not to mention other heartbreaking problems she has. Gov. Palin may not be perfect, but she is one heck of a govenor. Maybe Anne can run for POTUS and we can see how far she goes. She sounds like a very bitter old hag. Sorry to say.

  131. No need to denigrate her. Yes, she sounds bitter in regards to Palin. She’s a “Bezerkely” liberal in a conservative community. She likely doesn’t get her way very often. That doesn’t mean anyone needs to sic the FBI on her or lock her up.

    I think she’d do herself a favor if she could find a way to get over her bitterness though. That’s just not good for the mind or body. It also makes her a less effective advocate.


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