Tonight’s Common Council agenda – 9/2

Here’s the agenda for tonight. You’ll notice a few things be pushed through from the earlier Finance Committee meeting.

First, there are four families that have made claims against the City of Brookfield. I know one from my neighborhood is in response to the flooding of last June, and I’d pretty much suspect the others are, too. Filing a claim and having it denied is a first step before these families sue the City. (I’m not saying they will sue, only that a claim must first be filed and denied before a next step can be taken.) We talked about the city’s response to the flooding mid-August. I’m not an attorney, (and just for you PW, I don’t play one on TV) but logically I do see a couple of points in the document the city prepared that could be used against them.

Also from Finance will be the decision to rearrange the process by which Brookfield collects and distributes room taxes. I am very interested in who will be making a response to the city’s request for marketing services. Something’s fishy. The sudden decision – being driven from Director of Community Development Dan Ertl -to do something after all these years of doing nothing, well, he’s waiving a pretty big red flag that he should be watched. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Finally, the council may go into closed session to discuss the decision to withdraw from a county-coordinated trash collection proposal with Veolia. As always, I hope they will discuss what they can openly before shutting the door on outside observation.