From the Obama campaign

Gee, I guess I didn’t realize this:

Before John McCain accepts the Republican nomination on Thursday, his campaign has to spend every last dollar of primary funds they’ve raked in from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs.

Of course there’s a lot of other negative stuff, but Obama’s not running a negative campaign or anything. And, they asked for more money.

I wonder how the money race is going? Anyone paid attention to details? I haven’t noticed much since Obama decided against his previous commitment to federal funding.


  1. The Obama campaign continues to be in an excellent money situation, thank you.

    I see Sarah Palin has helped McCain collect >$10million since last Friday.

    Putting some jism back in the campaign (let’s face it, Obama was running away with it) will help Obama’s funding no end, also.

  2. Obama led me to believe all of the middle class is downtrodden and can’t afford to contribute. Who is contributing ?