So what’s more important to this election?

A vice presidential candidate with a pregnant daughter, or a vice presidential candidate with a son who is a registered lobbyist?

That’s right, buried in the news of the last few days is the fact the Biden’s youngest son makes a living lobbying for earmarks on which his father will vote. The article says Obama secured earmarks for the younger Biden.

I just don’t remember seeing that pop up in convention coverage. Did you?


  1. FC – I thought this site was about being fair and conservative? If as you point out lobbyists should not be attached to political campaigns, kindly explain why McCain has the old Bush lobbyists actually financing and running day-to-day activities of his campaign (and not merely is related to one).

    Yes lobbyists should not be shaping our democracy but McCains every move is coordinate by them.

  2. I join you, Cindy, in decrying the presence of lobbyists attached to political campaigns and call for an FC Expose on earmarks to every town of which one of the major party candidates has been Mayor as well.

  3. It looks like a couple of Democrats are having trouble answering a very simple question.

  4. McCain supporters should not open up the lobbyist bag; bad as it is across the board, he does not fare well at all in any objective analysis.

  5. Of course they should! Obama’s hypocrisy will show.

  6. I don’t know, Cindy; that seems like a pretty nonsensical and arbitrary comment to make given McCain’s distinctly unsettling – – and on the record – – relationship with K Street.

    This can’t be news to you, can it?

  7. John, I think your party is showing. Obama (and now you!) makes a big issue about it, but then handpicks a veep who has his son in the business.

    To argue Biden’s affiliation is a non-issue means you’d have to back off Palin’s daughter being in a family way.

    You can pick. Either is fine with me.

  8. Take a step back and realize a candidate for POTUS can’t control the actions of all those around them. Be it Biden’s son or Palin’s daughter, both of these are non issues to me and shouldn’t play an important factor in determining the outcome of this election.

    Paralleling the current situation, Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Ried has a son who has a long history of drug abuse. Does that make Andy Ried a bad coach? Should the successes of his job, and leadership abilities be questioned because of a family member’s behavior? The answer is simple. No.

  9. Not a nonissue (certainly not with me). You’d be making a mistake to assume I think one side is right if the other is wrong; life doesn’t work that way.

    However, to even his supporters, McCain’s relationships with individual lobbyists and the lobbyist industry as a whole is deeply troubling. It’s an acknowledged Achilles Heel addressed on every inter-campaign spin sheet.

    In a broader sense: Clearly, the lobbying industry has never been more lucrative than it’s been while Republicans are in power. Grover Norquist and the K Street Project, Abramoff, DeLay, Santorum’s “Tuesday morning meetings,” etc.

    Democrats drink at the well, too, but to deny that Republicans have raised the lobby industry to the dizzying heights it now enjoys would be disingenuous as best. It is looked upon as just another expression of the almighty Free Market, and therefor completely acceptable. Positions in a Republican administrations are merely intermediary steps to their ultimate goal, which is an office at 101 Constitution Avenue, average starting salary – $300,000.

    I find it reprehensible. And I keep track.

  10. To clarify: Biden’s son’s job is not a nonissue to me. Palin’s daughter is a nonissue to me unless she’s proposed for appointment to a cabinet position.

  11. John, didn’t you read the WaPo link? McCain’s tie to lobbyists is “deeply troubling” but Obama’s tie to lobbyists – in this case Biden’s son – is not?

    Looks like typical Democratic logic to me!

  12. Biden’s son’s job is an issue to me especially when you are billing yourself as CHANGE and your family business is SAME OLD influence peddling.

  13. Cindy, you’re not reading my comments closely, i.e. “Biden’s son’s job is not a nonissue to me.”

    The McCain entanglements, as I said, are troubling even to his supporters. They run broad and deep. Biden’s son may (I say MAY; I am not an optimist when it comes to human nature) leave his job after November; McCain’s relationships are much, much more indelible. He is not the John McCain of 2000.

    Framing each issue as “R vs. D” is not constructive, by the way.

  14. John, you’re not reading the article:

    “Sen. Barack Obama sought more than $3.4 million in congressional earmarks for clients of the lobbyist son of his Democratic running mate, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, records show. Obama succeeded in getting $192,000 for one of the clients, St. Xavier University in suburban Chicago.”

    Obama’s linked to lobbyists. One happens to be Biden’s son.

  15. I still don’t understand your inability to hear me say two things

    A) I understand it goes both ways (though – that damn Obama getting funds for….education)

    B) The Republican/McCain lobbyist relationship is enormously significant.

    I sense a blind spot over there, Cindy 🙂

  16. No blind spot here.

    You keep using euphemisms and making excuses for Democratic participation in the lobbying game. Then you proclaim that Republicans are more at fault when both participate.

    You can’t criticize lobbyists and then pretend they’re ok for certain things Democrats support.

  17. You’re kind of flying “argue with the Democrat” autopilot here. RECOGNITION is not “excuses.”

    If looking the other way in terms of McCain’s embrace of the lobby culture works for you; if there isn’t anything there that deeply disturbs you or even bothers you to the extent that you will even confront it; if “they do it a bit, so he can do it a lot” is OK; then we will just have to agree to disagree. Different things are important to different people.

  18. So, “that damn Obama getting funds for…. education” was recognition.

    I agree we’ll have to disagree. What you won’t get, John, is a free ride when you’re trying to spin a position.