Yes, she was magnificent.

Sarah Palin is no rookie. She hit this thing like a seasoned professional. It was a home run.


  1. Agreed. She came off confident, funny, smart, and unafraid. Particularly coming on after Gulliani, who is very well spoken, she did an incredible job. I loved all the jabs at “community organizer”. Who’s not qualified now?

  2. Yup, she did a great job. Gulliani came off as smug and kind of nasty (in the couple minutes I watched); Palin was mean and clean, like a razor. Still not voting for her, but she is likable even when she is cutting.

  3. Lucky Lady says:

    Yes, she hit it out of the ball park!!! After enduring slimey attacks on two of her children, she delivered her speech with grace and strength. She held a mirror to the competition and showed their case to be weak and desperate. Even the cable “news reporters” had to admit she came off victorious.

    Guiliani also was great! He cleared away the smoke screen and gave us a clear view of the weakness of the left.

  4. In response to Lucky Lady. Giuliani is a pathetic, womanizing adulterer who paraded his mistress around New York while his wife and children were at home. A man reviled by the firefighters and police force of New York City. Who would put any credence in anything he says. Nuf said on that one. Palin is an opportunist who has flip flopped on multiple issues for political gain. From being mayor of Wasilla to Governor of Alaska she has shown similar character traits to that of George Bush. Fire those you don’t agree with you (regardless of job performance) and stab others in the back for political gain. Typical, unethical politician.

  5. Repubabubba says:

    Christian, if that is your real name, you will be saved by Sarah. You may have misunderstood her pure intentions driven by the LAW of God, but you will be forgiven. You will learn to repent, as a proper Christian should.

  6. Anyone smell an onion?

  7. You are surprised that a former TV personality and communications major did well giving a speech?

  8. Palin was hardly as good as the worst speaker at the democratic convention…. shes uneducated, charging full speed ahead at nothing, and can fire a rifle… great vp pick!

  9. One thing we know, Palin can give a canned speech, written by spin doctors who are playing for high stakes which those who follow will only ger the bone. What is her real record and what does she represent. You might not like what is realy there. Would feel safe in a bad world with her at the helm? You may end up with something you don’t want.


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