Hockey Mom and Hunter Leaves Two US Senators as Road Kill!

Here’s an interesting perspective from the Libertarian VP Candidate Wayne Allyn Root…

“That should be the headline in newspapers around the world this morning. . . . After watching last night’s Sarah Palin performance, I can only say, now, that Obama’s best shot at victory is if Biden plagiarizes Palin’s speech! . . .

A pit bull Hockey Mom just left most of America’s most gifted male politicians (and orators) dead in the middle of the road. She sliced and diced Obama, last night, like a wood chipper. Obama’s political career is lying in pieces, in a ravine somewhere in Alaska- with snowmobile tracks leading from the carnage.

Pallin’s line about a “community organizer” being about the same as a small town Mayor…”except the mayor has responsibilities” was a hockey puck to Obama’s groin. Then, she finished Barack off, by referring to his fake Greek columns being carted back to Hollywood. Ouch! I could hear every guy in Middle America screaming in laughter. With one line she emasculated Barack’s entire fake career. Then, the hunter shot him once more for good measure with the line about Obama saying nice things to small town America to their faces…then badmouthing them when he’s back in San Francisco. Did the body move on that last shot? Or was he already finished off? Hard to tell.” Source: ARRA News Service: Libertarian VP Candidate Praises GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin

What do you think?

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  1. I think she was the best thing that happened to Obama in a long time. She raised him some $10 million in less than 24 hours.

  2. mccain might as well be road kill, but palin’s attempt to whoo the public failed miserably… sorry, shes pathetic.

  3. anyone can shoot guns, have 5 kids without an abortion, and build a sports complex that drives a city into debt… GOOOOO PALIN!!!

  4. I guess I disagree. I thought the speech was divisive and destructive. Attack after attack. Yet I saw no hope, no vision, no reaching out to an America that did not necessarily share her vision.

  5. Rabbitdave says:

    Welcome back Reagan. As much as Obama is like Stallin, Palin is like Reagan. It’s about time that someone is willing to take on the socialist in the Dem’s party and put the US first. Just like Reagan and the USSR. GO USA!

  6. No, don’t want to see it again … a speech written by someone else, filled with ranting and railing. If one wants to make the US even more of a laughing stock (yet one to be wary of) around the world, cast a vote for the McCain/Palin crowd. Getting bad if it makes Bush/Cheney look good!

  7. So, on the night that the party would have America believe was dedicated to “Service” Palin gets up and disrespects everyone who has ever tried to make their community a little better. The party that would have us believe that citizens need to do things for themselves has their candidate trash people who were trying to do things for themselves.

    I don’t think that’s the message your party needed to send.

  8. Get over it, Democrats – Palin DID talk about what this country needs and if she “attacked” your candidate, what do you call what your candidates and your party has done? Obama Mama, you are the one who is “pathetic” by thinking your worthless candidate has anything to offer the American people.

  9. Too bad Obama Mama has nothing to say on how B.O. will finance all his promises without killing jobs and incentive. But maybe he’s not a contributing taxpayer and hasn’t thought things out.

  10. Perhaps grumps had Burton and the Obama camp not, immediately upon her announcement, trashed Palin and her service to the community, her speech may have been different. You may want to, but you can’t have it both ways.

  11. anyone can shoot guns, have 5 kids without an abortion, and build a sports complex that drives a city into debt

    Ah, but can anyone do it and become Mayor, Governor, VP candidate, and still look as good?

  12. Pallin’s (sic) line about a “community organizer” being about the same as a small town Mayor…”except the mayor has responsibilities” was…Ironic!, since Palin was told by the state Republican Party to hire an administrator for Wasilla. So, who took on that responsibility?

  13. Repubabubba says:

    Excellent question. Apparently Sarah Palin grew her small town to the second largest city in Alaska.

    Obviously she needed to put trusted advisers in place so she had time to fight big oil and put in a pipeline.

  14. She has lied or exaggerated about all of her “accomplishments” and she is vindictive so people are afraid to speak out against her. Alaska has always received paybacks from the feds and citizens are getting a big check this year, so they aren’t going to complain. Saint Sarah cut funding for Special Ed (contrary to what she says) by 62% and McCain like her because of oil. But she’s not honest… so she’ll fir in well with the rest of the Republicans.