Sarah Palin’s Full Speech; Worth Watching Again…

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  1. Not really. I guess she did better than Johnny Mc. Tho not saying much if u ask me… She just mumbled on about how she was a cool lady but wasn’t gonna change that much… la dee dah!

  2. It’s funny how Democrats are running scared now, and trying to downplay the impact Sarah Palin is having on the public. She IS a “cool lady”, but also intelligent, fearless, and looking forward to doing some good things for this country. (And she certainly didn’t “mumble”; you’ve got to admit.)

  3. Is this really about one side winning or is this about an entire population of human beings, and their future. What are the real facts , what is the real prize and who is the prize taker. What is it to you if you are the real loser. Why not think for one’s self and may be we can all do better.

  4. Repubabubba says:

    I am proud to know you understand the Word Of God. For the entire population to win, Sarah Palin and J.S. McCain must lead us out of the current darkness caused by the traitors amongst us. Sarah Palin is an expert at identifying these traitors using the basic tenants of our country found in the oldest book and she will help us find the prize that is our salvation.

  5. repubabubba: pride before a fall-each needs to find there own salvation. I don’t need help. Thank you. Play nice.

  6. Repubabubba says:

    Yes, we agree kind Walt. Each child of God needs to find their own salvation. But what are we without leaders to show us the way? What about the Flock? Do they not need a Shepherd? And doesn’t the Shepherd need the Wolf? And in turn, the Wolf needs to eat the sheep. It is the circle of life, and only those that choose to understand do.

  7. Repubabubba says:

    And Sarah Palin can take on the Wolves. Just google Palin wolf and you will see.

  8. rebubabudda sounds like a parody, the budda part is maya , the rest is BS. In the end it all has no meaning. we all become furtilizer.

  9. Repubabubba says:

    Yes Walt, I am part Native American, like the very fortunate Todd Palin, though not a Maya as you have guessed. And I do not condone your abandonment of the search for meaning. Yes, it can be difficult, but you will find meaning when you least expect it, as the Lord has carved a meaningful path for each of us. You sound like an honest man, and that is the start of all that is good.

  10. Rupubabubba , I admire your Native American history, I pain was felt when I first read the Trail of tears for the first time years ago. For this and other such things we are distroying the earth, seas and air. All for greed. Maya is a budhist term to explain the folly of the world as ego’s believe in their importance. Pleas don’t assume I have given up on the meaning of life. I would like to assure you I have not. I live in the world but try not to be of it. Thank you for the honest remark. I try to be, manbe to a fault. I’m over 70 and I writing my remarks to try to get other pilgrams to think about their jouney on the path. I hope only to plant seeds. As I have once said the Maya Natives may have had their calander right. Time and space may be short. We all need to work as one not divided.