The 9/11 Tribute and Olbermann’s Reaction…

Isn’t Keith Olbermann the same drama queen who called John Gard one of the ‘worst persons in the world’? Yup! The same one. Crossposted at THE Right Side of Wisconsin

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  1. hoggernick says:

    This John Gard?

    The “cuba’s drilling off the coast of Florida” meme was completely debunked, yet John used it in a campaign ad, and still has not acknowledged that it was false.

    Keith Olbermann has three “worst persons” per day, and there seems to be no shortage of lying hypocritical politicians in line to fill those three spots. So, trying to deflect away from the 9/11 exploitation issue by bringing up Keith’s criticism of John Gard’s dishonest campaign ad is just another example of the childish tactics employed by republicans.

    The 9/11 video looked like yet another shameless fear-mongering attempt by the republicans to yank their gullible base’s chains. Brought to you by the same party that ignored the “Bin Laden determined to attack” memo in 8/01, days before 9/11/01.

  2. Yeah the non-response to the first trade center bombing and the communication “firewall” set up by the Clinton Admin had nothing to do with being unprepared.

  3. As soon as I saw the video start on TV that night, I got up and left the room. I did not know anyone that was lost in the towers other than by 2 or 3 degrees of separation (friends/relatives of friends), yet those images are too painful for me to watch to this day. I can’t imagine that I will ever be able to watch them without tears.

    I was not impressed by the use of these images, I was appalled. To imply that these things will happen again if Republicans are not in the White House is irresponsible. Tactics like these are deplorable no matter what party uses them. They have no place in these conventions, or in any other political arena.

    I don’t agree with a lot of what Olberman says, but I’m 100% behind him in this case.

  4. Olbermann was absolutely correct to name this exploitation of 9/11 unconscionable. The Republicans will stop at nothing to obtain their prize. Where is the morality, the sense of decency? Oh, I forgot this is the party that condones torture, the decimation of the constitution, spying on citizens, outing of a CIA agent which compromised national security, etc.