The weather in Salzburg is very fine.

I’d post a photo, but I can’t get the iPhone to grab this wifi connection, so it will have to wait until evening. (Update – the view from my room is posted to the right on the flickr wall.)

For all you local readers, I’m well aware that we miss our blog. I’ve been thinking about splitting off Brookfield City News, and that may need to happen when I get home. For those of you that keep track, there were a mind-boggling 13,181 unique visits for the 4th with 20,914 page loads. To be honest, I’m not even reading the comments any more. I scan the ones that hit the spam filter for poor intentions (other than the subject at hand) and put them up. I’m not willing to spend my time listening to strangers bellow.

Influence? Nah, I wouldn’t call it influence. I consider this a worthy exercise, though, in reading the country’s tea leaves. It is very interesting to see what’s out there and how it can find it’s way to us.

This has been a very important lesson to me in what I wanted out of my blogging effort. Perhaps it’s because I’m somewhat diverted right now, but I’m not sure I had this in mind.

There are local football games tonight. I know the players really appreciate our community support. The band and dance teams like it also. If it’s nice there, consider an evening outing. (East has awesome concessions now. Did I ever mention they paid the district back EARLY for that endeavor?)

More later. It’s a wonderful place I’ve discovered for the next three days. I can’t wait to share it with you.