Scoops, Mom’s e-mail, and Hallstatt

But not necessarily in that order.

Mom e-mailed to say if I have time to update the blog, I surely have time to write and let her know how things are going! True. So that’s why this will be short.

Spent the day in Hallstatt, and UNESCO World Heritage site. It was really great.

A reader wrote the other day to say that someone in the comments had scooped Rush Limbaugh on Obama’s connection to ACORN. Also, Snopes now has the validity of the Anne Kilkenny of Alaska letter. Fortunately, it looks like that excitement has died down. People are now e-mailing ME thinking I wrote the letter.

Oy vey.

Need to write home now. I might get a few photos up tonight. I’ll post a link if it happens.