Anne Kilkenny of Alaska says wistfully…

…”It’s not gonna last.”

Wistful was a description by the NPR reporter. Listen to the full interview. This lady’s 15 minutes will run out well before Palin’s; she knows it, and it makes her sad.

Anne Kilkenny has been vetted now as a life-long “Bezerkly” democrat who is married to a man named Pat Johnson. Johnson is a local politician himself, sitting on that area’s planning (platting) commission. She is in the urban planning; don’t expect to buy your necessities in my community category. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the press would go ape over one woman willing to put her name on the line for a little fame when her opinion is critical of the Republican candidate. It does seem they’ve gone there before!

Thanks to Carmel (in the comments) for the link.


  1. Not sure what you mean by:

    She is in the urban planning; don’t expect to buy your necessities in my community category.

    I take it she’s for zero town growth?

    I used to live in a small town almost burg like. I always thought it humerous that people would move there later, then want to close the doors. They’d complain about growth, yet in my perspective, THEY were part of that growth they so shunned.

    It appears Palin was more interested in putting Wasilla on the map, with the sports complex and all. The inevitable clash, is well…inevitable.

  2. No big box, no chains, etc.

    I land in the middle on this one. Balanced growth is good, but hard to get right; not having a restaurant in town that isn’t from a chain is bad. (Brookfield built a subdivision next to a leaching landfill; that’s not so bright either.)

  3. I can certainly understand the sentiment, but in large part often seems unfounded. My friends that still live in South County and have “survived” the sprawl, like not having to drive to the “city” to get 90% of their goods, having selection, etc.

    Some big strip malls, outlet malls, etc, now dominate the retail industry there and for sure there’s a whole lot more signals, but most appreciate the shopping close by. The outlets bring paople from many miles away to spend money in the community as well.

    The family run restaurants have maintained, however my wife’s dad’s TV/Music store likely wouldn’t have survived if it hadn’t “died” for other reasons. Even 30 years ago, folks would drive to “the city” to save a few $’s or obtain a bigger selection. American consumers thrive on choice.

    I know when I visted Australia, I was amazed at the comparative lack of choice. Here there’d be 50 different kinds of cold cereal. There, there might be 5. Not bad, just different. Have you found similar in your extensive travels?

    A double-edged sword.

  4. Steve, yes, I have. But then when I turn down a toothpaste aisle in the states, I wonder if I really need 50 choices…

    I’m also growing tired of the food options. I’d kill for a decent steak right now. (Well not kill, but you know.)

  5. Maybe Sarah can come shoot a moose for ya to eat? So is Austria like Struedel, Noodle and Struesell?

    Ya…it did make me reflect on those 50 varieties of toothpaste and realize what over-the-top consumers we are. But really, that’s just the market filling a demand…even if that demand is “created” by the same market.

    Also little variety in TV programming, radio station programming, etc. No station had specific formats. They tended to play a little bit of everything. And the soundtrack from the cartoon “Bob the Builder” made the top 10 list….LOL.

    I was there for the 2001 elections and if anyone thinks WE have mudslinging, gloves off, no-holds-barred campaigning, then they ain’t seen nothin yet. Not having 128 channels to choose from, tended to get folks personally involved though.

    I’d say the produce in Oz blew me away with it’s quality. It made the supermarket produce aisle here, look like it just arrived on a slow truck from Mexico or Chile (which it prolly did).

  6. I admire Anne Kilkenny for writing this. She spoke the truth and you know she lives with these people. I feel there are others in this town that could tell us a few things to reveal who Sarah Palin really is, but they won’t for fear of ridicule or if they are business people, from repercussions for their business in this very, very small town. So hats off to Anne. I was one of the first to see her email on immoral minority and emailed her and she emailed right back, but that was before the rush started.

  7. Lou,

    The truth…or HER truth?

    Exactly what FACTS did you draw from her letter?

    Or, what FACTS did she leave out? Did she tell you her hubby is the chair of the Platting Commission (that’s at least as valuable of info as knowing Todd’s job)? Did she tell you that the voters voted for the sports complex and the resulting sales tax increase?

    I ask this, because I’m really curious. What would make her letter mean so much to you, that any score of letters to the contrary would not? Do you somehow “know” Ms. Kilkenny, better than you know Ms. Palin or her admirers?

  8. Steve, it looks like you are intent on shooting the messenger. Thanks for finding out A. Kilkenny’s husband is chair of the Platting Commission. Now, if you could debunk the facts she lists in her email, please. …and what ‘score of letters to the contrary’ are you talking about?
    For fair disclosure…yes I’m a liberal (only cuz this country has gone on a drunken binger to the right over the last 10 years or so)…and wanted to cite the Kilkenny letter as it appeared on a ‘fairly conservative’ outlet such as this, so those who read it can do so on site that might take it to task should its content be erroneous. So far, I haven’t seen that. A few splitting of hairs but no real indictment of the validity of what she says…just grumblings from some attacking who she is, which I might add is the typical Republican strategy: don’t like what someone is saying? Well, then start trashing her character, and hopefully the audience will be distracted from the facts–straight from the Karl Rove playbook–and that’s not a compliment.

  9. How does the Karl Rove playbook differ from the James Carville, Howard Dean, etc. playbook?

  10. Drew,

    You seem to be full of nuance, just like Anne’s letter. Pretending the Reps and the Dems have different “playbooks” is preposterous.

    I didn’t trash Ms. Kilkenny, I pointed out that she leaves out (my premise is on purpose) more than she reveals. I agree it really matters not, that her hubby is a local Wasilla politician, though it it could help reveal her mindset. But isn’t it even less material that Todd Palin works on the north slope in a “highly sought after, high paying union job, which he can arrange is work schedule to include a month of fishing”? Is it material that men (and I presume many women) think of her as a “babe”? Is it material that Sarah was “popular” in high school?

    Now it would seem material to me that the sales tax increase (and complex) was voted through by the voters. It would seem material to me that the Librarian openly opposed Palin and openly supported her opponent during the mayoral race. I don’t “expect” Anne K. to be completely objective, but I expect my investigation to be objective. In that goal, I can’t avoid the rather obvious “body language” she presents. I can’t avoid expanding on these “charges” to find out what REALLY happened.

    It’s like taking interviews after an accident. Ask 10 people and you’ll get 12 stories of what happened. Is the Officer supposed to stop taking testimony after the first witness, just because she “sounds” believable? Is he supposed to avoid asking this witness questions involving her statement and just accept that it’s accurate and complete? Is the Officer not supposed to ask/determine if she “has a dog in this fight”?

    Reading this lady’s “body language”, tells me I’ll never get an impartial review of Sarah Palin from her. That’s fine, I don’t rally expect to. But I have to also realize that Anne K. is not even trying to be objective, despite her claims to the contrary.

    As to scores of other letters, look around. Her admirers are out there too…and in significantly greater numbers. They just don’t get the press, because it isn’t “blood” (discounting what I see as a left slant to the media as a whole). If you’d like to see some of these open letters and are having a hard time finding them, I’ll get some I’ve obtained, to you somehow. I just don’t feel cluttering up Cindy’s blog with a bunch of letters that can’t be interacted on is the right thing to do.

  11. Oops…different ‘puter. I’m anannymouse 😉 above.

  12. Anne kilkenny sounds like the typical, jealous cat-fight! Why don’t you check out her REAL motives for the email. It wasn’t fact… was jealous emotion and opinion. I have raised 5 kids thru school and been PTO president and know this type of mom! GET OVER IT HONEY!