Obama outed as candidate without bipartisan effort

While Obama fans chant change, his campaign staff has pretended that Obama’s credential stack up against Senator John McCain’s, who can prove he’s bucked the Republican Party leadership to do the right thing for America.

Caught on

Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday”
September 7, 2008

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “Now, David, McCain and Palin do have records of going up against their own parties. When has Barack Obama ever gone up against the Democratic Party in the U.S. Senate?”

Obama Senior Strategist David Axelrod: “One of the first things that Senator Obama did when he came to the U.S. Senate was push for the most far-reaching ethics reforms that we’ve seen since Watergate. That didn’t please people on either side of the aisle, and he has done that consistently in his career. He’s reached across party lines to find consensus and he’s taken on his own party on issues like, like ethics reform. You know, what was interesting about these attacks about bipartisanship and so on is that people like Dick Lugar, the very respected Republican senator from Indiana, spoke out and said, These are just partisan attacks. I’ve worked with Barack Obama.’ They worked together on arms control. Senator Coburn in Oklahoma worked together with him on budget issues, like putting the budget on Google so we can see how our money is being spent, putting caps on the contracts around Katrina rebuilding. Senator Obama has a strong recor d of working across party lines to produce progress for people.”

Wallace: “But David, because you guys always talk about ethics legislation and the nuclear non-proliferation deal with Dick Lugar, I went back and looked — both of those measures passed by unanimous consent. They were so accepted by the Senate that there was not even a vote. In fact, ethics legislation was one of the campaign promises. These were not — if I may, if I may. These were not areas where Barack Obama went up against the leadership of his own party nearly in the way that John McCain did on campaign finance reform, on limiting interrogation of terror detainees, on immigration reform. He did not go up against his own party on either of those issues.”

There you have it. No, Barack Obama does not practice change, unless of course it’s the kind that’s back unanimously by both parties in the Senate.


  1. Hey…can I get credit for voting we all go out for ice cream? I’m totally willing to reach across the aisle.

  2. Repubabubba says:

    Yes, Yes. This is very good stuff. I believe that anyone who can unite completely must be using the Devil to do his work! There is just no way this could be considered ‘ok’ for a Christian OR a patriot, let alone BOTH!!!! In fact, don’t “Smart People” immediately and routinely fall under suspician when they do well on tests? This type of over-dominant success is just too much!! The Devil cannot hide from US.

  3. Repubabubba says:

    Both John McCain and Sarah Palin know this!! They have been bipartisan since college while the nameless one went on with the Devil’s hand always guiding him to the front. The hubris displayed in this shameless showmanship is absolutely ant-American!