You have my permission to feel a little schadenfreude if you’d like. While the day started with mist in the mountains, that turned into drizzle, which changed to a downpour. Of course, there was no heavy rain until I mentioned the word “downpour” as in, “well at least it’s not a downpour,” and then it was. We’d packed rain jackets and umbrellas so we were fine.

The second glitch in our day was when we went to use the city passes – all museums, buses, etc. for one flat rate per day. The gentleman taking the tickets at the funicular to the fortress gave me a cross look, pointed to the “K” on the card and said, “kinder!” Well I knew what that meant. The woman at the South Salzburg tourist info station took money for two adult cards, and gave us two children’s cards instead. Fortunately I had the credit card receipt showing the purchase. Unfortunately, the manager (who spoke great English) said tough, we’d have to go to another Info office and see if they could be exchanged.

Luckily, they could. The office was on Mozartplatz, so I took a picture of the guy. Then we had lunch, went to the Panorama museum, and back to the funicular. When I handed the same man my new card, he grinned and shook his head. (By the way, fortress canons are much more interesting since they are covered and it’s raining outside.)

My favorite place in all of Salzburg has been St. Peter’s cemetery. I love cemeteries anyway, but this one was extra special. There are no photos, though. The rain made it unwise to bring out the camera.

After that we walked to the bus, which we caught in the proper direction (another story!), and promptly had the driver demand another Euro each out of us. She thought we were heading out of the city, when I’d only used that town to confirm the direction of travel.

Dinner is at our pension tonight. We made a wonderful choice in that respect. Here’s the link so you can decide on your own. The rooms are 50E each night, comfortably furnished and impeccably clean. A full breakfast is included. I found the place on Trip Advisor, where it’s listed as #3, and secured the rooms through Later I learned the hof is listed in Rick Steves’ guide on the area.

They love Mr. Steves in Austria, by the way. The man we rented boats from in Hallstatt wanted to know if we had Steves’ book. He’d taken the crew out a couple of summers ago for photos from the lake. (Yes, of course we do, in fact we have two! One from 2007 and another from 2008.)


  1. Salzburg has some lovely churches and interesting cemetaries. We always visit them when we travel–it tells you a story of the cultural background of the country. Churches are a great place to visit since they normally are built with the most care and money. The baroque churches of Austria were just lovely. The relics kind of freaked me out though.

    We used the Karen Brown guide as well as the Rick Steves guide, and found a beautiful hotel in the mountains a few minutes outside Salzburg, called the Gersberg Alms. Great views down towards the city, huge immaculate rooms and a gourmet restaurant on premises. We liked it so much we booked more nights on our swing back from Vienna.ā€“Gersberg/Romantik_Hotel_Die_Gersberg_Alm/3307.php

    I miss being in Europe so much–we did not go this year and I’m in withdrawal.