Best vacation photo ever!

Don’t worry, Dad snapped it while I was driving. That translates to 105.6 mph. Since Mom had put Queen on the iPod Dad was using, I was singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the time. It was a fun drive.

The car is an Audi A4 hatchback six speed. It’s great to drive. The navigation is all in German, though. I’m glad I brought my own.



  1. Hmmm and Mom is home feeding the chickens and cleaning out the pond pump. You two behave.

  2. It’s such fun to drive on the European roads, all in great condition and you can pretty much go as fast as you like (but we’ve had a friend who got a ticket based on a camera snap of his license plate. The next time he tried to enter the EU, he was stopped by security, “We see Herr Leadfoot has an outstanding speeding ticket…”)

  3. I’ve tried to be careful in posted areas, but darn! now you’ve got me worried!

  4. Mike brought that story back from H-D, it happened to his co-worker. Nothin’ you can do about it now. Enjoy your travel and worry about other stuff when it becomes a problem for you.

  5. PS, love your photo of Halstett. Isn’t that a pretty town?