Polling swings McCain’s way

Here comes the bump. Remember, daily tracking polls use three day rolling averages, so it may creep up again tomorrow.

Gallup: McCain over Obama 48 to 46. (From Gallup!)

Rasmussen: 46 to 46: 48 to 48 if leaning voters are included. Here’s the most recent electoral discussion (Aug 22) that I could find from them.

Zogby: 49.7 to 45.9. The Zogby electoral map show 105 electoral votes too close to call.


  1. CNN has McCain up 10 points

  2. I don’t see that. This most recent report has them tied.


  3. Lucky Lady says:

    While you’re over there, Cindy, notice that most of the U.S. news coverage is from CNN. We know how objective they are. No wonder Europeans are skeptical of Americans. Of course, most of Europe is already Socialist, so they’d love to welcome America to the fold. I’m surprised CNN reported a 10 point lead.

  4. a lot of hores pucky says:

    You said he was polled. I’m sorry to hear that. hope it didn’t hurt. What would expect from CNN? How about those fine people at Fox.