Sarah Palin Feminism

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“When the news came out earlier this week that the family situation of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is a little more complicated than had originally been disclosed, pundits immediately began speculating whether social conservatives — not least, evangelicals — would stick with their woman. Surely a person who allowed her 17-year-old daughter to get pregnant while she was off running a state could not be the type of mother and female politician that conservatives go for.

The Daily Kos was filled with sarcastic remarks about the hypocrisy of the “family values” crowd. A poster to Slate noted: “I have been absolutely amazed at how quickly the Evangelicals abandoned some of their ‘family values.’ . . . What about stay-at-home motherhood?: Palin’s candidacy is a direct assault on that Christian tradition.” Daily Telegraph columnist Liz Hunt sneered: “Whose family values is she enthusiastic about? How can she reconcile such a high-profile job as ‘veep’ — a ‘heartbeat’ away from leadership of the free world and all that — with bringing up five children?”

The New York Times front page reported on the Palin flap: “It’s the Mommy Wars: Special Campaign Edition. But this time the battle lines are drawn inside out, with social conservatives, usually staunch advocates for stay-at-home motherhood, mostly defending her.” And the Washington Post’s Sally Quinn offered this: “Evangelical women also will have to decide if they will vote against their conscience by voting to put the mother of young children in a job outside the home that will demand so much of her time and energy.”” Source: Sarah Palin Feminism –

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  1. JFK had kids in the White House and the emotional burden of a child that was stillborn while in the White House. B.O. has kids. What’s the problem?