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  1. There many disgusting pictures circulating the internet of Sarah and her family. Why no comments on this display.

  2. Some reader comments on the story: “Palin foes embrace Wasillan’s e-mail appraisal”
    September 8, 2008 – 2:33pm | AK_Mike
    Not even remotely close
    Palin left left Wasilla with a $20 million deficit-NOT QUITE TRUE. Palin supported it, but the RESIDENTS OF WASILLA VOTED to build a $14.7 million multiuse sports center in town and to raising the city sales tax to pay for it. It was bonded-long term debt that the people approved, and the total was almost $19 million.
    Sarah Palin tried to intimidate the local librarian to remove books she found objectionable-FALSE. Palin never tried, nor instructed anyone to remove any books from the library. The story has been taken completely out of context.
    Palin loves earmark spending-FALSE. She used to, until it became politically incorrect.
    Sarah Pallin did not build the bridge to nowhere but KEPT THE MONEY-FALSE. The money allotted to Alaska for the Gravina bridge was already Alaska’s despite what Palin did. Congress took away the mandate that it was to be used exclusively for the bridge, and our legislature mandated it be used for other things. During that budget, 36 states received more money than Alaska received (including the bridge money). This included earmarks the other states received.
    54 September 8, 2008 – 8:35am | inawe1

    Her initials fit for her being AKlady in these blogs. She is always spitting out rude and unfounded remarks towards our Governor.
    AKlady has disappeared and we now have PalinLied pulling the exact same tactics on the blogs.
    She has every right to say what she wants, but why the change in screen names.

    50 September 8, 2008 – 4:12am | wardsattler
    Ms Kilkenny

    Let me see if I can get this straight.

    Wasilla is a town of 7028 population and occupies an area of about 12 square miles. It is the service, supply and social center of the Matanuska Susitna Borough (similar to a county in other areas) which has an area of about 25,000 sq. miles and a population of about 70,000 and for a number of years has been one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. The “Valley”, as the Mat-Su Borough is called locally, is a suburb of Anchorage, AK which is a municipality of 350,000 population jammed onto a narrow strip of land between a rugged mountain range and a salt water inlet. One highway (the Glenn Highway, better known as the Glenn Demolition Derby)leads out of Anchorage to the north. connecting it to the “Valley” which begins some forty miles away. Another highway, The Seward Highway, known as the Seward Death Trap, leads south to a few other communities more or less distant. This is the geographic setting in which Sarah Palin found herself Mayor of Wasilla.
    Ms Kilkenny stikes me as a very insular person myopically focused on 12 sq.miles and a population half of what Wasilla itself is today. 19+ million dollars is a very high long-term bonded indebtedness in that context. But the facility funded by that bonded indebtedness serves and collects fees from close to 400,000 people in the road connected proximity( I don’t live in that proximity but I have attended sports events in the facility in which people from all over the state of Alaska were in attendance) It seems to me that the investment by the voters of Wasilla was a sound one and it appears that Palin was one of the movers and shakers who got it done.
    Bridges to Nowhere.
    The Mat-Su Borough(25,000 sq.miles) is located a mile or so away from Anchorage across Cook Inlet and has a major port development and nearly unlimited land for expansion. Another access to the Valley is badly needed to provide a safe, efficient alternative to the Glenn Highway and to provide access to the land and resources of the Matanuska Susitna Borough. This bridge is not a “bridge to nowhere” it will be a bridge to a bigger future. Sarah Palin can not be faulted for supporting such an important development for her community, neither can she be faulted for her insight in recognizing political reality in striking the “earmark” title to build the bridge anyway. Seems an astute move.
    I’m no fan of sales taxes on food and other necessities. The voters voted to have a small sales tax which eliminated the need for property taxes. No property taxes! Talk about the American Dream.
    80+ % of the people give her the credit for these actions and love her for them. No amount of myopic bitterness can change this reality.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Many of those defending Anne Kilkenny keep saying she was only writing to a few friends or some similar comment. I would like to ask a few questions about writing to friends.

    When you write to or contact your friends do you advise them how to vote?
    Would you tell them “John McCain is the oldest person to ever run for President”. By the way this is not true.
    Would you feel the need to tell your friends to “google my name” to find out about yourself?
    Would you need to tell your friends “I am just a housewife”.
    Would you need to tell your friends where you live?
    If you answer yes to any of these questions I would seriously consider the level of my friendships.

  4. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Hay! If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Oh, No, What was just said…If you going to be on the glass ceiling, you creating your own pictures. Disgusting, you say! maybe she should be a stay at home mon. That was the paltformers of the Right. Oh until they filp-flopped. Darn is there no good in this world. Yes , there is Bushie gave all ownership in bad loans yeaterday. Now we all can share the wealth and support Big Corporate America with your hard earned futute income you might have, if any thing is left. But what the Hell, that is how deals are made for the supper rich. This is a political ad for our self serving Right.

  5. Skirt in White House says:

    There truly as been too much made of “We need someone like Sarah in the White House”. The infiniative person for that should have been Hillary. SHE alone was the candidate that was the package deal. She’s not as young as either Barack or Sarah, with those years do come experience. Not just McCain years, which is a heart-attack waiting to happen. Granted, Mr. McCain is a hero and has done more to support America with his years in the service than the other candidates, but we need a leader/President who will get the issues in our homeland solved. What is he planning for the economy? More breaks for people in his tax bracket? Hillary and the Democrats are going to balance the budget. SHE understand healthcare, being a mother, how things work in Washington, knows foreign policy. She actually would have sealed the deal for the Democratic race IF Obama would have chosen her as his running mate. Then the Republicans wouldn’t have had to resort to trying to find Sarah to put on the ticket. 99% of the voters know that the only reason he went looking for a woman as VP, was to get the undecided women voters. Well, Mr. McCain and your Rep. advisors, you don’t give the rest of the skirts in America much credit. You see, although we may wear pantyhose, it hasn’t cut off the oxygen to our brain. Good luck and IF infact Sarah can handle a family of five with a little boy who needs much much love and attention, can handle the new grandma status, can handle the helpless feeling of having a son in the service, and Mr. Palin feel like he won’t be caged in the Washington circle, then maybe it’ll work. It’s just too bad that when we all know that Hillary was the right woman, both parties overlooked her “strength and experience”, even if she wears pantsuits.

  6. Ah, so we needed a pantsuit in the White House!

  7. cb of ohio says:

    okay…look, any party who denounces
    gay people should run elsewhere………
    let us get religion out of politics once and
    for all…………gee, that’s one of the main
    reasons this good country was founded….
    seperation of church and state….hmmmmm
    Wake up people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s 2008

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    Skirt in the Whitehouse
    How exactly did the Republican Party “overlook” Hillary Clinton?
    Who chose Barack Obama to be the Democratic candidate? Certainly not the Republicans, in fact I suspect it would be into the tens or hundreds of thousands of Republicans who voted for Hillary in the primaries. Quite frankly your post illustrates the idiocy of the Democratic hierarchy and their administration of a selection process that allowed the elite Superdelegates to chose a candidate the voters did not want. And then to further rub salt in the wound, the candidate who people like you want making the important decisions for this country, when he had to actually make a decision and couldn’t just vote present, bypassed for VP the one person who most likely would have put him in the Whitehouse.
    Your concerns for Gov. Palin are appreciated but based on her record, to answer your question, she can handle it. And that’s why millions of us Americans are on fire for this Governor from Alaska who, just happens to be, a women.

  9. Bill mcconnell

    I think Biddden is in the best seat. He is a very smart man? Lets see We got to give it to Him He hasn’t said anything has HE? What stat is he from? I always thought he was a Rep. OH well REmember I am just the average man in the USA. I have been out of things for a long time because Old timers always put the people they want in to things. I think it is still going that way today. As a Vet I have yet to hear how many POW/MIA’s are left from VietNam?? better yet how many from Desert Storm??Oh! How about NOW? how many more will before gotten by the Rep. Party if we leave it to any of the people that are running today. It’s a shame to know that McCain is willing to drop it all to dat. I know the familys of the POW/MIA’s and other Vet Like me know their Still not home in any form be it dead or alive. Why we Vets aren’t runinf this part of the show I don’t know I just know As I watched on TV and E mail from This McCain seems to think because he is home and the others aren’t they are LESS the Hero that he is. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I still thhink of the Mothers I met in the league if MIA/POW’s Family I think Mrs. Ann Curren Mrs.Mary Carrol Lemmon Made me thinl more about others than myself. If John McCain is the hero that everyone thinks he is he, should be doing everthing that the Families Ask Him to do with out questioning it just as his own Add.Father would want anyone in his Possation would Do. Or aren’t they worth it. I know this will never make it any further than this. I think thats a shame. I am sure that All Vet’s feel the same why. It is about time we Vet’s start making the Big shots take note this And watch just who will serve or Comrades and now our sons. Don’t think of the POW/MIA as the Past it is coming in the future. you can find me at it. thank you for your time.

  10. I am sorry it’s not voice it’s

  11. @Randy,
    I can tell you if the City Manager or Mayor of my hometown ran for this, there would be more than a few letters like Anne Kilkenny’s. Small town politics gets pretty brutal because you actually know the people whose pocket books are effected.

  12. For those of you who haven’t seen Deepak Chopra’s Unusual Perspective:

    From: Deepak Chopra | Posted: September 4th, 2008

    Sometimes politics has the uncanny effect of mirroring the national psyche even when nobody intended to do that. This is perfectly illustrated by the rousing effect that Gov. Sarah Palin had on the Republican convention in Minneapolis this week. On the surface, she outdoes former Vice President Dan Quayle
    as an unlikely choice, given her negligent parochial expertise in the complex affairs of governing. Her state of Alaska has less than 700,000 residents, which reduces the job of governor to the scale of running one-tenth of New York City.

    By comparison, Rudy Giuliani is a towering international figure. Palin’s pluck has been admired, and her forthrightness, but her real appeal goes deeper.

    She is the reverse of Barack Obama, in essence his shadow, deriding his idealism and exhorting people to obey their worst impulses. In psychological terms the shadow is that part of the psyche that hides out of sight, countering our aspirations, virtue, and vision with qualities we are ashamed to face: anger, fear, revenge, violence, selfishness, and suspicion of “the other.”

    For millions of Americans, Obama triggers those feelings, but they don’t want to express them. He is calling for us to reach for our higher selves, and frankly, that stirs up hidden reactions of an unsavory kind. (Just to be perfectly clear, I am not making a verbal play out of the fact that Sen. Obama is black. The shadow is a metaphor widely in use before his arrival on the scene.)

    I recognize that psychological analysis of politics is usually not welcome by the public, but I believe such a perspective can be helpful here to understand Palin’s message. In her acceptance speech Gov. Palin sent a rousing call to those who want to celebrate their resistance to change and a higher vision.

    Look at what she stands for:

    –Small town values — a denial of America’s global role, a return to petty, small-minded parochialism.

    –Ignorance of world affairs — a repudiation of the need to repair America’s image abroad.

    –Family values — a code for walling out anybody who makes a claim for social justice. Such strangers, being outside the family, don’t need to be heeded.

    –Rigid stands on guns and abortion — a scornful repudiation that these issues can be negotiated with those who disagree.

    –Patriotism — the usual fallback in a failed war.

    –“Reform” — an italicized term, since in addition to cleaning out corruption and excessive spending, one also throws out anyone who doesn’t fit your ideology.

    Palin reinforces the overall message of the reactionary right, which has been in play since 1980, that social justice is liberal-radical, that minorities and immigrants, being different from “us” pure American types, can be ignored, that progressivism takes too much effort and globalism is a foreign threat. The radical right marches under the banners of “I’m all right, Jack,” and “Why change? Everything’s OK as it is.”

    The irony, of course, is that Gov. Palin is a woman and a reactionary at the same time. She can add mom to apple pie on her resume, while blithely reversing forty years of feminist progress. The irony is superficial; there are millions of women who stand on the side of conservatism, however obviously they are voting against their own good. The Republicans have won multiple national elections by raising shadow issues based on fear, rejection, hostility to change, and narrow-mindedness.

    Obama’s call for higher ideals in politics can’t be seen in a vacuum. The shadow is real; it was bound to respond. Not just conservatives possess a shadow — we all do. So what comes next is a contest between the two forces of progress and inertia. Will the shadow win again, or has its furtive appeal become exhausted? No one can predict. The best thing about Gov. Pal in is that she brought this conflict to light, which makes the upcoming debate honest. It would be a shame to elect another Reagan, whose smiling persona was a stalking horse for the reactionary forces that have brought us to the demoralized state we are in. We deserve to see what we are getting, without disguise.

  13. Your 4th comment states it all “Fourth, she has hated me since back in 1996,” woman you have issues – get counseling…I’ll pray for you…and vote for McCain & Palin

  14. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Another Great Day. All we need is a President and a Vice President, neither of which understands economics’. She though Fanny and Fanny were governmental agecny……I wonder if she is just confused……may be with home economics …..who knows, not Palin….Don’t worry Bush doesn’t under stand it either. May be it has to do with electing a “c ” average student. That’s “OK” we can now elect two smart people… Mc Cain he did poorly and Palin took six year to get through a four year course of studies …..and six different schools. That should make one sleep good at night. God help us if we elected a Harvard person? Damn, I forgot Palin talks to God…….She even said So. Every thing will be “OK”, go back to sleep, my little sheep.

  15. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Another Great Day. All we need is a President and a Vice President, neither of which understands economics’. She though Fanny and Fanny were governmental agecny……I wonder if she is just confused……may be with home economics …..who knows, not Palin….Don’t worry Bush doesn’t under stand it either. May be it has to do with electing a “c ” average student. That’s “OK” we can now elect two smart people… Mc Cain he did poorly and Palin took six year to get through a four year course of studies …..and six different schools. That should make one sleep good at night. God help us if we elected a Harvard person? Damn, I forgot Palin talks to God…….She even said So. Every thing will be “OK”, go back to sleep, my little sheep. And this has not been already said.

  16. “Randy in Richmond” is right on! Great posts!

  17. a lot of hores pucky says:

    anne w….Sorry about the double entry, the computer messed up. May be God wants sure its read ??? or maybe God will talk with me and I could become President or at least Vice President. Seem to be a qualifer.

  18. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Linda if McCain and Palin are elected, pray for all of us.

  19. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Randy if you are on fire , you might have Linda pray for you, you might be in the wrong place already

  20. It amazes me that sane people do not see clearly through the self serving Gov. Palin. She is catty, self absorbed, dangerous. She would clearly be a very dangerous personality to trust with the common weal. She is much to self absorbed and lacks any noticeable degree of empathy. Neither is she a very good exemplar of womanhood.

  21. Interesting read. More so for the comments than the original post. Most of the original post has been reported, and mostly glossed over by the media who want a close race to keep ratings up.

    McCain picked Palin to galvanize his base. There were much better picks on the Republican side to actually be Vice-President. Palin is attractive, speaks well, and can spin yarns as well as Clinton or McCain. She’s a politician with ambition. Those things are all good things for a politician to be.

    She’s also inexperienced compared to the rest of the candidates, and compared to more competent people in her own party. But she did galvanize the religious right for McCain, and he needed that.

    The McCain campaign has said this election is about personalities. They want people to choose on who you’d like to have a brew with. The Democrats are pushing issues. Palin fits into the mould perfectly.

    Personally, I’m voting on issues this year. I’m more concerned about the middle class and the poor than the rich. I’m concerned about the troups and the military being stretched to the breaking point, and the way they’re doping up our service members on anti-depressants to keep them on the front. I’m concerned about energy independence. Real, long term energy independence. I’m tired of people saying the jobs that have been lost in the manufacturing area aren’t coming back. Why not? Labor costs? Bull! Japan is opening plants here. I’m tired of being told that new tech jobs will replace the ones lost. They’re going offshore with programming jobs now. Even call centers are being located in India.

    I’m tired of seeing my insurance premiums rise, my co-pays go up, and more limits on the treatment I can get. I’m REALLY tired of seeing my perscription costs going through the roof.

    And underlying all of it is the national debt. Anyone who balances the family checkbook knows that you can’t live on credit cards forever. When are our leaders going to learn the lesson? We’ve had 8 years of low taxes, and record spending, with nothing to show for it? How’s the interstate in your area? Bridges look like they’ve been repaired lately? How many for sale signs on forclosed houses?

    After 8 years of Republicans running things, and things going from bad to worse, I can’t see taking the risk of 4 more years of the same party in power. McCain talks about being a maverick, but all of his staffers are old Bush people and retired Republican Bush yes-men.

    I’d vote for my dead dog before I’d vote Republican this year. The old Republican vitues of getting what you pay for, and getting the best return for the least spent have gone out the window. Instead we get Flag Burning and Gay Marriage amendments. Who the heck cares when you can’t afford hamburger for dinner? When you’re afraid to drive across the Interstate bridge? Or you’re worrying about your kid being shipped to Afghanistan after he gets back from 3 tours in Iraq?

    Oh, and a side humourous note: Notice how lately John McCain’s wrinkles have all vanished? Plastic surgery, or tons of makeup? He looks fit and tanned, but just a month ago he looked wrinkled and pale. Looks like he’s wearing more makeup than my Aunt Marilyn, and she went through pancake and powder like it was water.

  22. Randy in Richmond says:

    a lot of horse pucky
    I agree that nobody really understands Fanny and Fanny. And George Bush was a C student at Yale with an average of 77. He finished just ahead of John Kerry, also a C student, who had an average of 76. Using your criteria I voted for the smartest major candidate in the last election, did you? And Gov Palin only attended 4 colleges as far as I can tell but I stand to be corrected. It’s all over the net she attended 5 colleges, so help me out and name the fifth. If I am right this is another example of many wanting to excoriate this lady without checking facts. Here are the four I can find: Hawaii Pacific
    North Idaho
    University of Idaho
    Matanaska Susitra
    I finally found a site that actually counted the schools.

  23. I have a sense that the McCain camp wants to frustrate Obama with ‘lie, deny, lie’ and see if he stutters and stumbles on TV; the Public wants to see if Obama ‘bites’. McCain/Palin are trumpeting ‘we are against ear marks and wasteful spending’ even if they are not, and never were. But life does get complicated. Consider the much debated ‘bridge to nowhere’. If one Gogles ‘bridge to nowhere Alaska’ you find that in Oct. 2005 Sen. Coburn (R-OK) proposed a Senate amendment to remove this bridge, and the ‘Don Young’s Way’ bridge, from the then pending transportation bill. Sen. Stevens promised, in anger, that he would resign from the Senate if the state of Alaska was ‘disrespected’ with passage of this ammendment. Strange as it may seem, both the Heritage Foundation and the Sierra Club favored the amandment! The amendment failed 82 to 15 with 3 ‘not voting’. Sen. Obama voted against the amendment and Sen. McCain did not vote at all (I have no doubt his campaign can ‘spin’ this ‘did not vote’). See S. Amdt 2165 HR 3058. In Nov. 2005, after a flood of news reports and TV joke sessions, congress (in Committe from what I can tell), removed both bridges; but retained the funding for Alaska. Sen. Stevens did not resign and stated that so long as Alaska got the money, he was OK with the decission. Gov. Palin said ‘no thanks’ some time later.

  24. Just a muse on Dril, Dril, Dril. ANWAR is said to have 3 – 13 billion barrels of oil. The US, for all uses, consumed 6-7.5 billion barrels of oil in 2007 (depending on the specific estimate). Is the cost to the environment worth 3 billion barrels of oil?
    On the other hand, off -shore Alaska, between the 12 mile limit and the poll, contains an unknown amount of oil. It may be super huge.Without an Artic Treaty (UNCLOS), owenership of these resources are in doubt. The UNCLOS treaty opponents, led by Sen. Imhoff (R-OK), believe that this treaty, or any treaty for that mater, encroachs on U.S. Sovereignty. Sen. McCain, who supported the treaty at first, backed down and voted against allowing a Senate treaty vote. There is the Republican right wing and the Republican way right wing. What is Sen. McCain’s position NOW? Is there no one willing to ask him? Note: I live thousands of miles from Alaska and it matters to me.

  25. pdx,

    Tthe Dems are talking issues? So you want gov’t to solve all your problems? Now how exactly is Obama going to reduce your med and prescription costs? Another gov’t program that time and time again falls short of frree enterprise. Did you see ted Kennedy go to canada for his brain surgery? I thought not.

    Though I understand your plights, more gov’t has never been the answer to these problems. And yes, GW and Congress have been spending like drunken soldiers. But you bring up experience and Palin’s lack thereof. What exactly is Barry’s experience again? Has he ever lead anything?

    IMHO this election comes down to:

    a) Change America

    b) Change Washington to reflect America.

    c) Vote for your dead dog

  26. @yogamom – so do you do DC’s high colonic enemas and all that stuff too?

  27. Randy in Richmond says:

    Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine.

  28. That’s funny, Randy.

  29. I thought she was talking about Shrillary. My bad.

  30. I am quite serious about this, our nation. I am 82. My history of political involvement is quite long and I care. I am worried about the mentality that would promote this woman as principled. All of the discourse that is in this site is interesting, rather fatiguing but important. Thank you for the compliment about being a ray of sunshine.

  31. what troubles me is the kind of rationalization that goes something like this: God does not want us to kill a fetus–it is a human being and therefore one of God’s creatures. Although I would not deny a mother’s right to an abortion (within limits), I can understand this argument.
    But then how can you say it was God’s plan that soldiers go into Irag and kill children and their families????
    If you can rationalize the war by saying that it was God’s plan, you can rationalize anything…especially if God speaks directly to you.
    How frightening is that? Does God want you to push that button?

  32. Randy in Richmond says:

    Who said the war was God’s plan? Praying for God’s help on any undertaking is quite different from it being his plan.
    And you approve of one making a deliberate decision to kill a child for convenience sake, with limits, yet you show outrage at people dying as a result of war. If you are aware of our soldiers deliberately killing women and children it is your duty to report this to the proper authorities.

  33. Glenna Goodwin says:

    I watched CNN recently when they profiled McCain and Obama, each was about an hour and a half long. This one thing I know Obama is in no way experienced enough to run our government. 3 years as a community organizer??? That seems to be the strength of his resume. I like Obama and his wife and someday he will probably be our president but he is not ready now.

  34. dede,

    I think Randy is right here. I don’t share Gov. Palin’s rather zealous anti-abortion stance, but she never said that it’s God’s will that we go to war. Now think one could easily say, it is God’s will to take on evil. Now is it our job to identify evil and to take it on? I’m not aBible student, but perhaps someone here could shed some light there.

    I also have to agree with Randy here, that a child is innocent, he has not had the oportunity to sin yet. Therefore he cannot be evil. So the question becomes, when it is a what stage?

    To get “worked up” about soldiers dying, but not unborn children dying would seem in conflict to me. To put the two on the same plane is “rationalization”, not the other way around.

    Now it’s perfectly alright to be against the war. There’s plenty of good reasons to be against it, including the loss of such viable lives as our soldiers. But muddling protection of unborn babies isn’t one of them.

    Well that’s my opinion anyways…from a non Bible thumping Christian, who believes in pro-choice (within limits) . Who believes in capital punishment and hates to see live taken without due cause.

  35. Steve,

    I AM the government. So are you. We’re a republic, and that means we get what we choose. The phony “Government is evil” line is just that, a line. Inefficient government is the problem. Wasteful government is the problem. I don’t want the government to solve my problems, but I do want them to repeal the laws that allow the pharm companies monopolies, and allow them to continue to cheat us.

    I’m a financial conservative, but not what they seem to call one today. I believe in a balanced budget, getting what we pay for, and governmnet efficiency. The Republican party for the last 8 years has mismanaged government to the point where every man, woman, and child has a debt of almost $30,000.

    I’ve also seen them give heafty tax cuts and more loopholes to corporations. They’ve done nothing to help control health costs. In fact, they’ve forbidden the states to negotiate with the pharm companies to get cheaper prices.

    Do you honestly think you’re better off now than you were 8 years ago? If so, congradulations! You’re one of the very rare ones. Most of us have less real income, more personal and national debt share, and pay more for everything in real dollars.

    John McCain had a great platform when he ran against Bush in 2000. This year, he has Bush’s platform with a sugar coating of “Maverick”. He’s abrogated most of the innovative things he pushed n Congress, and his running mate is a social conservative chosen for purely political reasons. I want John McCain from 2000, but he seems to have vanished, and the people who surround him are all GWB and Rove-ites who’re more concerned about staying in office than offering solutions.

    Frankly, I’m not sure the Dems can do much better, but after 8 years, it’s time to see if they can.


    McCain has a lot more experience in Congress than Obama. But then, Obama has a lot more than Lincoln did when he was elected. And at least Obama has people around him that won’t continue the Bush mismanagement we’ve had for the last 8 years.

    To the “Change” people, of both sides… “Change” doesn’t mean anything in and of itself. Look at the people working on the campaigns of each candidate. The ones on the Republican side are mostly lobbiyists, and Bush/Rove operatives. A McCain administration will be a 3rd Bush term if it’s run by these guys.

  36. pdxjims – thank goodness it’s only your opinion! This “Bush’s third term” thing has been defeated. Why do you insist upon that phrase? Could it be you’re out of real excuses?

  37. All I have to say is every human in this great world is a reflection of the party they keep. Obama is a direct reflection of Tony Rezko, Rev Wright, Bill Eras, and the list goes on and on. And to think that the Democratic party would pick such an inexperienced person
    (Obama) “community organizer” to be there
    presidential candidate. Furthermore, having someone such as Pepino who redefines the term idiot supporting you is a statement in its own. Also I feel very sorry for the jealous anger Anne from Alaska has towards Sarah Palin’s outer beaty and brains. I’m not a gambler but I would bet 100 to 1 odds that Anna is probably as homely as Rin Tin Tin was a dog.

  38. Randy in Richmond says:

    Liberals are so much more fun at election time. Obama now has an ad that says Sarah Palin was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it. In computer years how old is that line. And it’s so much more effective when there is a video-tape of the candidate involved actually making the statement. I fully expect their next ad to try and kayak Sarah Palin.

  39. Cindy,

    “Defeated”? The election isn’t until November. The people around John McCain, his aids and advisors, are all Bush people and Republicans from Bush’s rubber stamp Congress. Most of the policies he advocates are the same ones Bush has advocated for the last 8 years. To me, that’s 4 more years of Bush.

    Randy, both sides are starting to get nasty, and making it more about personalities. That’s a real shame, since it’s the policies they advow that’s important. Of course, Obama’s campaign is more on a respond mode, while McCain is on an attack mode.

    Company they keep? I wouldn’t invite anyone involved this year to my house to dinner, or if I did I’d count the silverwear after they left.

    Ugly as Rin Tin Tin? Low blow. All women are beautiful, if you look at them right. I was broght up to respect them all, though I may disagree with their policies or personality. I don’t dislike Ms. Palin. I do think the Republicans had much more qualified people who would make a great VP, and possibly a President than she would. She was nominated for political reasons. She has her own political baggage, like any politician. I disagree with her views on a number of issues though.

  40. Randy – it is old! I can’t believe they rolled it out with the same lines!

    Democrats will reject Obama’s ad because of the harm the same lines did to Kerry. They’re still ticked about it. It also shows how out of touch Obama is with his own party.

  41. To Cindy #36
    The “Bush Third Term” tag will probably hang on because it’s true. Evidently you are content with the status quo.

    Mike #37
    According to your logic, McCain is a reflection of the Bush clan, whom he is trying to dis-associate himself with at the last minute for political reasons. And, talk about petty, who gives a damn what Anne or anyone else looks like?

  42. Cochise – yes, I am. I don’t think Bush’s history will be nearly as damning as you would like.

  43. Ronbo Adams says:

    Try this on for a great spin . Seattle Times September 10 local news section B.

    PIT BULLS ” tag team ” VICTUM. story in brief. Two pit bulls malled a 71 year old lady in her front yard. She required 10 hours of surgery to sew her ears back on , try to save her hearing, repair her crushed right arm, wrists , and broken jaw, which were damaged beyond complete repair. The story goes on and on with the debilitating injuries by the pit bulls. Shame on the Seattle Times fro using Sarah Palin’s alter ego as a head story. I am not sure if the pit bulls were wearing lipstick , the story lacked that information.

  44. Ronbo, Good one! I wonder if the pit bulls were wearing glasses they didn’t need to make them look more serious…

    Joke folks! Just a joke!

  45. Cindy, you must be upper bracket if you’re content. I didn’t say I was left or right and I hope his history isn’t all that damning, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Where are all the citizens out there digging for facts and truth? I’ve seen a few. Most of us have our minds made up & don’t want to be confused with the facts. My decision will be based on how I grade the last eight years performance, not whether L or R. Since there’s no guarantee things will continue the same, that’s probably poor reasoning, but it’s the best I can do. If McCain was really a Maverick, I’d probably vote for him, but I don’t see it that way. I’m doing my damnest to be an Independent, but it’s not easy

  46. We all know that there is no one that could run for office that will ever be “perfect”; without some dirt that can be dug up. I own a small business that employs people and is struggling with the current economy. If Obama is elected and his policies are put in place, it is certain that I will lose what I have worked for the last 15 years. Then my employees will be on the unemployment list with the rest. If it takes someone like Sarah Palin to help get McCain voted in to office, so be it.

  47. Rockbill,

    Why will you lose everything if Obama is elected? What specific policies will he implement that will hurt your business? Serious question, since I don’t know what things he’s advocating that will hurt a small business.

  48. Randy in Richmond says:


    It is being reported that in a change of policy Democrats in large numbers are arriving in Alaska to commence drilling. Reports are that they are spreading throughout the state and are concentrating their efforts in the small town of Wasilla. As you know Democrats have previously resisted drilling in…..wait a minute, I believe part of my info is incorrect– oh, okay they are drilling but I’m being told it is for….. well, ….dirt. More later.

  49. Uh… So?

    You can be sure that the Republicans did it for every one of the Democrats running for President, and every one of the possible VP picks. Palen came out of nowhere, so it makes sense to investigate her background and policies. This thread alone shows there’s a lot of interest in her, and I think I’d like to see both sides, without hearsay. This is politics. The question is what dirt is found, and how it’s used. Dirt about her personal life or family would disgust me. Dirt about her policies, her management style, her past positions are fair game. I’m really waiting for the review of her firing in conjunction with her ex-brother-in-law. I’m not commenting on that until I hear the evidence of the state investigation, and I hope it’s released before the election. I think releasing it after the election would be unfair to both her and her opponents.

  50. Uh…really?

    You swear Palin doesn’t have the experience to be vice-president, but now you think there’s enough dirt for 30 lawyers to fight over?

    Toilet paper on your shoe does NOT count.

    If there was anything out there, we’d know it by now. What Democrats make up, however, is another thing… If I were a local city clerk on the Republican side, I’d be asking for formal open records requests. Then I’d sit on ’em until after the campaign. By the time someone sued, it would be the end of November.

    I sure hope someone’s listening!

  51. I never said she doesn’t have the experience to be VP. I said there were better Republicans for the job who had more experience and were better qualified.

    30 lawyers to fight over? Well, they have precious little time to get information about her, when everyone else was looked at over more than a year.

    And if I were a city clerk on the Republican side, I’d ask for formal open requests too. That’s part of the job. I wouldn’t sit on the requests though, because that would be a violation of my public trust. They’re there as employees of the government, not political flunkies. You’d wait until they sued? That’s the problem. A clerk of either party who doesn’t do their job the way they were supposed to should be thrown out of office or fired.

  52. Randy in Richmond says:

    Thank you Us Magazine, Thank you MTV, Thank you Rev Wright, Thank you Hollywood,
    Thank you Oprah, And today ,Thank you Carol Fowler..

    “South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler sharply attacked Sarah Palin today, saying John McCain had chosen a running mate ” whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.” ” Liberals are so much fun during an election.

  53. RiR, good catch!

    pdxjims – If the requests were from area residents, I’d process them right away.

    Feel better?

  54. USA Today totally debunked the book banning rumor as did and Face it, Anne is a flaming Liberal with a huge axe to grind.

    As far as leaving Wasilla with debt? Yeah, after the town VOTED IN a multi million dollar sports center. Get real people. This is just another 1/2 truth, no truth, Liberal smear.

    Just an email to a few friends? Yeah right! What a crock!

  55. Conchise – like I said, I’m content. But why wouldn’t I be? Employment remains much higher on average over Bush’s 8 years than it was in the previous administration, the economy is stable and not in a recession like the media have tried to insist over the last few months and grew well for years before that; a horrible dictator is gone and another country held their first ever genuine election thanks to the help of GWBush. What’s not to find pleasing? (Unless you want more government entitlements…)

    PS My sentiments cross income levels – and didn’t you say you were at 95%? I know families earning less than half of your approximate $150,000 that still think like I do.

    Why is your glass half empty?

  56. Cindy,

    No. A public trust is for everyone, not just local residents. Any kind of stonewalling is a violation of that trust, and shameful. It’s called “ethics”. They used to teach it in high school.

    Ethics seems to go by the wayside more and more. So does courtesy, and respect.

  57. Ethics. So that’s what you call dropping 30 lawyers on a small government system.

    Courtesy and respect still exist. They simply need to be reciprocated.

  58. Cindy,

    Our national debt is over $9,500,000,000,000. The government just had to take over Fanny and Freddy Mae. Our infrastructure is decades behind on maintenace and inspections.

    There’s still a ton of dictators around the world. We’re fighting two wars and still haven’t caught Bin Laden, there are more houses in foreclosure than any time in history. Our army is understaffed and needs to be resupplied at all levels to replace the equipment losses we’ve sustained. Our balance of trade is shameful. Our biggest export right now is jobs. Both parties are telling us we can’t get manufacturing jobs back.

    Liberal rant? No. It’s a conservative rant. A real fiscal conservative would be appalled by our current situation. These were the concerns that got a Republican Congress elected in the Clinton years. Remember the Contract with America? What the heck happened to that?

  59. Yes Ethics. I truly doubt 30 lawyers are all in line in Wassila with seperate requests. Alaska is a big, big state. Some my actually be in Juneau and Anchorage.

    I was taught that courtesy and respect are given whatever the response. I was taught that ethics are unconditional. I was taught that all of them should be a requirement of government service.

  60. So you should choose Obama’s who’s tax plan is said to EXPAND the national debt! No, I don’t think so. And your Democratically controlled congress didn’t exactly bother to act during their reign of power, did they? Fannie and Freddie failed under Democratic oversight by Congress.

    (You totally stepped in it with this rant by calling attention to the Dems controlling Congress and the national debt.)

    A real fiscal conservative knows that Obama is NOT an option. Balance must be maintained between the executive and legislative branches. Otherwise, we could end up in a handbasket in Hell.

  61. PJ – welcome to the real world.

  62. Good point, Cindy. I’m not happy with Obama’s plan, though I’m less happy with McCain’s (what I’ve been able to see of it). Frankly, I think taxes need to be raised across the board, corporate loopholes need to be closed, greater government efficiency needs to be implemented. We should raise the inheritance tax. We should stop being the world’s policeman and pull our troups out of Europe. Europe isn’t a war torn area the way it was after WWII. Let them protect themselves.

    No one likes taxes. But isn’t it better to have them now, and pay some of the debt off, then let the interest rise and pass it onto our children? And we have things that have gone by the wayside that we need to fix.

    Free trade sounds good, until you discover we’re paying for it. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and free trade isn’t free when our manufacturing base has all but vanished. We import most of our steel, appliances, and cars. Our computers are made in Asia. Even things that are “Made in America” are made out of foreign supplied parts.

    The Dems could have done better over the last year and a half. But hey were pretty limited. The Republicans had enough votes in the Senate to squash any reform, and the President would have surely vetoed any responsible budget policy. Not that the Dems offered one, since they figured it’d be useless to bother. You can’t call it a reign of power when they didn’t really have that much.

    BTW, that was a rant? Boy, it was a nice one 🙂

  63. PJ, you may be too young to remember it, but we’ve been in debt before. Debt comes and goes with economic expansion. I’m one of the few in the US that thinks the economy has little to do with who’s in office, but whoever lands in office has a lot to do with the economy.

    Free trade isn’t a bad thing. Free trade while trying to placate the US unions is hell. We’ll get it right soon. I’m here in the middle of the EU. They’ve shown a more global strategy can work well.

    The Dems were limited – like when the left for vacation and didn’t manage energy issues? Limited by leadership? Intelligence. Nah, I’m not gonna be nice on this one. You get to own the fact that this is the most do-nothing congress in the history of the constitution. Democratic spending does not equal “responsible budget policy.” It’s why a balance of power must remain. If you’re a curmudgeon like me, gridlock is good.

  64. Vattel and Puffendorf says:

    Thanks for posting Anne Kilkenny’s letter. Although I find a lot that shows Sarah Palin’s unsuitability for Vice President, I am sure there are those who find “gems” that they feel justify a vote for her.

  65. Cindy,

    pdx, not PJ. Or Jim.

    First, I’m 52, so I do remember a lot of our debt history. And each time it rose, I was worried. I was very worried under Reagan, and happy with the Republican Congress in the 90’s for trying to reduce it.

    Placate the Unions? What Unions? Their power base was in the manufacturing sector, and that’s gone. Unions have so little force compared to their heyday in the 1950’s it’s not worth mentioning.

    EU? Oh yes! They don’t have the military expense we have, since we’re their military. They use the money to provide things like national health care and month long vacations.. you know, entitlements. And their tax rates are amazing. And they maintain their manufacturing base by tarrifs on heavy industrial goods and higher taxes.

  66. Carol Dahlquist says:

    All this back and forth talk, I for one am very nervous about the direction our country is going in. The thought of more Bush politics is very frightening. I wish we could get past the lies and digs and find a source where the truth is told no matter what party you belong to!!!!! If direction does not change our country is in deep s…..

  67. Randy in Richmond says:

    The kayaking of Sarah Palin continues. Earlier I posted Carol Fowler’s hit piece 0n Gov Palin but alas, on the floor of Congress Rep. Cohen (D) wanted to have his say:
    His brillant comment: that Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate a governor.
    One must conclude: Al Capone lived in Chicago and so does Barack Obama, therefore….

    Liberals are fun but desperate liberals are more fun.

  68. Interesting…

    The Obama campaign denies sending 30 lawyers to Alaska.

    …and Conservatives aren’t any fun at all, but at least the desperate ones make good TV.

  69. Randy in Richmond says:

    The Obama campaign denies sending lawyers to Alaska– from DC or Chicago. C ould they be from somewhere else? Also the source of the story, John Fund with the WSJ stands by his story and will have additional info later.
    For what it’s worth I am not going to refer to the story until I hear what Fund has to say. However, I find it curious that the denial includes specific cities because in his article Fund names no cities.

  70. Cindy – We all seem to interpret the stats to suit ourselves. The last time I checked, unemployment continues to rise, our national debt is completely out of control, foreclosures are at a record high, Bush has the lowest approval rating in history, many of our servicemen have to suffer 2 or 3 tours because we’re under-staffed, we are exporting jobs like crazy and the list goes on. Granted, the Democratic congress has been less than impressive, but Bush carries more than his share of the blame. Our government gets bigger and bigger and it’s getting harder to tell which party is which anymore. I can’t see where either party has the answer. Neither could possibly make good on their promises in a four year term – possibly by 2092. I hear very little about Biden but in time we will and we’ll get to see more mud slinging. Too late this go-around, but how bout somebody like Lou Dobbs????? He hates em all!!! By the way, I don’t recall saying I am at 95%. I’m not, but my concern is for my kids and grand-kids.

    Carol Dahlquist – Brief and to the point. Well stated!!!

  71. Hello, Anne

    You’re probably getting 1,000’s of phone calls and email messages. I hope you get to this one.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences (not just opinions) with Sarah Palin. I’m extremely concerned about her extremely conservative stands on religion, pro-life issues, fiscally irresponsibility, drill-baby-drill, disregard for the environment – she is on the opposite end of the spectrum from me.

    Given all that you’ve written plus what I’ve substantiated through my own research, she left Wasilla in a fiscal disaster, raised taxes, wasted money, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

    What I don’t understand: Why is she so popular in Alaska?

    Charisma? It’s scary.

    Liz Reed

  72. Is it just me?

    It seems to me that the Libs want to pick the Conservative candidates. IMHO they already had a lot of help with that vis vi, John McCain. Though they don’t like him, he was the most palatable of the offerings.

    Now…it seems they want to pick his running mate too. They wanted someone more palatable to them, in case Obama wasn’t good for the long haul.

    Except for a little bit of playing around with “operation chaos”, the right has laregely let the left make their own mistakes. I don’t recall the right manipulating for Barry or Hilde..and I don’t reccall them being incensced when whomever took to finish line. I certainly don’t recall the right putting in their $0.02 for Barry’s running mate…or being incensced that he chose Biden.

    McCain chose Palin…and all I hera is the Libs screamin FOUL!!! What’s up with that?

  73. I have been reading some of the posts here.. I find some of them to be extremely ignorant and also very intelligent.

    I am a Obama supporter, and I do have concerns about his experience but I also feel that we need to see if someone can do something different.

    Overall this campaign is historic in there is an African American that is running for President that is huge. Never thought it would happen in my lifetime. (I am African American).
    A woman running for President and a woman is a VP candidate.

    I think there are concerns on both sides. As a woman I don’t necessarily identify with Sara Palin and I believe there may be many women like me no matter what race they are. I wouldn’t want to be identified with a “pit bull” considering their unpopular reputation.

    As for the campaigns I feel like I am being asked to choose a product that is on sale. I like John McCain and would’ve voted for him in 2000 had he made it. I think that Palin is overshadowing him a bit too much she isn’t running for President he is.

    Both candidates continue to use quotes from their convention speeches. I need to hear something new and I hope it gets better at the debates.

    I consider myself to be somewhat of an independent and I take everything both sides says with a grain of salt.

    They are politicians after all. My biggest concern is the war and the economy. Everyone I speak with are struggling. I have a son just entering college and 2 grandchildren I want their future to be better than my present… Just some thoughts…

  74. pdx said:

    Our national debt is over $9,500,000,000,000. The government just had to take over Fanny and Freddy Mae. Our infrastructure is decades behind on maintenace and inspections.

    There’s still a ton of dictators around the world. We’re fighting two wars and still haven’t caught Bin Laden, there are more houses in foreclosure than any time in history. Our army is understaffed and needs to be resupplied at all levels to replace the equipment losses we’ve sustained. Our balance of trade is shameful. Our biggest export right now is jobs. Both parties are telling us we can’t get manufacturing jobs back.

    Liberal rant? No. It’s a conservative rant. A real fiscal conservative would be appalled by our current situation. These were the concerns that got a Republican Congress elected in the Clinton years. Remember the Contract with America? What the heck happened to that?

    I can’t disagree with much of that. I just don’t feel Obama is the answer to these. To be honest, all I’ve got is a bunch of lofty goals and empty rhetoric…from both sides.

    Ta know what I see in Palin though. I may be wrong, but I see a female Teddy Roosevelt. A gifted politician, perhaps a bit short on experience, but bleeds red,white and blue. Someone that is at least as at home in nature, as they are in a 5 star hotel. I think she reflects what we all see, or would like to see in ourselves. That’s something that can motivate…motivate the people, to motivate Congress…or get the hell out.

    You said something key earlier…”WE are the gov’t.” The gov’t has forgotten that. I’ve long felt that one of the main jobs of the POTUS is to sell his ideas to the people. Let the people manage Congress via accountability.

  75. Emilie LaFave says:

    Sept. 9. It shouldn’t surprise any Christian that Sarah is being attacked by satan’s followers. If she weren’t, I’d be leery of her. And the Bible doesn’t say a baby isn’t a person until it’s 7 days old. Speaking of not knowing the Bible……………
    How ignorant can you get?! But hey! read the last chapter. WE WIN IN THE END! And all the enemy’s peoples’ hate mail won’t change ONE THING ! I’m SO GLAD I won’t have to watch their fate!

  76. Oh god above.

    Now anyone who speaks badly about Palin is an agent of the devil.

    See what I mean by McCain’s choice about Palin? She’s galvanized the conservative religious base for the Republicans. That’s why McCain made the right political choice. Others in his party would have been better VP’s and Presidents in waiting, but I don’t think anyone else could have gotten the old fire going again. In this case, the old hellfire.

    We’ve lived here by “sides” for too long. That’s why I’m trying to ignore everything but the issues. McCain isn’t old, Obama isn’t black, Palin isn’t a woman, and god knows what Biden isn’t. They’re all candidates for public office, with proposals on the table and advisors they’ll put into office with them.

    I’m sorry. But my soul is my own. I’m more concerned about feeding my family, paying the rent, hoping my godson comes home from his 2nd tour of duty with the Marines in Iraq and can visit before he goes to Afghanistan.

    BTW, the Bible doesn’t say anything about abortion, or when human life begins. The closest you get is the story of Onan, and uh, that only tells half of the story.

  77. Why is it wrong for the mayor of a small community to be concerned about the books that are readily available to teenagers in a library? Passing laws to prevent free thought or to prevent owning of books is completely different than ensuring that a local library doesn’t have books that would be considered objectionable by a community (and a community leader). I don’t know the facts of this “book banning”. I have not been able to find anything other than that the topic of removing or “banning” books was discussed between the librarian and the mayor. I support free speech including the mayor’s right to disucss this openly with their community. This is the difference between a repubic view and a national view. Local communities should be able to make these types of decisions (as they effect children) and they shouldn’t be dictated to by a national government.

  78. I think most of you seem to be missing the point. I don’t care if Anne is vindictive, jeleous or even real. The only question I had was if the facts are true. They seems to be as accurate as anything I have seen on Palin. It is up to the individual to decide what Palin’s record means to them. For me, Palin seems to be a savvy politician who does whatever necessary to get what she wants. Some people love this and others hate it. But this is not why I choose to support candidates. I can’t support Palin because I don’t support her pro-life position or more tax breaks for for oil companies that are making record profits. It also bothers me that she says she is against pork when it sound good on the campaign trail, but when it benefitted her as mayor and governor, she lobbied and received huge earmarks.

    What this means for my candidate choice: McCain could have had my vote until he started sounding just like Bush/Rove. It might have something to do with Rove and lobbyists managing his campaign. I just don’t think I can handle another 4-8 years of the destruction of the Republican party I used to respect.

  79. to cb of ohio and others –

    i agree, it’s time for gay rights. i hope everyone who’s rallying around kilkenny realizes she is a self described conservative, in fact, more conservative than palin herself, or so she says. and in her now infamous email, in the claim/fact section, she complains that palin didn’t follow up on her hatred (kilkenny’s) of gays by supporting legislation that would have denied equal rights to gay couples, and she also expressed disappointment that palin didn’t push more for the teaching of flat earth science in the public schools (sic: creationism). so be careful who you crawl into bed with. if it’s kilkenny and you’re gay, you’ll wake up with a knife in your back.

  80. I would rather have gutsy, all-American Sarah in the White House than an un-American who lies through his teeth anyday.

    1) You don’t attend the same church for 20 years and not believe and/or agree with the parallels of the preaching taught in that church.

    2) You do however choose a church that closely matches your core belief system!

    Obama said, “Oh now my “pig” comment wasn’t about Sarah… Give me a break… he was trying to cover himself by comparing his little “speech” to others in the past. Sorry, It is what it is… he was referencing Sarah Palin.

  81. Randy in Richmond says:

    A Moderate
    You say you can’t support Palin because of her pro life position but McCain could have had your vote until he started sounding like Bush/Rove. Or put another way you are a sexist-as John McCain is a staunch pro-life supporter.
    Also please explain to me how a governor, any governor, or mayor, can request or receive earmarks from the US Congress as you accuse Gov Palin of doing.
    I’ve read Anne Kilkenny’s email and most of the facts included do not apply to Sarah Palin but most of the opinion does.

  82. Randy in Richmond says:

    I also am a Christian. And while we both believe in the same God and His Son, I suspect your interpretation of the details differs somewhat from mine. Please take no disrespect from my observation as I am a strong proponet of both free speech and religion, thus supporting your right to post your beliefs here or elsewhere. Whereas I may disagree with who I am sure are many fine people, I do not feel they are agents of satan or about doing his work. Disagreeing over candidates or politics does not give either side higher ground. If someone robs a bank do we ask his political leanings?
    And the purpose of my comments? I believe your post does not advance the cause of Sarah Palin and in many ways it hurts . Many will assume since you profess to be a Christian that anyone else doing so believes the same as you and that is unfortunate. There are many who hang out on DailyKos that support Obama who say things I suspect many Obama supporters on this site would not approve of.
    Having said this I spent three years of my life protecting your right to have your say, whereas we might disagree on the details.

  83. Why i find this to be a very informative e-mail, i have to ask, where is all the proof to back all of this up ???
    I see a lot of “he said this ” and “i heard form this guy that “, but i do not see names of these people, and facts to back them up.

    This sounds like someone who was scorn at one point in time and is doing nothing but ranting and raving to get attention.

    I lived through the Palin days as my mayor and its interesting how a lot of this never came up before to us.

    Put up the hard facts to back EVERY statement you made, or this is nothing more than a nice piece of paper to read while on the toilet.

  84. a lot of hores pucky says:

    alaskajoe our constitution gives anyone the right to their own opinon. The real facts are hard to come by and like or not truth does prevail. It just moves slow at times. In search of good data, I have found Alaska and Idaho have locked thing down to the point, I have to ask myself what is being hidden. Fact you just said” I lived though the palin days….” Sound like a struggle to me, So what is the hard facts. the truth would be a good thing. One other thing when in the out-house remember the job is never done until the paper work is done. ….You should add to your comments …Slamming people is not nice, and a republican responce to everything rather than the plan truth. Not much of that out there. Thank you for the insight. Appears you have learned well from Palin and McCain.

  85. Thank Anne for her courageous letter. I appreciate hearing from a local.
    Anne may not have Hard Facts but we better take a look at anything that comes up around Palin. I don’t want more totalitarianism in the world because no one was willing or able to prove that she was dangerous. The Republicans will do anything and she seems like exactly the kind of Narcissistic character they are looking for.

  86. Repubabubba says:

    Barb, I agree completely. We have been waiting for someone with character to lead our country, an Sarah Palin is it! Why, she is not afraid, with God’s Blessing, to take on those communists in Russia, or anyone else who threatens us like Socialist Canada (she is forcing them to build our pipeline so we can fuel God’s Army!) or even Mexico! Yes! Go Sarah!!!! The rapture is almost here, and you will lead us through the apocalypse!!!

  87. So barb1011 you dont care if there are facts to back it up, you care that someone somewhere said it and that we need to look at it ?!?!?!?

    Ok in that case palin is really superwoman in disguise, no i can not prove it, nor back it up with ANY facts,but hey, i said it so we should entertain this.

    Come on now, have we become a world where all someone has to do is post a blog or an email and now its taken at face value… with NO FACTS to support it.
    If these are facts, back them up, show us where this is documented. Hearing things from someone is NOT a reliable source of info.

    Weather sarah is the best person or not, the point is if you make a claim, back it up. If not your just someone screaming what you want. thats fine, but do not discredit someone with NO PROOF!!!

    Lets see the documents. Lets have some tapes of conversations where all this is “heard” from.

  88. Repubabubba says:

    Alaska Joe, You Are Very, Very good at this election stuff. It is so true! NO ONE will be allowed to vote against John S. McCain(hero) or the lovely Sarah Palin without voice recordings proving unsuitability for government leadership, and even these must be certified and agreed upon be everyone! There will be no stopping The Straight Edge Espress! Take that you livery LIBS!!!
    You will never be able to find anything that is proof! WE know the law, and it is God’s law, evil doers!!!!

  89. Repubabubba says:

    AlaskaJoe, I have been watching what you post, and think you will have a special place as a commander to lead God’s Army under the direction of Sarah Palin, maybe on a campaign against the Russians! I here Siberia is just like Alaska. I’m sure it will be very exciting for you!

  90. Randy in Richmond says:

    I think I figured out who you are. You are HAL from the movie 2001 come to life. When I read your posts I can actually hear HAL’s voice.

  91. Repubabubba says:

    And Bristol’s baby is the baby at the end of 2001! Oh, Randy, you are very crafty. And who are you? Are you the black box thingies? And is Cindy’s blog the room that the astronaut is confined to? Does this make John McCain Stanley Kubric?
    Oh, this is very fun.
    Did you see VP Palin on T.V. ? She was so bullied by that big mean reporter! Clearly a leftist! Do not worry. She will strike back by turning over the FCC rights of ABC to Fox! An Eye for an Eye!!!

  92. any of you even live in alaska ? do you know first hand about this stuff or do you jsut eat up what others tell you is the “truth ” ??

  93. Repubabubba says:

    AlaskaJoe are you trying to say that Sarah Palin does not know what life in the lower 48 states is like because she lives in Alaska? That seems like treason!

  94. There seems a common thread in these comments. People are very concerned by whether what Ms. [Anne] Kilkenny is supported by facts. I agree facts are important. However, the attitude seems to be unless every single allegation is supported by evidence, Ms. Kilkenny’s missive should be given no credence.

    Here’s the problem: Based on what I have been able to locate it seems that at least two (2) facts are clear (and undisputed): 1) she used her power as governor to retaliate against a state police employee who refused to file her ex-brother-in-law and 2) she fired a librarian for refusing to remove certain books from the public library.

    With regard to No. 1, while it may have been legal to file the police employee, it is clearly retaliatory in nature since she could not provide any evidence of poor job performance. This clearly contradicts any suggestion that she is a maverick or that she is somehow about base politics.

    With regard to No. 2, removing books from a public library based on one’s personal dislike for the book is so obviously violative of the U.S. Constitution, it’s repulsive. It’s very Bushian – not maverick. If you, as a leader, want to restrict what people read, you are not a maverick.

    On this basis – or this fact – alone, whether you are a republican or democrat, you should be concerned by Ms. Palin’s appearance on any party ticket…any.

  95. Even if every other “fact” in Ms. Kilkenny’s proves to be untrue, I am concerned by the facts mentioned above. Everyone should be.

  96. I’m amazed at the wide array of insightful and utterly deplorable comments! I don’t know whether to be appalled at the state of democracy, or heartened. At least people are talking.

  97. I for one was never a PTA mom, but was president of my Union in a hospital for 2 years…politics played a big part there. However, I believe Sarah Palin can and will do a very fine job a Vice President and I believe John McCain made the only choice he could!!!! Who do you think I’m voting for? And no, I’m not Republican or Democrat….non partisan is what I am………you go girl, and McCain!!!!!

  98. I forgot to mention that I lived in Alaska for four years…once in Kodiak for two years and once in Cordoba for 2 years. It’s a lovely state and I’m very proud to have Mrs. Palin nominated from the great state of Alaska for Vice President!!!!!

  99. Randy in Richmond says:

    This is old news. As to the books, none were removed or banned and the librarian was asked a rhetorical question about book selection. Palin withdrew her dismissal and the librarian stayed for several years. However, it would have been appropriate to remove the librarian, who actively and publicly campaigned for Palin’s opponent.

    The state employee you refer to is Walt Monegan, a Palin appointee, and she had a right to fire him for any reason. Here are the reasons you couldn’t find.
    Palin said it’s fine to have debates during cabinet meetings over the budget but Monegan went further and indicated to legislators she wasn’t proposing enough spending. Palin’s acting chief of staff, Mike Nizich, said Monegan asked legislators for spending that hadn’t been authorized by the governor. This is called exceding your authority and going over the boss’s head.
    And the trooper in question was caught in his police car with an alcoholic drink while driving, tasering an eleven year old and found by a State Police investgation to have threatened Gov. Palin’s father (his ex- wife’s father).

    Having been in management for thirty years I find Gov. Palin to be decisive and willing to make tough decisions. I cannot find one example of her voting “present” when confronted with a challange or unpopular issue.
    And what book(s) has George Bush ever had removed from any library. I will proudly vote for the McCain/Palin ticket and really don’t care if she’s a maverick or not.
    I’ve read Anne Kilkenny’s email and most of the facts included do not apply to Sarah Palin but most of the opinion does.

  100. GML,

    Reading Comprehension 101 should be in your future.

    Palin fired an insubordinate Police Chief.

    Plain NEVER requested ANY books be banned from the library (and neither has G for that matter).

    And books DO get banned in certain locals quite often. Every library has a protocol in how to challenge a book. You do realize Mark Twain uses the “N” word? Some find that offensive.

  101. a lot of hores pucky says:

    I’m sorry I have just listen to Sarah Palin, in her interview on ABC News. I have rock and sticks in my back yard, that are smarter than her. She is not ready to be VP let alone President. If she is elected with the old person. This country will far wores off than it is now. And Bush has turned into a third world country. Sorry I have had enough.

  102. Glad to see you living up to your screenname.

    As said before: when you actually want to bring something to the table it can be discussed. Until then, you are waste of bandwidth.

  103. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m sorry I watched the interview of Sarah Palin by ABC also. But I tell you who would be proud of the cut and paste job done by ABC is Michael Moore. This Sarahnheit 911 piece shown in the news time slot flows as smoothly as a roller coaster car. When shown on Nightline, where the entire answers were allowed, Governor Palin does well with the “gotcha” and “macaca” questioning. Maybe in part 2 tonight ABC will let the film run in real time and let our judgements be based on what was actually said rather than like the photoshop version of last night.

    Sticks and stones may……

  104. Cindy — why would you bother to post this article since you are so against it? What was YOUR motive?

  105. I have read your comments and found them to be thoughtful and encouraged by the fact that so many of you are pashionate enough to say what you believe.

    I am probably older than most of you but I would like to give my two cents worth. Asking about the education, work experience and comunity service of a canidate is the responsibility of every voter.

    A hocky (sports) parent, PTA attender and comunity volunteer enlightens you to your community needs. Today, a higher education with experience gives the edge on your decision making.

    True our first presidents laked the college degree but for their time they were well read and concidered men of learning. Though John McKain was just about the last in his class he rediemed himself by experience and self education. The problem with Sarah Palin is her limited education and work experience. She may have the knowledge to run her local comunity but to be a Statesperson and representive of the American people she is lacking.

    Those that hold our highest offices appoint the people to help run this country. They need to be well rounded in ecconomics , international comunities, and social problems in order to evaluate those individuals who will give them advice.

    Let’s not judge a canadate on whose party they represent or gender they want to elevate but on who can show the world we are a country to be respected in their eyes and of course ours.

  106. Randy-

    “Palin asked a rhetorical question” – what does that mean? How does that justify her conduct? She asked the librarian how she would respond to a request to remove certain books from the library. The librarian indicated that she would challenge such a request.

    The banning of books by any elected executive is unconstitutional. Therefore, the ruse that librarian didn’t support her administration is a nice, convenient, non-specific justification. If a librarian indicates that she would refuse to act on unconstitutional requests from the government is not a basis for termination – even in the realm of “rhetorical” questions. The issue was not about book selection; it was about removing books then-currently in the library. That is banning – not selection.

    From your own factcheck source:

    It’s true that Palin did raise the issue with Mary Ellen Emmons, Wasilla’s librarian, on at least two occasions, three in some versions. Emmons flatly stated her opposition each time. But, as the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman (Wasilla’s local paper) reported at the time, Palin asked general questions about what Emmons would say if Palin requested that a book be banned. According to Emmons, Palin “was asking me how I would deal with her saying a book can’t be in the library.” Emmons reported that Palin pressed the issue, asking whether Emmons’ position would change if residents were picketing the library. Wasilla resident Anne Kilkenny, who was at the meeting, corroborates Emmons’ story, telling the Chicago Tribune that “Sarah said to Mary Ellen, ‘What would your response be if I asked you to remove some books from the collection?’ ”

    Palin characterized the exchange differently, initially volunteering the episode as an example of discussions with city employees about following her administration’s agenda. Palin described her questions to Emmons as “rhetorical,” noting that her questions “were asked in the context of professionalism regarding the library policy that is in place in our city.” Actually, true rhetorical questions have implied answers (e.g., “Who do you think you are?”), so Palin probably meant to describe her questions as hypothetical or theoretical. We can’t read minds, so it is impossible for us to know whether or not Palin may actually have wanted to ban books from the library or whether she simply wanted to know how her new employees would respond to an instruction from their boss. It is worth noting that, in an update, the Frontiersman points out that no book was ever banned from the library’s shelves.

    Palin initially requested Emmons’ resignation, along with those of Wasilla’s other department heads, in October 1996. Palin described the requests as a loyalty test and allowed all of them (except one, whose department she was eliminating) to retain their positions. But in January 1997, Palin fired Emmons, along with the police chief. According to the Chicago Tribune, Palin did not list censorship as a reason for Emmons’ firing, but said she didn’t feel she had Emmons’ support. The decision caused “a stir” in the small town, according to a newspaper account at the time. According to a widely circulated e-mail from Kilkenny, “city residents rallied to the defense of the City Librarian and against Palin’s attempt at out-and-out censorship, so Palin backed down and withdrew her termination letter.”

    Palin raised the book removal issue with the librarian at least two (possibly three) times. The librarian was terminated and reinstated after public opposition to the decision.

    If the real reason for termination was non-support and campaigning against her, then the termination should have occurred after election – not after 2 or 3 inquiries about removal of library books.

    Whether it is “old news” or not, it shows an obvious disregard for the constitutional limitations placed on the government and the executive branch for her own political or religious agenda.


    My reading comprehension is fine. It’s funny how you accept general insubordination as acceptable and your willingness to ignore the family relationship aspect of the issue. Do you honestly believe that he would have been terminated except for the family relation matters? If you do, that is naive. Moreover, from a political standpoint, why would you terminate a state employee knowing there is obvious potential backlash based on the family matter? That’s bad politics.

    Palin never requested specific books be banned. After asking the librarian 2 or 3 times about her reaction to the possibility of removing certain books, she was fired. Your analysis is short-sited. Palin never had the opportunity to request specific books get banned. The original librarian registered her objection. She was fired. However, public outcry prevented Palin from hiring a replacement who would ban the books she objected to.

    There is a protocol for removing books – however, personal dislike by the mayor is not that protocol. That’s the point.

  107. Randy in Richmond says:

    Here is a copy and paste of your original assertion: “she fired a librarian for refusing to remove certain books from the public library.”
    No, she fired the librarian after the election( Jan ’97) because she didn’t feel she had her support–which she had every right to do. Many people overlook the fact that Palin had served on the city council for two terms and was re-elected to a second term as Mayor. If all the awful things you allege had happened she wouldn’t have been re-elected. And the term rhetorical question is a perfectly appropriate description of what happened since a rhetorical question is asked for effect, not because one expects an answer.
    Again, in your original allegation what are the “certain books” to be removed. You can’t name them because they don’t exist. Also this librarian had just actively and publicly campaigned against Sarah Palin–if it had been me I’d have fired her too, just like Bill Clinton did with all those US Attorneys. You think when either McCain or Obama is elected they will keep Condoleezza Rice as Sec. of State–no way, and it is the same thing. I believe then- Mayor Palin exibited good leadership by listening to the people, downplaying the politics, and keeping the librarian. As fact check says “we can’t read minds”.

  108. GLM,

    It appears you now recognize there was or could’ve been insubordination in the case of the Police Chief…and you now admit no books were banned or requested to be banned.

    Both the Chief and the Librarian chose to raise their hed above the crowd by taking an activist role against Palin in the election. It seems, that you’d be fine if THAT was the cause for termination??? No, Palin didn’t use that as a litmus test for their continued employment, but she did advise other ways to determine if they were going to work WITH her, or against her.

    Now niether of us was there for the confrontations between the Librarian and Palin. How she (Librarian) said it and accompanying body language could go a long way in determining whether the reaction was to Palin, or the nature of the request. Much that I’ve uncovered would suggest that the Librarian was bordering on belligerance. Seems the Librarian since cooled her jets and was retained.

    Interestingly enough, her termination notice was accompanied by an application for the job. As a new Mayor, I sure wouldn’t mind hearing/seeing what a previous administration’s appointment would put on an application. Think about when you’ve applied and interviewed for jobs. Coming accross as the “disgruntled employee” wouldn’t fly very far.

    Oh…and you may want to review just what the Constitution says about banning books. The very fact that all libraries have a protocol to challenge a book would suggest that banning books IS Constitutional within strict guidelines. You wholesale argument that banning books is unconstitutional is surely incorrect.

  109. Randy @ richmond- thanks for the response. The reason why I asked for links is because, well, lets be honest… anyone on a blog can say anything and anyone can leave comments saying anything at all. The links demonstrate that Anne Kilkenny’s “spontaneous” email wasn’t so spontaneous and reflects a continued opposition to Palin that wasn’t really made so obvious or clear in her original letter.

  110. @Curious – my “motive” since you asked, was to validate the factual existence of Anne Kilkenny and verify the original version of the e-mail she sent. If you read carefully, you will see that I became aware of the e-mail when hits to this site were made when the search terms “palin kilkenny” were used. They came to the site because of my last name and I had written about Sarah Palin as the VP pick for John McCain. I verified the content before the NY Times or even Snopes.

    Do I need to draw a picture now or are you satisfied?

  111. Randy in Richmond says:


    Now there’s a rhetorical question.

  112. A picture would be nice, do you think you can manage that?

  113. Well, I try to keep the site at least PG, and I’m not sure the gesture I’m considering would meet that guideline.

  114. It saddens me that so many women say that they are voting for Palin because of her gender. It saddens me that so many women say they are voting for Palin because Clinton is not on the Democratic ticket. How do you correlate the two. Do women vote for women regardless of their stand on issues? Heck, if one voted for Clinton because of her gender then I see one’s reason for switching to the Repulicans. But, if one voted for Clinton because of her stand on issues then how in the world, I ask, can that same person switch parties. Does everyone have to pout? There are so many important issues that stand before us…. This is an extraordinarily important election On The Issues. Voting based upon likeability, gender, or a pout is so beyond by comprehension. I kind of feel that this vote is similar to picking a race horse because of the jockey’s colors & NOT the horse’s record.

  115. Chris – I haven’t heard anyone say they are voting for Palin because of her gender. Most people I know are voting for a President, not a vice president.

    I will admit, though, that I crossed over and voted on the Democratic ticket for Hillary Clinton during Wisconsin’s open primary. While in part I considered it a voting strategy to prolong the Dem’s primary race, I really liked voting for a woman for president for the first time.

    I’d try to explain it, but I have a feeling you don’t WANT to get it. Frankly, I don’t care why anyone votes McCain/Palin – as long as they do!

  116. Chris,

    Where exactly are these “so many” women? I know I don’t know any of ’em.

    It begs the question though:

    Would you be equally “saddened’ that so many blacks are voting for Obama because he’s black?

    Now I don’t expect any large percentage of blacks to vote Republican…they NEVER do. But if stands on the “issues” were the qualifying factor, I’d think Hillary would have gotten more than 10% of the black vote in the Dem primaries.

    And what about those that wouldn’t vote for a woman…period?

  117. Jeanie Schneider says:

    I just got back from Washington DC where I reaquainted myself of the reason we care so deeply for this great country. I could see the original rough drafts of the Declaration of Independence, the important letters of Monroe, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson. The idea that “We are free when the people are educated and well read” The stakes are the highest today and in that great city where the passersby are genuine scholars, world travelors, soccer moms, school children, Senators, college students, it impressed me that we have an imposter picked as VP on McCain’s ticket. For reasons other than the country’s vitality and security, the Republican Party has resorted to picking someone who would not even have the credentials to teach at any 2 year university in this great nation. Sarah Palin may have made it to Governor of Alask 18 months ago, but she is clearly not equipped with the knowledge or the interest to learn that people destined to lead this nation must possess. It is wrong to pretend to know about Iraq when people’s lives are at stake. It is wrong to pretend to be capable of handling the intricacy of debate, of negotiation, to pretend to be knowledgeable on issues that so many others are. It is an embarrassment that McCain would put us in this position. This woman is wrong to continue the charade. She fools no one. If anyone has the name of the librarian in Wasilla who’s job was threatened by Palin, I would find it very helpful to the security of the nation to address this matter fully.

    I visited the US Hollocost museum. It was detailed that almost immediately when Hitler was named he banned books. It was an interesting glimpse of irony.
    Jeanie Schneider

  118. I believe her name was Emmons, but she’s since gotten marrieed. It’s all above. You mention education as key, begin there.


    Who am I ?

    I am under 45 years old,
    I love the outdoors,
    I hunt,
    I am a Republican reformer,
    I have taken on the Republican Party establishment,
    I have many children,
    I have a spot on the national ticket as vice
    president with less than two years in the governor’s office.

  119. QUOTE “I visited the US Hollocost museum. It was detailed that almost immediately when Hitler was named he banned books. It was an interesting glimpse of irony.
    Jeanie Schneider”

    So you are comparing Palin to hitler now ?!?!? wtf are you smoking ? There have been many MANY people who have tried to ban books for whatever reason and i doubt ANY of them we’re compared to Hilter for it.

    You miss are an idiot and it saddens me that i served so many years in the service to protect the rights of ignorant people as yourself.

    How dare you compare palin to hitler. Do you even have all the facts or are you just going by what the original poster of this crap had to say ?

    You claim that palin has little to no experience in the matter of war or running the country, i ask you, what exactly does obama have under his belt to say he can ? What exactly has he done ? how many times was a comment of his taken outta context or someone post something about him without facts ?? i bet none of them compared him to hitler.

    Go back to what ever rock you crawled out of jean, it just saddens me that they let people like you vote for who leads us, you clearly do not have a clue. I hear they are on sale at walmart, maybe you should pick one up.

  120. Randy in Richmond says:

    You are Wright-she fools no one. And neither do you. Those great men you mention and others, many from my state, were very specific about the qualifications to be President of this great country. Sarah Palin meets or excedes them all.
    And how dare you include Benjamin Franklin in your list, who never was graduated from any school and dropped out of formal education at age 10.
    Madam, you are an elitest. And even though more educated then ole Ben, it will be my pleasure to vote for Sarah Palin on the McCain ticket.

  121. Jeannie,

    Hitler also banned guns, but Palin has never banned books.

  122. Steve – Alaskajoe – Randy in R
    The jury is still out on Sarah Palin. We in the lower 48 don’t know enough about her to make an intelligent decision. That takes time, research and a lot of soul-searching. I won’t vote for her simply because she’s on McCain’s ticket and after all, we are also voting for a president. It appears a lot of people are forgetting that. Please respect my sentiments as I respect yours. I have some reservations about Obama, but don’t doubt his sincerity and I don’t go along with this Muslim/anti-Christian crap. Those believing the Muslim stories are in the same class as Jeannie, who compares Palin to Hitler. Unbelievable. I’d be embarrassed to think that she may be voting the way I do, or being allowed to vote, period. Our government is getting too big and both parties are to blame. We need a good Independent runner.

  123. To bring up a point about Hitler but not to call anyone a Hitler. I believe if you go back in history his nazi party (nationlist socialist party) used the theme of “change” while not specifying what kind.

    A point about qualifications B.O. can be president but he probably could not pass the strenuous background check to be in the FBI. That would bog down with his criminal associations and past drug use.

  124. Yeah! Right! Another brilliant observation. Let’s drop the Hitler thing – nobody deserves the comparison.

  125. I agree Cochise, we do need a good independent to get in the mix. i am, as many are, tired of the 2 parties.

  126. I’d more than welcome a 3rd party. Unfortunately the best “attempt” at that in recent times, just resorted in being a spoiler (think Perot).

    At this stage in the game for a 3rd party to be a viable option, the electoral college would have to be retooled to be more proportional. 1 vote more than the “other guy” and you get all of California’s 55 votes??? How is that representative gov’t?

  127. Well changing the electoral system will take more than 53 days, guys. Perhaps you’ve found a project for 2009.

  128. I think you know I wasn’t talking about this cycle Cindy. 😉

    There have been attempts, but the BIG states are distinctly blue in most instances. The Dems know which side their bread is buttered on and fiercly battle any attempts to even look at retooling the college.

    Here’s a pretty good article on the most recent attempt (in CA). Notice the “don’t mess with “our” votes rhetoric.

  129. Randy in Richmond says:

    I understand your sentiments and in a way–agree. I would prefer that those of similar ilk to me not make personal attacks about a candidate or his/her family. Sure, issues are fair game but someone’s age or race is not. But where we may differ is that I would gently encourage my opponants and their supporters to say or do whatever they wish. The playing field has changed and the days of three networks controlling the agenda are over, even if those networks don’t know it yet. For example I do not believe the trashy Us Magazine cover of Gov Palin was ever shown sigmificantly on the three broadcast networks. Twenty years ago there would have been no appreciable way to challenge that publication. At this very moment that magazine is sending emails out offering 5 free issues, begging subscribers not to cancel. That cover, the VMA Awards fiasco, and other happenings like them have energized huge numbers of sleeping voters for McCain/Palin, exponentially more than any political ad ever could. So to you on the other side: CNN, Oprah, Russell Brand, Matt Damon, Pamela Anderson, Carol Fowler, Rep. Steve Cohen(D-Tn), Gloria Steinem, MSNBC, Whopie, David Letterman, Jimmy Carter (haven’t yet but know you’re dying to), and just too many to name, please keep it up. Utilize your free speech. And by the way these are from just the last week.
    In the two weeks since arriving on the national scene, Sarah Palin has undergone as much scrutiny as Barack Obama has in 18 months and we know more about her than him. But apples to apples I do know Biden. I don’t know your age and if you were around when Sen Biden, as Chairman of the Judicuary Committee, held hearings for the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. I saw enough of that fiasco to know that in no way do I want that man leading this country. And to my knowledge the words spoken by Gov Palin thus far are hers or her speech writer’s alone.

  130. After I first read this I went to the Wasilla website. They have a letter posted from a group that advocates the libary in Wasilla saying they have absolutely no record of book banning or any such firing. The increased growth of Wasilla would account for the increased budget which the increase really wasn’t much considering. The comment about some high schools having more students then citizens sounded a bit embellished which I’m certain her entire letter is so I started thinking. This woman attended 99% of the city meetings, more than any other administration. Why? Could it be she has some kind of personal vendetta against Sarah? Shae said Sarah hates her because of the book ban but there was no book ban. Women can be brutal. I think she is a stay at home housewife with way too much time on her hand. She is extremely jealous because Sarah has a successful career and a family. She is jealous because Sarah gets the attention of men and she is probably homely. I know these kinds of women! I have had problems with them myself! She has been waiting for this day for years and she can’t stand the fact that Sarah could be the next VP! I feel sorry for this woman, I feel sorry that her 15 minutes of fame is about her jealousy!

  131. Please…… Palin’s been caught now in so many lies, everyone should be questioning her. There is more than a hint of truth to what Anne has to say as newsgroups and fact checkers are discovering. Was there book banning? No. Even Anne said there was not. If you bothered to read, she states: “Palin asked the librarian what she would do if she was approached to remove books.” Not once. Not twice. Not even three times. Four times Palin asked. Gee, I wonder what Sarah is driving at. This woman has brought resentment down on herself based on her own actions. Read and be enlightened, unless you are one of those that can’t believe the facts….

  132. Randy in Richmond says:

    I read each of the links you provide. Firing those that supported your opponent in an election is standard procedure in American politics. And for the writers to accuse Gov Palin of appointing classmates, when from a town of only 5,ooo, is a reflection of the frustration on the left to have that gotcha moment. The title of one article tells what a horrible person Palin is, “In Office, Palin Hired Friends and hit Critics”. What elected official could you not apply that line to?
    And please share what” lies Gov Palin has been caught in”.

  133. Randy……actually it is not “standard” procedure.
    And you appoint people with qualifications to posts, not someone to a dairy position because they state their qualifications as “they liked cows” when they were young.

    Does Bridge to Nowhere ring any bells? Obviously you did not watch the Charles Gibson interview when she told Charles Gibson, to his face even, that she stopped the bridge to nowhere even though she supported it. Obviously you have not heard McCain talk about it in the past as pork. Obviously you never read a news article or seen a broadcast prior to this election that talked about the bridge to nowhere as pork or seen the interviews with Palin saying that she’ll support this bridge.

    Hmmmm, want another one? That she NOW says that man has contributed to global warming. When Charlie said she is on record that she said otherwise, she denied it.
    More Randy? She did not raise taxes as mayor, until Charlie again, had to correct her and then she said, she had to raise sales tax.
    Even more? She states that God wanted us in Iraq and tries to use a quote from Lincoln when even Lincoln scholars state that the two have nothing in common.

    How many more LIES are you willing to turn a blind eye to?

  134. Like I said, there are some out there that just don’t want to believe in or look at the facts. Typical Republicans….

  135. How about another Randy? She sues the federal government over listing the polar bear as being endangered, stating that the bear is not threatened. even though federal AND ALASKAN scientist state that it is. What does Sarah do? Ignores her own scientist’s reports. (Hmmmm, sounds like Bush) Quote: “We believe that the Service’s decision to list the polar bear was not based on the best scientific and commercial data available,”

    I see you want even more.
    She states that she built the pipeline to bring gas off the North Slope, when the line hasn’t even been started let alone built… it has only been up for bids. And who won that bid Randy? TransCanada. Nothing like promoting keeps jobs in American hands.

    Not full yet?
    How about her attempt to get her brother in law, a state trooper going through an ugly divorce with Palin’s sister, fired , using her influence as governor. She initially denied any involvement of her office in the incident, that is until tapes surfaced linking in her office to the attempt.

    I know you want more…
    She sold the famous governor’s plane on ebay. LIE! It never received one bid on ebay and had to be sold through a plane brokerage, AT A LOSE!

    Quote: “I beg to disagree with any candidate who would say we can’t drill our way out of our problem or that more supply won’t ultimately affect prices. Of course it will affect prices.” Both Bush and MaCain AND economic experts state that drilling now won’t affect prices or that we can drill our way out of this mess. LIE.

    Sarah is against lobbyists, earmarks and pork. Since becoming governor, in just two years, Palin has asked for $589 million in federal pork, she hired a lobbyist to bring in federal earmarks and as mayor she spent $500,000 for a public transportation project in Wasilla; $450,000 for an agricultural processing facility in Wasilla in 2002; In 2002, $1 million for an “emergency communications center” in Wasilla that local law enforcement said was redundant and confusing. She comes into a debt-free town and leaves it 19 million in debt.

    Now Randy, I am sure you can find a way to legitimize all this.

  136. so what does hallstatt have to do with all of this?

  137. ok,to all you fredom,of speech lovers. the books on the shelf of a public library are not covered by free speech. suppose your neighbor has a vast collection of pornogrophy at his house,are you going to let your small childern go over there and play ..?? of course not ,librarys are open to all ages,and subject to good moral judgement by the town,and that means the mayor .her job is to serve and protect ,got that , as in protect the childern fron filth in print , it has no place in a library thats suported by the taxpayers,well maybe democratic taxpayers.

  138. hay randy ,do you know if patrick is dateing anne ??

  139. and by the way is cindy her sister inlaw, asuming shes married,or sister if not. if not for sara wasilla would just be a speck on the map,i get e-mails from other countries asking me about wasilla ? wasilla has jumped to the world stage, and anne i predick will move out of town, (thats ok the dems will pay for it ) yuc,yuc. rev wright can find her a nice little section 8 apartment in chicago,where she can work for more free public programs.( not free for taxpayers with jobs )

  140. Good grief lizzard – what brilliant input. How could Patrick possibly respond to such rhetoric.

  141. 1) This Cindy IS NOT Anne’s relation.

    2) I was in Hallstatt recently. The photo appears as one of the 5 headers–this one happens to be when you click on a single discussion. Ireland is the home page and another for the archives. There’s also Sedona, Az on the search page, and San Francisco on the about page.

    3) I dumped a comment because of too many links. I couldn’t tell if it was spam or not.

    4) Can you guys quit whining at each other? Is there any common ground for the few of you that keep coming back?

  142. #3. Oh you did that. Whew! I was looking at it and all of a sudden it disappeared. I thought I had done something wrong! He was rehashing the whole argument in that post.

    Note to all commenters, WordPress puts your comments in moderation if you have more than one (maybe if you have any) links. Just a heads up in case you wonder why it doesn’t show up right away.

  143. Barbara Coleman says:

    It is shocking that so many people are completely blinded by partisanship to the point that they have lost every ability to discern – and like so many Germans who supported Hitler blindly because of his ‘patriotic stance’ – , they can not even see a potent threat to the continued well being of the state when the telltale signs are in bold relief. The continued prosperity of America has nothing to do with what label we wear or what our idealogic obsessions or blinkers are, but with the policies and honesty of our leaders.

    Let us forget about Anne for a moment. Sarah Palin by the several claims she has made publicly is a serial LIAR. Just check the various non-partisan fact-check sites on the internet, or her various videos available from official sources, including one in which she clearly supported the bridge to no where. Also check out the false claim she sold official plane at a profit on Ebay, and so on. She will not even admit that there is a parental problem when your underaged girl ‘in a pentecostal family’ gets pregnant in high school and is forced into an early marriage. Biden’s son is leaving his job as an attorney general for the state to fight in Iraq and you wont see Biden or Obama making a political capital out of it – contrast with Palin and McCain! Compare the McCain campaign with the Bush-Chenney campaign: same tactics, same lies, same scare mongering, same ‘we are patriotic, they are not’ . You should have seen Goebells at work, ask anybody who witnessed it! But where are we today – yes, Bush and Chenney had a lot of experience: a popular governor of a large state and a former secretary of defence and Halliburton CEO – where are we? Are we better now than 8 years ago? Are we respected now as much as we used to 8 years ago? We are now about $9 Trillion in debt against a surplus 8 years ago, and we are indebted to China – and, wait for it, Middle east countries they use to scare us! Let no one be deceived about tax cuts: Regan cut taxes before raising them 6 times in his presidency; Bush the first’s ‘read my lips’ turn out to be what it was – a typical Republican lie – he raised taxes. It took Clinton to undo the damage of the reagan years to our economy.

    I am a born again christian and an independent, and I can not vote for liars and people who will jettison their reputation and do anything, anything – including devil may care tactics – to win an election. Do they really want to serve the people or their ego? I AM NOT VOTING REPUBLICAN THIS YEAR, I AM VOTING OBAMA. Please listen to your conscience and do right by America!

  144. I kind of, sort of, doubt you’ve ever voted Republican, Barbara Coleman.

  145. Randy in Richmond says:

    Let’s take um one at a time. First she ran as a reformer, which means change–she told the voters she would make changes if elected and the first change was to change the people who supported her opponent and did not want change.

    Here is a copy/paste from a transcript of the interview where Charlie challanges her on climate change:

    PALIN: That is why I’m attributing some of man’s activities to potentially causing some of the changes in the climate right now.

    GIBSON: But I, color me a cynic, but I hear a little bit of change in your policy there. When you say, yes, now you’re beginning to say it is man-made. It sounds to me like you’re adapting your position to Sen. McCain’s.

    PALIN: I think you are a cynic because show me where I have ever said that there’s absolute proof that nothing that man has ever conducted or engaged in has had any affect, or no affect, on climate change.
    I dogpiled the net to find Charlie’s answer, but nothing. If he produces it we can talk then.

    The appointment of Franci Havemeister, as Director, Division of Agriculture, was of someone living on a working dairy farm and who , at the time of her appointment, was serving as a Board member of the same Division of Agriculture. How dare Gov Palin appoint a person in the business and with experience on the very Board she would oversee rather then a bureaucrat, especially as she ran on a change platform. That she liked cows as a child is a plus.

    Yes, on the local level and iniatially in her state campaign she supported the bridge but when it became clear the cost was escalating and the project no long viable economically or politically
    she made the decision to scrap the project–not necessarily a popular choice in some parts of Alaska. However, no where is it recorded that because it was a tough decision did she elect to vote present. When the money was finally sent to Alaska there were no strings attached and she chose not to build the bridge. Thus the “no to Congress” as she stated in her speech.

    The “residents” of Wasilla voted for a sports arena cause I guess they wanted one. It’s the Mayor’s and Council’s job to make that happen. Every locality has generally two types of funding-Operating and Capital. Capital projects are long range and money is borrowed to pay for them (with bonds) And by the way then-Mayor Palin could not raise, or lower, any taxes. That is the job of the legislative branch, or Council. Apparently the Council made the fiscal decision to pay off the capital debt faster by raising the sales tax. So yes, the Council, because the people approved it by ballot vote, raised the sales tax. When Gov Palin answers Charlie she is not lying because the property taxes and assorted fees were lowered just as she said.

    Again, how is suing the Feds lying? Just because someone’s viewpoint is different than yours doesn’t mean they’re lying. On both sides this issue isn’t about bears–there’s much more at play here.

    Please provide a link to where Gov Palin says she “built the pipeline…”. What she says is ” I fought to bring about…”. And who said it had been started? And if TransCanada is the lowest, qualified bidder good for them–this is called capitalism.

    Apparently we have different standards for state troopers. The trooper in question, Mike Wooten, admitted to tasering his 10 year old son(Palin’s nephew), was found by a State Police investigation to have alcohol in his police car while on duty, and threatened to kill his father-in-law (Palin’s father) because he was helping his daughter obtain a lawyer. It is under investigation and we shall see. The governor says she gave no one orders to have him fired, in fact, he’s still working.

    On the jet-please provide a link to where anyone says the plane sold on ebay.

    In “your” quote by Palin on drilling is the word -“ultimately” in regards to affecting prices. Bush, McCain, everyone agrees the affect will not be immediate.

    A reformer spends less, not zero. And this she has done.

    I don’t have to legitimize anything. It is what it is.
    And Cindy if taking up for my candidates is whining, color me guilty.

  146. Beau Biden, who is Delaware’s attorney general, is a captain in the Delaware National Guard and will work as a military lawyer in Iraq.

    I certainly honor his service. For every soldier on the lines, it takes 2 behind the lines…it’s a team effort. That said, military lawyer, doesn’t sound excessively dangerous.

    As for airplanes and Ebay..well, I’ve never seen an asset such as a private jet sell at a profit. Can someone show me how to go about that? Furthermore, I never heard Palin say she sold it at a profit. A profit to her constituency, though…YES!

    As to bridges – Sarah didn’t request the earmark. That earmark was secured before her rein as Governor. Sure she may have supported it as Mayor of Wasilla during her campaign for Governor, but it wasn’t in the Mayor’s jurisdiction. By the time she was elected Gov., the earmark had been erased, but the monies were still Alaska’s. She still COULD have built that bridge, but other highway infrastructure tasks got priority.

    FWIW, it’s not really a bridge to nowhere. Instead it would connect the region (Ketchikan area) to it’s regional airport, bypassing the current ferry service. The options for access improvement, (bridges, improved ferry service, etc.) are still being weighed today. This wasn’t just some way to frivilously spend Fed money. It is however indeed questionable if it’s worth the cost. I thought that’s what Governors etc. were supposed to do. If you realy think it was frivilous, talk to Joe and Barry, who voted FOR it. Palin NEVER voted for it.

  147. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’ll make you a deal. I’ ll put my Vice-Presidential candidate up against your Presidential candidate. You enter a post with all the stuff on the net about Sarah Palin and I’ll enter a post with all the stuff about Barack Obama. Others can read and then make up their minds. Think about it. Let me know.

    And Steve. Do you have a copy of The Third Reich I can borrow? We really do need to bone up on it’s teachings. Thanks

  148. Randy,

    Ok, One at a time again:

    Does a reformist put friends, family, contributors in positions of power? How is cronism, favoritism and good ol’ gal politics reform?

    In a recent interview with Palin noted that warming would affect Alaska “more than any other state, because of our location.” But she added, “I’m not one though who would attribute it to being man-made.” Warming NOT attributed to being man-made. Carlies answer if any is not needed, Palin is on the record.

    So “living” on a working farms qualifies one to be an expert? I tend my vegetables so I guess that would qualify me as well since I live on the same land. Or I have a stream running behind my house so I guess I am qualified for water management. Sitting on a board (probably appointed by Palin as well) does not qualify one either. we are talking about people that have managed farms, worked in agriculture thier whole lives, went to school to study it, not a real estate broker who has a love of cows, lives on a working famr and sits on a board. Please state as fact her educational and prior work experience in agriculture please.

    You forgot to mention when it became an item on McCain’s list and was brought to national attention that she turned against it. I am sure they would still be building it otherwise. Hi Congress, no thanks on the bridge, but we’ll keep the money anyways. Saying you’ll build it yourself means you do it with your own state funds. She only shifted intended funds to other pork. FACTCHECK: THE FACTS: Palin did abandon plans to build the nearly $400 million bridge from Ketchikan to an island with 50 residents and an airport. But she made her decision AFTER the project had become an embarrassment to the state, after federal dollars for the project were pulled back and diverted to other uses in Alaska, and after she had appeared to support the bridge during her campaign for governor.

    Residents may have wanted it but it was up to teh mayor and city council to make sure things went smoothly. Without the title in their hands for the land (it was owned by some else, not the town), the city went ahead with the sales tax increase and started the construction. Palin was leaving office in 2002, while the court case was still proceeding. The court case was finally settled several years after Palin left. Ultimately it cost the city an extra $1.7 million in settlement and court cost for a piece of land that was not theirs to begin with. So why would a community of 5,000 at the time, whos budget was 3.9 million want to build a 104,000-square-foot complex that would be nearly three times as big as the McDonald Center in Eagle River and about twice the size of the Ben Boeke Ice Arena in Anchorage. I think Palin and company planned big, sold it to the residents and forgot to include a few details.

    Like I said when you have your own, appointed scientists, federal scientists, etc telling you that the bears are threatened and you go off and say “We believe that the Service’s decision to list the polar bear was not based on the best scientific and commercial data available,” It was her own people telling her it was based on the best data. Opinion, point of view, call it what you will, it ws the best data and she said it wasn’t. Now it is either a number of scientists on the state and federal level that are saying the wrong thing together, or one Governor who wants to drill and the bears on an endangered list would stop her, so why not take all the scientific facts (or is Ms Palin suddenly a biologist now…. that’s right, I hunt therefore I know biology, wildlife and environmental impacts) and to the contrary say they are wrong. Sounds like a little lying to teh pub;lic here…..

    As you wish, right from her speech:
    “And when that deal was struck, we began a nearly $40 billion natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence,” Palin said.
    Taken at face value she is “stating” that the pipeline has started construction. Or that is what she wants the American public to think. Do you state something has begun if you are just thinking about it or seeing how to do it? Um, no.
    I’ll admit maybe saying built was not correct… building is more Palin correct to say. Here’s your link:

    And I’ll be back with more after this commercial interruption for Obama.

  149. JET/EBAY
    Ok, I’ll have to admit I have the wrong person lying. Still a lie.,0,7486973.story

    John McCain told his favorite anti-corruption story about his new running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. “You know what I enjoyed the most, she took the luxury jet bought by her predecessor and SOLD IT on eBay,” he said. “AND MADE A PROFIT.”


  150. Lizard – I am still waiting for you to say something halfway intelligent…..

  151. Randy in Richmond says:

    Politicians mis-speak but it doesn’t mean they are lying. All four candidates will again mis-speak before election day but that doesn’t make them liers.

  152. Karen, et al. I’m still not passing the comments through because they are spammy. If you want to e-mail me and verify your individuality, I’ll consider it.


    No doubt you’ll be back in pompous jerk mode just as soon as the polls swing again.

  154. I only have a minute here, so I’ll only address the pipeline LIE!

    I happen to work on projects similar to this scope. They are begun LONG before they break ground. There’s all kinds of regulatory hurdles to jump over.

    As for it being Canadian built vs. U.S built…you may want to take a look at what is between Alaska and the USA. TMK, contractors in both countries were on the bid list. Few contracting firms have the horsepower for such a project. I suspect there will be a wealth of subcontractors from both nations and possibly others involved in the actual contruction.

  155. We don’t need another religious extremist in the White House! The worst atrocities in history have been committed in the name of religion! Frankly, I don’t give a damn if a person is religious, or not; just don’t insinuate it into MY government! I just want to know that they are honest people with good judgmemt and have the intelligence to do the job! I also don’t care if a person changes their mind about issues, but I want them to admit they are changing their minds! I think it is a stupid person who will stick to their guns about a wrong idea if they have been well informed as to why they should think differently. But to change their minds and lie about it is very offensive! We don’t NEED an EMAIL from anyone to tell us about the bad policies and poor judgment that have marked Palin’s political career thus far; it is mostly documented. While running down earmarks, Palin has taken more than her share; but denies it! We KNOW Palin tried to have books banned (It was verified in an article of the Frontersman); how AMERICAN IS THAT? Even the inquiry shows her thinking! The governemts that banned and burned books were Communist, or Fascist. (you know..Nazis!) Our country was based on freedoms, yet Sarah Palin wants to deny Americans of even the simplest of freedoms! It STARTS with books….than what? Well, I guess if you want to know what COULD happen, check out Hitler’s rise to power! Who made Sarah Palin the person who can say what books we can read, or not? Plus she has her nose all up in our reproductive rights! Why does she care? It would seem that religion come into play again! She is so extreme about it too! (Not even for rape, or incest!) Her mothering skills seem suspect, but we are told, “hands off!” I mean, REALLY, who goes to make a speech late in a special needs pregnancy, has amniotic fluid leaking, but gets on a plane anyway, possibly could have had the baby on the plane, where no emergency medical equipment would be available to save the life of a baby who might need medical attention. (especially one of special needs!) Once she got to Alaska she STILL had a long way to go to have the birth in a non traditional setting! That would suggest to me that Palin might have wanted the baby to be born under terrible circumstances! It certainly could have lowered its chances of survival! Then to drag the baby and wave it around as a tug on our motherly hearts at the RNC, exposing a Down’s Syndrome baby late at night to all those germs from thousands of people and flashing lights is down right child abuse! Why does she need to wave her baby around to get into the White House? If that’s all she’s got; it’s pretty pathetc! Does she have to follow EVERYTHING KARL ROVE tells her? The mean spirited speech Rove’s people wrote for was low brow, and insulting to the listeners! If she is such an independent thinker, she should have done her own speech. Did she REALLY think being compared to a PIT BULL was a positive thing? The breed is intentially bred to be fierce and a lot of drug dealers use them to protect their “stash”! The have been known for indiscriminate maulings; many children have had their faces turned into hamburger! The pit bull’s jaws clamp on and don’t let go. (sometimes even in death!) Draw your own comparisons and reasons why Palin would want that dog as her mascot! She is someone who wants nothing to do with abortion, but seems to relish in blood sport; even the gutting of pregant animals! Plu she seems to want to start a war with everyone in sight. (she can see Russia from her house!) Does she think having all of those wars won’t kill PEOPLE? Okay, let me get this straight: ONLY EMBRYOS COUNT, NOT GROWN PEOPLE? She cut funding for special needs by 60%, she also cut funding for teen pregnancy issues, BOTH of which she has in her life! Her son went to Iraq, but there may have been other reasons for that other than patriotism too! Palin’s husband wants Alaska to succeed from the USA? Does he STILL say that? You know…there are SO MANY RED FLAGS in regard to Palin from A-Z! Why choose her to be VP? It is easier to pick two people who DO NOT come with such a LOT OF NEGATIVE BAGGAGE; plus with a lot more EXPERIENCE! Dowe REALLY want MORE WARS? THAT’S WHAT PALIN WANTS! She lies so easily and freely! How sad! Even her mother-in-law won’t say she will vote for her daughter-in-law (because Sarah stabbed her mother-in-law in the back when she was running for office.) Sarah comes across with sincerity when she is being mean spirited and snarky about her opponets and when she wants to sound tough; especially when she read her Karl Rovian speech, but not so when she is trying to tell us about the “changes” she and McCain will make! Of course, McCain has a vile temper, Senators and generals say he should not be president; families of MIAs and POWs HATE McCain, not JUST because he almost hit a woman in a wheelchair with his raised hand (shoved her against the wall instead!) but because he has done NOTHING FOR THEM! He made fun of Arizona, didn’t want a Martin Luther King holiday, yet running for President, made MLK sound like the most inspirational person to him! He left his wife after she became disabled, (she gained weight and lost her beauty, so he said!) after he had cheated on her with the young, rich Cindy (who paid for his divorce!) Hypocracy, truth twisting is rampant among Republicans, plus they hide their evil deeds behind the bible; and children; disgusting!

  156. CP, I won’t touch on your historical link to religion and atrocities – we can go back and forth on that one for ages. As a woman and mother, I do take offense to some of your comments, though. How dare you insinuate that she had any intention at all of causing her baby harm by traveling for that speech during her 3rd trimester. Many working women have no choice but to travel during their pregnancies. You must be a man, and a sorry excuse for one too! When did she “wave her baby around”? She did nothing like that. She has shown us more of her family than we, as an entertained, nosy public have a right to. Were you aware that Jackie Kennedy traveled around with JFK while she was pregnant, in her 3rd trimester, with her unborn children? Was that also shameful? Unless you walk in somebody else’s shoes, don’t judge them so harshly!

    Bulldog? Are you serious? Bulldogs are tough. Palin is tough. Hence, the comparison – and a good one at that. I got a kick out of it. Many other people did as well. Truth be told, Obama enjoyed her speech so much that it scared him. It scared his campaign advisors.

    Book banning has fully been discussed here. The list is fake. It has been proven to be fake. Personally, I’m HUGELY against book banning of any type, but comparing that to Hitler’s rise is comical. Check the facts and be informed.

    Why be concerned about Sarah’s mother-in-law? I’ll tell you right now if my mother-in-law EVER ran for public office, I would campaign AGAINST her. That’s a private issue that has no business in the election. Neither is the rest of her family. If we start comparing spouse’s, let’s ask ourselves what was Michelle Obama really doing socializing with members of the Black Panthers?

    I’m really tired of the negativity and character assassination of this woman, seriously. I haven’t been through an election yet that wasn’t mudslinging, but what we have seen thusfar in this election is the mother of all mudslingers. I think it’s pretty convenient though, for Obama to have a target which has taken the attention away from his personal affiliations with extremist, white-bashing figures. What scares me more than McCain’s heart rate or Palin’s experience is the image of what his cabinet would be made up of if he is elected. Will we have Rev. Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Mazen Asbahi, Ahmed Yousef, Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton as frequent visitors in the Oval office? No thanks. Obama’s affiliations alone should scare every American. The real question is: Why is Obama campaigning against Palin? Are Democrats not aware that McCain is running for president? Or do they figure it’s a forgone conclusion that to campaign against an experienced, strong, driven war hero like McCain is futile?

  157. Randy in Richmond says:

    Congratulations on your first computer purchase Sunday. We’ll give you a while to catch up. More later.

  158. Thanks CP- the point exactly- look past the smoke and baby waving and there is John McCain- the same republican he was before his advisors appointed SP- the self appointed “pitbull” (an admirable trait??).
    OPEN YOUR EYES- the country is in the worst economic crisis in 100 years !

  159. CP…you lost me (and I presume most) when you stated for fact that Palin tried to ban books…when in FACT, she did not. Combined with little sentence/pargraph structure, it was just too painfull and useless to go much further.

    You might take a bit of your own advice:

    I think it is a stupid person who will stick to their guns about a wrong idea if they have been well informed as to why they should think differently.

  160. Her letter’s real.

    If you want to demonstrate what she’s saying is untrue, that would be useful. But debating the veracity of the letter itself… well you’ve missed the boat on that one!

    It’s hard for me to see Palin’s nomination as anything other than a PR stunt gone bad. The woman has more skeletons in her closet than… I don’t know, I think she may have set the world record. McCain used to impress me, but these days he’s just another politician – willing to do anything to get elected. I have no more respect for him.

  161. Steve,

    Is military service conditional.. only if you think the position is important – is it valid to use military service as a credential. John Kerry served his country well – no one cared. George W. dodged his service with Daddies help- no one cared.. and now that John McCain has a miltary service record to be proud of – its important again. Stick with it – its either important an credential or not. I think it says a lot about a mans character.. it said a lot to me about our currrent leader- but people were easily led to not pay attention when it is not in their best interest- here again- you’re saying- hes serving his country, but…

  162. Randy in Richmond says:

    I really don’t think President Carter’s religion was that extreme just because he prayed in the Oval Office and carried a Bible to church.

    I totally agree with you about changing one’s mind and in some cases it exhibits strong leadership qualities. Take Sarah Palin for example. When first elected Mayor she requested resignations from many appointed officials, including the Librarian. However, the citizens let her know they liked the Librarian and so, even though the Librarian publicly and actively worked against Palin in the election, she re-appointed her. Palin also was for that famous bridge until it became cost prohibited and politically impractical, and again changed her mind and made the right decision. In both cases she changed her mind and didn’t lie about it, showing good judgement as you point out.
    As opposed to Barrack Obama, who has been against the surge in Iraq from the beginning and will not change his mind to admit it’s worked and is universally hailed as a working success. To use your words “it is a stupid person who will stick to their guns about a wrong idea” and I agree, on this Obama is stupid.

    You seem to be up on this book banning but you didn’t give the title(s) of the books involved. Please provide those so I will be as well informed as you.

    As a man, I’m going to let your mothering skills speak for themself. I will say that when shown on camera, the baby was smiling or asleep but I’m sure that was just a ruse.

    No, she didn’t cut funds for special needs children, she raised them. And it wasn’t Karl Rove who wrote her speech, but Matthew Scully.

    Going into the Republican Convention I felt Barack Obama would be the next President of the USA. Having been around awhile I knew it wasn’t the end of the world and four years from now would come around soon.
    And then John McCain, in a stroke of brilliance, chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Still leary, I thought at least it will be interesting. Then that hurricane thing threatened to shortcircuit the Convention and some said the whole thing might be canceled. And then the pregnancy of Bristol was announced and some on the net were saying Palin will not accept the VP nod. Time passed and it was the night of Sarah Palin’s speech. As much as you libs hated the speech and her, I and millions upon millions of Americans, of many stripes, felt the sun rising and were energized by this lady to support a cause, while not perfect, much better than the alternative. She encouraged us to be victors, not victims. Even though what she said fanned smoldering flames , charged weak batteries, and pulled people from the fence, it was what she represents that tugged at our hearts. Gradually the pre-convention blues turned into the idea maybe we can win this thing. Still there was trepidation as one listens to the MSM and reads various web sites.
    Within the last week or so we’ve had:The VMA Awards fiasco, the Us Magazine cover debaucle, Rep. Steve Cohen(D Tn) pronouncement on US House floor, Carol Fowler’s abortion statement, Oprah’s stance (racist or sexist), Gloria Stieniem, Matt Damon’s enlightning thoughts,Jill Greenberg of the Atlantic Post, Pam Anderson’s profane statement, and
    on this blog,
    Nazi and Hitler analogies.

    It’s not only panic and desperation that Dems and Libs are feeling but it’s reality. The dirt throwing at Sarah Palin is backfiring as it galvanizes and energizes millions of Americans, not just Republicans. Polls, not of significant measure to Republicans but the holy bible to Democrats are not looking good. More and more people are seeing Obama for what he is, not what he says he is. Presidents make decisions–how many of you Democrats are happy with his VP decision? His ego would not let him pick the one Democrat in the world that could have given him the Presidency.
    And on this site the Nazi/Hitler rhetoric is comical yet disturbing. It’s the traditional last straw when personal attacks and dirt throwing don’t work. The kayaking of Sarah Palin is a failure. The torch is being passed and the pent up hate for George Bush will be passed to Sarah Palin.
    What percentage of this and other sites are discussing Obama? I suggest it is very small.
    It ain’t over by a long shot but I sure like where we are as compared to two and a half weeks ago.

  163. “the country is in the worst economic crisis in 100 years !”


  164. cp – speaking of “red flags”. Isn’t that the kind B.O. wants to fly over the White House.


    Cindy – Now I expected a bit more of a mature answer from you based on facts and maybe verifiable sources. Please provide links, lol

    “No doubt you’ll be back in pompous jerk mode just as soon as the polls swing again.”

    Again, for someone that moderates and contributes to this site I expected a bit more moderation from the moderator. Now where does name calling get you? Leave that to the candidates….

    As you told me, respect the “gift” that you have been given by our military, and myself.

    ~Capt. P.J. Campbell

  166. Although I plugged in just ,today I was only able to get somewhere around comment #48. A brief observation. The independents will decide the election and Cochise #45 is making the most sense… basically are we better off now than we were 8 years ago…? Randy in Richmond, #48 and all other proceeding and subsequent entries really just likes to read her own writings.

  167. BV, you’ve got it all wrong. Military service is an important credential, and it was for John Kerry. Unfortunately for him, fabricated lies about service in Cambodia, and repetition of false stories of military atrocities in Vietnam (all of which denigrated the veterans that he served with), did him in. People did care about his service, that’s why he lost votes and the election.

  168. Independents will decide the election. Are we better off today than we were 8 years ago…?

  169. Randy in Richmond says:

    Who made you God?

  170. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well said. I think the “nose all up in our reproductive rights” indicates CP to be female.

  171. Independents will decide the election. Are we better off today than we were 8 years ago…?

  172. Someone smack Earl…his needle is stuck.

  173. Can’t we all just get along?

  174. The Independent voter will decide this election. And they are asking: “Are we better off today than we were 8 years ago…?”

  175. @Randy. I don’t know why your comment #164) was placed in the spam file. It may have to do with the large number of links you included. WordPress seems to recognize comments with a lot of links as spam.

    I pulled it out and deleted the copy of this post that was there. Sorry for the delay.

  176. Dean, Can you unstick Earl’s record while you’re at it? 😉

  177. On a TV interview, I heard a friend of Sarah Palin (part of her local group of six, I believe) state that Mrs. Palin disliked cats. She stated that, in fact, Mrs. Palin was afraid of her house cat whenever she came over to visit. I assume her friend is telling the truth as all of her remarks, and those of the other group members, were very positive. If true, is this a phobia, a belief that cats are servents of witches or is it something else? It seems more than just ‘dislike’?

  178. @Patrick – Capt. P.J. Cambell. Sorry, I’ve been out of pocket.

    1) I didn’t call you a WHINER; I said you were whining.

    2) If you don’t like the way I moderate (or fail to moderate over the last couple of weeks!), don’t come back.

    3) Captain what from where?

  179. Ms. Lilkenny’s rant sounds like a classic case of jealousy.

  180. There are over 350 million people in this country and surely McCain could have found someone more prepared and knowledgeable to be 2nd in line to lead this country. So he convinced me that he put campaign over country on this, which says a great deal about his priorities.
    After seeing the Palin interview, I am actually scared of this person, as she is in lock step with Bush on all policies, and sounds very much like him in her her lack of depth of knowledge as well as her shallow bravado (“you can’t blink, Charlie, you can’t blink”). Lastly, the “pro-life” stance of the conservative christian makes zero sense. They elected Bush because he was “pro-life”—the same guy who made fun of a death row prisoner before he had her executed, the same Bush who was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq as well as polluting an entire country with depleted uranium, which will kill so many more in the future. You just can’t say you are pro-life when you’re standing on a mountain of bones. Palin IS Bush, just listen to her stand on the issues.

  181. You know, Diane, it’s voters like you that scare the crap out of me. You all think if it’s on TV it MUST be true! Wrong.

    It’s coming out now that the Palin interview with Gibson was heavily edited, sometimes changing the context of her answers.

    In the spirit of ABC, I’ll rewrite your work above: There are over 350 million people in this country and McCain found someone prepared and knowledgeable to be 2nd in line to lead this country.

    See, it was easy!

  182. Actually Cindy,
    You can call me an informed voter.
    I checked the link you provided and I have already read the entire transcript of the Palin interview. As well as a transcript of her speech at the convention.
    As well as many other articles good and bad about Palin. The problem is, the good ones are long on decriptions that could apply to many a PTA mom or small town mayor, how much she “inspires” or how “gutsy” she is, how she encourages us to be “victors”… The negatives articles contain actual data, like the following:

    ” When there was a vacancy at the top of the State Division of Agriculture, she appointed a high school classmate, Franci Havemeister, to the $95,000-a-year directorship. A former real estate agent, Ms. Havemeister cited her childhood love of cows as a qualification for running the roughly $2 million agency.

    Ms. Havemeister was one of at least five schoolmates Ms. Palin hired, often at salaries far exceeding their private sector wages.”

    THIS should scare the crap out of you.

  183. I read that article on the plane yesterday. It’s a claim only the NYTimes (as in McCain had an affair with a lobbyist!) has made. Like I said, you read it once and it’s Gospel according to Obama fans.

    PS – Your work is lovely.

  184. **Earl – e-mail to verify your human qualities. If I don’t get something in 24 hours, I’ll block your IP.

  185. Nick Carney, who ran the Division of Agriculture under Republican governor Jay Hammond — and who later went on to help launch Palin’s political career — said that Palin’s appointment of Havemeister was a “payoff” to a political supporter, that was “characteristic of how Sarah operates.”

    Um, Cindy, you still haven’t mentioned what Palin would do that is different from Bush.
    And neither has she.

    Do you think Bush has done a good job? Is that why you don’t have a problem with all her positions being Bush’s positions?

    Carney described Havemeister, who he knows personally (Carney’s daughter was a high-school classmate of Palin’s and Havemeister’s) as “a very nice gal,” but added: “I don’t believe that she really does have those kinds of skills,” needed to run the agency.

  186. Diane,
    Is Havemeister a Palestinian supporter? A white-hating minister? A muslim extremist who believes Israel and all Jews should be annihilated? If we are to compare the candidates by the company they keep, I suggest you take a very long, hard look at Sen. Obama.

    I would much prefer a hard-working mother, PTA member, real-estate agent and cow-lover over an extemist with views of killing an entire population.

    So what if Palin gave the job to a supporter of hers whom she has known for a great deal of time. Name me ONE politician who didn’t – then we’ll have a story (of course, the NY Times will not print it.)

  187. LiveLeak doesn’t cut it as a source.

    I don’t have to say what Palin would do differently than Bush. Palin’s not running for president. You failed to articulate all of Palin’s positions and how they line up with President Bush’s anyway.

    I think Bush has done a good job. Unemployment is still low historically, the economy is free from recession, the war in Iraq in winding down and a maniacal dictator fond of genocide is no longer terrorizing that country.

    Do you have the skill set to be an artist? Who says? That’s how performance should be measured. You complain about a Palin appointment, but never indicated that appointee failed in her position. How do you get commissions? It’s like saying you painted a commissioned portrait but, gasp!, knew the person who hired you.

    I just can’t follow your outrage on this one.

  188. Randy in Richmond says:

    The appointment of Franci Havemeister, as Director, Division of Agriculture, was of someone living on a working dairy farm and who , at the time of her appointment, was serving as a Board member of the same Division of Agriculture. How dare Gov Palin appoint a person in the business and with experience on the very Board she would oversee rather then a bureaucrat, especially as she ran on a change platform. Name in any way how she has not fulfilled the duties of her office.
    And when you are from a town of about 5,000 most of your near age aquaintaces will most likely be classmates. Please keep using the Bush argument because in the two and a half weeks you libs have used it McCain /Palin have gained +4-7 points depending on the poll.

  189. Dear Cindy: I hope my e-mail verifies any human qualities you may be looking for. I take this election very seriously and have been listening to so much dribble on both sides… without any comments meaning anything. We are entering into an economic melt down and there has been no mention of how we got here. This election has gotten too hot for me… The only way it starts to make sense to me is through my daily mantra: The Independent voter will decide this election. And they are asking: “Are we better off today than we were 8 years ago…?”

  190. Got it. That last comment looked a little spammy, so I took a chance.

    By the way, Earl, 52% of polled independents are now looking to vote McCain. And yes, as a matter of fact, I am.

  191. Randy in Richmond says:

    If you don’t like the dribble, go away.
    To answer your question I am much better off than 8 years ago (code word Bush Years). But if I wasn’t, it would not be George Bush’s fault. The alternative would have been Gore/Kerry and as a small business owner their policies would have hurt me. But the main reason I’m better off is I choose to be. No President or Congress is going to plot my life for me. As an aside this is the reason liberal talk radio will never be anywhere near as sucessful as conservative talk, because most Americans don’t want to listen to negativism-which is what liberalism promotes.
    Neither do I give the Congress or Bush credit for my sucesses. My local government has much more affect on my life than the federal ever will.

  192. Randy Said:

    The appointment of Franci Havemeister, as Director, Division of Agriculture, was of someone living on a working dairy farm and who , at the time of her appointment, was serving as a Board member of the same Division of Agriculture. How dare Gov Palin appoint a person in the business and with experience on the very Board she would oversee rather then a bureaucrat, especially as she ran on a change platform. Name in any way how she has not fulfilled the duties of her office.

    That’s the “red meat” that Obots refuse to counter.

  193. Jocelyn Cunningham says:

    I just hope that voters, young and old are educating themselves. Hopefully they will see the light on what will restore hope for our wonderful USA and our place in the World. Go to,, There is so much info out there online and of course good ole newspapers….big time or local. Main street needs attention! Check it out!

  194. Randy in Richmond, you really seem to have an excessive amount of anger toward liberals. I ‘m not sure why you are directing it to me though. I’ve never said I was one, have I? And Cindy if Mr McCain wins the election then I guess the independents feel they are better off than they were 8 years ago. But boy, what a response I have been receiving from something as simple as: Independents are going to decide this election and on Nov 4, they are going to ask themselves if they are better now than they were eight years ago…

  195. Randy in Richmond says:

    No anger, never said you were a liberal, just answered your question and responded to your personal accusations.

  196. Cindy

    1) Not whining – your opinion only

    2) Maybe I will, maybe I won’t – my choice

    3) I thought my previous reference was pretty obvious, but since you requested that I spell things out for you: Captain, USN (ret) NY

  197. To the “conservative mom” who wrote this:

    “To the woman that made the comments about a baby getting a soul when it is a week old – I’d love to read some quoted scripture on that. I am not aware of such a statement and as far as I know it is absolutely not true. Visit and research it. The general consensus is that a person has a soul at conception. Period. Telling yourself something else to help you feel better about the Holocaust in this country will not save your soul.”
    . . .
    I can settle this whole thing: I had a baby and I know that her soul entered her body thirteen hours and four minutes after birth. Her soul did however meet me at the hospital about nine hours BEFORE I delivered her, and waited in the reception area. I don’t really have proof for this, but, as you being a Christian know, faith is much more solid than science or reason.

    Also, years ago I had an abortion because my step-father raped me and I became pregnant. I was very traumatized and felt that to carry such a tremendous reminder of that event would make me suicidal again. . .so now my soul has been damned to eternal hell. God told me this himself. He floated down from heaven on a fluffy cloud and told me my step-father had the right to impregnate me and that I was a murdering participant in the new American Holocaust and for that reason I would burn in an underground lake of fire. He also told me to ignore things that make sense, like science, dinosaur bones, empathy. God seems like an acid trip, or schizophrenia, or. . .or. . .my stepfather. He really likes you though.

  198. WHAT?????????????

    I’ve been viewing comments on other topics such as “A chat with Paul Ryan”, “It’s the race card again”, “Just wrap yourself up in that flag” “Palin’s e-mail hacker has Democratic ties” and more.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of you are educated, well read, somewhat intelligent, but very
    very stupid. No matter what the topic, you Dems would never admit Obama to be wrong – not on a single topic!!! Likewise for the Libs. This, to me is not only bias, but stubbornness & plain stupidity. I quit commenting because it’s fruitless. I won’t influence anybody and vice versa. I can see appointed party spokespersons doing this on TV, but they’re trying to sell votes and that’s their job.

    Of course, our brilliant moderator fits right in. She insists Bush can do no wrong and that the economy is in great shape. She’s all for McCain, who continues to shun Bush, but is declaring change. How can one go all out for two completely different platforms??? Could it be she suspects there will be no change if McCain gets in??? He’s taking the popular change road, because of course – he’s a Maverick. Yeah – right!!!

    Bottom line: I’ve seen enough (not from here) and have made up my mind. Party affiliation had nothing to do with it. I’ve voted both ways in the past & consider myself an Independent. I feel sorry for you out there with funnel-vision. You just might vote the wrong man in based mainly on stubbornness.

    Will the next topic be “KKK supports Obama”???

  199. Cochise, thank goodness I don’t care about your opinion!

    No word on the KKK, but the Weather Underground and Acorn are bad enough for me.

  200. I knew that when I hit submit & I’m sure nobody else cares either. I guess that makes us all even.

  201. Randy in Richmond says:

    Calling people stupid won’t encourage a lot of feedback.

  202. I suspect that McCain and the Republician party intends to ask Mrs. Palin to remove herself from the VP slot. Mrs. Palin may receive an offer she can not refuse. Do the Republican party rules allow for this possibility? This needs to be done before the VP debate. The press and Obama campaign can be blamed for destroying her reputation. The conservative base is then kept angry and motivated. Mr. Ridge or Mr. Romney can then fill the VP slot. What, you think ‘no way…’?

  203. Goodness, where did that come from?

  204. Randy in Richmond.
    You’re absolutely right. Sorry, poor choice of words. In reading comments from many of you, L or R, I see a lot of intelligence. It just surprises me that most are so set in their ways they won’t admit that the other parties P or VP candidate could be right on a single issue. Got carried away.


  205. Cochise, thanks. It’s doubtful we could convince you otherwise either.

  206. I just recieved this email today and decided to checkout this site. After reading alot of these commits, yes, I understand skeptisim. However, this woman is from a rather small community and is willing to stand up and say something. We must give her credit for that.

    Besides, who of all of us really has any idea who Sarah Palin is?

    All I know is that I was raised in a Rep. family and have always voted Rep. But not this time. I am going Democrate all the way! One, McCain is way too old and I surely do not want Palin as my president. My opinion does not come from an email from Anne Kilkenny. It originates from Sarah Palin herself!

    Who Is She to refuse to do media interviews until (WE) the US Citizens show her Respect? No! You need to first Earn Respect before you will ever Recieve It! This, she has not done in my opinion. To me, she was only showing her true colors when she made that statement. And those colors are not Red, White and Blue!

    On the other hand. Obama did choose a respectful VP.

  207. Randy in Richmond says:

    So you believe Joe Biden will make a good VP because he’s respectful. Did you see the way he ran the hearings for Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork? Go anywhere on the internet and you will not find those hearings described as respectful. Shameful and fiasco ‘are’ words many have used when referring to the Biden led hearings. I have seen the manner in which Sarah Palin has led Alaska and it is far superior to anything Biden has done.
    Could you please provide a link for where/when Gov Palin made the statement you accuse her of. You may be referring to what Rick Davis said on Sept. 7th only three days after the Republican Convention. If that’s the case you are accusing Gov Palin of making a statement you did not make. I’m sure you will provide this link because you already said you understand skeptics.

    And Terri, did you vote for Ronald Reagan, since you said you have always voted Rep. before? Just curious.

  208. Anyone who saw the Couric interviews with Palin knows the the email is wrong about one thing. Palin is not smart. She is a gibbering idiot. I have never seen anyone so lost in my life. We now know why they kept her isolated from the press.

  209. Aw, come on Jeff. Tell us what you really think.

  210. Jeff is quite right indeed! We are seing no discrepancy between Anne Kilkenny’s letter and Sarah Palin’s actions during this presidential campaign: She is still doing whatever goes through her mind to get her way. Sarah can be quite evil!!! Thank you Anne Kilkenny for this insightfull letter.

  211. Randy in Richmond says:

    Such lovely prose you offer. How about an example of Gov Palin being evil. And something she has done to get her way.

  212. Waukesha Mom says:

    C’mon, Randy! If rumors are good enough for you, why not for anyone else?

  213. William, where did you get the idea that an unborn child does not have” HUMAN DNA”? What kind of DNA do you think they have? Biology is very clear on this issue. Upon conception (also known as fertilization), an inimitable, organism comes into existence. Since organism possesses human DNA and is the offspring of human beings called “parents”, it can legitimately only be described as “human life”. Not my opinion but rather doctors at Johns Hopkins University/Sinai Hospital and Georgetown University Hospital. Doctors can do DNA test on an UNBORN baby and diagnose conditions such as cystic fibrosis, Downs’s syndrome, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and many others. Many of these tests are done in the first trimester. The baby is only the size of a peanut or small strawberry. Please don’t’ take my word for it, just Google “DNA testing fetus / unborn baby” there are hundreds of companies that have clinics that do them every day. I doubt very seriously that all of these tens of thousands of people and billions of dollars are not spent on test and research, are “clouded” by “Christian” values. You might want to read my response to Liz for further information.

  214. Liz

    Liz, I love the way you take for granted that that I have never actually “Read” the Bible, you don’t know anything about me however you assume that I am uninformed about this issue. So please let me know which versus they are and where to find them. There is nothing in the Bible that suggests that a child does not have a soul or spirit until seven days after natural birth, or indeed than anyone ever thought so. If John the Baptist had no soul would he have ‘leapt for joy’ in his mother’s womb when Mary came to visit Elizabeth? (Luke 1.44). I believe she was near the end of her 2nd trimester.

    I know enough about the Bible to know that you inteperate scripture in light of other scripture and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to help you understand. So what will you do with Isaiah 49:1-3 and Psalm 139:13-16. Please take the time to read them.

    And Liz, since you said that it makes you “sad to think that everyone who touts the belief that the fetus is a human … uses the Bible as a reference” Let me explain to you this person does not go to the Bible to validate my beliefs but just the opposite, the Bible is my Operators Manuel for me while I am here on earth, I read the Bible and it tells me the Heart of God and I adjust my beliefs to agree with God. I assure you, I do not “tout” a belief, and it is something I know because of Isaiah 2:3.

    And one other thing, Liz, you might want to check out James 1:5. (it’s in the New Testament).