The mavericks

I like this ad! Is it playing in Wiscosin?


  1. Does it bother you that it’s demonstrably false?

  2. THIS is the ad I like.

    (There’s a different video here, which comes complete with documentation.)

  3. Grumps, what part do you find false?

  4. Yeah, agreeing with Bush 90% of the time makes you a maverick? WTF ? Mavericks? This isn’t Gunsmoke, people wake up, we need REAL CHANGE not this “maverick” BS. Voted w/Bush 90% of the time and CLEARLY never vetted Palin…embarrassing.

  5. Sha…I think you need to realize that much that makes it through the Senate is not contested (by vote time). What’s Obama’s record of voting “with” Bush? Do you know???

  6. For starters, Steve, the ADN article cited by the ad under the narration of “she stopped the bridge to nowhere” most emphatically does not say she stopped the bridge. In fact, the article states that she “ordered her administration to seek fewer congressional earmarks after Alaska‚Äôs ‘bridge to nowhere’ became a national symbol of pork barrel spending.”

    What the article actually said was, indeed, flattering toward Palin, but the campaign had to lie about it. Why?

  7. Folk,

    Seems everyone wants to “blame” whoever’s watch it was under for anything else…why not this? Palin didn’t seek the funding, it was passed onto her. At least by then, it was open to spend wherever she saw fit…and she didn’t spend it on the bridge. She coulda, but didn’t. Who stopped it?

  8. Who stopped it?
    I might suggest the national firestorm that made support for it equivalent to political suicide.

    But, hey, at least she’s still building the road to the non-existent bridge.

  9. Political suicide for who?

    Got documentation on that road to nowhere?

  10. To answer your question, Cindy, yes, it is playing in Wisconsin. I saw it while watching the Brewers game at Drinking Right on Tuesday. Missed you BTW, but have fun in your travels!

  11. I heard that Obama voted with McCain 90% of the time! It’s back to the concept that most votes are uncontested. (Heard it on a news show, did not find it for myself.)

    Folbum, 1) you’re commenting on my site? I must have made the big time. 2) here’s the story from the ad. It doesn’t explicit state who stopped the bridge, but other links on this site do. It does say she asked for less and is generally in favor of the candidate. (The ad did a good job if you actually looked up the story!)

  12. Steve, see the end of this article on the road to nowhere: “Meanwhile, work is under way on a three-mile road on Gravina Island, originally meant to connect the airport and the new bridge. State officials said last year they were going ahead with the $25 million road because the money would otherwise have to be returned to the federal government.”

    Yep–building a road to nowhere rather than give back the money.

    Cindy, I said above that the ADN story cited in the ad is not unflattering to Palin–but it does not say what the ad says it does. How dumb is the McCain campaign that it doesn’t use the article’s actual praise, and instead makes up something that the article doesn’t really say? They don’t need to lie–but they do. Either they don’t know they’re lying or they don’t care they’re lying. Either way, it gives me no confidence in their ability to run the government any more honestly than the current occupant. (ie, that’s not change we can believe in.)

  13. Folkbum, I’m saying this with a smile and a chuckle, so I hope you take it that way…

    How dumb were you to chase down an article that’s so flattering of Palin? The ad did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do.

    She stopped the bridge (btw, this one’s for you), but the article quoted is something different. It doesn’t make it a lie.

    PS Why are you my special friend now? We’ve never met, and you’ve done your best to ignore me in the past. I wonder…