Fact Check – another McCain/Palin ad hits the airwaves

I love the wolves representing lawyers!

Has anyone else noticed how responsive this campaign is to attacks? It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a presidential race before. From what I’ve read, they are micro-targeting the audience, too. It looks like a new era of media use.


  1. Perhaps someone should tell Obama he is running for President. He keeps attacking the candidate for Vice President not President! Perhaps we need to dig up the Tony Rezko real estate facts now that Tony has been convicted to see how deep he was into Obama.

  2. “Perhaps”? After a year and a half of the Nixon party knowing that Obama was likely to be their opponent, you don’t think they haven’t been going over everything regarding Obama and Rezko with a fine-toothed comb?

  3. I love the ad. Wolves and lawyers are definitely a good comparision especially since most of Obama’s big suppoters are lawyers. Just what we need, more lawyers!

  4. Interesting, when the initial hype for Palin’s convention speech attacks was at it’s peak, Paul Begala, the left talking head, said the last thing Obama should do was react and shoot down, always shoot at the same level. Translated, don’t attack the VP candidate, attack the Presidential candidate. He should have taken Paul’s advice.

  5. Of course, that ad’s also a lie. Is there anything McCain won’t lie about now?

  6. Thanks for another update from TPM. I have found them to be so reliable in the past…

  7. If TPM is a source of truth can we consider using the Drudge report or World Net Daily as citations? Many people are looking to use some MSM to lend credibility to the conversation but are feeling scorned from using the right side of the media.

    I actually do would not ever consider TPM to be nearly as reliable as the previously mentioned, but it would give a starting point to the B.S.

  8. It’s the way folkbum works. Why debate real news when you can insert spin?

  9. If you think pointing out that 1) this ad misquotes the source column and 2) the source column is unsubstantiated by any other media outlet is “spin,” then what do you call quoting Obama out of context to accuse him of calling Palin a pig?