Has McCain effectively stolen the mantle of change?

I think so. It’s a very strong move by the McCain campaign to take “change” and all of it’s forms away from the newby Obama. Picking a D.C. outsider like Palin really sealed the deal.

More proof? The latest e-mail from Obama’s campaign starts with this line:

The McCain campaign has finally admitted that this election is about change.

Once the opposing campaign admits to the effectiveness of a strategy, it’s kind of over, no matter how Obama’s camp chooses to spin it. The fundraising e-mail continues to quote “facts” that are only spin. And now that Obama has lost “change” he’s off to education according to his e-mail – except I can’t find his education roll-out anywhere on the news cycle.

BTW, here’s a McCain response ad:

**Update** Hey I found something on Obama’s education plan. He wants to spend BILLIONS (that’s with a B) more to make it all better. And he’s going to get the money by CUTTING EARMARKS!

Obama’s chasing these days. I have to say it’s fun to watch (for a change.)


  1. Obama wants to teach sex ed to kindergartners? Let’s concentrate on the three “R’s” and leave sex ed at home until our youth reach an appropriate age, not four or five.