Here’s a fast bit of work from McCain’s campaign: Lipstick

**update – CBS forced YouTube to pull the ad from their storage. Hope you didn’t miss it!

Who’s the pig now, Barry?

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  1. I think it’s obvious who his audience thinks the pig is. I can’t say for sure that Barry was making a dig at Palin, as I use the phrase sometimes my self. However, if I was Barry, I’d choose my metephors a bit more discreetly.

    It may play fine to Obamamites, but isn’t going to play well less loyal fans.

  2. Pretty stupid metaphor, I agree. Terrible choice of words. Especially when the competition is looking for anything that appears even the least bit sexist so that they can hammer you over the head with it.

    Obama’s probably right though.

    If you are out of your league, you can say whatever you want but it doesn’t make it so.

  3. It is obvious the McCainers will resort to just about anything to keep the media addressing such idiotic things such as the comment that Obama made and he was not referring to Palin, he was referring to McCains policies……and as far as saying putting lipstick on a pig, its still a pig……..John McCain, himself used the exact same comment in his speech in 1992……look it up………Also Sarahs pit bull lipstick tidbit wasnt her idea…… was none other than John Hagee, McCains thorn in his side, but Sarah’s mentor and same religion…………interesting huh???

  4. I’d be interested in hearing the Pitbull with lipstick actually answer a question or two from the media. Something her handlers have not allowed her to do as of yet.

  5. J. Strupp – You should tune in to ABC. Charles Gibson has an interview with S.P. starting 9/11.

  6. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Charle G might have sold out? Just to get a story. Palin should be treated equally, why are the Repugs keeping her form the big bad press?
    We’ll see tonight???

  7. a lot of hores pucky – “Repugs keeping her form the big bad press?”

    Charlie is part of the MSM, if that is what you mean by big bad press, and he IS doing interview. They are also going to have extra stuff like analysis of the interview and a round table. I doubt a Biden interview would get that extra scrutiny. There is nothing to fear from the MSM except double standards and bias. Given equal standards and same questions there is nothing to fear.