It seems Obama does that a lot

He gets in trouble with one of his off-the-cuff statements, and then he whines when he’s held accountable.

Such is the case with his lipstick on a pig comment. Such was the case with dusting off his shoulder. In both instances, the groups to which he was speaking responded in a way that indicated the dig or slap being made by Obama. In both instances, Obama accuses the opposite side of making too much of the issue.

Today his phrase is “phony outrage.”

Excuse me, Mr. Obama. I know we’ve never met, but I’m pretty damn sure you referred to a woman nominated for the vice presidency of the United States as a pig today. My outrage, while tempered, happens to be real.

If you don’t like the responses your crackpot comments create, then quit being a jerk off script.


  1. lipstick on a pig doesn’t have to refer to the looks of a woman. For those that can see things beyond the surface, it is used as a metaphor or a simile. Something that has been dishonestly portrayed as something that it is not.

    Using metaphors and similes is something that elitist probably picked up in his fancy college literature classes. When he wasn’t busy driving to his mosque.

  2. Lipstick on a pig has been used by many lately. Is it the new “catch metaphor”? Can’t they come up with something new?
    This mother is wondering why she doesn’t hear from EITHER ONE of my traveling loved ones!

  3. I think the “lipstick on a pig” joke is used a lot lately because of the lipstick joke that Sarah Palin borrowed from John Hagee. She made lipstick jokes popular again. I’m sure the woman’s rights activists are thrilled.

  4. Mooom. (You’re right – I’ve seen it 4 times in this campaign!)

  5. Well, it’s interesting that McCain is so outraged by the use of the expression. He’s seems to be a fan of it on his own….

    It’s just convenient now for it to be offensive and sexist. Especially since it is easier to construe it that way with a female VP candidate on the ticket. It’s just a saying, people, not an attack in my mind.

  6. McCain used the catch phrase before the Sarah Palin’s speech and her lipstick joke. Had her speech never happened then Obama could say the phrase over and over again with no repercussions. However, everyone knew who he was responding too in his “lipstick on a pig” remark especially since Biden used a “lipstick” remark recently in a speech as well.

  7. Don’t you have to take into the context the “old fish” (i.e. McCain) comment right after the “lipstick” comment?

  8. Absolutely right, Leapin. I was going to edit the original post to include it, but was sidetracked.

    Obama knew exactly what he was saying.

  9. Kelly, I agree with Debbie. Timing is important here.

  10. What does any of this chatter have to do with the
    plethora of issues facing this country?

    The aforementioned is as “top-of-the news” as the Bush ranch /Blackwater training facility in new left leaning Paraguay? Where do the McCain/Palin candidates stand on this and the joint Russian/Venezuelan naval exercises, besides what is happening in Georgia? Where do they stand with BP, the environmentally dirtiest oil consortium ever?

    Both Parties must face the facts about continuing to live on planet Earth. So what are the McCain/Palin candidates proposing
    to do about saving the Planet while making us
    “oil independent?” Their website will not address issues. They just want donations. “They are for the people?” Why can they not answer some basic issue questions?

    Maybe your “balanced” site can provide a few of these STARTER questions. But I do realize asking anything, as in the aforementioned, will stir more chattering, dust, and molar grinding
    than answers.
    Over the plate, HJB

  11. Obama had used that phrase before Palin ever joined the campaign. It is fake outrage, and it is especially rich coming from the party that’s made it’s living through nasty campaigning.

    The McCain campaign has chosen to wallow in sleaze. Cry me a river about this one and then hold your own party to your “standards”.

  12.’s a legit metaphor.

    Second…I don’t know if Obama chose it to fire up his Obots, but it’s obvious the Obots took it as a dig to Palin.

    Third…if the man was a gentleman, he’d apologize for choosing his words poorly. I know in my employ, if I made a “bad joke” possibly at someone’s expense, I’d have to “man up”, or pack my bags.

    Fourth…McCain/Palin aren’t incensced by it.
    But the Libs have made taking advantage of any gaffe, part of politics.

    Fifth…Obama claims he wants to talk about the issues, but he keeps bringing up lipstick, while playing victim. He could put this to bed (see #3).