Trial shows Al Qaeda is still gunning for West — but failing

You can say what you want about President Bush, but his strategy is working…

“Today’s seventh anniversary of the attacks on the United States finds anti-terrorism officials optimistic that they have damaged Osama bin Laden’s network and its offshoots, but wary of the evolving nature of the threat.

Newly disclosed intelligence illustrates that the airplane plot was part of a broader campaign. British anti-terrorism officials said information that couldn’t be used in court linked the plot to the bombing of the London transportation system in July 2005 and a failed follow-up attack two weeks later. Intercepts and other evidence indicate that leaders of the plots had contact with each other, converged in Pakistan and were trained by Al Qaeda bosses, officials said.

But only the first attack, which killed 52 people on the public transportation network, succeeded.

Because a foremost objective of Al Qaeda has been to strike in the West, the absence of attacks since 2005 appears to reflect the network’s weakened state. Its North African offshoot wages a deadly campaign in Algeria, but has done little elsewhere. Fears about returning fighters from Iraq targeting the West have not materialized. Bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman Zawahiri, are still fugitives and are thought to be in Pakistan. But a barrage of U.S. missile strikes near the Afghan border has slain at least three of their frontline operational chiefs this year.” Source: Trial shows Al Qaeda is still gunning for West — but failing – Los Angeles Times

Personally, I think it’s a sign of stupidity to try to cast a McCain presidency as 4 more years of Bush because history will regard Bush as a successful president in many ways. The Obama campaign thinks you don’t know that it’s really the democrat Congress that has the reins and is to blame for our downward spiral in the past two years — more on that later. Thank God for President Bush and his strong stand on terrorism that has kept our nation free of attack on our own soil for 7 years. Cross posted at THE Right Side of Wisconsin

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