Austria photos – 2

There’s one in here of a woman putting up campaign posters!


  1. Let me know what you think of Austria (especially Vienna)! I was fortunate enough to study there for 6 months and found the people, culture and scenery to be absolutely beautiful.

  2. We didn’t get to Vienna, but what we’ve seen is stunning. The people are great. Driving’s the most fun, though!

  3. Tell me (us) about the food… how’s the food? Is it good? Just food or culinary delights? How lucky you are to travel!

  4. Thanks Wilson828. I am very lucky to see the world. It’s changed me, indeed.

    About the food…it’s just food. If I see another sausage again, I may run! Dad, however, is in his element as a meat and potatoes guy. I happened across an Indian restaurant the other day and nearly ran to hug the door. I miss variety.

    Keep in mind, we aren’t seeking out much in the way of variety. Nor are we spending much on food. We’re in an apartment, so breakfast is always here with the usual yogurt, cereal, and coffee.

  5. I love the mountainscapes….and the quaint yet colorfull towns at their feet.