The difference between asking and granting earmarks

Asking for earmarks is not the same as granting earmarks. The trouble comes from those doing the asking also being the ones who do the granting. That’s why it’s so much more egregious for a Senator to be on the asking and granting side of the earmark question, as Obama and Biden practice, while a Governor Palin was only doing the asking. (McCain is earmark free!)

It’s the granting that’s getting us in trouble, not the asking.


  1. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Putting lipstick on a pig does not change the pig.
    McCain is free of earmarks, but he has 129 special interest lobbiest working his campain so the money goes direct to his war chest. And none goes to his state. I guess that is a good thing.

  2. So can you tell us about some earmarks requested by Obama and Biden. I’d truly like to know.

    And what did you think of Sarah Palin’s flip flop on the huge earmark to Nowhere??

  3. SPE – a lot of the discussion is taking place underthis topic. You can start there to find out about Obama’s $1 BILION in earmarks during his short term as a U.S. Senator.

    Also, you’ll get the full story on the bridge.

    I’d have to look up Biden’s history. You could, too.

  4. horse pucky – can you offer a little background on your claim?

    Don’t you know that Biden’s son is a lobbyist and Obama has secured earmarks for him?

  5. a lot of hores pucky says:

    Hi Cindy, I will get back to you, on the backgroud stuff. Yes, I know about Biden’s son, he no longer works for the lobby firm. I know
    Biden and Obama are a part of the earmark thing. I don’t agree with earmards they should be outlawed. However over the years earmarks have been use to pay off war chests debts to doners. Earmarks have done some are for good. Not all. Earmarks and Lobbyist are two different things. Both are and were developed to circumvent government’s own rules. The Legislators have who have the most time served get the biggest slice of the pie. Not all earmarks have been bad. They have gottern way out of hand. Lobbiest are special interest groups to get favors from government in the form of legislation which ends up helping the special interest group involved. We are talking big money. Hope this is helpful, I am sure you know most of this, I’ll get back in this subject.

    My remarks were to get people to think about, what is really going on. And this had to do with the McCain smoke and mirrors. I will not leave out the other side when needed.

    One of my grandmothers was directly related to Samuel Adams, (not the Beer) and John and John Q Adams. I would like to quote her, If I may. “politicians are as crooked as a barrel of snakes”

  6. Eh, no.

    The problem is running on an anti-earmark ticket and giving a maiden speech promising that you will reform the very system that you have exploited most. This hair splitting about whether you do it upfront or ‘under the public radar’ is nonsense and the old John McCain would rightly treat it as such.

    It is also immaterial whether Obama or Biden ask for or grant earmarks – as far as I know both do – but they are not running on that platform, McCain and Palin are. Again it is not about earmarks, it is about hypocrisy.

  7. Why are the Irish so interested in this election?