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I know a few of you think I throw just any ol’ thing up here, but I’ll assure you, most of what pops into my head never makes it. This morning, for example, I thought it would be fun to show a photo of Hollywood celebrity Pam Anderson (formerly known as Pamela Sue) and tell you about how she’s mentioned how Sarah Palin can, “suck it.” Alas, I couldn’t find any images of PSA that would work for this blog. I did find one of here in a stars and stripes bikini and another in camouflage, though. (WARNING! You’ll need a very strong tolerance for smut if you click that link.)

Maybe she was jealous of the fauxto of Palin in a patriotic bikini with a rifle and that’s why she said such a thing. News organizations like the very important cable channel CNN led viewers to believe the photo was real!

Yesterday while visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein we ran into not one, but two sets of tourists from Oklahoma. I have this little problem where I revert to Okie when I’m around anyone who speaks it. We’d met one couple in front of the castle, another man and his son were near where we were to start a line. I hollered (see!), “Hey, Dad” to get my dad to turn around. This ol’ feller from Muskogee turned around and said, “Hey, Dad? Where’re you folks from?” You know Okie when you hear it. It was an original Okie from Muskogee in front of us.

Later, when we were touring the throne room I quipped, “Funny, the throne room at home looks a lot different.” The Okies snickered. (If you’re having trouble following that one, our throne rooms have a flushing device.)

The final room on the tour is the Singing Room. The room is designed for music. We were fortunate to be touring behind a youth choir that was singing “Santa Maria.” It was spectacular. When the guide mentioned that everyone has to sing while in the room, we chuckled we had enough of us that knew the words to Oklahoma – we could give it a try. Gratefully, we left it as a joke.

While I’m wearing out Dad on the hills of the Alps, my brother is awaiting hurricane Ike in Houston. He sent this link today to follow the storm via satellite.


  1. Yeah, Pammy is going with a phrase in which she is the subject matter expert. Susan Sarandon has found religion and is repeating the “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor” line showing no original thoughts of her own. Matt Damon also has chimed in. If these Hollywood types had not been “discovered” they would all of have been Rhodes scholars.