Just to be clear, I’m not fond of Karl Rove

I suffered at the hands of Rove’s Machiavellian-styled tactics when the local mayor lied and told voters I was mentally ill a week before the election. The mayor was desperate to be vested in his state pension plan. I had won the primary and stood in his way.

So, like I said, Karl Rove is not on the list of people I’d like to meet someday. However, this opinion piece published by the Wall Street Journal is pretty darn good. It’s about Sarah Palin and Barry Obama’s mistakes in attacking Palin as an equal player.

See what you think.


  1. I always have to laugh when someone refers to Rove strategy or Republican “playbook”. Rove didn’t invent anything, albeit he plays the game well. There’s no plays in one side’s playbook, that aren’t in the others.

    Take a look at how Obama ran for State Senate and then U.S. Senate unopposed.

  2. Of course he didn’t invent it. But he failed to hide his tracks; that’s why he gets so much of the glory. Others have done the same things with less of a trail.

    But hey – there are those who argue Machiavelli was really a nice guy…

  3. Give Carl Rove paper cuts and kick George Bush in the nutz.

  4. You stay classy, Obama Mama.

  5. I see where Obama is now attacking McCain for not being computer literate. Of course he neglects to mention that McCain can’t functionally use a keyboard due to the injuries the sustained as a POW. That’s going to play well…NOT!

    Sure, I know there’s various devices to adapt PC’s to the handicapped, but McCain has no need to do so. That’s the staff’s job.


    Oh one last point for now: Lord knows I think the chicken-hawk arguments are stupid. And I don’t think the fact that Obama never served in the military should count against him in and of itself. But how stupid is it for the Obama campaign to claim that McCain is unqualified to be president because he can’t grasp cyber-security issues based on the fact he has never sent an email when the McCain campaign can just as easily say Obama can’t understand first order national security issues because he’s never fired a rife, flown a plane, commanded men in battle, or faced an enemy? I mean which prepares someone to be commander in chief better, hitting “send” on AOL or fighting a war?