McCain leads in daily polls – 9/12

Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll now shows McCain up by 3 points after being even the last three days.

Gallup shows McCain up by 3
, a narrowing of 1 point.


  1. a lot of hores pucky says:

    the Gallup poll you talking about is a three day rolling average. Period used is 9th thru 11th. when you use a rolling average it takes longer to reflect the mood of those being polled and distorts the true picture. It will be interesting how the polls swing after the two days of Palin and ABC, if she contiunes to show how much she really does not know, the expectation would be a drop in the polls for CAIN. We will see.

  2. My poll says who gives a rats red patoote!

  3. Or hairy hinder.

  4. My goodness, O’mama. I suspect a little adult indulgence took place this evening. You are quite full of one-liners.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Within the last week or so we’ve had:The VMA Awards fiasco, the Us Magazine cover debaucle, Rep. Steve Cohen(D Tn) pronouncement on US House floor, Carol Fowler’s abortion statement, Oprah’s stance (racist or sexist), Gloria Stieniem, Matt Damon’s enlightning thoughts, Jill Greenberg of the Atlantic Post, Pam Anderson’s profane statement, and
    Na zi and Hitler analogies, this blog.

    It’s not only panic and desperation that Dems and Libs are feeling but it’s reality. The dirt throwing at Sarah Palin is backfiring as it galvanizes and energizes millions of Americans, not just Republicans. Polls, not of significant measure to Republicans but the holy bible to Democrats are not looking good. More and more people are seeing Obama for what he is, not what he says he is. Presidents make decisions–how many of you Democrats are happy with his VP decision? His ego would not let him pick the one Democrat in the world that could have given him the Presidency.
    And on this site the Nazi/Hitler rhetoric is comical yet disturbing. It’s the traditional last straw when personal attacks and dirt throwing don’t work. The kayaking of Sarah Palin is a failure. The torch is being passed and the pent up hate for George Bush will be passed to Sarah Palin.
    What percentage of this and other sites are discussing Obama? I suggest it is very small.
    It ain’t over by a long shot but I sure like where we are as compared to two and a half weeks ago.

  6. @Randy. I don’t know why your comment was placed in the spam file. I pulled it out and deleted the copies of this post that was there. Sorry for the delay.