Tina and Amy as Sarah and Hillary

Yes, it was funny!


  1. I thought it was funny, too.

  2. I saw a clip this morning. It was really funny! The actress who does Sarah has it down pat. Even the facials and accent–not just the looks. My sister saw the entire bit last night with Sarah saying she could see Russia from her house.

    I might have to start watching Saturday Night Live again just to see these two.

  3. It’s here, you just have to put up with a pre-commercial.


  4. This segment was very funny. B.O. canceled a cameo appearance because of Ike. Actually I think he was scared of Tina (S.P.) Fey.

  5. The SNL skit was very fair and balanced in aiming it’s humorous insults evenly at the SP and HC characters. However, without exception, all replays showed the fun poked at SP and ommited several zesty stabs at HC. Does that mean HC is yesterdays’s news?

    Several programs announced that SNL enjoyed it’s largest viewing audience in years… stating we all tuned in to see the SP/HC skit. Funny, beacuse I don;’t recall aseeing any advertising or advance notice of what the opening skit would be!

    Although there was plenty of notice regarding Michael Phelps (aka Michael “Phillips”) and also much notice that BO would make a cameo appearance. Each online news story I found sais his specific role was not know, was being negotiated, etc. This combined with his cancellation may lead some to conclude that he did not like the role and /or skit which was offered him.

    His campaign offering Ike as his reason for cancellation is rather silly for two reasons:
    1) The whole nation knew about Ike several days in advance… Ike did not arrive unannounced Saturday morning, but was looming offshore and would’ve been taken into account while plans were being reported Thursday & Friday for his SNL appearance .
    2) We have heard of no great efforts expended by BO over the weekend to personally help with the Ike aftermath, thereby explaining his SNL cancellation.

    Hearing of the record campaign contributions BO received in August and (just announced this weekend), I cannot help but think of how much suffering in such monies might relieve.