Good Morning, Brookfield

I’m home. This week I’m going to try to set up Brookfield City News separately so we can talk to each other again.

Tonight’s Finance Committee has been canceled by chair Scott Berg due to a lack of agenda. Something’s up with that, as they’ve stuck all of the regular Finance items in the Common Council agenda as “Council as a Whole.” There are also plans to cancel the November 4th Council meeting, which is something new, and probably connected to the prolonged Finance Committee meetings that are held in front of the budget. (Yes budget is coming. Alarmingly quiet, don’t you think?)

There will also be a special Board of Public Works meeting to purchase right-of-way for three properties on Lilly Road. These are south of the newly improved intersection at Burleigh. I suspect (but have not checked) that there was a little problem with the way the intersection went in and now the city needs to compensate homeowners.

Important on the Elmbrook front, we need to discuss the new early release schedule. Word from the youngest (ok, maybe I shouldn’t use that word…) declares the new half day here and there ridiculous. I thought the district was going to alternate regular class periods between the two half days, 1st through 4th hours one early Thursday, 5th through 8th another, but it looks like they’ve ended up with half hour periods all through. The school bell schedule show lunch starting on these days at 9:52 a.m.

I suspect this schedule won’t be one of Elmbrook’s finer moments.


  1. Elementary schools have a rotating schedule now. The key is a ‘color’ printed at the bottom of the lunch schedule. For example, library time on blue days.

    Those half-hour periods in the high school sound like a problem, but it does keep the students on an even keel. It would be a problem if the 4th hour algebra students had a review the day before a test, but the 8th hour students didn’t…you see what I mean.

    I’m willing to give the new system a try. As for lunches, do we have to serve a meal to call it a school day? I know the state law requires a certain number of instructional hours per year, but maybe there is another regulation that makes us serve lunch on short Thursdays?

  2. By the way, it’s good to have you back.