Obama mingles with Hollywood celebrities

Who stood in lines to have pictures taken with him! And it only set these fortunate ones back about $30,000 a plate. Of course, you did get to hear Barbara Streisand wail at the end.

Funny thoughts from this article at the LATimes – Obama counseled the crowd that his candidacy was about all those hard working Americans. He also did a lot of whining about not being the heir apparent any longer.

I see backlash coming on this one. A candidate can’t complain about the disconnect between Wall Street and the real world the same day he has a $30,000 a plate fundraiser. It’s a little twist I don’t think American voters will forget.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Barbra doesn’t wail. I believe she has (maybe had) one of the most beautiful voices in the world–as long as she just sings. Don’t want to hear her talk, don’t agree with any of her politics– but sing, yea. I’ll cross the aisle on this one.

  2. Ok. I’ve never been a fan, so I guess that clouded my language.