Palin’s personal e-mail is hacked

Someone claiming to be from the group Anonymous hacked into Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! e-mail account last night. They sent the contents to, where you can view them. I’ll warn you that this link claims to “prove” Palin used her private e-mail inappropriately.

That’s not what I see at all.

One of their claims: “The list of emails include an exchange with Alaskan Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell about his campaign for Congress.” News flash! Campaign work shouldn’t be done from government resources. (Ask Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor!) This fits personal use.

Also: “Another screenshot shows Palin’s inbox and an e-mail from Amy McCorkell, whom Palin appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in 2007.” So? The e-mail is a pep talk for Palin and later asks for her prayers. (Ohhh, that’s not even against the law yet!) Again, it’s personal.

What did they prove?

1) That Palin used her personal e-mail account for personal e-mail.
2) That someone will sink to any depth if they think it will help Obama.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I fully suspect that someone on the inside at Yahoo had a hand in this. As a Yahoo customer (paid account) I am concerned about this and contacted them from a security standpoint. Their reaction will be interesting to see because regardless of one’s political affiliation this is a little scary. Maybe this occurs more frequently than I am aware but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this happening.
    It’s immaterial that the emails apparently contain little of any political interest.

  2. I once had someone set up an e-mail at yahoo in my name. He proceeded to e-mail me really awful stuff. Yahoo was quick to shut it down.

    That’s my only experience with them.

    I suspect the inside, too. I thought there was a timed out response after you got the password wrong so many times in a row. I know there are ways to work around almost anything, though.

  3. I had my Google e-mail hacked, and lost my Blogger blog. I’ve got 3 accounts with Yahoo and have never had problem with them.

    Except the spam, of course.

  4. What did they prove?

    Liberals seek a new kind of politics where the ends justify the means? (But they are kind and compassionate in doing it).

    Sending an e-mail is worse than stealing someone’s personal data?

    Conservatives do know how to use e-mail?