It’s the race card again

Obama devotee Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius is suggesting that the tightly running polls may actually hold a big advantage for McCain. She thinks Obama’s race “may be a factor.”

For what it’s worth, that’s been the middle child’s theory for months.


  1. I’m with Geraldine Ferraro on this one. Heck yes it’s a factor. He’d have never gotten the nomination without it. how else does one explain 90+% of blacks voting for his nomination?

    Now I don’t expect blacks (in bulk) to vote R. But I would expect a more balanced ratio between Hillary and Obama if he wasn’t black.

    As for the election, now that the nominations are complete, it’s pretty obvious where the “black vote” is going to go. I heard from a credible source (but I can’t link the “study”) that 12% of Americans have a “problem” with a black candidate for Prez. In contrast 15% have a “problem” with a female candidate (does this include Veep?). Seeing as how the black popluation in America falls into the 12% category, it’s pretty much a wash IMHO.

    Is kinda fun to hear the excuses already being made, should he not get elected though.

  2. One has to ignore the baloney that is being pumped out by the media. They want a Democrat to be elected even if he were Adolph Hitler! They love to pretend that the consideration of race is a mental illness. I believe that with the continual news reports nightly of crime committed by blacks that it is hard not to have a certain amount of trepidation over electing “one of them” as our national leader. Yes, I know it’s not PC, but I believe that the undecided voters are not going to vote for a black Democrat that is a product of the “Chicago machine”. There are plenty of blacks that I would vote for, but they are ones that the black community has labelled “Uncle Tom’s”. So whose racist then?

    I also think that Biden is a liability. He has zero charisma and actually has an evil looking appearance on TV. There have only been two senators that ever were elected president, and this time will make it the third, but a ticket with TWO of them on it seems destined to fail. The public doesn’t like the other guys senators!

  3. I think it ignorant to base one’s vote on skin pigment. We all are a shade of white, pink, yellow, tan, brown. Some lighter, some darker. only part black and his background is certainly not ghetto. What we should be scared of is a man or woman of any shade of skin pigment that will take us down a socialist path to destruction.

  4. Leapin, I agree it’s ignorant to base or even partally base a vote on skin color. But in reality it happens. Blacks have already shown that they’ll vote black…and there’s a certain small percentage of folks that won’t vote black regardless. Then there’s that might hold it as a check in the negative column, but weigh other evidence. Then there’s those, out of some manufactured guilt, “feel good” about making amends by voting black. So really…I think it’s all a wash in the grand scheme. But Gov. Sebelius seems to be calling me, or the country racist if I dont vote for Oman, while building in an excuse.

    A curious thought that I keep coming back to:

    Obama has no “slave blood”. He’s really no more “African-American” than if Ernie Ells moved to America.

    FWIW, I abhore hyphenated-Americans. IMHO, if your allegiance is to America, you are American. If your allegiance belongs to some other country then you are a (name your country here), living in America.

  5. You may think it’s ignorant, but ask blacks if they think there is racial prejudice and 90% will say there is. That was my only point…and blacks are just as prejudiced as whites are. It’s not only skin color…it’s which sect, tribe, country, etc. It’s just human nature to have prejudices, whether one likes it or not. Say it isn’t so and you’re ignoring the facts!

  6. Steve – boy did your statement about hyphenated Americans make me smile! I feel the same way.

  7. Hey…I’m a German-Scottish-Danish-British-American. (well..there’s prolly more, but who’s counting?). 😉

  8. Steve – Your’e so right. The good governor, of course, is trying to make people feel guilty. Another ignorant manner in which to base a vote. The people who feel “white guilt” are already libs voting for B.O. It’s about how many independents they can get to feel the same false guilt.

  9. YA…if I don’t like him for POTUS….then I MUST be a racist. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s one of the most lefty Senators in history and that moving left is counter to our founding principles and to what I believe makes America greater than the others. I’m in no hurry to emulate Europe or anywhere else.