Just wrap yourself up in that flag!

Ok, everyone knows by now that Joe Biden told a group in Sarasota, Florida that you should tell acquaintances worried about Obama’s tax plan that paying your taxes is patriotic.

What no one is talking about is that crowd’s reaction! Watch it again. What do you think?

Paying up as a patriotic privilege isn’t a new concept. I could quibble a bit over the concept of “fair share” though. Fair would be where we all pay the same percentage. Not fair is expecting some to completely subsidize others. Sure, there’s the occasional genuine story of need, but watching a crowd riot for foot stamps with their cell phones in hand didn’t do it for me. Cell phones are not a right.


  1. Did they cheer because none of them were making over 250K or because they felt that it was patriotic to support a higher tax rate for a small portion of the public? Does that mean we would all become “super-patriots” if we asked the government to put a 100% income tax on all of those with an income?

    People seem to always forget about “the camel’s nose in the tent”.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Joe Biden talking about giving. In the last nine years he has made about $2.5 million and reports $3,ooo in charitable giving. This is .12%.
    As a comparison someone making $40,000/yr would have to give $48, or $5.33 per year to be an equavalent gift. And talk about leadership and experience. Anybody see the Bork or Clarence Thomas hearings led by Biden? They have been described thusly:
    “high tech lynching”
    “hearings that were travesties” and others.
    I remember watching the replays on CSPAN and can personally attest to them as, at best, a circus.
    I hope people really listen to what he is saying-he wants your money to give to others (redistribution of wealth) and if you don’t want to give it to him you are not patriotic. Keep talking senator.

  3. The crowd reaction looks rehearsed, the old ‘standing ovation for an answer’ technique. What I really think is more telling, is how he grabs the mic, turns his back to the questioner and walks away as he answers – couldn’t look her in the eye and answer, why not?

  4. I would say that most of us, that are still tax payers (non-tax payers a growing group), are paying 40 to 50% of income when all levels of taxation and cute, hidden “fees” are added together. This isn’t patriotic enough? The early patriots rebelled against King George for an estimated taxation level of 3%!