Palin’s e-mail hacker has Democratic ties

Ok, it’s probably Palin’s e-mail hacker. And he’s the son of a Tennessee Democratic state representative. Fox just confirmed the kid is under investigation.

Read more from Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger who had this news hours ago.


  1. Does this really make sense to you? That it was a secret plot by a democrat somewhere? If even partly true, the truth may rest in the fact that it’s a 20 yr old kid who did something stupid who happens to be related to a democrat. So what. How stupid. How stupid to read someone elses emails. How stupid to publish them. Who cares? While I have said in the past that I prefer a republican candidate – I am no fan of McCain Palin – when Palin is directly asked the question about her qualifications she states she will be ready in January. Great. A crash course in govt 101 ready to rock n roll by January. Truth be told, it’s probably better than what we have now. And while this original posting and other postings from you is so quick to lynch some “democrat” and blame the ill’s of the nation, economy, etc., on the democrats, you really don’t believe all this hype you’re throwing out do you? And while what’s her name that ran HP said that none of the candidates are qualified to run a company – and everyone on the GOP side said she as wrong – she’s really right – I mean, would you if you were a biz owner, really hire someone to do a skilled job and hope they’ll learn the job between the time of hire and the time the job starts? Does this really make sense to you? I’m going to hire an accountant. I interview someone who likes money, has spent money and once saved money. I ask them if they’re qualified to be my accountant – they respond they will be qualified and ready when I give them the job. Yippie you all hollar! I’m not suggesting that Biden is the guy. I’m saying does this blinding GOP promotion of nice little Palin really make sense to you? Is there no sense of fair play or common sense? Comon … really! I have a point. I really do. Maybe I should just be content to sit back and appreciate that anyone…. and I mean anyone … can be president or vp… right? Think about it before you go off on me.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    It makes perfect sense. Why didn’t he hack into Joe Biden’s email account? And it’s not just stupid, it’s illegal.

  3. I have a point.

    Yeah. On top of your head. The dunce cap fits nicely over it.

  4. You have a point. Obama isn’t fit to lead, but that’s the choice you seem to be making.

    At no place did anyone infer a plot. It was a simple statement of the facts. That it doesn’t play well for you Wilson is your problem, not mine.

  5. To go along with illegal hacking, everybody here in WI that is against having voting integrity (no voter id’s, not enforcing federal voting law, etc.) is a dem. I’m detecting a dirty tricks pattern here.

  6. By the way, a 20 year old is not a kid. A 20 year old is an adult.

  7. That can’t buy a beer!